His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 409 – 410

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Chapter 409 No Time to Delay, Need Help!

Cyril Cong is missing, Cong Xi is quite a young master, and Cong Zheng is dying. Daniel Ye folded his hands against his chin, and the people in the jungle reported to me that our family had several undercover agents in the jungle.

If I rely on this kind of thing, can you say it so casually? Big brother Elbert squinted his eyes.

He already knew about the jungle accident from Christian.

He didn’t expect that the situation was so urgent that even Daniel Ye would come to him. Come and need help.

I want to know the whereabouts of Cyril Cong. Daniel Ye spread his hands, but found nothing.

The chaos of the jungle may cause social panic.

If an underground organization loses its head and spreads out, it will not be as easy to control as before.

If they each become kings and form a new organization, there will be no way to manage it. When the time comes, killing people and setting fires will cause public panic and social riots. Elbert’s eyes were cold and the jungle was in chaos, so he asked your father to suppress him, and what did he do with me? Daniel Ye looked directly into Elbert’s eyes, and my Jungle’s men reported to me that when they chased Lisa that day, you were also one of those implicated. Elberttong shrank, without denying it.

So you must now also want to end the jungle. Daniel Ye spoke in a hurry.

According to your temperament, you must have revenge, and you have to solve the other wave of people in the jungle who only listen to Cong Xi.

I came to you just to ask if you can do anything.

It seems that Daniel Ye’s news is also very well-informed. Elbert raised his chin, and his tone was still aloof as if he were a powerful king.

He wanted to cooperate with me to bring the jungle back to Cong Zheng’s hands.

That’s right. Daniel Ye looked at Elbert’s face, Cong Zheng couldn’t die. Once he died, he would have to bleed and change the sky. But right now, where exactly is Cong Zheng hidden? Elbert looked at Daniel Ye’s face, suddenly raised his lips and smiled. Daniel Ye noticed a chill when he saw his smile, eh, your smile made me get goose bumps. Elbert smiled and said, I know where he is. Daniel Ye patted the coffee table, and the pitch went up.

I rely on, how did you find it? Elbert said casually indifferently, but Daniel Ye felt that his tone was showing off, and my son did it. Your son, your son, your son is the most amazing in the world Daniel Ye grinds his teeth, rolls his eyes, cut, and I will give birth to one too. No one will give birth to you. Elbert ridiculed, Jia Qi and Han let life be happy. Daniel Ye really wanted to take the coffee at Elbert’s hand and pour it over, but the dog couldn’t spit out ivory. Elbert called up the document to Daniel Ye, and then said that we plan to go there tomorrow night. Daniel Ye hugged her hands on her chest and hummed, then you must take me this time. With me, you can come and go freely. Without me, you wouldn’t fly in even with wings. Elbert glanced at him, and that cold glance seemed to be extremely disdainful. Why is this military hospital opened by my family because of Daniel Ye’s arrogant smile on his face? Strictly, you can’t get in without me. Give in to the high-ranking forces.

Chapter 410 is so tight, like a cage!

At 8 o’clock the next night, Elbert sent Lin to resign to pick up Christian, and then he sent people to guard around Lisa’s ward.

There were even people who pretended to be patients and shuttled in the hospital every day, just to prevent Cong Xi from sending people over.

Start with Lisa.

After Christian took advantage of Lisa to take the tranquilizing medicine and fell asleep, he sneaked out, jumped into the car after Elbert, and saw the thin face in the back row.

The little boy frowned his eyebrows so high. Why is she here? Little brother Marriah Yan didn’t notice Christian’s disgust.

He used to hold Christian’s hand.

I missed you so much, so I came with my father.

Hearing Marriah Yan calling Elbert’s father, Christian only felt a tingling pain in his heart, and shook Marriah Yan’s hand forcefully. Marriah Yan’s expression froze away from me, Elbert looked through the rearview mirror and cleared his throat. , However, nothing can be done. Marriah Yan asked in a low voice, is it because I made you unhappy? Your existence is what made you unhappy.

Christian’s eyes were full of disgust.

Stay away from me.

He felt sick and disgusted.

He said that her disgusting face felt like something broke in her heart, and then she shed tears.

However, Christian looked indifferent, even with a little bit of it.

Hate, cut off the tears of the crocodile and put away your grievances.

I didn’t want to see you driving in the front at night, so I sighed silently. Marriah Yan stopped sobbing, as if he was afraid to make Christian angry again, even his breathing was cautious and slowed down deliberately.

Christian’s complexion improved slightly.

Later when they arrived at the hospital, Daniel Ye was waiting for them at the gate of the hospital, wearing a thick coat, tall and straight, waving his hand to Elbert, and finally came. Elbert went up and lowered his voice. What happened? I found it, and it was in a group of patients who were forbidden to disclose it to the public. Daniel Ye also has a low voice, and when I take you up, there is only half an hour.

I can only hold it for you for half an hour, so you can solve the matter as soon as possible. Elbert looked around and patted Daniel Ye on the shoulder again. Marriah Yan was very nervous following them, always feeling that the expressions on everyone’s faces were so serious, and she was out of place, like an oil bottle.

Later, a few people walked up to the last inpatient building.

The identity of the people in this building could not be called out. Once they shouted casually, they would cause various disasters. Because it was night, there were not many people coming and going, only the nurse on duty walking around, but the surveillance videos around showed how strict this hospital is. Even a fly flying in will be photographed by a high-definition camera.

At this moment, Tod and ven were sitting in front of the computer and typing on the keyboard frantically, while using the Facebook microphone to transmit the sound to the Bluetooth headset on Christian’s ear.

I rely on, why does this hospital have so many firewalls installed in the monitoring system? Tod screamed strangely, who are the people living in, so tight, it is really scary. Maybe it’s a prison. ven spit out a word indifferently, and I broke the first floor here.

I am coming here too, they have a joint firewall, damn it, if you pull the whole body, maybe it will trigger the alarm device.

Tod yelled, when the seven of us were shut down, it was not so terrible.

Christian paused when he heard these words.

Seven of them

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