His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2002

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Chapter 2002

Han Qingyan heard Wei Xin’s voice, and walked even bigger, as if there was a scourge chasing after him. He used to live with Wei Xin, never in anything. The problem is embarrassing, and now…

she remembered that Wei Xin went out to the mall to buy some imported snacks and came back. Passing by the underwear counter, she would also bring her a set of beautiful underwear. When she returned home, she pulled the beautiful little white face and threw the suit on the sofa. Said, “Look at what the Lord picked for you?”

“How do you know my size?”

“Probably guessed, it looks pretty.” Wei Xin hummed a little song and went to the kitchen to cook, not embarrassing at all, naturally. It was as if I had bought a coat for myself, “I saw it when I was passing by, and I feel that the patterns and designs are pretty good.”

Wei Xin’s taste has always been very good, and the women’s perfumes, bags, and even…underwears he gave her , Are all pretty good-looking models.

When they lived together in the past, Wei Xin often stuffed the popsicles he couldn’t finish, or unfinished takeaways, including the leftover milk tea he drank, and he could just put them in without even saying hello. Han Qingyan’s mouth.

I still remember going for a walk in the summer evening. They wore the same big pants and flip-flops, lazily like two little old people, and then turned around on the way home to wholesale a bunch of ice cream, because of the taste. Similarly, they never quarrel over choices. They sit at home in the evening drinking red wine and eating ice cream, watching a relatively incomprehensible foreign movie, and when they are drunk, Han Qingyan will lie in Wei Xin’s arms drunkly. in.

There is no difference between men and women.

Sometimes Wei Xin took the wrong bank card, and after buying a bill for a girl, she found that the bill was sent to Han Qingyan’s mobile phone, and she would be annoyed by her for a long time, “You take my pocket money to get my sister?!”-Nothing Wrong, their bank card passwords are all the same. It doesn’t matter who spends money, and both families have money.

The days of carefree and unrestrained came to an abrupt end. Since the appearance of Gu He, everything has changed.

Thinking of this, Han Qingyan was in a complicated mood. I don’t know why, but it seemed to be heavier. Those beautiful and presumptuous past became a thorn in her heart.

Why has she never noticed it before? At that time, I didn’t feel embarrassed at all, but now I am embarrassed to see Wei Xin, hasn’t her feelings for Wei Xin changed?

Could it be that in so many subtle days, she actually…

here Han Qingyan went back to her room and buried her whole person in the quilt, and over there Wei Xin sat in a daze in the wide round bathtub, he grabbed a handful of himself wet He then dried his hands and took the phone beside him.

I swept the phone with my face skillfully, and found that the wallpaper was different from my own.

Because Han Qingyan’s phone is the same model, plus the phone case, they are both the same, and they can both scan each other’s phones, so Wei Xin found out that he had taken the wrong phone until he opened the main interface of the phone. I thought that Han Qingyan had just let it go by the bathroom door. He was stunned, and he opened a text message at a place where he was obsessed with it.

At this time, just a new text message came over.

The source is Gu He.

[Qingyan, I was really wrong. I was so wrong in the past. I shouldn’t take advantage of you. Now I repent, would you give me a chance? Wei Xin is not really sincere to you, he also spends a lot of time outside, don’t be fooled by him… Maybe I’m not a good person with you, but I will let you see my changes, I believe I have the ability to make you like me again. ]

Wei Xin, after reading this passage, eyes changed, changed, made him unable to control anger decision without authorization to the care of the river back to the word.

【go to hell. 】

Gu He soon sent a message back–

【I thought you blocked me for WeChat and won’t reply to my text messages again, Qingyan, are you still angry? I will come to you after work tomorrow. 】

【Don’t irritate me, I was really wrong. 】

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