His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 303 – 304

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Chapter 303 Take a picture, thank you.

Five minutes later, Lisa and Christian walked in front of Donald Duck, holding balloons in their hands, and distributed them to many children along the way. When there was only one left, he stopped in front of Lisa and Christian.

Afterwards, he reached out and handed the last balloon in his hand to Lisa.

Lisa was stunned, pointed at himself, give it to me.

The honest and lovely Donald Duck nodded and stuffed the balloon into Lisa’s hand.

Christian yelled happily while Donald Duck went over and touched his face.

Christian threw himself in his arms and said to Lisa, Mommy, help me take a photo with Donald Duck.

Lisa gave Christian the balloon in his hand, and then took out his mobile phone and asked him to hold Donald Duck.

The posture happened to be that the Donald Duck staff was quite cooperative.

The large props and clothes were soft and thick.

After Lisa took the photo, he saw Donald Duck waving at himself.

The way a Donald Duck waved at her was a bit funny.

Lisa pointed to himself again, call me Donald Duck nodded, the cartoon characters are quite lively and cute, Lisa didn’t think much about it, and stood with Donald Duck.

At this time, I don’t know where the photographer came from. Come and say to them, look at the camera here. Eggplant Christian happily shouted the eggplant comparison.

Lisa also smiled.

The photographer blinked at Donald Duck after the photo was taken, and then Donald Duck bounced away.

Along the way, there were many children looking for it to take photos, and it almost tripped over by the children.

Christian looked at Donald Duck’s inconvenience and laughed behind his back.

It was really hard for him to travel through the garden in his costume.

Lisa touched his head, yes, it’s not easy in all walks of life.

Twenty minutes later, it arrived in a quiet and unmanned place, and his men saw a Donald Duck walking steadily over.

He quickly surrounded him, took off his headgear, and took a deep breath in Elbert.

Almost suffocating the boss, I said that wearing this one is very tiring, thick and hot, and not easy to walk.

Several people helped to strip off Donald Duck’s work clothes. Elbert’s hair was messy, while the photographer handed the camera up and turned the photo out.

Look at Bo, how is this photo taken of Lisa and Christian? Leaning on a Donald Duck and smiling at the camera. Elbert stared at the picture in a daze, and then said, it was good.

He was a little dazed, always feeling like he was in a dream. When his son brought him up without scruples, Elbert’s heartbeat was almost bursting. But then I thought about it because they wore Donald Duck’s shape, so they were so relieved, and felt very ridiculous.

It turns out that as long as it is not yourself, anyone can.

He alone was sentenced to life imprisonment.

That evening, Lisa took Christian out of the amusement park.

They still had to go back to the hospital at night, otherwise Lisa wanted to spend the night in Disney.

As a result, as soon as they walked out, a commercial vehicle drove up in front of the two people. When the window was pressed down, it was Messy Lin.

He said to Lisa, Miss Tang get in the car, and I will send you back to Baicheng.

Lisa glanced at the car to make sure that there was no one else in the car, and smiled.

It’s not very embarrassing, right? It’s okay. When Messy Lin explained it to her, it implied that he was empty now, and he didn’t come by Elbert’s order.

Lisa got into the car and expressed his gratitude to him.

Thank you.

Chapter 304 Tell me, don’t come again.


Messy Lin smiled and glanced back, but Weiwei’s elder brother Christian said hello very generously.

He was very happy. We have played all the facilities.

It is really lucky. Come again next time, wait for your mommy to recover well.

Messy Lin blinked at Christian, and I will take you to the castle hotel to sleep for one night. Wow, Christian is very excited.

Then I am the prince and Mommy is my princess.

Lisa and Messy Lin both laughed, and the car quickly drove onto the elevated highway.

Messy Lin took out the phone and sent a text message. Elbert, people have already received it. Ok. be careful.

Then Messy Lin smiled self-deprecatingly, turned his hand off, and continued to concentrate on driving. When he was free to chat with Christian, when he finally arrived in Baicheng, Christian fell asleep because he had spent too much energy in a day.

Lisa hugged Christian, but she was thin and thin, and she looked too strenuous, Messy Lin said, let me hold the young master. Badly called the wrong name. Young Master Lisa glanced back at Messy Lin.

Are you saying that Messy Lin is about to come out in cold sweat.

He habitually called Young Master unsuspectingly.

Lisa must have noticed something. Your boss is Elbert.

Lisa’s pupils shrank, but Elbert’s child Messy Lin and I had a heartbeat that was almost bursting.

I don’t know how to explain it.

He, who has always been almighty, stammered at this time.

That Miss Tang is actually not like this.

I am used to it. Xing yelled Christian and slept in Messy Lin’s arms with a look of defenselessness.

Lisa knew about him and Elbert a long time ago, but he didn’t dare to think too much.

Today, Messy Lin, the young master, called out, Lisa is like being struck by thunder.

Sure enough, she has had a lot of things with Elbert. Even Christian is their common child. Don’t think too much, Miss Tang Messy Lin panicked, but Lisa didn’t speak.

After a long period of silence, a woman’s voice came from a low voice, it’s okay, I don’t think much.

Messy Lin took a breath and looked at Lisa’s quiet side face.

She lowered her eyelids, her eyes were as steady as water, as if she really didn’t take the mistake of his words to her heart.

Today is the weekend, Christian slept with Christian in the ward.

Messy Lin hugged Christian and put him on the small bed next to him.

Then he said to Lisa, Miss Tang, if I have something to do, I will leave first. You and I are fine. .

Lisa looked up and looked at him with a heavy eyes.

Messy Lin met her eyes, suddenly feeling a little sad.

Let’s take a look at what happened to Miss Tang, who was so stunning that she was destroyed by Elbert. Next time you talked indifferently in Lisas, in a nonchalant tone, but as if you had seen everything through, don’t come.

Tell him for me.

Messy Lin was shocked, she guessed that the man smiled bitterly, Miss Tang, I watched you become like this, even if he was not good to you at the beginning, but you must have someone to take care of him now. Okay, even if you remember it, it’s not too late to settle the account. But Lisa interrupted him directly.

I am alone and do not need his care.

Lisa looked at the villa, my heart told me not to approach him, so I asked him not to approach me either.

Christian and I are very nice.

Messy Lin didn’t say a word, he said goodnight and quit, watching him close the door, and there was a moment of silence in the ward.

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