His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2003

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Chapter 2003

Here, Gu He sent a series of text messages to Han Qingyan, but he didn’t know that the person who received the text messages was Wei Xin. He looked at the messages sent by Gu He, and looked more and more. Annoying, I only felt that Gu He was like a fly that couldn’t die. When Gu He kept asking Han Qingyan why he didn’t reply to the news, Wei Xin replied with the word “roll” while holding the phone.

The moment Gu He saw the scroll, his whole heart shrank.

In the past, Han Qingyan would never talk to him like this, but now…

Fuck off? Why is she talking about getting off? Is she talking about getting off for Wei Xin?

Why, a strange sore sensation floated in the heart of the heart, as if a soreness mixed with unwillingness, this kind of real tingling sensation was something he had never had before…Even if Fu Shuman mentioned the end of the marriage contract, it didn’t happen. Over.

After all, why did he really choose to break the marriage contract with Fu Shuman? At that time, the marriage proposal was so ostentatious, but now the marriage contract is dismissed… Gu He’s fingers are clenched one by one, and there is a little ferocious emotion in his eyes. This Wei Xinci appeared when it was important and blocked his important progress. Now It seems…the only way to get Han Qingyan is to find an extreme way!

Gu He has fierce eyes on this side, but Wei Xin on the other side simply pulled Gu He’s phone number into the blacklist. At this time, someone knocked on the door, “Axin.”

“Come in.”

The sound of water was mixed. Zhu Weixin’s voice came through the translucent bathroom door, “What’s the matter?”

“It looks like I got my phone wrong.”

Outside the door, Han Qingyan’s voice was soft, sounding like a good tutor.

Wei Xin didn’t deny it, “Well,

I got it wrong.” It’s in his hands now.

He also deleted Gu He’s text messages easily.

Han Qingyan gently opened the door a crack, “Then take out the phone for me.”

When Wei Xin saw it, he laughed at the time, “I’m taking a bath, how can I take it out for you? Come in.”

“I!” Han Qingyan is lively and active, but now facing Wei Xin, he is dumbfounded. “You are taking a shower, how can I come in!”

“I used to take a bath, you didn’t go in and out randomly?” Wei Xin spread his hands, “Hurry up, come in if you want to get your phone, and open the door.”

Why did Han Qingyan treat him recently? Is your attitude getting more and more weird? How do you describe it… it just feels like it’s unfamiliar?

Thinking of this, Wei Xin was a little irritable, “Do you want your cell phone, don’t you want me to fall into the water.”

This tone sounded impatient.

“No, I want it!”

Han Qingyan gritted her teeth and opened the door. She glanced at Wei Xin who was sitting in the bathtub. The man’s arm was half hanging outside the bathtub, strong and strong, holding her mobile phone in his hand. Said,

“Let you enter the door as if you are killing you.” Han Qingyan lowered her eyes, as if she was deliberately avoiding staring at something. She quickly stepped forward to get her mobile phone, unexpectedly Wei Xin deliberately at this time He lifted his hand severely in a dramatic manner-as if he was teasing a puppy, he grinned, “What’s the secret in the phone that can’t be shown to me?”

Han Qingyan was forced to look up, and saw the thick inside after passing the bathtub. There was a layer of foam, and Wei Xin’s young and strong body was covered under the foam. She blushed and screamed, “Give me your phone!”

Wei Xin sighed, and Han Qingyan suddenly removed from his hand. The phone was snatched, and as soon as he turned his head to leave, Wei Xin’s wide palm with wet water vapor grabbed her clothes at once.

With a strong pull, Han Qingyan was pulled back until she threw into the bathtub with a plop.

The phone broke free from Han Qingyan’s hand and fell on the floor not far away. She staggered backwards, mixed with foam, and hit Wei Xin’s chest, which was not wearing anything. The hot water quickly Wet the whole body, the aroma of the bubble bath envelops her.

Wei Xin sat naked in the bathtub and hugged her from behind, while Han Qingyan was neatly dressed. He reached her ear from behind and asked in a low voice, “Are you hiding from me on purpose?”

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