His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 265 – 266

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Chapter 265 Look forward, there are paratroopers.

Tonny Jiang and Messy Lin sensitively sensed Elbert’s current emotional breakdown.

The two took a look, and then sighed. Tonny Jiang reached out and patted Elbert’s shoulder. Elbert has lost a lot of weight recently.

He lowered his voice. Ye, look forward, Lisa also has her own life.

This cryptic meaning is to let Elbert stop disturbing Lisa. Elbert didn’t speak, his eyes were completely black, and his emotions were so cold that they turned into nothingness. Now his eyes are empty like inorganic things, and they can’t see anything. When Tonny Jiang and Messy Lin left, they left him alone in the ward, as if he was the only one left in the world.

He heard his breathing cycle back and forth, and time gradually solidified and flowed at this moment, slowly and heavy.

He did not speak, his back stiffened like a tombstone, sitting on the bed for a long time.

After a long time, there was a faint sound, and cold tears fell on the back of his hand. Jia Qi went to the Han Rang hotel the next day.

As soon as he entered, someone walked out with high heels.

I heard that an airborne soldier came from above. Where is it? Let’s see Jia Qi standing beside Han Rang. Unexpectedly, he didn’t go up to argue with the man, but just smiled, Han Rang, who is the heir of the enterprise group? Han Rang answered with a dazed expression, a company employee.

Answered and not answered are the same.

She had forgotten that this young master turned a blind eye to things outside the window, and focused on being a chef.

The lady at the front desk just came over and said hello to Jia Qi.

Isn’t it right that Ms. Jiang? Come over and check with us. Good morning, Young Master Han . Good morning Alice.

Han Rangchong, the lady at the front desk smiled, I beg you. give it to me.

It seems that the position of this Miss Alice is similar to that of the secretary, but it is the front desk and should not be able to manage much internal affairs. Jia Qi scanned all the people in the surrounding office.

As expected, only the arrogant woman standing in front of her was the most powerful.

She seemed to be the big head here, and many people behind her should support her.

She curled her lips and didn’t say anything. Daniel Ye didn’t know anything about things like bullying and forming gangs.

However, she has always been alone with someone.

There are people who speak ill of her behind her back, and there are also people who want to cheat her to get closer. Jia Qi has always ignored this kind of thing.

There is nothing she can accomplish alone.

It is necessary to make some troublesome friends.

Han Rang sent her to the Human Resources Department to go through the formalities.

Standing outside, he saw the arrogant woman walking next to Han Rang.

That was your girlfriend.

Han Rang’s attitude was really good, and he was also very kind to such an impolite woman.

Still smiling, no.

It’s not why you did it yourself to this point.

The woman sneered, but I want to see how good she is. Whether I have the ability or not is not something you can tell. Jia Qi took out a document and contract, and then stood by Han Rang’s side, and came up with you without grievances and no grudges, and just ridiculed you. When people can’t tell that you feel sore, Jia Qi, forget it, Qi Qi .

Han Rang turned his face and began to formally explain the identity of the woman.

Her name was Wang Ling.

She was a very senior general manager here. We have a share of shares in our company and are strictly a minority shareholder. Don’t conflict with her head-on. Jia Qi is quite upset, why?

Chapter 266 protects secrets without mentioning it.

Take a step back and broaden the sky.

Han Rang rubbed Jia Qi’s hair fondly in front of everyone. Go, Wang Ling is pretty good except for her bad personality.

And she is right about things and wrong people, and if you have a strong working ability, she will soon change your outlook.

The appearance of his careful explanation surprised the people around him. Young Master Han was so patient with a woman.

After Han Rang left, a group of employees were still whispering behind Jia Qi, probably guessing what her identity was.

As soon as Jia Qi sat down in the seat holding the box, a large number of people came over and asked her secretly, what is the relationship between you and Young Master Han Jia Qi was at a loss, good friend. Everyone looked like: Are you fu(k!ng stunned by us, good friends see that your eyes can be sweetened like that, and they feel that Jia Qi’s attitude is deliberately pretending to be mysterious.

After everyone dispersed, they communicated with their eyes.

This storm It is the silent past. Jia Qi was here for a day’s shift, and felt that the eyes of those people looked strange to him, thinking about it because he was an airborne soldier after all, which made many people suspect that it was normal.

She happened to return home when she got off work at night, but found that the door was not closed, thinking it was a thief. When she went in, she found that Lisa and Christian were chatting in the living room with a computer.

It was obvious that they got together as soon as she entered the house. Didn’t take closing the door seriously at all. Jia Qi smiled, changed his shoes and asked them, why are you mother and son studying this code? Christian turned his face, driving a pair of flat radiation-proof glasses on his face.

At first glance, he looked very much like Elbert, Jia Qi I was shocked and felt like I was sitting in front of my eyes for a small night.

Christian noticed that Jia Qi was dazed and smiled, and pushed the glasses on his face. Jia Qi roared outside.

I really depended on my mother.

Christian said, “What? Elbert and Daniel Ye talked about business last time. When I took a pair of glasses. Jia Qi came in and looked at Christian’s face.

It was exactly the same, just the same as you did.

Christian smiled more happily, after all, it was my father.

The child knew very well that his father was a father, but it was his mother who had worked so hard to raise him.

He did not deny the fact that Elbert was his father, but he did not accept anything other than Elbert. Jia Qi sighed. Why are you Elbert’s child? Such a nasty man actually gave birth to such a beautiful son.

Lisa raised his head from the computer, which only shows that my genes are good. Proud of you. Jia Qi hugged Christian and looked at the computer screen.

He was shocked.

Hey, what is the distribution map of signal towers in the world.

Christian said on the side, with these, we can know which signals come from where, and this method is used to initially search the IP address, and the range can be roughly determined.

Christian pushed the frame again. Ms. Jia Qi, you have to be careful in the future. When I learn, you can backtrack the information address you send out every day. Even foreign IPs can be found so terrible.

Is there any privacy? Qi smiled and squeezed Christian’s face. You are really smart to learn this at a young age.

Christian must look at Jia Qi’s eyes.

The little boy has a sense of maturity and calmness that he shouldn’t be at his age.

The best way to keep a secret is to never say it.

Anything spread through the Internet will leave clues.

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