His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 61 – 62

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Chapter 61

In this tone, it seems that the two of them can’t get along well.

It was rare to draw swords and crossbows without first meeting, but in the end it still looked like this.

Lisa endured the tingling in his heart and deliberately made it indifferent to what he said.

Anyway, Elbertyi should have a lot of affection, just one scene. Naturally, we will leave when we are done.

If you stop me deliberately like this, I will think you still miss me.

Sure enough, this provocation made Elbert show a sarcastic smile, nostalgic for your Lisas, you might think too much of yourself.

I have never seen myself clearly.

Lisa turned around, facing Elbert, her body was still trembling, but she smiled beautifully, am I a biaozi in your eyes, if you know it, then Elbert’s anger is at this moment. Directly broke out, facing Lisa, he stared at her wildly, and then showed disdain in his eyes, and quickly get out, so as not to stain my villa.

Lisa has red eyes.

I don’t know who I am mocking.

I’m rolling, you can Don’t worry about me.

After speaking, the woman slammed the door directly, and the moment the door slammed sounded, it was like the two worlds were falling apart.

The back of her departure was isolated outside the door, and Elbert furiously broke the ashtray beside her.

I don’t know why the woman, why did she take her away from Gillian Fu’s house in the first place.

The mobile phone in hand rang at this time, and Elbert stared at the string of numbers on the mobile phone, and suddenly her expression calmed down.

At the moment of connection, there was a sweet female voice. Brother Ye, I’m back to China, are you coming to pick me up? Lisa jumped from the taxi back home with a tired body.

Braden was cooking lunch.

Seeing her come back, I greeted her anxiously. Where did you go last night and I almost called the police. Did you know that Lisa saw Braden as if she had relied on.

After all, her reddish eyes couldn’t hold back the tears, and the big ones fell .

The pain in the body and the suffering in the heart were used together at this moment.

Lisa clutched the clothes on Braden’s chest and cried hoarsely, as if to exhaust her own strength.

Braden’s eyes understood when he saw the hickey mark on Lisa’s neck, and he suddenly became angry, who was taking advantage of you.

Lisa cried and shook his head and refused to say.

Braden pressed her shoulder firmly.

Isn’t it Elbert? I’m going to find him desperately.

He dares to treat you like this Lisa was trembling all over, and she felt that she couldn’t breathe.

Since the moment she woke up to face Elbert, she was restrained very hard, but her fingers were shaking unwillingly.

Lisa said intermittently, brother, I’m so sad, I’m about to suffocate Braden picked her up on the bed, took warm water, hurriedly digging out the medicine to give her a drink, Lisa could not contain the fear in his heart and maintained the hug Staying in her self-defense posture, she kept telling Braden, “Brother save me, I don’t want to entangle with Elbert again, I will save me Elbert, the most painful scar in her heart, just touch it The blood was dripping with severe pain.

Lisa’s fingers were pulled together, Braden calmed down after a long time to calm her by her side, and then it took a long time to fully explain what happened yesterday to Braden.

Braden listened in his ears, hurt in his heart.

Chapter 62

Lisa hadn’t been out for a whole day since then, so she stayed at home like this.

Braden felt distressed and went to talk to Mr. Xu for detailed cooperation on her behalf.

Then he talked about being drugged. Mr. Xu was surprised and confronted Braden again and again.

I’m sorry several times, saying that I must personally take my son to apologize when I have time. Originally, Braden planned to quarrel fiercely with Mr. Xu in the past, but he did not expect Mr. Xu’s attitude to be so good and his apology so sincere.

Looking at his gray hair, Braden felt a little intolerable. Xu Xiaotian has let down such a good father. For a few days when Lisa was resting at home, Braden started to design the draft instead of her. Mr. Xu asked them to collaborate on the most famous box bag style.

Although there are many boxes and bags, each has its own style.

If they want to do well, they have to make their own taste to open the market.

Braden thought, perhaps this is also a new challenge for the studio, and if it succeeds, perhaps it will be able to earn a lot of fame for the studio in the future.

After a few days of rest at home, Lisa went out to the studio. When he was off work, he stopped by Christian and staggered the time Elbert went home. When Milda Cen was not there, Elbert said that she had gone to travel, and it would be nice to go out, so she wouldn’t be embarrassed when she saw it. On the other hand, just after Elbert got off work, Messy Lin came up and said respectfully, Few Bo would be looking for you. Who came to look for him after work? What’s the intention? Elbert wondered. Not long after, there was a sound of high heels outside the door, and then a slender figure came up, and when Elbert stood up, he rushed into his arms. Brother Ye is the person in my arms. When I look at the person in my arms, Elbert’s heart softens and touches her face, like a big wave, painted with delicate and gorgeous makeup.

The figure can indeed be called the best, Elbert smiled rarely, and then said, how can he come directly to Bialla Anwithout saying hello, and said, of course, to give you a surprise. Brother Ye is so indifferent. People didn’t come over to pick them up when they returned home, so I had to come and find you. Elbert suddenly remembered that Lisa had just left when he received her call that night, so he went for a drink that night and did not pick up Anru.

The thought of Lisa Elbert’s eyes deepened and he did not speak, but Bialla Annoticed his trance, squeezed his face, hey, Elbert, what are you thinking about? In the entire Freinvilla, only Bialla Andared to pinch Elbert’s face so boldly, and the other women did not dare to approach Elbert because his aura was too cold. Who is An Ru’s sister? She looks like Sarah An, but Sarah An is pure, while Bialla Anis unrestrained like a fire. Elbert looked at the face similar to Sarah An, but felt that the feeling in his heart was different from before. Why is it that when I saw Bialla Annow, I thought of Lisa.

The man closed his eyes and took a deep breath. When he opened it again, he was still the ruthless and cold Bo family, as if he had never stayed for any woman.

Hooked Gou Anru’s hair, Elbert smiled, with a bit of evil, then, as compensation, I will take you to a famous restaurant tonight.

How do you hum Anru hooking his neck, give me a welcome first K!$$ and talk about compensation

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