His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 283 – 284

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Chapter 283 The truth is in the end, so hurting.

But Lisa did not die and survived stubbornly.

She was like Xiaoqiang who could not be beaten.

She lived so hard, but Elbert, every time she stomped her back hard, wishing to smash her back. . Now everything went as he wanted.

Lisa had a broken rib, and it was the one closest to the heart.

Her bones weren’t so hard, hard enough to bear all grievances and pains.

It turned out that she was also so fragile, so fragile that she bleeds with the slightest touch. Elbert did not speak and fell into deathly silence. Tonny Jiang said, sit next to her bed and talk, Elbert, Lisa’s ears can still be heard. Elbert raised her head suddenly, like an electric shock, can I go back, what you should do now is to compensate her as much as you can. Tonny Jiang sighed, but it seems that Lisa is not rare for your compensation. Yes, she said before she fell into a coma, she wanted him to owe her, it would be better to owe her for life to life and nail it to the cross. When Lisa blocked the two swords for him, did he have such a thought? Elbert’s eyes blushed.

How could she be so ruthless that she would rather let herself bleed and hurt, and let him owe her.

Isn’t she afraid of death? Tonny Jiang looked at Elbert Suddenly felt that the man in front of him was very pitiful. Blinded by the so-called truth for so long, that when he was uncovered a little bit later, he was fragile like a paper man, and turned into dust when he touched it.

It turned out that the justice he had insisted on for so long was false.

It turns out that the person he has deeply hated over the past few years is not the one who should bear all this at all.

Those who are wronged are pitiful, and those who make mistakes are even more pitiful.

He committed a mistake that couldn’t be reversed.

In the end, he discovered that it was himself who had sinned deeply. Elbert’s back was stiffly like a statue.

Later Tonny Jiang said to his leaving figure, Elbert, I have persuaded you many times, but you don’t listen. Elbert didn’t speak, closed his eyes, and wept.

Lisa was in a coma for two weeks. Elbert sent someone to pick up Christian there.

Christian ran to the hospital directly after knowing that his mother had an accident.

He saw his mother lying pale on the hospital bed with her eyes closed.

He was full of various detection lines, and there was a beating-sensing machine between his fingers.

He blushed on the spot, and his eyes were bleeding with hatred when he saw Elbert sitting by the bedside of Lisa’s hospital. Elbert stood up all of a sudden, wanted to speak, but heard Christian crying, what else do you want? He was questioned by his biological son. Elbert’s heart seemed to have been stabbed, and then twisted so hard that he felt that his chest must be bloody.

Christian cried and came to the hospital bed and pushed away the servants.

The babysitter was a little worried and yelled softly. Don’t tell me, my little master.

Christian wiped his tears and looked back viciously.

I don’t care about being a little master. , I’m not your young master and go to your master’s side.

I don’t need you to be so skilled in hurting people at the young age. Elbert’s heart was in pain, but Wei, these people were sent by me to take care of your life.

Christian looked up and met Elbert’s eyes.

The big and the small looked at each other.

They were obviously relatives, but turned their faces as enemies. You are not worthy to take care of me, what you call care is to make my mom like this

Chapter 284 It’s my fault to fall into darkness.

Weiwei, is it Weiwei’s voice? Lisa who was plunged into the darkness desperately wanted to wake up, but was powerless.

She didn’t have the strength to move, it was a luxury. But she seemed to hear her son’s voice, crying in her ear. But what’s wrong, why is Christian crying? Lisa is in the abyss, and the surroundings are silent. Occasionally, a few numbered syllables come out, with a cry that makes her distressed.

It is Christian.

It is him that Christian is crying.

He dare not. Grabbing Lisa’s hand, her body was full of equipment threads, and a soft needle was pierced around her neck, and a potion bag was attached to her, dripping into her body.

Christian’s tears were too late to wipe.

His mummy must be very painful.

He can’t cry.

He is a masculine husband. Mummy is injured.

He should support this family. But this family was originally the only two people in this family. When it’s down, who is he going to protect? Lisa is gone, this family doesn’t exist anymore, Elbert dare not go forward and talk to his son, he is afraid that he will hate him even more if he knows that Lisa is blocking the injury for himself. But Christian asked, why is my mom so so dumb, so even when he was forced to ask her, she couldn’t say a word.

Tell me, I have the right to know that Christian growled, his immature voice with desperate determination, if you don’t say it, I think it’s because of your involvement, I think it’s not wrong, Elbert seems to be in a trance.

After a while, he spoke to Christian with a cold voice.

Are you sure you want to know the truth, even if it hurts Christian’s silent acquiescence.

Twenty minutes later, he stood trembling on the spot, listening to Elbert finished everything, and then his father closed his eyes.

At this moment, Elbert, who had always been high above him, was in mourning.

He said, I’m sorry.

Christian was standing next to Lisa’s bed.

At that moment, a thousand knives were not enough for his hatred.

He gritted his teeth, almost hoarse with tears, why, the person lying on this bed is not your biological son.

Speaking to him like this, Elbert clenched his fingers tightly together, and the voice he said was as if his throat had been cut.

His voice was dumb, sorry, I didn’t notice that Bialla Anand their father were still looking for Lisa Revenge, if you know If he knew it, would he really help out given his hatred of Lisa at the time? No, if he hadn’t doubted the truth, Anguo would attack Lisa.

He was afraid that the voice of Christian who handed the knife was wronged.

Elbert, do you still know that I am your son? I am the son of you and Lisa. My mom was pregnant and gave birth to me so hard.

It’s fine if you don’t listen to it. You have to force us again and again, really want us Do you want us to die before you give up? Elbert’s heart is cut.

He didn’t have this intention. From the beginning, it was because Lisa’s arrogance made him want to destroy.

At that time, he didn’t know that Lisa was innocent, so he kept insulting her. , But now, the situation has completely reversed.

Lisa is innocent, she has never owed him anything, and it is him who can’t pay off the debt. Only, your mommy’s accident was really an accident.

I didn’t protect her, but if you speak, can you please don’t punish his heart.

He is almost crushed by regret.

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