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Chapter 415

“By the way, Sheldon, where do you live after you come? How long do you plan to play? Let Beckham accompany you today, and tomorrow I will take you to the airport personally. You are welcome!”

On the road, Pedro said while driving while looking at Sheldon who was sitting quietly behind him.

Especially when Sheldon came with the suitcase, which made Pedro a little bit stunned.

He said with an enthusiastic expression on his face.

The meaning is to let Sheldon leave tomorrow.

“Ah? Auntie, I didn’t say to leave. I may have to live in Yanjing for a while. During this period, I really trouble you!”

Sheldon smiled bitterly.

The reality is not like this. No one asks about being poor in the downtown area, and rich in the mountains and distant relatives. If people are poor, they will be afraid of who they go to.

Pedro looked ugly for a while and did not speak.

“Hey, cousin, you can live here with peace of mind. It will be grandma’s birthday in a few days. If you can celebrate her birthday, I think she will be very happy!”

Perl is very close to Sheldon.

Before I came, my mother had told herself that because of those reasons, even though she had often helped Perl over the years, her mother had not revealed her true identity to Perl.

So Beckham did not know.

But Sheldon thought to himself, this would be fine.

“Hmph, see him, don’t anger your grandma if you see him!”

Pedro said coldly.

“Mom, why do you say that? Although grandma has a bad relationship with her aunt and uncle, she used to be like people asking about cousins ​​and cousins!”

Perl looked at her mother and explained.

“Oh! Sheldon, I also know what you think about seeing the old lady this time. If you can’t make it through, do you want to return to the Yang family to get a share? Haha, I advise you to die early, even us There is not much home, let alone you guys!”

Obviously, Pedro has a different perspective from normal people.

However, Sheldon did not give too much explanation, shook his head with a wry smile, and then chatted with Perl about her current situation.

After all, they are cousins, and when they meet and talk, they naturally get acquainted.

Although the Yang family is now one of the three Yanjing families.

But its veins are many.

In addition, the old lady of the Yang family is an old tradition, so her treatment of children is very strict. Anyone who can please her and contribute to the family has received great resources.

But like the mother and daughter of Perl, Wu Jiu became a vegetative and is now lying down, so his status in the family is very low, almost invisible.

It was just an ordinary position in the family for Pedro.

Naturally, Beckham’s family is not that good.

It’s a very ordinary community.

Sheldon also felt that his mother said that the Yang family’s situation was particularly complicated and the water was particularly deep. She didn’t care about it at first, but now Sheldon understands it.

“Bei Bei, wait, mom will tell you something!”

After arriving home, Beckham was going to buy some vegetables. Pedro called her to stop, and the two of them didn’t know what they said.

As for Sheldon, he first visited his fifth uncle who was a vegetable.

My mother also regrets Wu Jiu’s matter. The family’s medical power is so strong that it still cannot help Wu Jiu return to normal.

When I came to Sheldon, I was naturally powerless.

I don’t know, Kirk has a way, where is this old guy now?

Beckham went shopping, and he was reluctant to let Sheldon face the chattering Pedro alone.

After all, since Sheldon came to the present, he hasn’t heard any decent words from his aunt.

So I went on and went around and found an excuse to go out.

By coincidence, Sheldon’s cell phone rang when he went downstairs.

It was from an unfamiliar number.

“Hello young master, I am Hou Ping, the person in charge of the Yanjing District of the family. You have come to Yanjing. I don’t know what can I do for you?”

The properties of the Cooper Family are divided into many districts in America.

Like the previous Carolina District, Southwest District, and now Yanjing District, and so on.

Now Sheldon has control of all the industries of the family America.

These people naturally regard Sheldon as their head.

“Not yet, I will contact you when I need it!”

Cooper Family.

“It’s Master!”

“By the way, you can help me with a car!”

Sheldon thought that when he came before, Perl had only one Passat at home, and Perl could also drive, but it was just like going out to buy groceries. Perl usually rode an electric car when he went to work.

It just happened to come by myself, to match Beckham with one.

Then he said to Hou Ping.

“Okay young master, what car do you have? The Phantom can’t drive it. I will customize the latest model for you from abroad as soon as possible!”

Hou Ping hurriedly said.

“Don’t have to be so troublesome, you can help me with a BMW 7 Series!”

“Huh?” Hou Ping was taken aback.

After that, Sheldon just told him the address, and then hung up the phone without saying anything.

I have relatively little demand for cars.

Sheldon turned around and was about to go upstairs. He couldn’t stay outside for too long.

As a result, as soon as she turned around, she saw Pedro hurriedly running downstairs with her mobile phone.

“Auntie, what are you doing?”

Sheldon asked.

“Huh, I don’t know who I owe it. It’s really a mold for eight lifetimes. Why are you going? When Beckham came back from buying vegetables, he accidentally smashed someone’s car. Really, what are you here for!”

Pedro glanced at Sheldon with an ugly expression.

Obviously scolding Sheldon angrily.

Sheldonard it immediately and ran towards the gate of the community.

“Everyone, let’s comment, this woman has rubbed our car and wants to cheat!”

It was a 30-year-old man who was talking. This was a young couple.

At this moment, sneered at Perl and said.

“I’m not shameless! I didn’t touch it. I stopped the car. It was your wife who drove up!”

Perl said anxiously.

The thing is like this, isn’t Beckham thinking that his cousin is coming, he must make a delicious meal.

After buying the vegetables, he hurried back, but this man just bought a new car, and her wife was practicing the car. When she knew the car, when her wife was nervous, she rushed towards Perl and knocked Perl down. Up.

In the end, he bit Beckham back.

The immediate scene happened.

“What happened?”

Pedro and Sheldon ran over at this time.

Pedro asked hurriedly.

Then Perl talked about the matter.

“Hehe, what are you running around on an electric bike, really!”

The woman hugged her shoulders and sneered.

Obviously, the car she drove was a BMW 5 series, and it seemed that she was very superior.

“Who hit whom? Let the property call for monitoring!”

Pedro said.

“Okay, then call for surveillance, husband, you accompany them to call for surveillance, I’ll call Brother Bao!”

The woman said coldly.

“Brother Bao? Which Brother Bao?”

When Pedro heard it, she was stunned…

Chapter 416

“Brother Zhou Bao in this movie!”

The woman looked like she was about to call.

Pedro was a little flustered when he heard the name.

Brother Bao, he is very famous in their film, and he owns several night shows.

And if this woman had a relationship with Brother Bao, then she would be in big trouble.

It stands to reason that being a member of the Yang family should not be too persuaded.

But there is no way. If you have something to do, you really need to find the Yang family. Although the Yang family will take care of it, they will undoubtedly be scolded by the old lady and cause trouble to the family.

So sometimes, I have to be a dwarf.

After all, Pedro now doesn’t have the courage to take the Yang family to show off.

But now, it is obvious that they hit their daughters first, and then they are going to be wronged.

Pedro has no more text here.

“Then you fight and let him come!”

At this time, Sheldon stood up and said.

The woman was startled.

“What do you mean? Don’t believe me? Okay, I’ll call now!”

The woman really dialed the number.

As for Pedro, she became nervous when she heard this.

“Shut up, what do you know, stand aside!”

After yelling at Sheldon.

Pedro promptly dissuaded the woman, “If you have something to discuss, you can discuss it! Let’s talk about it, how much we lose, we lose it!”

The woman said: “It’s almost the same! In that case, let’s give 10,000 dollar!”

Pedro gritted her teeth, “Okay, we will give it!”

“Why, mother, can’t give it to them!”

Perl was crying anxiously.

“No, I will call now!”

The woman squeezed Pedro, now even more proud.

After all, why are you riding an electric bike and driving a BMW?

“Give it, give it now!”

Pedro said helplessly.

I want to start transferring money with my mobile phone right now.

“Let me go, look, this new car is too handsome!”

At this moment, the onlookers all pointed at the gate of the community, a newly opened BMW 7 Series, all exclaimed.

“It looks like it’s an overseas version, it’s still a top-notch luxury accessory, it’s eight or nine hundred thousand dollars!

“I’m going, this car is so handsome!”

Everyone discussed.

Sheldon also looked at this car, and couldn’t help but think that Hou Ping’s work efficiency is really high.

It was delivered so soon.

The car stopped at the gate of the community.

From the car, a middle-aged man in his forties in a suit and shoes got out.

I saw a lot of people blocking the gate of the community.

Right now he asked, “Hello, how can I get to Unit 2 of Building 12?”

He asked a passerby.

“Unit 2 of Building 12, we are here!”

Pedro said.

“That’s great. I’m here to deliver the car. If it’s convenient for you, please show me the way!”

The middle-aged man is polite.

“You are Mr. Fang???”

At this time, the young couple looked at the middle-aged man in surprise.

“I am!”

Fang always nodded and smiled.

“Why, do we know each other?”

Fang always asked.

“You don’t know us, we know you, Mr. Fang, you are the general agent of the BMW series in America. Our 5 series is due to Brother Tobo. I found one of your assistant store managers to buy it!”

The woman hurriedly smiled and said, after all, this President Fang is too powerful. He is definitely the number one person in Yanjing. At the level of Brother Bao, it is estimated that he can’t reach him, but the woman still mentions it, just in case you know him. What?

“Thank you for your support!”

The middle-aged man nodded slightly.

Obviously he hadn’t heard of Brother Bao, let alone the deputy store manager, even the store manager probably didn’t know who it was.

“Hou Ping asked you to drop off the car?”

At this time, Sheldon asked with one hand in his pocket.

And Fang Zong was taken aback immediately.

Then he looked up and down Sheldon and said respectfully, “Yes, yes, I said that I was going to send a car to a lady named Perl. I have done all the formalities!”

When President Fang heard, this young man actually said that Mr. Hou was very mysterious. It must be Mr. Hou who told himself on the phone. You are not qualified to know who he is, right?

Hurriedly accompany with a smile now.

“Ah? Perl? Unit 2 on the 12th floor, isn’t it our house?”

And Pedro was even more surprised.

“Oh? Are you Yang Yuxing’s family member?”

Fang always asked.

“That’s my dad!”

Perl said.

“That’s it, hello, Miss Yang, someone asked me to send you this car. These are all your procedures and documents. I have all done it. Can you see if it is your information?”

President Fang handed Perl the key and a bunch of documents.

Perl saw that he was really himself.

“Ah? What’s going on, who gave us such a luxury car?”

Pedro was too excited.

President Fang didn’t say much. Instead, he glanced at Sheldon and walked over and said, “Hello sir, this is my business card, if you need any help, just call me!”

Fang always could tell that Sheldon was no ordinary person.

Naturally, there was a heart to fawn.

Then he left.

“God, it’s really ours, great!”

Pedro said excitedly.

The couple looked at each other, their faces pale at the moment.

Originally, I wanted to corrupt people today, but I didn’t expect people to know big people.

Right now, I want to open the door and leave.

“Wait a minute!”

As for Sheldon, sneered at the couple.

“You just want to leave like that?”

“What do you want to do, we don’t have to pay for it!”

The coquettish woman said.

“You don’t need to pay for it? How can it work? You have to pay for it, but you have to change it. You pay for us!”

Sheldon stepped forward and said.

“Not too much, you have rubbed our electric car, so let’s pay 100,000 dollar!”

“One hundred thousand??”

The people around were shocked.

Both husband and wife stared eyes wide.

“Hehe, of course, you can choose not to pay, but I think that Fang shouldn’t go far yet. I’ll just call him. You can find your brother, I’ll find him, and let’s comment together. !”

Sheldon sneered and took out his mobile phone.

“Don’t no, discuss and discuss, let’s discuss and discuss again!”

And the man immediately persuaded.

The woman also paled.

Yes, Fang Zong is a person who covers the sky with one hand, and he was so kind to this family just now. If he comes back this time, he will definitely not spare them both.

At that time, it is estimated that Brother Bao will only be taught a lesson.

“Can you be less, we…”


As soon as Sheldonard it, he immediately dialed the number.

“Give it, we give it!”

Yes, the kid on the other side obviously corrupted them, but what can be done?

At the moment, it was extremely embarrassing to hit 100,000 dollar to Pedro’s account, and had to say sorry to Perl.

Sheldon just let them go.

“Perl, you go downstairs to put the electric car, I will drive the car downstairs!”

As for Pedro, I was so happy today. After taking the car key, she is about to drive.

Then he snatched Mr. Fang’s business card from Sheldon’s hand.

“Huh! Fang is always in our family’s relationship, you don’t use it to show off your power!”

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