His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 321 – 322

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Chapter 321 The Red Alliance involves too much.

Daniel Ye was shocked when he heard this sentence from Elbert’s mouth.

Some people in the jungle were indeed the special forces under his father’s back then, but because of certain policies, they were completely blocked, and they went underground. Organization, the jungle was born. But no one knows this past. Daniel Ye’s family has a relationship with the central government.

In fact, the original group of people made a steady contribution.

How did you find out that Daniel Ye above me squinted and smiled. You are dying, even my background dare to check.

The head of the Central Military Region, a bloody man standing upright, Daniel Ye’s father, Ye Hao. Elbert was silent for a long time.

He tapped his finger on the table of the conference room, stop talking nonsense, explain or not explain.

He finally understood why Daniel Ye didn’t make a move in the first place when he went to the jungle to snatch Lisa back. Because he himself was involved in the jungle.

Looking at Elbert’s appearance, Daniel Ye laughed. You’re done, Elbert, you now want to help Lisa check the truth behind it.

The truth has come out. Elbert corrected Daniel Ye’s statement. What I want to investigate is another mystery.

A mystery connected to the Tang family.

They are not rare. Daniel Ye meant something, Elbert, no matter how you struggle now, Lisa is not rare for your help.

These words were like a knife stuck in Elbert’s heart.

He looked at Daniel Ye and sneered.

It’s better than your kind of death without repentance.

If you the fu*k hadn’t been familiar with Elbert, Daniel Ye would really have to take the ashtray at hand and smash it.

There is a difference between impending repentance and unrepentance. You now want to help Lisa on the other hand. Just useless work. Of course Elbert knew that this was useless work, but he couldn’t bear to see her struggling in the sea of hardship. Even if he made his inner self-condemnation a little better in this way, it was a remedy.

Later, Daniel Ye transmitted a secret document to Elbert’s mailbox with a password. Daniel Ye said, asking you to check my background.

I locked it and cracked it myself.

This is the firewall left by Tod that year, which can be cracked, and there are very few people in the world. Daniel Ye thought so.

However, Elbert went back that night and cracked him for half an hour.

He also upgraded all the Tod systems, and the entire lock setting was updated. Elbert thought of Christian’s recent obsession with code, so he threw the lock to Christian. When Christian came into contact with this password, he said to his heart how the handwriting was so familiar, and then contacted the deity remotely, Tod said , It’s me, it’s me. What do you say that your father cracked my old lock of no one.

The lock of no one is called the lock of no one because no one can crack its password firewall.

In the end, this stinky boy’s father took half an hour, spent a meal, then cracked it, and easily upgraded him, and threw it to Christian to train him after he was upgraded. Can their father and son take a look at how his excellent works of the year are so improper.

Tod from across the ocean: What is the structure of your family’s genes? I don’t know.

Christian’s answer is very honest, maybe we are smarter.

Tod: This is a super genius, okay? It turns out that there is still such a hidden god in the country.

He doesn’t believe it. Why didn’t he know what your father’s name was? I will check it and I won’t tell you.

Christian smiled mysteriously.

If you want to know, check it yourself.

Are you not the chief hacker of the Red Alliance? Don’t tell you.

Christian smiled mysteriously.

If you want to know, check it yourself.

Are you not the chief hacker of the Red Alliance? Don’t tell you.

Christian smiled mysteriously.

If you want to know, check it yourself.

Are you not the chief hacker of the Red Alliance?

Chapter 322 Father and son, super IQ.

Hey, this brat also learned how to sell Guanzi.

Tod said no, he turned on another computer on the spot and typed on the keyboard frantically, while talking to the voice, cute, wait, dad is searching your ip address now, let me see, here, is it in Freinvilla now? In the hospital, let me take a look.

I broke into a camera on the road and let me see your real body.

The next second, the screen crashed with a pop.

Tod yelled at another computer screen. Did you dare to hack my work computer? Christian sat on the toilet in the toilet and sighed with emotion, wow, there are so many in your computer that Christian asked innocently In one sentence, Master, there are so many unclothed male and female videos in your computer. You fu(k!ng Tod brought out a third computer, connected all kinds of data lines and then started to counterattack, you wait, if you fu(k!ng dare to move your master A gram of seed stock, you and I desperately tweeted Christian thief and smiled, Master, if you want to watch the CD, you have to buy genuine support. You just download torrents and small videos online, they are all pirated.

I don’t care about my hackers, I’m willing to piracy, but I can’t say his false reasoning. Five minutes later, Christian originally remotely controlled the computer desktop of Tod, but now the right was taken back.

He tweeted a few times, Master, the family, don’t have to fight, let’s take back the right to control his computer.

The second computer in front of me finally returned to light, but I clicked on the d disk and saw the Tod keyboard angrily.

His av seed was 5 g, which was deleted by this stinky boy. You are going to kill my life.

Tod I was shocked and didn’t get back to my senses.

I’m heartbroken.

How can I treat you and me this way, but this is my sweat and blood that I have accumulated for so many years.


Tod said, if you don’t accept it, I will be short-lived if you accept you as an apprentice, and return to my girlfriend.

There is no girlfriend in the hacker industry.

Christian smiled very happily.

After greeting his master, he cut off the voice call. Outside at night, I watched him come out and sat in Lisa’s ward, saying to him, what is so happy. No no.

Christian closed the computer and asked cautiously, Elbert, did you really untie that string of codes? Elbert lowered his eyes and was silent for a while, then said, looking for someone to untie it. Oh, he thought how powerful Elbert was.

Lisa took the medicine this evening and fell asleep.

The medicine Tonny Jiang prescribed has always been very effective.

Later, Elbert tried it when he was suffering from insomnia.

The result was that the next day he woke up in the ward with Lisa, two people sleeping in two beds, one big and one small, with big eyes and small eyes. Bo night looked at the time, one o’clock in the afternoon.

He took the medicine and slept from 8 o’clock last night to 1 o’clock the next afternoon.

This time was a horror for him. Tonny Jiang walked in and laughed and asked if the effect of the medicine was magical. Go back and adjust Elbert’s sleep. But Elbert didn’t dare to eat anymore, time was extremely precious to him, and he couldn’t waste sleep.

However, this afternoon, an uninvited guest came to the hospital.

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