His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2006

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Chapter 2006

If something like this happened, Wei Xin was instinctively anxious. At this moment, watching Han Qingyan fainted in a bloodless coma on the bed, all his sanity suddenly came back, and he took a deep breath. He stretched out his hands and stared at his palm blankly for a long time, and suddenly his eyes became red.

What did he do?

Han Qingyan, who has lived with him since childhood, and Han Qingyan, who has never been malicious to anyone, tried hard to rely on his own practice and did not rely on family members to pave the way. In fact, he has always admired her in his heart for looking weak and gentle but independent and independent. Stubborn character.

Because I fell in love with Gu He, caused… even he lost his mind?

When Mo Zaixi arrived at the hotel, Wei Xin remained in a daze posture until Mo Zaixi knocked on the door outside, “You open the door!”

Wei Xin suddenly regained consciousness, ran out of bed, opened the door, and stood. Mo Zaixi, who was outside the door, was startled by his hasty movements, and then took a close look at him, “Dirty clothes, are you going to be a thief?”

… It’s much more serious than being a thief!

Wei Xin’s words are all floating, feeling that people will disappear in the next second. He said, “I…I and Han Qingyan, I…I…”

Mo Zaixi snorted indifferently, “You two Has the house been opened?”

It turned out to be Han Qingyan!

Mo Zaixi glanced at the ceiling, “How strange…”

“The first time we both …” “Oh, the first time you two…” Mo Zaixi walked into the room and suddenly stopped the car. He came back and shouted, “The first time you two?!”

Looking at Mo Zaixi’s shocked expression, Wei Xin was a little stunned, “What’s wrong?”

Mo Zaixi gasped, “I thought you two had a conversation.

I’ve been in love for ten years…” Wei Xin felt a little bit in his heart. So in everyone’s eyes, they are such a close couple?

Not knowing what to say to change the subject, Wei Xin could only say dryly, “She and I have never made it public…”

“I still need to make it public?!” Mo Zaixi said, “I live together, so long days have come. , I still think you two are the same as a married couple… I asked her last time who would win a fight. Han Qingyan also said that if you don’t fight with you, you will come to coax you after a fight. I When I heard this, I wondered, what is this old wife and old wife?”

Wei Xin was sweating cold on his forehead, so maybe Han Qingyan really wanted to understand that he was not entangled with Gu He, so he wanted to give everyone a step. Down the steps, I originally wanted to have a good chat with him, but continue to do this, even if the relationship does not become ambiguous, and still live together and take care of each other, Wei Xin’s status in her heart is definitely higher than Gu He, but— –

he panicked, he touched the thing and care about the river they lost their footing, he destroyed the Han smoke had to find him and everything good.

It was because he had fallen in value and had to care about Gu He. Han Qingyan refused so clearly. Why didn’t he try to believe her, instead he wanted to suspect and blame her everywhere?

Mo Zaixi glanced at Wei Xin’s expression and knew that something bad must have happened. He went in and looked at Han Qingyan’s situation. After he walked out, he shook his head and said, “There is still sevoflurane, this It’s an inhalational anesthetic… No, what happened? Tell me.”

Upon hearing this, Wei Xin’s blood flowed back all over, recalling what he had done, a series of things were connected, and he was deliberately targeted by him. In the hotel, the door was inexplicably unclosed, and Han Qingyan was helpless…All of this was deliberate by Gu He. The design made him misunderstand, and then angered him, and then-

let him cause irreversible harm to Han Qingyan. .

This is his real purpose.

There was no way to go back between Wei Xin and Han Qingyan, they were all destroyed by his impulse…

Wei Xin’s apple moved up and down, his eyes were red, and he squeezed out a bit of hatred from his teeth. The word, “Following Gu He’s plan…”

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