His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2016

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Chapter 2016

Christian and Ameli Su followed and looked inside. Sure enough, they saw Lu Fang standing on the side with a cold face beside Wei Xin. Maybe it was Wei Xin looking for Lu Fang to pull Gu He’s whereabouts. , That’s why people just happened to catch Gu He tonight.

Han Qingyan couldn’t think that Gu He had been following her behind her for a few days. He was so courageous. In order to make her break with Wei Xin, he still wouldn’t let it go. Now Gu Hezheng The man was flushed by the collar by Wei Xin, and he pressed him against the wall, “You are so shameless!”

Gu He was arrested at the scene. He originally thought that Han Qingyan and Wei Xin were separated at the moment. It’s in the state, and the trouble will be fixed in the future. How can you still want to get Wei Xin and worry about Han Qingyan’s safety, and find someone to protect him in secret?

He was taken carelessly, and he was caught up with the stolen money, and he couldn’t refute anything. It’s just that Gu He looked at Wei Xin so angry, and suddenly he felt a sense of pleasure, “You are just my defeated general. That’s it. Why, Han Qingyan doesn’t deal with you anymore, in a hurry?” He defeated.

What he meant was that Wei Xin and Han Qingyan had lived together for so many years since they were young. In the end, Han Qingyan didn’t still have a crush on him, because of him, the two of them would have conflicts.

“I really gave you a face.” Lu Fang on the edge said a swear word and wanted to come up directly, but was stopped by Wei Xin, and the man gasped, “What do you mean?”

“I haven’t touched Han Qingyan, I’m pretty good. Regret, I really should do something to her when she was in a coma, let you pick up a cheap and take a complete plate, now think about it a little bit, hahahaha, you have to thank me, why is it to instigate discord? “

This sentence directly aroused Wei Xin’s monstrous anger. He almost didn’t hesitate, so he slammed a punch in the face of Gu He!

The sting made Gu He let out a shout. He was pressed by someone, and he received a punch in the face. Following the second punch, he didn’t give him any time to breathe, and directly rushed towards him. There was no mercy with that force. He seemed to hate him to the extreme, and Wei Xin roared and beat him directly to the ground, leading him with his back collar, “You beast! The Gu family didn’t teach you well, I will teach you!”

He…he dare to have such nasty thoughts about Han Qingyan, he is so arrogant after doing bad things, he is a jerk, how could a family like the Gu family give birth to something like him that is not human!

Wei Xin punched Gu He again and again, “Do you know that abusing sevoflurane is illegal? Did you know that it is also illegal to stun someone and take it away? Do you dare to have that to Han Qingyan? You can’t live enough to give you ten lives!”

He hates and hates Gu He’s nasty and obscene behavior. He hates himself for being too impulsive. He doesn’t trust Han Qingyan enough to let the bad guys take advantage of the gap and succeed. Now Han Qingyan does not return. After leaving the ground, he only has all kinds of regrets left, and he is angry that he is not up to date.

All kinds of hatred are intertwined, can not find vent point, crazy crash in his body, Wei Xin screamed, desperate and furious, “you are not cheap cheap, to date still unrepentant!”

Gu River has The nosebleeds flowed across from the beating, the severe pain made him speechless, and his tooth seemed to have been broken. He opened his mouth to speak, and the broken front tooth flew out of his mouth and rolled down with a few drops of blood. On the ground aside.

During the whole process, no one dared to step forward and stop Wei Xin, just because the hostility around him was too heavy, and the aura was extremely terrifying, as if it was a devil…

Only a slight call pulled his sanity back. Someone called his name from the other end of the alley, rushed over to hug him from behind, and said with a cry, “Don’t hit Wei Xin, don’t fight, I don’t want you to have an accident…”

Wei Xin trembled. Turning around in disbelief, Han Qingyan’s face was met with hazy tears.

“How do you know that I am here…”

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