His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 249 – 250

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Chapter 249

However, they are so excited, in contrast, Lisa’s mood is very cool. Elbert, wait till now for your goodwill, is it ridiculous that the Jungle Cruises electric syllable unfolds as scheduled, everyone in the studio made an appointment to meet and watched Lisa put on a windbreaker, inside a white dress, holding Marven Su like a fairy When he walked like this, Fangfang was shocked, what your male partner is the Su family, the little moon, holding her brother Rocky, screamed, wow, brother is Marven Su, so handsome, ah, like a man in Hollywood Xing Lanming pulled his sister’s face vigorously, watching your brother, I’m not allowed to watch other wild men Fangfang enter the arena with his father, so there are only two people, Lao Wang and the green dinosaur.

Look at me and I look at you.

Let’s talk about the green dinosaur first. Well, Pharaoh, if you don’t mind, I can put your arms in.

The old man’s face is green, and I don’t want to be too embarrassed to hold hands with a man. But in the end it was me.

Look there, two men came together to participate.

Hey, it’s not that kind of relationship.

It’s easy to wear glasses.

The tall guy next to me looks so good.

Are gay guys looking so good these days? Waiting for me to hook up and ask for a Facebook account.

The green dinosaurs and Lao Wang had pale faces.

They walked all the way as if they were about to kill.

Aaron said, I blame you for being so close to me, and everyone thought I was gay.

Lao Wang rolled his eyes, as if I was so rare for you, if it weren’t for Little Moon to go with her brother, where would it be your turn to stand next to me.

The green dinosaur was so utterly speechless by the old king that I went on and on, the goddess waved and greeted Lisa in the center of the venue.

Lisa took off her trench coat and Marven Su held it in her hand very gentlemanly. People went to take a photo with the main board of the electronic syllables, and the people from the studio crowded in. Come on, take me one.

This group of shit-chucking sticks likes to join in the fun every day, Little Moon looks at Marven Su, Marven Suhao, hello, hello.

In front of outsiders, Marven Su still looks like a perfect male god, and the scale of his smile is right.

The photographer next to him is saying, come, look at everyone and take a group photo with a smile.

Lisa and Marven Su are standing at the end.

Like a pair of golden boys and girls.

Today, I heard that the top 100 DJs have been invited. Everyone has to spend hundreds of thousands to get there for a performance, and they can even be worthy of some small stars in the entertainment industry.

Although the circle of electronic voice coils is not as big as the entertainment circle, it is of the same depth, and with the increase in the number of electronic syllables, the public’s ability to accept electronic sounds is also increasing, and it is no longer limited to something quite low. World’s best electronic dj playlist.

Is skrillex coming to Fangfang tonight? I’m particularly excited. No, I’m a fan of his brain.

I want to go to the guest lounge to ask for a photo with Fangfang’s father to comfort his daughter.

Later, my dad will call the staff to take you in. .

Lisa and Marven Su stayed with everyone in the studio after taking a group photo.

The show started at 7pm. Now everyone is walking around the venue talking and laughing, eating and talking about gossip.

Although Marven Su didn’t come often, he was able to blend into their atmosphere, and burst into a lot of entertainment circles. What Ji Cun Cao fan finished, my impression of him completely collapsed.

The wealthy businessman Xiao Li robbed his brother’s girlfriend so much, Stella Jiang slept with him, I really can’t tell.

The little moon was amazed.

He split his legs and a bag of rice. Everyone burst into laughter and laughed so hard that they could not stand up.

The atmosphere was very lively, and there was a crisp laughter from a distance. When Elbert walked into the venue, she was attracted by the laughter. When she looked up, she saw Lisa standing beside Elbert in the original place. Both of them had delicate and elegant side faces.

She was smiling faintly at the moment, with eyes in her eyes. With the emotion of broadcasting, get along with my friends without pressure.

She had never shown such an expression to him.

Thinking of the results of her recent investigations, Elbert wanted to come forward and talk to Lisa, but as soon as she took a step, she stopped abruptly.

He remembered the defensive look Lisa looked at him, which was completely different from the present one.

If at this moment, she turned to look at him with laughter and laughter, it was still like this, wouldn’t it be particularly ironic.

Across the crowd, he watched Lisa, like Standing on her other side.

Marven Su noticed that someone had kept his sight on them for a long time, and turned his head subconsciously, just in time to meet Elbert’s eyes as deep as a pool.

Two pairs of eyes, one black and one blue, met in the air, flashing through countless emotions like sparks and flints, and finally Marven Su calmly retracted his emotions, subconsciously clinging to Lisa beside him.

Lisa was alarmed by his actions and asked, what’s wrong, it’s okay.

Marven Su smiled calmly on the surface, and easily concealed his emotions.

The opposite Elbert also quickly retracted his eyes, followed by Messy Lin, coming and going, and countless people greeted him.

Marven Su watched Elbert disappear into the crowd before he breathed a sigh of relief.

The look in Elbert’s eyes is clearly the look in love but not in love.

He obviously fell in love with Lisa, so he fell a little bit deeper, but he didn’t notice it and kept deceiving himself. Will he accept his confession if he realizes Lisa?

Chapter 250

When Lisa turned around, he happened to meet Marven Su’s friend, Xiao Li who Marven Su had been talking about.

There was a woman with quite awe-inspiring eyebrows beside him, and she smiled at her when she saw Lisa, and she had known her name for a long time.

Hello. Xiao Li turned to Marven Su Nunu’s mouth, oh, everything will come true, Young Master Su, how come the goddess whom you have dated to be your female companion, your fu(k!ng dog can’t spit out ivory.

Marven Su smiled and patted him on the shoulder.

See you in the backstage, there happens to be a dj I like.

There are counts. Xiao Li raised his chin, Dan Feng’s eyes narrowed, and a light emotion brushed across his eyes, which was particularly shocking.

They greeted here, and there were also people from behind who kept doing interviews around Elbert.

Elbert also came over today. Why did you hear that you had a female partner alone? Why didn’t your female partner appear this time? Estella Elbert thought about it, because there are old friends on the guest list, so come and have a look .

The media sensitively smelled the taste of gossip, and they worked hard again. May I ask who is this old friend who has such a good relationship with Elbert? Why hasn’t I heard that the organizer Cong Jia Elbert will not answer this time? After eating a closed door, he turned his head and saw Daniel Ye walk in with the little girl with a smile, and went to besiege Daniel Ye again, each shouting Ye Zong Ye, the microphone stretched out, that looks really desperate.

This group of media is too hard.

Lao Wang looked at him and said with emotion, is this your house? Fangfang said, yes, the most awkward group of paparazzi in my house climbed over the wall to sneak a photo of a big-name derailment, but the result was not too late.

After issuing a notice, it was bought by a big brand at a super high price.

It seems that although the profession of paparazzi is tiring, it makes money in the end.

There are other people’s handles in their own hands, so they will always be the one who makes the price.

Lisa shuttled through the crowd, looking for Cyril Cong’s figure.

This time, everyone in the studio had the idea of finding him, just to ask him why he didn’t come to work, and what happened at home.

It’s a pity that there is no face similar to Braden in the crowd anymore.

Lisa felt that he should wake up, Cyril Cong is Cyril Cong, not anyone’s brother.

Marven Su was busy discussing business with Xiao Li. When the time came, the djs all played one by one, each with an hour of solo time, and in the final stage there was a b2b time slot for all the performers.

As soon as the electronic music was released, everyone’s adrenaline soared to the best condition and began to swing following the rhythm.

Lisa was a little tired wearing high heels.

He greeted Marven Su and went outside to watch the sea view.

The night was getting darker.

It was the winter season, so the sky was dark early. Now it was pitch black outside, except for the lighthouse and the deck that occasionally passed by by the sea.

The lights in the room echoed, and what was left was the vast darkness.

The sea breeze came with a salty taste, blowing a few strands of hair in her ears, Lisa looked at the dark sea below, thinking that it was so quiet and beautiful during the day, but at night it was like a big mouth of blood. , Engulf everything.

At this moment, she became more and more aware of the insignificance of being born.

This ocean that can’t be seen at a glance is too large, and she is just a drop in the ocean. Even if one day disappears, no one will notice.

She fell into deep thought, until someone behind her called out, Lisa.

Looking back, he crashed into the dark pupils of the thin night, and the time was pressed the pause button in an instant, and the lighthouse in the distance was printed on his eyes like a spark, shattered but flickering, Lisa stepped back and leaned against the railing.

She didn’t want to be alone with Elbert. Elbert was thinking about how to talk to Lisa.

He said, I, about five years ago, when Lisa heard these three words five years ago, it seemed to be stimulated.

She shut up and she didn’t want to hear him say five years ago.

I know that he doesn’t deserve to mention a word.

It’s too late to investigate now, but Lisa, I’m true.

He believed that Lisa moved his hand because he saw Lisa reach out to Sarah An.

This scene There was no way to explain it, which resulted in Elbert’s determination.

It can be realized that some things have already been overthrown, he wants to come back now. Come and tell me that I am innocent. Do you think it is useful? Lisa’s thin body is leaning against the railing of the boat.

I have been in prison for five years, Elbert , What are you taking back to me, what he owes her, it’s already unclear.

If a reasonable explanation can be found to explain the scene he saw at the beginning, can everything be reversed? I know, even if it’s too late, but there are some truths If it belongs to you, I must investigate it The way you say these beautiful words is really ridiculous.

Lisa’s eyebrows are indifferent, the truth, I don’t care anymore. Elbert, don’t take any further effort, even if you return my innocence, I won’t be grateful to you for it, save it.

It turned out to be misunderstood because of this feeling that Elbert’s throat is sore.

How to explain that he is not attracting her attention.

He just wants to remedy the relationship that they have come to the edge.

At this time there was another firm and powerful voice.

Lisa Lisa looked up and saw Marven Su coming out from another exit, just on the other side of Elbert.

He was still holding her windbreaker jacket in his hand.

The temperature dropped at night, don’t catch the cold. .

Lisa smiled gratefully at him, Marven Su’s appearance just solved the awkwardness of being alone with Elbert. Just about to step forward, a small cracking sound came from behind.

The voice was too small.

However, due to the suddenness, Lisa glanced back.

The next second, the splint railing she had relied on suddenly slammed Lisa.

The two men almost roared at the same time.

Lisa The whole person fell back uncontrollably and the railing broke, and behind him was a vast ocean.

The thin night quickly stepped forward.

He stretched out his hand to Lisa, but this scene seemed to make him understand something. What flashed through his mind like sparks and flints was what he saw with his own eyes five years ago.

In the scene of the so-called Lisa pushing quiet, he reached out the Lisa five years ago. Elbert’s pupils tightened abruptly, time and space were inverted, old shadows overlapped, blood flowed back, and the whole body was cold.

So the Lisa five years ago did not reach out to Sarah An, but Sarah An fell.

She reached out and grabbed her. Why didn’t she explain that one at the time? She explained, she said she didn’t push it by herself, but he didn’t believe that the brain recognized that scene as Lisatui and went downstairs, so he directly convicted her of Lisa.

I was desperate, and even swallowed into my throat with subsequent explanations, and was thrown into prison with all the frustrations.

The countless thoughts that quickly passed through his brain, but things happened in an instant, just thin At the moment when Ye was thinking and hesitating, a dark shadow rushed forward quickly, followed by the thin and thin figure, so it sank into the mighty ocean without hesitation, not even a second pause.

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