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Chapter 397

This girl is not someone else, but Shelly

Sheldon hasn’t seen her for a long time. After those things happened, I heard that Shelly had gone to Negston. She was from the Mass Communication Department. It was natural to choose to go there for an internship.

But I didn’t expect that this time the etiquette team actually had her!

Sheldon was surprised.

“By the way, brother, can you help us clean up the things on the floor? Thank you!”

At this moment, another girl said without looking back.


Sheldon himself came in as a messenger, and he didn’t know how Aunt Fang arranged it. The two of them were unemployed.

As for Sheldon, running errands, is it his fate? Ha ha.

But it didn’t matter, Sheldon was used to it.

“Shelly, when you come out this time, you should be relieved. Oh, that’s true. You finally left the sad place in Roston. I thought that Negston could have a piece of sky of your own, but I didn’t expect it to happen again. For such a thing, alas! Actually, everything should belong to you! If that is the case, we can also follow along!”

The girl said while removing her makeup.

Girls, don’t you do two things a day, make-up during the day and remove makeup at night.

“Don’t mention it, although I seem to be hard on the surface, but Xiaohan, you know, I really regret it in my heart, I regret it all the time, because at the beginning, I had a good impression of him. Honestly, it’s good for people, but he was too poor, so for a while, I didn’t know what was going on and I started to hate him!”

Shelly didn’t remove his makeup anymore. He was lying on the makeup remover, scribbling with his eyebrow pencil.

Obviously worrying.

“But Xiaohan, sometimes our girls feel weird. It’s not just that I started to slowly change to him after he was rich. How can I say, it’s like when he was a little bit mixed up. I didn’t know that he was rich, but I just knew that he was not going to be poor and hungry like before, so I started to slowly try to accept him and be friends with him!”

“Until that day, my roommates and I returned to our department for class. He stood at the door of the corridor with flowers in his hand. You don’t know, I was actually moved in my heart and agreed to be with him. I think, I can have a good relationship!”

“But you also know that he tricked me, hehe, I was thinking, why is it so difficult for me to start a good relationship? I was really angry at the time, and even wanted to kill him. Play with my feelings like this!”

Shelly cried as he spoke.

Another girl stopped removing her makeup, patted Shelly on the shoulder and said, “In fact, we girls are often helpless. Sometimes we are destined to be deceived by boys like them, especially rich boys like him! I guess , He may retaliate against you!”

“Retaliation for me? Just take revenge. I looked down on him before? Don’t you stay with him? Xiaohan, let me ask, which girl in the world does not want her partner to be richer, even if not too rich, but at least it’s okay to be happy and have enough food and clothing. Right? After all, only when the economy is stable can the relationship feel safe. It is not that I worship money, but that is what I think. The reality is also true!”

Shelly said, “I never regretted that I looked down on him before, because he was really featureless at the time!”

“Oh, but Shelly, I have to say that your hope is slim, that Sheldon seems to be very devoted to Lilla! Alas, it is uncomfortable for anyone to miss the opportunity of a wealthy family like this!”

The girl persuaded.

“But I still want to work hard. If I don’t try, how can I know that there will be no chance!”

“Hey, the more you talk, the more anxious, the more you talk, the more annoying, Xiaohan, I want to drink, you accompany me to the bar for a good drink!?”

“Well, I want to drink it too, to celebrate our early departure from these damn youths! That little brother, you can help us get some bottles of red wine and three grams of oil!”

Xiao Han looked at Sheldon and said.


Sheldon didn’t dare to speak, nodded immediately and walked out.

At the beginning of Sheldon, listening to Shelly’s narration, he found it quite interesting, thinking that Shelly had already started a new relationship.

But to Sheldon’s surprise, after talking for a long time, he was talking about himself.

To Shelly, Sheldon felt somewhat guilty at this moment.

It’s all because I didn’t clarify what I said, and made Shelly misunderstand that he was chasing her.

As a result, after the two became successful, he told her the truth again.

This is undoubtedly a strong blow to a girl, especially a girl with strong self-esteem like Shelly.

And he did not do it properly.

Sheldon shook his head and went to get them two bottles of red wine.

Unexpectedly, when the two drank, Xiao Han asked Sheldon to help them pack their suitcases.

I really owe them.

Fortunately, Shelly has something in his heart, and his eyes are not on him at all.

When they finished packing, the two had already drunk two bottles of red wine.

Shelly also came to drink, and kept drinking.

Sheldon had no choice but to give it to them.

But Shelly quickly drank too much.

Just when Sheldon was about to leave.


Shelly retched for a while, and then fell straight to the ground.

As for Xiao Han, he has long been unconscious in bed.

“I have to drink, I have to drink!”

Shelly said while crying.

Sheldon stopped at the door.

Looking at Shelly, Sheldon felt a touch of intolerance.

“If it weren’t for his appearance, Shelly wouldn’t know how happy life is?”

But because of some things, even though he didn’t feel anything for her, Sheldon couldn’t bear to see her doing this if he didn’t help.

Now came over again.

“Okay, don’t drink, you have to do something tomorrow, rest early!”

After saying that, Sheldon directly picked up Shelly and put her on the bed.

About to cover her with a quilt.

Sheldon’s hand was suddenly grabbed by Shelly.

“Sheldon, is it you? Is it really you?”

Shelly’s teary eyes were hazy.

“It’s not me, you admitted wrong!”

Sheldon broke her finger.

“You are finally willing to see me, I have a lot to explain to you, don’t leave, listen to me!”

I don’t know if Shelly is talking nonsense.

At this moment, he grabbed Sheldon’s arm tightly.

“I know that it’s impossible for the two of us, so I tried my best to forget you. I even tried to find a new boyfriend, start a new relationship, and forget you. However, although I didn’t say it, I thought in my heart. It’s still you, I really hope that one day you can change your mind!”

“I’m not the kind of girl you think, and I’m not casual. In order to have a chance to be with you in the future, I am still a virgin. Sheldon really, give me another chance!”

Shelly took Sheldon’s arm and said.

And when he heard that Shelly was still the body for himself, Sheldon felt a little moved even though he didn’t like Shelly anymore…

Chapter 398

Waited until early the next morning.

Shelly woke up.

I drank a lot of wine last night and my head hurts a little.

She just let out a long breath and wanted to sit up.

But suddenly found something wrong.


Shelly lifted the quilt and looked at his body in the quilt, suddenly startled.

“Xiaohan! Xiaohan!”

Shelly shouted suddenly.

Xiao Han also woke up, “What is it?”

“Look at me, my clothes are changed to pajamas. I remember that when we were drinking last night, I was still wearing my clothes. How could I change to pajamas?”

“Did you change my clothes for me?”

Shelly asked hurriedly.

“No, I slept drunk long ago last night. You have hallucinations, who will change your pajamas? I’m going, wouldn’t I have to take off all the clothes you originally wore?”

Xiao Han was also nervous, and hurriedly asked if Shelly had any other feelings in his body.

“Think about it, did you change it yourself last night?”

Shelly rubbed his eyebrows and couldn’t understand.

“Last night, I seemed to have a dream. I saw Sheldon. He helped me onto the bed. I can’t remember the person behind! Oh, I was so anxious. How could this happen?”

Shelly was surprised.

But when I felt my body carefully, there really was no other strange feeling, which made Shelly a little relieved.

At the moment, I got up full of doubts to pack my things, and prepared to rush to the conference site.

Sheldon and Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger also accompanied the team to the conference site.

Last night, before Shelly finished speaking, he began to vomit crazily, not only throwing up himself, but also throwing up Sheldon.

After a while, he began to get rid of sex by himself.

Sheldon was really drunk, so he quietly tipped the hotel attendant three thousand dollar, and asked her to help Shelly change clothes and clean the room.

Going to Fang’s house is indeed secretive.

After a while, a special car arrived and everyone was blindfolded, and all cell phones were turned off and blocked.

Obviously, I don’t want people to know where Fang Family Manor is.

At this moment, Fang Family Manor, morning.

Sporadic luxury cars and giants have begun to arrive one after another.

“Father, I hope you can help me mention it!”

In the car, Chris looked at his father Deliadao.

“Haha, don’t worry, this time the other party’s family, I will give courtesy first and then the soldiers. If the Fang family agrees, it’s fine. If you don’t agree, hehe, then no wonder our Delia Family!”

Delia smiled coldly.

Afterwards, he drove into the manor and Delia directly met with the old man of the Fang family.

“Ahong, what is it that you want to see me?”

In the study room of the old lady of the Fang family, Fang looked at Delia and asked.

“Master, it’s okay. What I want to talk about is the matter of Nai Nun and Xiao Yang. As you know, they are childhood sweethearts. They grew up together and have a good relationship. Ha ha, I don’t know if we have Delia Family. This blessing allows Xiao Yang to become the son-in-law of the Fang family. If there is such a blessing, then my Delia Family is really the ancestor of Yu Yin!”

Delia said respectfully.

He also knows that his son likes Fang Nai’an not a day or two.

But how can Johan Adam’s girl be so arrogant that she actually looks down on her son.

May I ask Delia who has made great contributions to the Fang family over the years, who is in the eyes of the Fang family?

It stands to reason that as an affiliated family, how dare Delia take the initiative to ask for a relationship with the main clan, but Delia did so, depending on what the old man of the Fang family said.

Whereas Fang is different, his brows are slightly frowned.

“Are you talking about the marriage between Nai Nai and Xiao Yang?”

Fang said with a wry smile.

“I’m afraid this, I have to follow the advice of the young man! Alas, young people’s affairs, A Hong let them young people take care of it!”

Even though Fang was upset, he didn’t say anything at the moment.

However, these words declined.

His granddaughter, Johan Adam, naturally looks down on Chris.

“The orders of my parents, the words of the matchmaker, I believe that as long as you say something, the master, I will not refuse!”

Delia is pressing hard.

“Master, do you think that Xiao Yang, our family, is not worthy of the 囝囡, will insult the Fang family?”

Fang said differently.

“Hehe, it’s not!”

Fang smiled differently.

At this moment, the door of the study was lightly buckled.

It was Johan Adam who came in.

“Grandpa, here are the guests and event arrangements that need to be present today. Take a look!”

Fang Nunnan is mainly responsible for hosting the conference this time.

“Let it go, I can rest assured that you do things.”

“Nin, you just came here, I’m talking about you with the master!”

Delia looked at Fang Nuan and said with a smile.

“O? Uncle Situ talking about me? That’s really my honor!”

Johan Adam smiled coldly.

“Yeah, I’m discussing with the master. Your marriage to Xiao Yang is very young. You are not too young. It’s time to think about your lifelong events. You and Xiao Yang are probably the most suitable couple. !”

Delia said with a smile.

“Sorry, Uncle Situ, I won’t think about it now! Let your son find someone else!”

Fang Nuan said coldly.

Jimmy didn’t give Delia any face.

Delia’s face turned green directly.

Fang said with a different smile at this moment: “Ah Hong, don’t be angry, I’ll just say it clearly, even if you are happy with Ayang, the two people will not be together, because the girl was born. From that moment, it was destined to be someone else’s!”

As soon as this remark came out, Fang Ninan and Delia were both startled.

“Master, what do you mean?”

Johan Adam also looked at Grandpa in surprise.

“This matter is a long story, A Hong Nun, you should also know some of the grievances of the Chen Fang family?”

Fang said differently.

Delia frowned coldly, and nodded.

“Alas, even though the Chen Fang family had disputes over grievances and grievances in my previous generation, the two sides fought secretly, but there was also a period of peace between the two. At that time, it was Swans, the father of Donald, the head of the Cooper Family. When I was in power, when I was young, I had a brotherhood with Swans. Later, we each inherited the position of the head of the family. It was precisely because of this that the dispute between the two Chen and Fang families stopped! Moreover, there was an alliance. The only medium of the alliance is…”

Fang said differently, seeming to remember the past.

“The condition of the alliance is my marriage contract?”

Jimmy was surprised.

“Well, it’s also a coincidence, 囝囡, you and Swans’s grandson were born in the same year and the same month on the same day. At that time, we made a marriage contract and let you marry Swans’s grandson!”

“It’s just that after Swans had a fierce conflict with his son, he simply let it go, and never asked anything about the Cooper Family. Donald is also an extremely domineering person. He does not accept alliances. Instead, I wanted to rely on our own efforts to make our family surrender to his Cooper Family. At that time, the fight started again, and after that, your aunt’s incident happened, and the Cooper Family’s family broke completely…”

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