His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 411 – 412

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Chapter 411 Become a Vegetable

When Christian heard these words, it seemed that something flashed in his mind, and he immediately asked, “You were locked up in the first place. Yeah, it’s terrible, it’s worse than jail time.”

Tod pretended to wipe his tears, and was locked up by members of the Fengshen team and locked up in a small underground dark room in the jungle. Damn, the human heart was sinister.

Christian was silent for a few seconds and then said, your way of speaking is disgusting.

Tod still didn’t think things were lively enough, she pointed to orchids and said in a sissy voice, there’s no way~Who will let you master, my hacker skills are invincible in the world~ come out casually~ I can dream of the broken place in the jungle. But speechless, sir, please, how are you going to invade the surveillance video of the military hospital? Tod easily hit the OK button, and then the surveillance video of the entire hospital was swiped into a black screen for a few seconds, and the guards on duty in the security room were immediately surprised Surprised, when I sat up and rubbed my eyes and looked again, the screen returned to normal.

It’s weird.

Is it just because they were dazzled? What they don’t know is that the surveillance video they see has already been dropped by the famous hacker seven. Every picture they see now is a composite video tape prepared in advance. . But the real Christian and the others had already entered the building of the inpatient department and solved the problem of surveillance video.

They walked openly in the corridor.

Those who can come in openly are all with extraordinary identities.

The nurses on duty passing by will greet them. What’s more, looking at Daniel Ye and Elbert are like very powerful characters. Normal people can’t pretend this aura. Not much doubt.

The group came to the door of Cong Zheng’s ward, and after confirming that there was no one around, they slowly opened the door of Cong Zheng’s ward. Cong Zheng was lying on the bed with a breathing mask on his face and various data tubes connected to his body.

A machine next to him was making a sound of turning.

Hearing the movement, Cong Zheng’s eyelids twitched, but they did not open. Elbert they closed the door softly, and then turned to look at Cong Zheng.

Christian yelled a few times. Can you hear Mr. Cong Cong Zheng’s fingers trembling? He has been left here for a while, and he has never It has not been disclosed to the public, it has always been in a vegetative state. Everyone thought that Cong Zheng had disappeared.

In fact, he was forced to be locked up here and could not resist.

He could hear the sounds around him clearly, but he couldn’t make any response.

He was hit like this in a car accident, and now he can be sure that someone did this deliberately, but only the people around him who can make him lose his guard and get hit.

The people around him had such wolfish ambitions because he was usually too negligent. Cong Zheng knew everything in his heart, but he was thrown into a black hand. Now he is no different from a dead person and can’t express anything at all.

Christian stepped forward, grabbed Cong Zheng’s hand, and introduced himself, my name is Christian, maybe you still remember me.

Christian Cong Zheng searched for this name in his mind, oh, it’s Elbert’s son, who was brought back to the jungle by Cyril Cong last time. Cong Da’s master, I am Elbert.

I brought my friend Daniel Ye to see you, because I need to talk to you about something.

I wonder if you can hear us

Chapter 412: If it is clear, why kill her?

Elbert sat down opposite Cong Zheng. We had a few unpleasant fights between us, I know this. But now, apart from us, no one finds that you are in this hospital. We want to take you out. Without you, the jungle is messed up.

Sure enough, someone wants to get rid of him first, and then swallow the master of the jungle.

I know you are so suffocated.

Aggrieved, but in the same way, I am also aggrieved. My ex-wife has been chased by your people for being involved in the jungle. Maybe it’s not yours now, but Cong Xi’s. Cong Zheng’s fingers trembled suddenly.

It was really Cong Xi’s bastard. Daniel Ye stood aside, his eyebrows frowned.

He looks very troublesome now. You know, the chance of vegetative being awakened is very small, and Cong Zheng is awake, will he really help them? Christian is holding Cong Zheng’s hand, Master Cong, that is the most important person in my life.

I hope you can come forward and help us protect her. Please wake up as soon as possible. Cong Zheng wants to say how you found this place, but he can’t speak or make a sound.

I know you are a vegetable now, but your fingers can move slightly, right? Well, let me ask questions, and you answer me by moving your fingers.

If what I said is right, just move it.

If it’s not right, you don’t move.

Let’s judge, okay. Cong Zheng moved his finger slightly to agree.

Christian curled his lips, but then put on a serious expression. Our time is only half an hour. Mr. Cong, I would like to ask you if your accident was man-made.

Someone coveted the position of the master of the jungle. Cong Zheng moved his fingers hard. Elbert exchanged glances with Daniel Ye, and as expected, it seemed that someone in the jungle could not sit down. But the jungle has always been safe and sound. Why is it that the turmoil suddenly started recently? There must be some opportunity for them to start doing it, otherwise they would not risk such a big risk to chase down our Cong Xi.

Is it very possible? Cong Zheng, who wanted to be the master of the jungle, moved his fingers.

So it seems that he wants to chase us, and Cong Xi wants to kill Cyril Cong’s brother.

The reason is obvious, that is, because Cyril Cong is a person in the jungle, he wants to kill everyone who is threatening to him. You became a vegetative and are locked here today because of this.

Christian’s expression suddenly became fierce, and even his tone of voice took on the coldness that only Elberthui usually has, and even Elbert himself was shocked.

His son could show such an expression.

At a young age, Christian stared at Cong Zheng’s tightly closed Shuangmu, and noticed that the hand he was holding was trembling.

This was a sign of tension.

So why, Cong Xi tried his best to kill again The moment my mommy and I made this issue aloud, there was a huge wave in everyone’s hearts. Why did Cong Xi obliterate Lisa? They have always worked hard for this purpose just to protect Lisa, but never Without careful consideration, Cong Xi wanted to kill Lisa’s reason.

The reason for killing Cyril Cong is because Cyril Cong is the Cong family, and one more Cong family alive is more competitive for Cong Xi.

Therefore, he did not spare any effort to assassinate, which was what he pursued.

So what about Lisa? In fact, the answer is already obvious.

The reason for killing Lisa is exactly the same as why they wanted to assassinate Cyril Cong. Because of Lisa, Cong’s family.

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