His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2020

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Chapter 2020

I thought it was just my son’s trouble, but I didn’t expect Jia Qi’s daughter to be involved!

Wei Ying became nervous at this moment. It doesn’t matter if his son is beaten, Jia Qi’s daughter can’t stand it. If this is beaten, Jia Qi and Han Rang will not let that person go. Daniel Ye ……

Can be half to death.

Wei Ying got to know the situation in the past. This is the first time that Han Qingyan has beaten someone in her life. She was still trembling after being beaten. Regardless of how Gu He thought about it, she herself shed a lot of tears.

For people of good quality, they may be the first to worry about hitting people.

While comforting Han Qingyan, Wei Ying watched the police press Gu He in. Lu Fang thought that they had received the key evidence, which was the video of Gu He fascinated by Han Qingyan in the parking lot. Through this evidence, it was very obvious. I quickly confirmed Gu He’s illegal behavior, that’s why I caught him so quickly.

Gulliver Gu was alarmed by the elders when he saw it, and he immediately came over and lowered his head, “It’s our Gu family who didn’t teach Gu He well. Uncle Wei, don’t hesitate to say what you have, and I will never refute it.”

“It’s not my turn to say it.”

Wei Ying Knowing Gulliver Gu, I just feel embarrassed about how the two brothers are so different. “It’s Light Smoke that is wronged. You should seek forgiveness from Light Smoke.”

Gulliver Gu lowered his head humbly and watched as he kept wiping tears. Han Qingyan, “Qingyan…”

“I won’t forgive him.”

Han Qingyan gritted her teeth, she learned that she had already passed the time when she should be softhearted, “The rest is the law to judge him. Yes, as for my forgiveness, he doesn’t deserve it! I won’t forgive him either!”

This is very harsh, not at all like the lively and kind-hearted Han Qingyan, when it reaches Gu He’s ears. , The man was being escorted into the police car, and the whole person was shocked. He couldn’t believe it was Han Qingyan’s words. He turned his head and met Han Qingyan for the last time. Unexpectedly, the woman was watching with those crying eyes that were red and swollen. He one second.

Then he moved his eyes away without nostalgia.

Han Qingyan… Am I, I will never get your forgiveness anymore?

Today’s Han family is really lively, brightly lit, and Wei Xinzai, who has been rushing through the door on weekdays, will not say anything. Christian, Ameli Su and Lu Fang are also here at the moment. Originally, they were late for meeting. Alisha Lan and Sherry Xu also changed their addresses and went directly to the Han’s house. This time, it was like the New Year. Fortunately, the Han’s house was big enough to accommodate so many people. Jia Qi was awakened by the incident in the middle of the night and knew that his daughter had suffered. After being wronged, she dragged her daughter to her side without even thinking about it.

“Why didn’t you tell your mother what happened!”

Jia Qi was heartbroken. She was also a person who suffered a lot back then. She couldn’t imagine that her daughter was tortured under the circumstances of how to keep the earth and the ground from being ineffective, especially Han Qingyan must be terrified of the meeting because he was drugged and couldn’t move.

It’s not that she has never experienced this kind of nightmare. Why does her daughter have to go through it again…

Touching Han Qingyan’s face, Jia Qi said, “Yanyan, what you did is right. If your mother wants to praise you, don’t Be soft-hearted, we won’t ask for reconciliation in the follow-up link, you trust your mother.” After saying this, Jia Qi turned his head and glanced at Wei Xin.

At that glance, Aunt Jia Qi, who had always been gentle and amiable in Wei Xin’s eyes, suddenly became a bit sharp because…

he was also the one who forced Han Qingyan, whether he knew it or not.

Jia Qi’s voice was cold, “Weixin, you really disappointed Auntie.” In a word, Wei Xin’s face was pale.

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