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Chapter 341

“Lilla, what is going on?”

Director Hou saw a lot of people making a fuss. Although he admired Lilla very much, he still had a bowl of water.

“Xiaoyun, tell Director Hou!”

Yang Huali drew Mullenyun, who was silent, to her.

Mullenyun stubbornly didn’t want to say.

Lilla is really good at ordinary times, and Mullenyun and Lilla have such a good relationship.

Indeed, when her ring was just lost, she was really angry, and she was going to call the police and arrest the person who stole her things.

But after knowing it was Lilla, Mullenyun didn’t say anything.

Now, for the sake of Lilla’s face, I don’t want to say more, I just want to make big things small and small things into small things.

“Xiaoyun, you say!”

Director Hou frowned.

So Mullenyun told what happened yesterday.

Moreover, there are so many witnesses.

Now Director Hou is difficult to handle.

To be honest, Director Hou definitely didn’t believe it.

However, if she doesn’t make an attitude and sloppy around, this Yang Huali is a difficult ghost, and she might still call the police.

What’s more, Yang Huali will not give up easily when so many of her college classmates and friends come to help her out today.

“Lilla, I can’t do anything about this. If that’s the case, I can’t give you this quota!”

Director Hou said.

“Just can’t give it to her!”

Yang Huali hugged her shoulders and said.

And Ma Nan, who was standing in the corner, looked at Lilla at this moment and wanted to say something, but soon received Yang Huali’s warning gaze.

Right now, he clenched his fist, then lowered his head helplessly with a face full of shame.

Lilla couldn’t tell with a hundred words, there was no way but to watch this opportunity being taken away by others.

Lilla couldn’t make it. Naturally no one would dare to compete with Yang Huali.


Su Mengmeng and the others came over.

“It’s fine, I’m fine, I’ll go to the bathroom!”

After Lilla said a word, he turned and left.

And when Lilla washed her hands and got ready to come out.

Yang Huali brought a few sisters who were close to her, and blocked Lilla.

“What are you doing? Are you not satisfied now?”

Lilla asked Yang Huali with a cold face.

“Hehe, of course I am not satisfied. I know what those people will think of me. Maybe they will think that I deliberately planted and framed you, but it doesn’t matter. Now the chance is mine. You have lost to me, but I Not convinced!”

Yang Huali said with red eyes.

Yes, Yang Huali has always been the first aura from childhood to adulthood. No matter where he goes, he is a well-deserved core in any organization, sister.

Who doesn’t call her sister Li.

I thought that when I came to the TV station to study, I took advantage of the right time and place, so I can say that I am a well-deserved sister, right?

However, in all aspects of himself, Lilla was overwhelmed.

Moreover, this Lilla was pretending to be affectionate and everyone who lied to liked her and supported her.

Whether it is the poor Ma Nan.

Mullenyun, who is still very rich at home and has a rich boyfriend, treats Lilla very well.

You know, Mullenyun used to be a good friend in college with her.

But the relationship with Lilla has become very good.

Do you think she can’t see Yang Huali? If it was someone else, even if she stole something as precious as Mullenyun, she would definitely not spare herself lightly, and would tear herself apart.

But for Lilla, he never wanted to pursue it, and he persuaded himself not to publicize this matter anymore, so as to avoid causing a bad influence on Lilla.


why! ! !

Why do everyone like you Lilla!

“If you are not convinced, I can’t beat you at all!”

Lilla said coldly.

“I’m just not convinced. I’m not convinced why everyone likes you and hates me. Now everyone knows that you are the one who steals things, but how do you think I don’t know what other people talk about? You say I planted you!”

“I don’t want to hear you say this, I believe it will come to light in the end!”

After speaking, Lilla turned and wanted to leave.

“You stop for me. By now, I am a sister, and you still ignore me like this!”

Yang Huali pulled Lilla back.



Suddenly, when he raised his hand, he slapped Lilla’s face in the face.

“I’m telling you, I wanted to teach you a long time ago, but everyone is praising you. I usually endure it, but now, I don’t have to endure it! I stomped in this area and everyone else has to nod and bow at me, but you have what!”

After Yang Huali raised his hand, she wanted to fight.

“Stop, Yang Huali, what do you want to do?”

At this moment, several girls ran over.

Among them are Mullenyun and Lilla’s roommates.

Mullenyun shouted.

When Yang Huali came in with someone just now, everyone felt something was wrong.

“Why do you beat Lilla?”

Mullenyun said.

“What happened to me? What happened???? Now I am the first sister, I think she is not pleasing to the eye, so I will teach her!”

Yang Huali shouted.

After shouting, he pointed to Lilla again and said, “I will be here in the future, be honest!”

After speaking, he left with a group of people.

“Lilla, are you okay?”

Su Mengmeng said worriedly.

“I’m fine!”

“Damn, this Yang Huali is too much. The number of helpers should have been given to you, but now, she actually asked you to be arranged at the gate to welcome you. She is too hateful and can’t stand it. Let’s beat her. Have a meal!”

Su Mengmeng said viciously.

“No, you must not offend her for me, otherwise it will be difficult to get a foothold here, no way, she is a snake!”

Lilla said gratefully.

As for being a welcome guest, just be a welcome guest.

Lilla really didn’t want to confuse them.

“Lilla, we two will welcome guests. Now many wealthy businessmen and celebrities are here, let’s go over…”

At this time, Ma Nan came over and looked at Lilla, she said very quietly.

“Huh, when you are a licking dog, I haven’t seen how you rise!”

Su Mengmeng sneered.

Everyone looked at Ma Nan contemptuously, and then they all went out to work.

Lilla also glanced at Ma Nan, and said, “Let’s go!”

At the door, above the large square, there were already a lot of people, and many bigwigs had already entered.

The welcoming guest, to be honest, was standing outside.

Unlike the current Yang Huali, he can walk back and forth with a group of celebrities.

“Lilla, I…I’m sorry for you!”

And Ma Nan watched Lilla’s cheeks turn red.

Weeping at the moment.

Yes, they all go out to study, who treats them best, it must be Lilla. Sometimes when there is no money, Lilla will help him.

But Ma Nan must have been unbearable for his own injury to her now.

“Lilla, I was forced, I have difficulties…”

Ma Nan cried.

Chapter 342

So Ma Nan talked about how to harm Lilla.

Generally speaking, Ma Nan felt that this television opportunity was also very important to him, and even Yang Huali took a future job position as an incentive.

On the contrary, if Ma Nan does not cooperate, she will not even have the opportunity to train Ma Nan.

Ma Nan couldn’t help it, so he finally agreed.

As for Lilla, although she was a little angry with Ma Nan, she didn’t have that kind of anger towards her now.

After all, this cannot be blamed on Ma Nan. If he loses this position, his work will be affected in the future, and he will return to Roston, his family, and Sheldon.

And if Ma Nan is lost, she will have nothing.

I’m afraid if you are yourself, you will do it too?

The culprit was Yang Huali.

If you want to say hate, the person who hates it should also be Yang Huali.

“Lilla, I’m thinking about it, I’m fighting with Yang Huali, and I don’t want her to deal with you like this!”

Ma Nan took a pity.

“No, I didn’t blame you, I know you have troubles, this matter is between me and Yang Huali, I don’t blame anyone!”

Lilla hurriedly said.

“Hmph, you two, dare to talk nonsense! Stand for me!”

At this moment, Yang Huali walked out and said triumphantly.

“Su Mengmeng, and Wu Wenwen, you two should also stand over, and there must not be too few guests, so I asked for two more!”

Glancing at Su Mengmeng and Wu Wenwen, Yang Huali stood at the door. At this moment, leaders had begun to come out, ready to prepare.

“Yenjing Xu, Shao Xu is here!”

At this time, despite a shout, a young man came over like a star holding the moon.

And sent a pennant.

Everyone who comes here must show something that proves his identity or company.

In such a big scene, the people coming from all over the world are all wealthy businessmen, so it’s better to advertise your own business or individuals at this time!

“The Devil King is here!”


One after another, there are more and more bosses.

As for Yang Huali, he was fortunate enough to stand at the end of the leading welcome group, shaking hands with every boss.

On the long red carpet, in just a while, many wealthy businessmen and young men walked past.

As for Lilla, she didn’t know why she was so excited at the moment.

Because many big bosses in State have come here.

What are you excited about?

Will he come too…

In the peripheral scene, the reporter and audience have surrounded the red carpet area.

In addition to showing their faces by accidents, the major wealthy businessmen continue to show their strength in luxury cars.

“Lilla Lilla!”

At this time, Su Mengmeng next to Lilla said.

Needless to think about it, it must be Yang Huali who avenged private revenge and pitted them all.

“You said, will Sheldon come? If Sheldon comes, then Yang Huali will be blown up today. After all, her connections, even if they all add up, are not as good as Sheldon. One.”

Su Mengmeng said excitedly.

“I… I don’t know!”

Lilla shook his head.

“Oh, so are you. It’s so stubborn. If I had such a rich boyfriend, I would have followed him everywhere, that is, you, you have to prove yourself stubbornly. What’s wrong with the vase, if the husband has money, it’s fine!”

Su Mengmeng also supported Lilla’s self-reliance before.

But now, after being rectified by Yang Huali, she sighed in her heart.

Xindao, if Sheldon is his boyfriend.

Now if she was bullied, she would just slap Yang Huali in the face, she wouldn’t even dare to let go of the fart.

As for Wu Wenwen on the opposite side, obviously also looking forward to Sheldon’s arrival.

In this way, she can also exhale.

“Huh, what are you talking about!”

At this time, Yang Huali walked over and said coldly to Lilla and Su Mengmeng who were whispering.

“Yang Huali, what are you doing? Tell you, stay on the sidelines and meet each other in the future. I have already told you that Lilla’s boyfriend is very powerful. It’s Roston Young Master Sheldon. Maybe he will come today. If Master Sheldon comes, just wait!”

Su Mengmeng said.

“Hahaha, I’m so scared, I know a lot of rich and young, and I really haven’t heard of Roston Young Master!”

Yang Huali sneered.

“Then wait and see!”

Su Mengmeng said.

At this time, I heard a burst of exclamation from the audience.

I saw a supercar driving over.

Obviously everyone was surprised by these sports cars.

Even Yang Huali was shocked and stopped talking.

To be honest, Yang Huali has seen many luxury cars and sports cars, but this is the first time I have seen a scene of a luxury fleet of luxury cars like this.

“Dreamer Group, Roston Sheldon is here!!!”

Before the car stopped, I saw several staff members in suits, shouting, and running towards the leader of the welcome group.

The hair is upright.

“Quickly, quickly, get ready! Get ready! Roston Sheldon is here!!!”

“What! It’s here so soon!”

The leadership team was shocked, and then all respectfully ran down the steps and greeted them at the closest distance.

After all, Sheldon is the most important person today besides that big man.

And many wealthy businessmen, rich and young, heard about it, and all those who entered came out to greet them.

“What? There really is Young Master Sheldon Roston!?”

As for Yang Huali, her face paled and she was startled.

And looking at this scene, it is obvious that Roston Sheldon is one of the core figures today.

At this moment, he looked at Lilla quite jealously.

“Roston Sheldon, really your boyfriend? How is it possible?”

Yang Huali said in disbelief, could it be that she really couldn’t compare to this Lilla.

Why is her luck so good.

Finding a boyfriend is so amazing.

“Haha, dumbfounded, there are still fakes, we Lilla are friends of Chen Maiden who have replaced fakes!”

Su Mengmeng became excited.

Now see what else you Yang Huali can wear 13!

As for Lilla, all his attention at this time was already on the team.

Although she didn’t want any help from Sheldon, but this time she returned to Roston, she didn’t talk to Sheldon, so she came back.

It is purely a lie to say that he does not regret his self-willedness.

Let me go, this is the most luxurious team today, right?

Everyone exclaimed.

“Yes, almost every car started at 20 million, and a full ten convoys came to escort, hundreds of millions, my mother!”

Everyone was surprised again.

And the car finally stopped.

One person shouted, “Sheldon is here!”

Then, on the top floor of the TV Tower, fireworks were set off, and the sky was colorful instantly.

The large pools on both sides, fountains gushing high.

The scene is extremely spectacular.

There was even a big banner, which was carefully picked up by the staff.

As for Lilla, she raised her face and looked over nervously…

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