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Chapter 503

Sheldon couldn’t help but took the king and followed them on the plane.

And after going up, Sheldon was blindfolded by them.

Who on earth is it?

Will you see yourself?

He was even more suspicious.

These people, undoubtedly, are all masters of masters, even if they are themselves, in front of them, there is no one blow.

Even Sheldon doubted that they were not mortals.

Since childhood, apart from Kirk, Sheldon has no known masters.

But if Uncle Qin wanted to see himself, he wouldn’t be so excited about it!

I don’t know how long it has been flying.

When they were escorted off the plane by the four of them.

Sheldon smelled a faint sea fish, and the sea breeze was blowing and howling, and not far away, the sound of turbulent waves continued one after another.

Take off the blindfold.

At the sight, it really is an island.

“Where is this?”

Sheldon asked the four.

This time the four were not pretending to be dumb: “Kongming Island, Soul Palace!”

“Soul Palace? Kongming Island?”

Sheldon was secretly surprised.

He has gone from north to south with Kirk for more than half a year, and he has gained a lot of knowledge by asking himself.

But where is Kongming Island? What is the Soul Palace?

Sheldon really didn’t understand.

But what can be confirmed is that this group of people really come from the same organization, an extraordinary super organization.


The four people brought Sheldon to the island. The island is very large, and there are black palace-like buildings on top.

He took Sheldon to a place in another garden and settled down Sheldon.

“Who wants to see me? Can I see you now?”

Sheldon’s heart became increasingly unreliable and asked.

“Sheldon, please give us the king of sect!

Headed by black humanity.

Obviously, these people weren’t trying to seize the king of ginseng, and besides, even if they really wanted to seize it, Sheldon couldn’t protect it.

Passed it to them immediately.

They stopped answering anything, and after nodding slightly, they all stepped back.

“What the hell are you going to do?”

Sheldon said helplessly.

Anxiously paced back and forth in the room.

Not long after, the door opened.

I saw an old servant walking in with a few maids.

They each held a plate with all kinds of things on it.

They were placed on the table in front of Sheldon.

“Feast yourself? Indeed, I am really hungry now, but these foods are too ugly!”

“This is all for me?”

Sheldon asked.

The old servant nodded with a smile. He should be dumb and made a sign to Sheldon, telling Sheldon to eat one by one.

“Okay, then I’ll try it!”

Sheldon picked up the chopsticks, and picked up something that was not slack in the dark.

Since he said it was food, he could eat it no matter how ugly it was.

Is it because they are backward in this place, so what they do is so bad?

Try it!

At the moment, Sheldon put it in his mouth.

It has been bitten, and the outside is wrapped in one layer, but inside, soft, something like soup flows out instantly.

“so bitter!”

Sheldon blushed and said in pain.

The old man motioned Sheldon to swallow all of it.

“This…what is this? How could it be so bitter?”

Sheldon disgusted.

The old man made a gesture, and Sheldon understood it.

“What? You let me eat snake gall? It’s not cooked at all, it’s raw!”

Sheldon said in surprise.

The old man made another gesture.

“This is a boa constrictor that has survived for 300 years? So precious?”

The old servant nodded with a smile.

Instructed Sheldon to continue eating the next plate.

“What is this again?”

“What? Hawkeye? Oh…”

Looking at the bright red things, Sheldon couldn’t help being directly sickened.

But the old servant asked Sheldon to finish eating one by one before he was willing to withdraw.

“What the hell is this place?”

Sheldon vomited for a long time, and said inwardly.

However, what he didn’t expect was that even more ruthlessness was still to come.

For the next full month, apart from eating these hundreds of years of snake gall every day, Sheldon also took a bath in a medicine pool.

Sheldon understands that this way of bathing is how Kirk trained him.

But the effectiveness of this medicine pool made Sheldon feel that it was much more brilliant than Kirk’s.

In just one month, Sheldon’s strength once again improved by leaps and bounds.

Moreover, they really didn’t have the idea to fight the king of ginseng, because in a month, this group of people divided the king of ginseng into thirty times and let Sheldon take it separately.

Obviously, these people are trying their best to make Sheldon stronger.

But who are they?

“Don’t eat it, take it all to me!”

On this day, the old servant brought these things to Sheldon as usual.

The old servant panicked and motioned to ask what happened to Sheldon?

“Who wants to see me? Where are the four major guards from southeast, northwest and northwest? And the old man who brought me here, what do you mean? Caught me and didn’t see me?”

After holding back for a month, Sheldon was going crazy.

Pushing away the old servant at the moment, he went straight out.

Since I don’t come to see myself, there is always someone in charge here.

Thinking, Sheldon came outside.

In the huge black palace, there was no figure in sight at this moment.

Sheldon kept coming to a place beside the willow forest.

Finally saw the figure.

It was a few seven or eight-year-old kids playing around.

Looking over, it was a little boy who was bullying a little girl.

Seeing Sheldon coming, the children dispersed with a bang.

The little girl was left crying on the ground.

While crying, he drew circles on the ground with his fingers.

Sheldon walked to her side.

“Are you OK?”

The little girl was startled. She raised her head and glanced at Sheldon, her little hand shrank back.

“Why here, there are children like you, I thought they were all the kind of masked people in black!”

Sheldon smiled bitterly.

But the little girl seemed to be very afraid of Sheldon, so she stared at him blankly without speaking.

Sheldon smiled, and then took out the few small packets of snacks from his pocket.


The little girl’s eyes lit up.

Tsk your mouth.

“All for you! Eat!”

Sheldon touched her little head.

He glanced at what the little girl on the floor had drawn.

Sheldon smiled and said, “Little sister, what are you painting?”

The little girl has no fear of Sheldon at this moment.

Children, as long as there is something delicious.

At the moment she pointed to the left side and said, “This is my mother, next to my father, and behind my grandma!”

“Then they all live with you on the island?”

Sheldon asked.

Unexpectedly, the little girl shook her head while squeezing cookies in her mouth and said, “They are not with me. They are buried in the soil by the seniors here, saying they will sleep for a long time!”

“I’m waiting for them to pick me up!”

Said the little girl.

When Sheldonard the words, his heart suddenly shook.

“Then those kids just now?”

“They are the same as me, the family is asleep, and we live on the island!”

The little girl said that she had eaten a pack.

She tore another bag hard, but she was still young and couldn’t tear it apart.

Sheldon looked at him, feeling a little uncomfortable in his heart.

“Don’t worry, I will help you…”

Chapter 504

“What little sisters do you do when you stay on the island? Did they coerce you?”

Sheldon wants to know more.

Sheldon even suspected that it was the people from the Soul Palace who killed the parents of these children and then took them into captivity.

“Sheldon is more worried. To be precise, we saved these children! Raise them!”

I don’t know when, behind Sheldon, a gray-haired old man has appeared.

He was wearing a black robe, but he was not masked at the moment.

He walked slowly and touched the little girl’s head affectionately: “Girl, eat less food like this in the future, have you heard?”

“I know, Grandpa Wen, do you eat cookies?”

Said the little girl.

“Grandpa won’t eat, take it and eat it. After eating, hurry up and do your homework, Xiaohu and the others dare to bully you, so they ran to tell grandpa!”

“Thank you Grandpa Wen, thank you elder brother, I am leaving!”

The little girl took a cookie, thanked her, and ran away.

“you are?”

Sheldon looked up and down the old man.

“Sheldon, I haven’t seen you for more than a month, so I don’t recognize him?”

The old man smiled.

“I see, you were the one who let the southeast, northwest and northwest follow me!”

“Hehe, in Xiawen, everyone on the island likes to call me Wimber!”

Wimber shook his head and smiled.

“I’m looking for you. You said you want to show me someone. I’ve been here for so long, so should I see you?”

Sheldon angrily said.

“Those things, you have been eating them for a month, I see that your complexion has been adjusted to the peak, and the impurities in your body have been cleaned up under the influence of King Ginseng. Well, normally speaking, I am here to come to you today. Go and see him!”

Wimber smiled: “Please, Sheldon!”

Sheldon frowned, did not say anything, followed behind him.

The island is a complex of buildings. As I approached it all the way, I saw that there were men in black guarding them with extraordinary momentum.

Finally, Sheldon was introduced to one of the largest palaces.

This is a bit like a court hall in an ancient palace.

At the top is a high platform. On the high platform, there is an old man standing with his back to Sheldon, looking at the large map in front of him, startled.

“Master, Sheldon has already brought it!”

Wimber’s face was serious, and he bowed immediately.

“Get out!”

The old man’s voice was like Hong Zhong, turning his back to the two of them, and slightly raised his hand.

Wimber retreated.

“We don’t seem to know each other?”

Cooper Family.

“Well, you don’t know me, but I can know you! The only heir to the Cooper Family, the top youngest Sheldon! By the way, I also forgot, you are still the son-in-law of the Yu family, and people like you , I have hired you away!”

Sheldon’s face flushed.

Indeed, in order to find King Ginseng, he was really a waste and became someone else’s son-in-law.

“This is just my personal business. I don’t have to worry about it. In addition, I would like to thank you for the treasures you have given me this month for making my strength stronger!”

Sheldon put aside this topic.

“Personal affairs? I think you are simply shameless, the Cooper Family’s face has been lost to you asshole!”

The old man slapped the stone chair with anger and turned around immediately.

Four eyes face each other.

Sheldon saw that the old man in front of him had a childlike face, his eyes twinkling.

There is a feeling of being an expert.

I just don’t know why, seeing this old man makes Sheldon feel inexplicable.

And under his aura, it made Sheldon feel ashamed.

Now bowed his head.


The old man suddenly burst into laughter: “It seems that my grandson still has some shame!”


Sheldon felt a little in his heart: “Are you…?”

“Why, from the time you came in and saw me, didn’t you even call grandpa? Silly boy, I am your grandpa Swans!”

While smiling, the old man sat down on the stone chair.

“Are you my grandfather? You…didn’t you disappear?”

Since childhood, Sheldon has hardly heard about his grandparents.

Only later I heard from my father that my grandfather had disappeared and he has not appeared for decades.

I also sent someone to look for it, but to no avail for years.

In Sheldon’s heart, I also thought about it, I’m afraid Grandpa has passed away.

But unexpectedly, Grandpa is alive and well, and is the master of Kongming Island Soul Palace?

“Very unexpected, right?”

Swans looked at his grandson, but his face was pampered.

“Yes, grandpa, it was really unexpected!”

Sheldon finally knew why he felt a kind of intimacy when he saw him just now.

“In the past few years, it turns out that you have been on Kongming Island and created this soul temple?”

Sheldon asked in surprise.

“Well, after all, when I left the Cooper Family and let the 20-something Near East inherit the family, it has been 35 years!”

“Come on, Alicia, come to grandpa’s place, grandpa tells you something!”

Swans smiled.

Sheldon sat on the stone chair.

“How much do you know about Grandpa?”

Swans asked.

“I just know that 35 years ago, you had a quarrel with your dad. Since then, you have directly given up your position as the head of the family. There is no news. I asked my father and he didn’t say much!”

Sheldon said.

“It seems that the Near East didn’t tell you about the sun chart!”

“Sun diagram?”

“Well, this is the mysterious pattern handed down from the Cooper Family’s ancestors. The contents are extensive and profound. The reason why the Cooper Family can dominate half of the world and become a super wealthy family was originally due to the guidance of the sun chart. But then I I found out that the sun chart gave a prediction, our Cooper Family, within 50 years, there will be a disaster, the sun chart will never deceive people!”

Chen Dian Cangdao.

“I heard my dad say that in the past few years, the Cooper Family will fall and even die!”

Sheldon thought of what his father said.

“Well, this is what I said to your dad at the beginning, so I have been looking for answers to cracking, hoping to further understand the sun map, until 35 years ago, I found a new answer, and obtained hundreds of Years ago, before my Cooper Family’s family, we depended on a set of practice methods for survival. Before again, our Cooper Family had a tradition of martial arts, haha, it’s just that your father’s generation was completely interrupted. This is also why grandpa doesn’t look down on him. s reason!”

Chen Dian Cangdao.

“So, you used it to create this soul temple?”

Sheldon finally knew some of the secrets of the year.

“Yeah, I studied hard, found this remote place, and finally achieved something, I established a power, at least it can be blessed, my Cooper Family will not be completely destroyed!”

“Sheldon, you are very good. Someone is willing to help you and you have become a hard-working man. So when your subordinates reported your situation to me, Grandpa was very pleased!

“Then, grandpa, do you know my master Kirk? His name is Tyrone… who doesn’t know Kirk, did you send it?”

Cooper Family.

Swans smiled bitterly at this moment and shook his head: “No, grandpa doesn’t know him, but he has also investigated him. This is what makes me strange. My dark web is all over the world, and there is no news that grandpa can’t get. But you Master Tyrone really made me take pains, but it was not available. Moreover, it is not certain whether his name is Tyrone! But what is certain is that he is a mysterious master, a top master, The cultivation base is not under Grandpa!”

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