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Chapter 501:

His True Identity

“It turns out to be a master of the Takena family, very good, this trip, I am waiting for you!”

Lei Shao stood on the stage and smiled faintly.

But Takenaichi had already stepped onto the high platform and bowed slightly to Lei Shao.

A big battle is about to start.

There was no noise from the people off the court at this moment, and they all quietly looked towards the front of the stage.

“Although this Japanese warrior is powerful, I don’t think he will be this Lei Shao’s opponent at all, because Lei Shao is too evil!”

“Yes, but it’s okay to be able to walk three rounds in Shao Lei’s hands, and it looks pretty strong!”

There was a lot of discussion in the audience.

“Let’s do it, let me see the strength of your Takena family, is it really a silly name?”

Lei Shao hugged his shoulders and smiled faintly.

“excuse me!”

Immediately, Takena was seen moving with a knife, extremely fast.

An afterimage was left in place.

Lei Shao felt for a while.

He had long heard of the Takena family, a family of ninjutsu inheritance.

However, Lei Shao thought that his strength had reached the level of transformation.

Unexpectedly, there are stronger ones.

With a single shot, Takena was extremely strong.

Facing the attack, Shao Lei was already a little tired of coping after more than a dozen rounds.

Wanting to use his own secret method to deal with, but Takena took a knife and didn’t give him any chance at all.


By the thirty-odd round, a white light flashed across Wu Nai’s chest. Following that, Lei Shao seemed to be in a trance, and then with a roundabout kick, Lei Shao kicked off the high platform.


Everyone stood up in surprise.

“Lei Shao!”

Thunder Dragon’s people all surrounded them.

Looking at Takena with a little dread.

Shao Lei was actually defeated!

“Master Lei, let it go!”

Takena nodded slightly.

“let me go!”

Lei broke away from his subordinates, quite unwilling.

“What a Takena family, there are really many methods! Let’s come to Japan for a long time! This is the right to bid for the king, I, Thunder Dragon, gave up!”

Waved heavily, Lei Shao directly sat down.

“Then…then the king of ginseng will eventually belong to the Takena family!”

Su Hong walked up quite nervously at this moment.

I was also a little frightened by the scene before me.

Takenami also got up, ready to go on stage.

“Wait a minute!”

A voice suddenly sounded.

All of them immediately focused on this person.

“Madam Su, it seems that the match is not over yet, why did you give it to the Takena family so anxiously? Our Tianlong Group, but it’s not yet comparable!”

The person who went up was not someone else, but Shen Wanshan.

“Oh, by the way, there is also the Tianlong Group!”

“I heard that the boss of the Tianlong Group is very powerful, isn’t it him?”

“It’s not him. It is said that Tianlong boss is a young man!”

“I thought Tianlong Group would just give up!”

Everyone talked.

“Sir, please enlighten me!”

Takena said with a blank face.

“You have misunderstood, I am not your opponent yet, this match is naturally our husband!”

Shen Wanshan said.

“What? Chen Sang is already here?”

Takenamiko’s beautiful eyes flowed and smiled slightly.

“Of course here!”

Shen Wanshan said, looking to the corner.

“This Tianlong Group, how did you meet Perl?”

Marie was aside, curiously asking the happy Beckham.

Beckham said, “Sister-in-law, just wait and see! Don’t ask!”

“What? That boss Chen has already come?”

Everyone looked around one after another.

“Mengmeng, you can count on coming today and have the opportunity to see our Tianlong boss!”

Yu Jiang is also looking forward to it now.

“From what you mean, you seem to have never seen him?”

Shen Meng adjusted the haircut and asked.

“Of course not. My dad only met him once from a distance. Only the head of Tagou Town had contact with him!”

Yu Jiang smiled.

As for Sheldon, he was observing the major forces below, and by now he has already observed almost.

Although it has been more than half a year, Sheldon has played against many masters.

But since Marie was sneak attacked that night, Sheldon felt that these people were not easy.

Without knowing the details, Sheldon did not rashly stand up.

But now, I saw them take action with my own eyes.

Sheldon had a certainty in his heart.

Why hide!

Right now, Sheldon stood up directly.


“fu*k, teacher, what are you doing when you stand up?”

Tulip said in surprise.

Concubine Yu Jin also glanced at Sheldon, and said in disgust: “It’s nothing to do with you, sit down quickly, be careful that your mother is upset and blast you out!”

“Yeah, everything shows you, it’s really shameful!”

Concubine Yu Jin’s girlfriend said contemptuously.

Sheldon moved his muscles and bones.

Did not answer them, went straight to the high platform.

“He… is he crazy?”

“Doesn’t people’s brains go bad after being useless for a long time?”

The girlfriend continued.


The Tianlong Group, with the people in Tagou Town, stood up instantly and bowed collectively.


At this scene, everyone was dumbfounded.

Concubine Yu Jin’s mouth grew even more surprised.


They were so respectful to Sheldon.

Doesn’t that mean that Sheldon is Tianlong’s boss, and that mysterious Sheldon is also Sheldon?

Shocked, absolutely shocked.

On the side, Shen Meng and Yu Jiang saw Yu Jiang’s father standing up and bowing. His father hurriedly pulled Yu Jiang’s sleeves to make him stand up quickly.

There was no turning back at the moment.

Until Sheldon sorted out his suit and walked in front of them one by one.

The strong aura suddenly rising from Sheldon made Yu Jiang stand up involuntarily.

“You… So you are Chen Sang?”

Takenami couldn’t help but open her beautiful eyes, and suddenly smiled.

“Miss Miko, because of some things, I didn’t have time to tell my identity, sorry!”

On the side, Marie slowly stood up as if dreaming.

After Sheldon exchanged a greeting with Takena Miko, he came to Marie.


“Sister Lan! When I finish this matter, I will explain it to you!”

Sheldon raised his hand and gently stroked Marie’s lips, and motioned to her not to reveal his identity.

Marie held Sheldon’s arm tightly and nodded heavily.

Touched Beckham’s head again.

Sheldoncai looked back at Takena on the stage with a knife.

“Can you… represent the Takena family?”

Sheldon said, looking at Takena Miko.

Because when she shook hands with Takena Miko just now, Sheldon clearly saw that Miko’s right arm had been bandaged.

It reminded Sheldon of the night a few days ago, when he was injured by himself, and finally there was a man in black who mysteriously disappeared.

It seemed that Takenamiko was not so simple on the surface.

She is the master of the Takena family.

So now, this is the question.


Takena nodded.

“That’s good, don’t waste time, let’s just start!”

Sheldon smiled and stepped onto the high platform…

Chapter 502

At this moment, everyone in the audience stood up.

But after taking a knife and performing a samurai ceremony, Takena rushed towards Sheldon.


A leap in the air, he wanted to raise his leg and hit Sheldon’s chest.

Very fast.

He is fast, and Sheldon is faster than him.

He immediately kicked out his leg and hit his raised right leg.

After a sound, Takena knelt directly on the ground.

His face was painful.


Everyone in the audience was shocked.

Marie watched Sheldon come to the stage just now, and was already worried to death, because this Japanese warrior was very powerful, and Alicia, who had thin arms and legs, could be her opponent.

Sister Lan is kind-hearted, and she can’t bear it when a white rabbit is injured.

What’s more, is it your own husband now?

Thinking about the tragic situation of Shao Lei just now, Marie has been worried.

But I didn’t expect Sheldon to be so good.

“Wow, the teacher is amazing!”

Tulips clapped excitedly.

Only Yu Jinfei, the mood at the moment became more and more complicated.

Takena was furious. He already knew that the man in front of him was no longer waiting.

Immediately, his wrist shook, and a white light flashed across his chest.

Sheldon escaped sideways.

And Takena’s flying kick had already arrived in front of Sheldon.


Then, everyone in the audience saw Sheldon raising his hand and making an understatement, Wu Nai flew out in a volley, smashing the tables, chairs and benches on the stage.

In the audience, Takenamiko’s beautiful eyes flowed.

This person in front of you is so strong!

A knife is not his opponent at all.

But Takenami had never beaten him like this before, and he was not reconciled.

There was no evasiveness at the moment, the white light flashed again, and a wokoku samurai sword was already in his hand.


He roared and hacked at Sheldon directly.

And Sheldon carried his hands on his back, and under his feet, there was a broken chair leg.

Right now, tap your toes lightly and apply a little force.


With a sound, the chair legs tore through the air and straight across Takena’s face.

And it doesn’t stop there, it has been deeply embedded in the stone pillar next to it, spreading around the stone pillar like a spider web.

With a sword, Takena raised the sword in both hands.

Lowered his eyes and looked at the scratch on his left face.

He doesn’t move.

Off the court, everyone opened their mouths in silence.

Takena Miko’s eyelids twitched, as if thinking of something, she hurriedly shouted at Takena on the stage:

“One shot, we lose, go back!”

Only after taking a knife did Takena come back to his senses, put the knife down and bowed deeply to Sheldon.

“I lost!”

Only then walked off the platform.

“Chen Sang, thank you for being merciful just now, this ginseng king belongs to your Tianlong Group!”

Takenamiko said to Sheldon with a different meaning in her eyes.


Sheldon smiled on stage.

“Chen… Sheldon, you…? You are actually the boss of Tianlong Group, Chen, I said, I don’t think you are like an ordinary person! You really deserve to be the good son-in-law of our Yu family!”

Su Hong swallowed his saliva and walked onto the stage and said to Sheldon.

“Mrs. Su, the money will be credited to Yu’s account with a lot of money, this ginseng king, my Tianlong Group took it!”

And Sheldon didn’t even look at her.

I took the king of ginseng and stepped off the stage.

At this moment, everyone looked at Tianlong Group again, their eyes had changed.

“Sister, I am useless, I can’t bear any blow in front of him!”

Takena was full of guilt.

“Without a knife, the difference between you and him is not in the technique of moves, but in that he is no longer an ordinary warrior!”

Takenamiko said softly.

“Not an ordinary warrior?”


“Well, do you remember Grandpa told us that once a person’s physical strength and bloodline attributes reach a certain level, he will no longer be an ordinary warrior, because his body will have internal energy!”

Takena Miko stared at Sheldon and the others who were walking down the mountain, with envy in his eyes.

“Doesn’t that mean that he is an Inner Strength Martial Artist, that’s no wonder, how could I be an opponent of Inner Strength Martial Artist, but it’s not right, elder sister, I remember my grandfather said that some talented masters can’t be produced even if they spend their entire lives? Inner strength, but he seems to be the same age as us, how could he?”

“This is what I am puzzled. He is so young that he has a physique that ordinary people don’t have, and he has developed extremely strong internal energy. In comparison, I am more interested in his master now. His master has What level is it?”

Takenamiko said.

“Go back and ask Grandpa, here in Tiancheng District, such a master is hidden!”

Takena exclaimed.

After the ceremony was completed, Sheldon ignored the Yu family.

Returned directly to the manor.

“Sheldon, I really didn’t expect it. I haven’t seen you in just half a year. You are so powerful, even better than those of the Palmer Family looked at!”

In the car, Marie sat beside Sheldon and said.

“Good luck, there is a good teacher.”

“By the way, Sheldon, this time, come back with us, you don’t know, Dad is worried about you every day now!”

Marie took Sheldon’s hand.

“Sister Lan, I can’t go back now, and if you have seen me, don’t talk to others about it. I have already said the advantages and disadvantages of it. I don’t want my persistence for half a year to be wasted!”

Sheldon smiled.

“Well, I won’t say anything, then, Sheldon, what do you plan to do next? Continue to stay in Tiancheng? I heard from my dad that the people from the Palmer Family have flooded into Southwestern Province, and they are too close to you. !”

Marie worried again.

“Sir, those four again!”

After driving back, Shen Wanshan looked at the four men in black standing at the door and said helplessly.

“Sir, how did these four weird people know you? Just like a dumb person, they can only nod and shake their heads, and his broad day wears like this!”

Shen Wanshan asked strangely.

A few days ago, Sheldon settled them in his manor.

Shen Wanshan naturally dealt with them.

“Strictly speaking, I don’t know who they are!”

Sheldon smiled bitterly.

“Then sir, you still leave them in the manor?”

“No way, there is someone who wants to see me, this matter is done, they are waiting for me to go to the appointment together!”

“In this case, it’s too dangerous, sir, or else take the brothers with you?”

Shen Wanshan said worriedly.

“No, if they want to disadvantage me, they can do it at any time, Wanshan, you and Zhang Long, Zhang Hu, two brothers, just stay in Tiancheng and take care of the property. I just go with them. !”

Sheldon took a deep breath.

“Sheldon, where are they taking you?”

Marie asked again.

Sheldon still shook his head.

He didn’t know where to go or who to see.

And when Sheldon and Marie were about to enter the manor.

The four people suddenly reached out to stop Sheldon.

“You’ve got the King Ginseng, it’s time to go!”

The four of them coldly said to Sheldon.

“Where to go? Besides, I have to let me change clothes, right?”

Sheldon looked at them and said with a wry smile.

“No! Let’s go!”

The four coldly said again.

Grabbing Sheldon’s shoulder.


Shen Wanshan was angry and hit one of them directly with a palm.


And that person just raised his hand gently, and Shen Wanshan flew out directly.

“Wanshan don’t do it!”

Sheldon hurriedly stopped.

“Four people, how do you get there? Can’t you walk?”

The four of them did not answer. The first one took out a device and pressed the red button on it.


Not long after, from a high altitude in the distance, a large black helicopter drove in…

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