His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 287 – 288

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Chapter 287 Recovery wakes up, memory is confused.

At the end of the first month when Elbert guarded the Lisa, she woke up from the abyss, seeing the dazzling sunlight.

She lay blankly on the bed, the light refracted into her pupils and reflected from the lens.

Lisa felt like a The newborn, ignorantly came back to this world.

Afterwards, with a slight movement of the fingers, the sensation moved the whole body.

At first, it was a fine tingling, and then it became more and more intense.

The whole body was severely painful and the feeling of alive was so vivid.

Lisa frowned and a child jumped around Get up, mom, you wake up.

Lisa looks at Christian in front of her.

Her voice is dumb and can’t make a sound.

She can only open her mouth.

She feels that her brain is still in chaos and her language talent has not returned to her consciousness. .

Christian cried first before her, Mommy, you finally woke up.

This month, Lisa has lost too much weight and hangs on the nutrition needle every day.

Christian ran outside and yelled at the doctors and nurses. When the medical staff walked in, they saw Lisa sitting on the bed like a child. Everyone was pleasantly surprised.

It was great.

He woke up.

It just so happened that Tonny Jiang and Elbert were discussing things.

A little nurse rushed in. Doctor Jiang, the VIP02 patient woke up, Elbert’s heart suddenly missed a beat, and then stood up before Tonny Jiang and rushed out.

He seemed to have experienced something.

The ecstasy of being lost and regained, pushed open the door of the independent ward.

The moment he raised his head, he met Lisa’s eyes, and the whole world went backwards behind him.

He saw the woman with a pale face, dark eyes, a thin face, and his fingers clenched the quilt on his body.

Staring at him in astonishment.

Then, three words escaped from the mouth of the Lisa, who are you? Elbert stood in place like a thunder, and the whole person did not dare to move. When Tonny Jiang learned of the situation, he rushed over to check Lisa, and found that everyone remembered Lisa, but he did not remember Elbert.

She slept in the dark world for too long, even long enough to be out of touch with this world.

The moment she woke up, all the memories came to her again.

She accepted too much, but deliberately missed Elbert.

Standing at the door of the ward, Elbert didn’t dare to take a step forward. Tonny Jiang grabbed Elbert with his backhand and walked out. When he came to his office, Elbert’s eyes were red, and he almost lifted Tonny Jiang’s desk. What is going on, what is going on, why does she remember everyone, But I just forgot about him Tonny Jiang’s pupils stared at Elbert motionlessly, and he uttered a few words gently. You have to ask yourself. Elbert stiffened all over.

In this case, her brain instinctively blocked some memories.

She probably knew that it was harmful to her.

She wanted to escape, and she wanted to forget that Tonny Jiang closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

Therefore, her body replaced her.

She did it all. Maybe it’s because the recent stimulation has been too great, so temporarily hide all the part of yourself about you, and it will recover slowly. You don’t have to worry, it is better to think about what stimulated her at the beginning. Christian uttered a few words softly, acting as the last straw that crushed Lisa.

At that time, Anguo said that he found someone to break the finger of Lisa and all this was because of my indulgence.

Chapter 288 Overriding life and death, the pain is deep.

Recalling the scene of Lisa being kidnapped, Elbert felt like he had relived death.

At that time, how hate Lisa had in her eyes.

She hated herself so much, but she had to rush to protect herself from the wound at the last moment.

In order to make him owe her, she even ignored her own death.

This hatred is above life and death.

At least, she succeeded, you see, now Elbert owes her everything, with blood. Even if he died, it is still unclear.

So what should I do? How to wake up her memory of escaping from him Tonny Jiang did not speak, and said in a deep voice, are you sure you must let her restore her memory Elbert was taken aback, Tonny Jiang continued, Elbert, those injuries Her past, it is better not to let her remember, and you, just disappeared from her world. Disappear, don’t leave anything, and don’t let her remember you again. Elbert’s soul trembled, standing still, unable to say a word. Was he willing to leave the stage? Lisa had amnesia. When the news reached Marven Su’s ears, the man’s eyes were shining.

She forgot whether Elbert was held by Marven Su.

He has been picking him up from school these days In fact, in order to inquire about Lisa’s news on the way, the little boy smiled and said, do you think you have a chance, Marven Su’s eyes are narrowed, why are you so smart, hurry, try to take me to see your mommy.

She just forgot the old lover, I will be her new love Christian pouted, you came for my mommy. Okay, little bastard, it’s for you too.

Are you satisfied? Marven Su took him in the car, saying that I came to pick you up recently, and Elbert didn’t say anything.

He couldn’t say anything.

Christian said dumbly that he was not qualified to point fingers at me.

He didn’t understand before, but now he understands and is afraid. Fearing that his own strength and selfishness would cause another harm to Christian, so who can follow Christian, Elbert followed him. But when Elbert showed that forbearance in his eyes, Christian was a little unhappy, not knowing why. Probably in the eyes of Elbert recently, there is often a kind of sadness that the proud and expensive he has never seen before.

It turns out that no matter how many storms and thunderous means, people are just ants in the face of love and hate life and death.

Christian swaggered and took Marven Su to the hospital.

The people next to him couldn’t stand it anymore.

He stepped forward, Young Master, if you brought in outsiders, Christianli ignored them, but laughed. Come on, go with you.

I don’t want to make a small report.

The subordinate did not speak, and silently shut up.

The young master is rebellious by nature, and has always liked to ridicule the people of Elbert.

They still don’t want to be hot and stick to cold ass. When Elbert knew that Christianlian had brought Marven Su, his entire popularity had to slap the head of the pen for signing, ink splashing, and black stains all over the a4 paper.

The servant asked Elbert if he wanted to stop Christian and Marven Su. Elbert was silent for a long time, and stretched out his other hand and smiled.

Smiling, the man’s voice went hoarse. No need, let him go.

He says. Only at this time did he know that Christian’s indifference had reached such an obvious point that as long as he gave in, he could do whatever he wanted, never taking him into consideration.

It turned out that no matter how many steps he tried to walk towards the Lisa family, he would not leave anything in the memory of others.

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