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Chapter 2019

As long as this matter becomes serious, the Wei family and the Gu family, Liang Zi, must have settled, and Gu He had previously thought about cooperating with Han Qingyan’s father on something. The water has drifted, and for him, this is not worth the loss.

Gu River stood up leaning on the wall, severely rub a handful of his own blood, in front of Wei Xin exposed eyes with hatred, “no match for you I would not throw in the towel ……”

“Who nothing to be Fight with you.”

Unexpectedly, Wei Xin didn’t pay attention to his threat at all, stepped forward and grabbed his collar, forcing Gu He to look at him.

“If it weren’t for Han Qingyan, you are definitely not worthy of being intertwined with my life.”

Word by word, the murderous intent behind it started to shock the sky. At that moment, Gu He felt watching his own Wei Xin’s eyes. , The red ones are like snake eyes.

Staring at him sharply and fiercely.

Gu He gasped hard, “So what, Han Qingyan’s first love is still me” I dare to mention it!

Wei Xin’s hand was raised again. He gritted his teeth and endured it. Gu He showed off things like girls like him. It only shows that this man is rotten at home, he thinks he is arrogant and arrogant, and he is not worthy of Han Qing. Smoke’s admiration!

When Gulliver Gu came, what he saw was such a violent scene. Wei Xin pressed Gu He to the front of Gulliver Gu, his white face was full of fierceness, “Brother Gu, for the specific things, Brother Christian should have told you. ? “

Gu VOLUME is a gentle man, Gu gentle river learn to like him, but since after all, imitation is an imitation, Gu and his VOLUME gap is the gap between the bones, so when the brother of his eyes, opening the first sentence is sorry.


Wei Xin took a deep breath, “You don’t need to apologize to me, he should apologize to Han Qingyan.”

Yes, Gu He hasn’t realized that he did something wrong. He only regrets that what he did was discovered, not sincerely. Admitted wrong.

No matter how good the tutor Gulliver Gu was, he couldn’t help his anger, “How can you do this kind of thing!”

Gu He coughed and was beaten by Wei Xin. His face didn’t look good, but Rao was so, Gu He He didn’t bow his head, and even hardened his lips when he died. “Isn’t it great to help the two of them help them? If I were Wei Xin, I would have to thank me very much. If it wasn’t for me, you would have touched Han Qingyan?”

Wei Xin was furious, and almost had to fight with Gu He again. Fortunately, Lu Fang stopped in time. The man’s voice was filled with shocking anger, “You bastard, did you say enough!”

However, unexpectedly, Han Qian Yan went up to the ground with a pale face, and slapped Gu He’s face with a severe slap!

Before everything was done by men, Han Qingyan was just watching. Even a few minutes ago, she stopped Wei Xin and told him not to do it.

And now-

Han Qingyan’s high hand hasn’t been put down yet, and her eyes are red, as if she was angry. When she talked, her teeth were fighting, and Gu He just didn’t treat her as a human being. What is meant by “touching”. Get Han Qingyan”? What is “thank him”?

Han Qingyan shed tears and said to Gu He, “I want to call the police to catch you! I thought you would be a good man if you sincerely regret it, but now I want to come is too naive!”

Wei Xin opened his mouth, he didn’t expect Han With the temper of the soft persimmon like Qingyan, there will be a day of urgency.

Or in other words, the flowers in the greenhouse in the past have grown up completely.

She seems to have become, like her mother, a strong woman who can be alone without being soft-hearted.

Han Qingyan slapped Gu He on the face again, “The slap just now was for me, and this slap was for Weixin. Go to the prison and cry!”

Gulliver Gu didn’t know how to stop. With Han Qingyan, the woman’s emotions seemed to explode in an instant. She had accumulated so much grievance and resentment, and she had been patience to treat others gently, and finally exploded completely at this moment.

Her youth and pure love, her innocence, her first time, her Wei Xin…

Gu He, what can you give me back!

It was only half an hour later that Wei Ying realized that his son had stabbed such a big basket outside. He rushed over as soon as he heard the wind. The police car had surrounded them all when he came. It was estimated that he was quitting personnel again, and when he rushed in, he saw that the policeman was pressing another person.

Wei Ying was stunned. Isn’t the protagonist of the villain Wei Xin this time? He had a whole accident, so he shouted as his father, “Where is the little bastard!”


Not far away, Wei Xin yelled, and Wei Ying approached him. There was a woman buried in his chest, crying. Twitching his shoulders.

Wei Ying was stunned, “This is not my daughter-in-law…No, isn’t this Jia Qi’s daughter?”

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