His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1999

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Chapter 1999

Wei Xin looked at Han Qingyan’s profile, his eyes gradually became deeper, but Wei Rian on the side noticed Wei Xin’s silence, and took his shoulders and reached out to grab. He took a handful of his hair and messed up Wei Xin’s hairstyle, and then said with a smile, “What are you pretending to be deep?”

“Hey!” His face was white and handsome, and his messy hairstyle made him even more rebellious. Han Qingyan wanted to reach out her hand subconsciously. She wanted to help Wei Xin smooth the messed hair, but she was about to move her hand. I realized something, and then stopped my actions.

Before the change, Han Qingyan was taking a bath, and Wei Xin could come in with a toothbrush in his mouth. He couldn’t see clearly through the glass anyway. Besides, he was used to this since he was a child…

But now, Han When Qing Yan wanted to do something to Wei Xin, she hesitated.

With her mouth opened, Han Qingyan remained silent after all. Seeing Wei Xin smiling while pulling the corner of her mouth, she slowly breathed a sigh of relief.

When Wei Ran came over, Han Rang and Jia Qi invited him to dinner, and greeted Wei Xin’s place. Unexpectedly, Wei Xin’s mother said that she hadn’t seen Wei Ran in a long time and had to come and have a look. At the end of get off work time, a group of people were here When the company met downstairs, Han Qingyan looked up and saw the graceful and graceful figure of Wei Xin’s mother walking in.

Time is too partial to her, coupled with married a husband who loves her, Wei Xin’s mother has a sense of happiness and less wrinkles on her face. She walks in with sunglasses and looks like a young celebrity. She is stepping on high heels. The walking movement was quite slender, and Han Qingyan remembered that Wei Xin’s mother was a famous supermodel back then.

After taking off his glasses, Wei Xin’s mother hooked Han Qingyan, “Isn’t this my little daughter-in-law? It’s been a long time!”

Han Qingyan’s face flushed, “Auntie, don’t tell me…”

“Ah, Wei Greed is so tall and handsome!”

Although Wei Xin’s mother and Wei Xin’s father were divorced a long time ago, they were well, but she had always cared about her son. Seeing Han Qingyan was naturally full of joy, and gently touched Han Qingyan’s face. When I went to see Wei Qian later, she covered her mouth and looked surprised, “Have a girlfriend, do you plan to live in China now?”

“Well, because of the project, she will live in China for a long time. “The gentleman Wei Rian lowered his head, “It’s been a long time, you’re pretty too.”

Wei Rian and Wei Xin…the difference is so big.

Han Qingyan sighed in his heart that Wei Ran was more mature than Wei Xin. Unlike Wei Xin, who didn’t give up any face, he was young and vigorous, and his love surpassed his love, but Wei Ran seemed to be more able to advance and retreat. What remains the same is that they are all temperamental.

Maybe Wei Xin would be like Wei Raan when he was a few years older.

Perceiving Han Qingyan looking at her, Wei Ran turned her head and responded to her gaze, “Huh?”


Han Qingyan immediately turned his eyes away, “No…I just looked at Uncle with emotion.”

“Don’t Called my uncle, just call me by my name.”

Wei Lan stood in front of Han Qingyan, “What was I thinking just now?”

“Think of the difference between you and Wei Xin.” Han Qingyan was honest with Wei Lan. “You look alike, but you are completely different.”

Wei Rai squinted and smiled, “It may be a genetic problem, but he and I are still two people.”

“That’s…but the eyebrows are quite different .” Similarly, the Wei family’s genes are strong.” Han Qingyan stuck out his tongue and walked forward. Her parents had booked the restaurant and said that they would invite Wei Ran to eat as if they were going to meet the wind and the dust. She walked along with Wei Ran. Chatting, “Are you having a hard time doing business abroad?”

“It’s so hard.”

Wei Rian lazily prolonged the tone, “I wish someone would give me a massage every day.”

Han Qingyan snorted and laughed, “I will massage A Xin when he is at home–” In an instant, she got stuck.

I don’t know why, it suddenly appeared in my mind that former Wei Xin was sitting in front of the computer when she was tired, and she helped to press her temples. She was stung by the images in her mind. Han Qingyan immediately shook her head in an attempt to capture these images. Shake loose.

Wei Xin, who noticed that Han Qingyan and Wei Lan were chatting closely, immediately looked over from the other side.

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