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Chapter 2014

It’s all about it, as if Wei Xin is really pitiful, but in fact, Han Qingyan’s face has more tears than him, and she wipes her eyes. The lips were bitten by the teeth and there was no blood. “Don’t tell me, you are very impulsive now, maybe calm down and think about it, and you will know if I am worthy of you. In the future, you will also find a girlfriend. After all, it is nothing for us. In a normal relationship, whoever changes a partner will respond…”

She is good, but she is kind!

She kept saying to leave a way out for him, but she never thought… if his way out was her.

But looking at Han Qingyan’s teary eyes, Wei Xin couldn’t say it. He could only hold her hand in vain, “Will you give me some time to figure it out? I have to compensate you no matter what, it’s me. I’m sorry…”

” Do you make up for this?”

Han Qingyan wiped his face vigorously and pulled out a smile, “No need, Axin, you have been taking care of me for so long, this little thing…”

said could not go to the back, with a trembling voice, Han Wei Xin smoke pry the fingers, “well, you come back, maybe two days we all understand, are still friends, right?”

well Friends, good friends, good friends.

The moment Wei Xin’s hand was grabbed by Han Qingyan, he felt like he was stabbed with a knife in his heart, and then watched Han Qingyan get into the car again. This time the speed of the car rose rapidly. As if afraid that he would catch up again, Wei Xin shook when the door of the house was empty.

“Good friend…”

Wei Xin lowered his head, the pain was so extreme that he didn’t know how to express his emotions. He actually laughed, his eyes flushed with red, and for a long time the man stretched out his hand to cover his eyes and squeezed a word from his throat.

In the words-“Who is rare to be your good friend…”

I want to be…your boyfriend.

Han Qingyan moved back to another house under her own name. Jia Qi and Han Rang didn’t know about it yet. On the first day she got home, she cleaned everything inside and out. There was no one, suddenly It feels like my heart is half empty.

It turned out that she and Wei Xin were so inseparable from each other that she felt the pain of pulling away when they moved.

Lying on the sofa and playing on the phone, someone sent her a message, “Would you like to come out to play?”

Ameli Su!

Han Qingyan’s eyes lit up, “Sister Yan, why are you free, aren’t you and Brother Christian traveling outside.”

“Come back for a while, I will land later, I want to find a quiet place to have a good chat and drink. Er, do you have any recommendations there?”

Han Qingyan immediately agreed, and then began to look through the list of quiet wine tasting bars in his collection, picked one and sent the address to Ameli Su, “Let’s see you here. How many people are there.”

“I, you, Christian, and Alisha Lan.”


Han Qingyan is a few years younger than Ameli Su and the others. Naturally, he is more excited than them. Get up at the meeting and put on makeup!”

After the separation from Wei Xin, she should try to get out of this emotion and find a new start.

Thinking about this, Han Qingyan saw Ameli Su at ten o’clock in the evening, and people came and went, Ameli Su was still very eye-catching, she was tall and thin, with a mixed face that was so beautiful in the dim night light. Wu, Han Qingyan felt that Christian’s vision was too good, or that, because he grew up with Ameli Su, she had always looked at women of Ameli Su’s level of beauty since she was young, so she naturally looked down on others.

I said hello in the past,”

Good evening!” “Good evening. Alisha Lan and Sherry Xu are going to be late, and the child has just coaxed to sleep.”

Christian saw Han Qingyan coming from the side, and immediately extinguished the smoke. The man exhaled the last puff of smoke from his mouth, lingering and cold, like a certain imperial master, he squinted and said, “How do you look like you have cried.”

I didn’t cover it with makeup.

Han Qingyan shrank her neck and said, “There was a conflict with… and others.”

She really couldn’t hide her worries.

Ameli Su took Han Qingyan’s hand and walked in, sat at the bar and ordered a drink, and then asked her softly, “Is it with Wei Xin?”

Han Qingyan’s face turned pale, “How did you guess? “

Ameli Su and Christian as one, in unison said,” at a glance guessed. “

Oh – Han smoke annoyance to lie on the edge of the bar, soft body,” Wei Xin and I had a violent conflicts, Really, I don’t know how to face him in the future.”

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