His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2008

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Chapter 2008

Hearing Mo Zaixi’s explanation, the big boulder in Han Qingyan’s heart finally fell to the ground. At this moment, she saw Wei Xin sitting next to her, her face was hot and her face turned subconsciously. in the past, then against Mo says on the tin, “then why are you here ……”

“you’re a man under the medicine, I came to see, such as your consciousness more awake, I’ll give you a checkup.”

Mo tin Feeling that Wei Xin’s eyes were finally moving away from killing people, he took a breath. Look, doesn’t it care that Han Qingyan cares horribly? How can he always push people out? I really don’t understand.

He went on to say, “Well, let me make way for you two now. Wei Xin should have something to tell you.”

After saying this, Mo Zaixi stood up very sensibly, and gave Wei Xin a wink. Xin rolled his eyes, “Don’t blink my eyes anymore, I’m almost blinking and convulsing.”

Hey! Still not upbeat!

Mo Zaixi waved his hand and walked to the outside living room, leaving the young couple in there with their eyes facing each other. After a long silence, Han Qingyan suddenly remembered, “Are I going to the company later–“

Yes, they started in the early morning. When Han Qingyan woke up and now, the horizon was bright, and Wei Xin frowned and said, “Do you worry about going to work when you wake up?”

Han Qingyan rolled his face, and when he turned his head, Wei Xin saw it. There were red and swollen marks on her neck, and the man’s pupils shrank. Thinking of her previous behavior, she only felt that her throat became hoarse, “Well, light smoke, we should really have a good chat.”

“I’ve been thinking about it all the time. I’m going to have a good chat with you, but you don’t want to.”

Han Qingyan’s fingers suddenly clenched, this detail was captured by Wei Xin, she seemed to be holding back some emotions-but following closely, that clenched tightly. The fingers of the quilt were slowly released again, as if… she gave up something.

Then I heard her say, “So now, can you listen to me well now?”

Wei Xin only felt a biting chill spread crazily from his chest. He took a breath and murmured, “Light smoke…”

He was wrong, he was sorry for her impulsively, but she didn’t care anymore?

“It’s okay, this matter might be planned by Gu He.” Han Qingyan swallowed, and when she said this, how much of her past innocence did she give up in her heart?

“I shouldn’t give him a chance to get close to me anymore, but…Before Gu He stunned me, he told me that I used words in the text message to irritate him, I deliberately said nasty things, and I let him Be angry and impulsive…I fainted later.”

Wei Xin’s heart chuckles, and he suddenly feels completely cold all over his body. He recalled that he inadvertently used Han Qingyan’s cell phone to reply to Gu He’s text message when he took a bath last night, because He hates Gu He. He uses words that are unsightly. In the end, he even blackens Gu He. How can this be an insult to dignity for a man?

His reply angered Gu He and made Gu He think of revenge against Han Qingyan, and then he designed to separate the two of them.

But… Han Qingyan didn’t know anything about it.

She didn’t know that Wei Xin angered Gu He by holding her mobile phone, so that she would inflict such a terrible disaster on herself. She was at a loss as a child who made no mistakes on the land of war, but the bomb of struggle and dispute was merciless Hit her one by one.

It was him… he was the one who killed her.

Wei Xin began to feel the powerlessness of suffocation. He didn’t know where to start explaining and apologizing. Before Han Qingyan’s innocent and painful face, any of his apologies were pale and powerless.

The damage has been done.

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