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Chapter 205

On the other side, Lisa was dragged directly into the unmanned box by Gillian Fu, and then the man pressed her hard on the sofa and directly tore the fabric of her skirt with his big hands.

Lisa’s eyes were red. Why did Gillian Fu finally become what he is now? Did he pretend to be that gentle and elegant at the beginning? Gillian Fu finally seemed to see through what Lisa was thinking, he smiled extremely hard, and a handsome face was covered If I don’t want to play with you, who would be willing to pretend to be like a good friend, I found that you are a female cousin, and there is no need to spend so much sincere feelings.

His remarks are undoubtedly humiliating her.

Lisa struggled violently, let go of me being slept by Elbert, by Marven Su, and the wild man in the photo who didn’t know where he came from, Lisa, what are you pretending to be? Lisa screamed, Gillian Fu finally, You are a young crime here, pretending to be a silly Gillian Fu finally pinching her neck, the heroine in that photo is you with your back, chest, waist and face, everything is you, I haven’t taken the above photo Her strenuous struggle caused a man’s sneer. Knowing that you are this kind of woman, I would not have spent so much effort to coax a bitch Lisa to tears in horror, Gillian Fu end, you are trying to destroy her heart to him Is it just your pretense that the man who used to say those touching words to her was just your pretense? The disappointment in Lisa’s eyes was so obvious, it was so obvious that Gillian Fu finally felt stung by this look, and lifted her chin. Don’t look at me with this look.

Lisa closed his eyes. Gillian Fu finally opened his mouth and bit her neck.

The woman’s body was trembling violently, but this made him feel uncontrollable excitement.

She kept resisting him, until later she was held by his hands, the skirt was torn, her big hands covered her body, and the delicate skin was startled with goose bumps under his hands.

There was a kicking sound behind him. Before Gillian Fu could finally look back, someone kicked him on his back with extreme force and position. When he turned his head back, he saw Cyril Cong’s angry face.

His eyes were full of killing intent, and he threw him to the ground while holding his collar. Cyril Cong took off his suit jacket and put it on Lisa, when someone rushed in behind him. Killed him, Fangfang rolled up his sleeves, holding an empty bottle in his hand, fu(k!ng, with a handsome appearance, you can play the gangster, my old lady teaches you the rules of life today She didn’t hesitate at all, and slammed directly at the back of Gillian Fu’s head.

The blood spattered immediately, the green dinosaur screamed, and the dying little moon’s eyes showed fierce light.

Taking pictures of the scene made him ruin and call the police to me.

The two girls with such a cruel green dinosaur began to grab their mobile phones and hugged them tightly. Gillian Fu finally wanted to stand up, but the old Wang kicked him against the wall.

Lisa is our precious treasure. We held her in our hands for fear of falling and holding her in our mouths for fear of disintegration. You fu(k!ng dare to take advantage of it.

Lao Wang has always been gentle and elegant.

He didn’t hold back his temper at this moment.

I didn’t kill you. Gillian Fu, the bastard, finally coughed up blood, he had never been so embarrassed.

Such people just owe lessons. Fangfang sneered holding the wine bottle in her hand, and the girl wanted to protect her even more. When the police came, Lisa was trembling and clasped in his arms by Cyril Cong.

He didn’t look away to see Gillian Fu during the whole process.

The police took a look, I rely on, isn’t this the third young master of the Fu family? What’s going on? I looked at Lisa and Gillian Fu.

The police thought it was too tricky.

They told the Fu family to come and mention someone overnight. Zheng Qiushui was here. When I was in the police station, I knew that my son was trembling with anger because a woman was beaten to the head. Which fox seduce my son before he saw him, first heard his voice, she walked in with a group of people, scanned the crowd in the police station, which bitch woman Lisa was held in her arms by Cyril Cong, looked up Xiang Zheng Qiushui. Zheng Qiu Shui went to a slap and lifted it high, but when he fell, Cyril Cong clamped his wrist tightly.

The woman was frightened by his eyes, and then he said, “Why do you still want to hit my little moon is a violent temper,” At first glance, I was still in the photography mode here. Who first made it clear that Zheng Qiushui had reduced his smile.

If this video goes out, it will be bad for the Fu family’s reputation. But if she is now frightened by a group of little girls, where will she put the face of the Fu family’s wife? She struggled to get rid of Cyril Cong.

It is true that a slut has a slut to help, and a group of spoiled people would be a threat.

Her eyes were quite vicious, and she obviously hated Lisa. Because of her, this nasty bitch woman, her son will become the way that Lisa meets Zheng Qiushui’s eyes, and his eyes are extremely cold.

If you don’t educate your own son, you should avoid putting a shit bowl on others’ heads on What are you, Zheng Qiushui yelled uncultivatedly, a slut who seduce my son, and dared to show me a woman like you, I’ve seen a lot of them, and all the shameless and unscrupulous Lisa could not bear it. Break free from Cyril Cong’s arms, you say again that Zheng Qiushui was a little frightened by her aura, and then continued to laugh and curse, oh, putting on airs like that, what shame, dare to slap in the face, With no hesitation and determination, Lisa slammed it on Zheng Qiushui’s face.

Lisa Gillian Fu finally saw his mother had been beaten, stood up and roared on the side, but was suppressed by the police. Do you dare to hit me Zheng Qiushui, covering his face, shocked, when the sting came, this wealthy lady flushed her eyes, you dare to hit me, do you know who I am? You are looking for death, even if it is In the police station, no one dared to challenge her dignity.

The people behind Zheng Qiushui suddenly came up and surrounded Lisa. Just about to do it, Little Moon held the phone and started to shoot the video. Fangfang was still shouting. Come and come and see if you have the ability, turn your face around.

I won’t code you when I filmed this video today. My son was taken to the police station as a gangster, and my mother actually abused the humiliated woman in public, and wanted to find a crowd to beat her.

As a paparazzi, Zheng Qiushui’s face changed and changed again.

He was so angry that he pointed at Lisa and was trembling.

He grabbed her for me.

I’ll see who dares the green dinosaur to be rude and jump out.

It’s also quite tall, one stop at a meter eight meters away, anyone who dares to take Lisa to the police station wants to make trouble, just try

Chapter 206

The green dinosaur’s drink was simply a thunderous surprise. Zheng Qiushui has been a wealthy wife for so long, and he has never been slapped on the face like this.

His son’s head is still bleeding with gauze, which caused this incident.

The bitch is actually guarded by someone. What’s wrong with the police station? Zheng Qiushui roared and beat you shameless gangsters one by one.

I think your old aunt’s quality is not so good. No wonder the son Fangfang, who is a gangster, was born and raised his sleeves.

Standing next to Lisa, there was a fierce Cyril behind him.

There was a strong green dinosaur in front of him. Next to him, the little moon took a video.

Someone wanted to grab her phone and was slapped by the old king who was guarding the little moon.

Throw it off the wall. You, you, you are going to rebel. Zheng Qiushui glanced at the back of Gillian Fu’s head. My son was beaten like this by you.

If you want to get around easily, you want to be beautiful. Oh, I’m afraid of your sister as a paparazzi dug news.

At that time, your husband who is like a fat pig in your hometown is still on vacation abroad with his little lover in his arms. What are you proud of? You Fangfang is an imperial elder sister.

She leaned forward and stood there, her body was hot and hot, and she was anxious.

After making a call from the cell phone, a group of media reporters appeared at the police station five minutes later.

I heard that the third young master of the Fu family was making trouble at the police station.

I also heard that her mother wanted to gang up against the little girl in broad daylight.

This old woman would go in so ruthlessly.

I interviewed them and took photos. Zheng Qiushui didn’t expect anyone to take pictures.

It’s such a big noise, now I call such multimedia friends, they are all blocked at the door of the police station, and the drafts on the mobile phones are posted quickly, all of which are written about Fu Jiasan’s obscene after drinking, and his mother wants to violently seal the headlines.

Human eyeballs.

I rely on. Fredric Xie and Tonny Jiang ate at home, took out their mobile phones and took a look.

It’s awesome, the youngest is on a hot search. Under what circumstances Tonny Jiang bit his chopsticks and rubbed her head over, I leaned on that woman’s profile, was it Lisa Lisang Xiega’s weird cry, as if yes, called Elbert and said that when the brother is finished, he directly quit Weibo and turned to the address book , Click on Elbert’s number and call it. When the other side is connected, Fredric Xie pats the table, Elbert, please go to the Weibo entertainment headline to see how your ex-wife Lisa was molested by Fu Lao San What’s going on? Elbert has worked overtime until now. When I heard about this, I just got off work, and my anger rushed up. Who made it? I don’t know.

Suddenly, countless media outlets have unified their slogans.

This is to kill Fu Lao San, Fredric Xie said nervously, and even the police station’s address has been sent out. Why don’t you hurry over and check Elbert Tweet? Stopped all the entertainment, hung up the phone, grabbed the clothes on the back of the chair, yelled at Messy Lin, Messy Lin, sent me to the Freinvilla Police Station. When I arrived at the police station, there was already a crowd of people, Cyril Cong and the green dinosaur. Protecting Lisa one after another, Fangfang stood next to Lisa with her waist in her waist again, glaring at Zheng Qiushui, why, you want to vent your son’s anger when your son is drunk and behave as a gangster, you actually have the face to come and speak for him, You are so kind, why don’t you get touched by a few old men by yourself? It’s unreasonable. Zheng Qiushui was trembling with anger. What happened to my son who touched her twice? She wore her own clothes and blamed my son.

Then I beat your son.

He was too long to be beaten, and he deserved to have his head blooming. Fangfang was about to go up and fight with Zheng Qiushui.

Lisa was protected by them, and suddenly his eyes were red.

She has only been together for so long, so how can she have such a group of friends who protect her, once she was accused by thousands of people, but now she is protected by them.

She was sour in her heart.

This is really a group of very sincere and sincere friends.

Little Moon has a stronger temper.

He simply turned around and started to take a few police sirens on the chest of police officers.

I showed the whole process, and I will put it online in ten minutes.

It’s okay if you have the ability to spend money to ask us to buy a video, otherwise you delete it once, we posted it once Zheng Qiushui has never seen such a difficult woman, and when he thought it was brought by Lisa, he became even more angry. Go forward and grab the clothes of Lisa, you bitch woman, I want you to be ruined and Cyril will directly push her away.

He usually doesn’t get angry. When he is angry, his eyes are extremely terrifying.

Let go of your little white face and protect her. Without her graceful manners, Qiu Shui rushed forward with the people around him, and beat me to death that bitch Lisa The green dinosaur kicked one, and Cyril Cong and Cyril Cong guarded Lisa behind him, and Cyril Cong started fighting. Quite swift and violent, I can’t see the usual laziness at all, and his body is as fast as lightning.

Lao Wang couldn’t hold back, he picked up a police station chair from the ground and threw it on them.

It was paralyzed.

I won’t fight for hundreds of years.

I will play with you today.

He smashed the chair and pulled a chair leg in his hand, and he fell to the person who rushed up.

I hit the bridge of my nose, the stool legs that were swung out were full of wind, screaming and cursing one after another, the entire police station became a gang fighting place, gathering people to fight and carrying equipment, it was suddenly chaotic. Fangfang looked like a little woman, and she was unrelenting in beating people, just how hard she had been to hit Gillian Fu’s head with a wine bottle before. Protecting Little Moon, I don’t know which policeman I took out a swinging stick from his pocket, and he swung it straight up, Sansan, you protect Lisa, Aaron, help Lao Wang, Little Moon goes to the door and put the media Come in, this old woman, leave me to clear up her voice. Just as Zheng Qiushui saw Fangfang waving her swinging stick straight to her face, the lady drew back and her voice was shaking.

It turned your back.

It’s to rebel against your son, even though he dared to trespass on others, what else did we dare to do? The media at the door was let in, shouting and turning on the camera, fighting and fighting. Mrs. Fu Jia was locked in for his son to fight.

He stopped and yelled when Elbert came in.

Seeing this extremely chaotic scene, the man’s face was shocked, and he wondered if Lisa heard Elbert’s voice, and the whole person trembled. Why did he come here? Gillian Fu was still behind a few policemen, pressing the gauze on the back of his head, rubbing some dry blood on his palm, and the man screamed, attracting Elbert’s attention. Elbert looked towards Gillian Fu final. What have you done? Zheng Qiushui saw Elbert and felt that someone was backing him this time.

He stood directly beside Elbert.

Ah Ye, you are here.

Auntie really wants to take her son back today. Why don’t you let Fangfang go up to Zheng Qiushui with a stick, and he is not afraid of Elbert standing beside Zheng Qiushui frowning, but you have made it clear where you are wronged by your son. You just want to take your son away like this. Do you look down on the law? If your daughter is bullied by other men, you can have such a heart. Zheng Qiushui’s lips trembled with anger.

It is unreasonable. My son can’t let him.

Tell yourself, did you do anything to Lisa after you drank, pressed her, did you tear her clothes? Every time Fangfang said a word, Lisa shuddered, as if thinking of the shadow, Cyril Cong held her hands tightly, raised his head, his eyes were fierce like wolves, staring at Elbert. Elbert couldn’t believe that Gillian Fu would do something like this.

At the last time, Fangfang slammed his swinging stick to the ground, and took few saviors. Who wouldn’t move saviors? Little Moon stood there and sneered. Call my brother to come. Who is her brother? Ten minutes later, Rocky, the leader of the Fengshen group, the largest special forces unit in Freinvilla, was dressed in military uniform.

He walked in with a cold aura and sneered.

The show was extremely pompous. Passing by, I heard someone bullied my sister by Little Moon The elder brother was actually the ancestor Elbert nodded to Rocky, and hadn’t seen the Lan family for a long time.


Rocky grinned. Did he come to mention this gangster? He was called a gangster. Gillian Fu finally tightened his pupils. Your sister is right.

Sister controls Nunuzui, this is my little ancestor, if there is a wayward place, please bear with me.

This means that my sister has a bad temper, but you have to carry it, and you have to carry it if you don’t.

The Lan Family Young Master is a prince from above.

He has always been the top leader in the center. Why did you come to this small police station today? Everyone looked at Little Moon.

The little moon smiled hypocritically.

There is no such thing, that is, someone has played a hooligan and wants to not take legal responsibility.

It seems that this lady didn’t pay attention to my sister and the law at all.

Rocky glanced at Cyril Cong, then at the green dinosaur, and finally turned his attention to Elbert. Elbert shouldn’t interfere.

It’s something Elbert stood there and didn’t know how to respond, looking at Gillian Fu’s eyes was extremely complicated, and finally hesed.

The person in charge had the final say, but I said no.

The parties all immediately went to see the Lisas held by Cyril Cong. Zheng Qiushui immediately panicked when he saw that Rocky didn’t even give Elbert’s face, so multimedia, it can be suppressed, but the reputation of the Fu family cannot be bad, and his son must not go to jail.

She immediately red eyes and Lisa Speaking, the attitude becomes like an actor, saying that he is extremely pitiful, Lisa, why bother holding on to it? Auntie was protecting her son in a hurry before, so she had to be forgiving and forgiving, and Ah finally drank too much. Now it’s starting to be miserable, Fangfang is especially afraid that Lisa’s heart will be softened and the virg*n Mary will be directly upper body and let them go. But now at least Lisa’s complexion is still very bad, and he has no plans to stop.

Lisa, aunt, she said that. Elbert felt that this incident was really a scandal and could not be spread.

She wanted to stabilize the situation first.

Lisa could ask Gillian Fu to apologize afterwards, so I thought about it.

I’d better say it for Gillian Fu.

I’ll apologize to you first, and we’ll be a hero afterwards. Do you like being a hero? Lisa shrank in Cyril Cong’s arms, laughing mockingly, Gillian Fu finally shot it, it’s his business to kowtow, go to jail, or apologize. .

I am a victim.

I didn’t forgive him.

It’s my business. Do you think you are someone, stand here and solve the problem for me. Zheng Qiushui’s face can’t hang on anymore, don’t deceive him too much.

Lisa still had tears in her eyes, and she never thought that one day she would be insulted by Gillian Fu like this.

The woman’s eyes were red, didn’t she want to be private? Let me tell you, I don’t think I should fulfill your wish.

I’m not so selfless.

If I have been wronged and comforted by others, it will pass.

I have to forgive others.

I am not forgiving.

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