His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 63 – 64

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Chapter 63

Elbert was stunned, and Bialla Antook advantage of his carelessness and directly hooked his neck and K!$$ed him.

The man subconsciously took two steps back, causing An Ru’s K!$$ to fall on the corner of his mouth.

Bialla Ancurled his lips and said aggrieved, Brother Ye, you have changed. Elbert didn’t say anything, just patted her on the shoulder, stop making trouble, let go.

Bialla Ancould only let go of him with a look of aggrieved face, and then changed to holding Elbert’s hand. Once these actions were very familiar to them, Bialla Anshowed all his passion to Elbert. But now, Ann tilted his head to look at the people around him, and her eyelashes were drooping, always feeling that something was wrong with Elbert. Elbert was led by her in this way. When she was off work, passing the hall, some staff members who were still working overtime saw Elbert being held by a woman and they covered their mouths in surprise. Who is that woman who is so courageous? How dare she actually held Elbert’s hand, Elbert didn’t make her roll too unbelievable.

It’s over. Elbert must have a new love.

Those comments still reach An Ru’s ears.

She frowned and glanced back.

Those people immediately acted as if they were busy working overtime, as if the words just didn’t come from their mouths at all. Cut, can’t eat grapes, say the poor who are sour.

Bialla Anrolled his eyes twice, then pulled Elbert into the elevator, and a few people came to the parking lot.

Messy Lin had finished sending Elbert, bowed indifferently to him, and Elbert goodbye. Elbert raised his eyebrows calmly, and then said, thank you very much.

This was a daily routine to send him downstairs, Messy Lin didn’t say much, turned around and left, Elbert pulled the car door on one side, and then said, come up, I will drive you there. Wow, my brother drove me in person.

Anru opened his mouth in surprise and jumped into the passenger seat like a child.

It has always been your lifeless driver to pick me up.

I’m so annoyed that you will finally drive by yourself Sent me Elbert while listening to An Ru’s twittering, started the car in silence, and then reversing out of the car skillfully, Bialla Anwas still looking at the interior of his car and said, “Brother Ye, you are driving so handsome.”

, Can I take a picture is a bit noisy. Elbert frowned slightly, then resisted the irritability in his heart, but don’t be too high-profile.

This is the agreement.

Bialla Anproudly took out the Meitu phone and moved herself closer to Elbert, and then took a group photo.

In the photo, Elbert did not look straight at the camera, but just drove himself.

It’s just such a picture of him with a handsome side face and a straight nose.

At first glance, he looks like a cold male celebrity.

Bialla Ansmiles brightly at the camera in the lower left corner.

A group photo is hot and cold.

The contrast is obvious.

Bialla Anexcitedly took a selfie next to him, Elbert just drove, occasionally answering the questions he asked, and did not squint at the road ahead.

Bialla Anfelt that the man was so noble and indifferent, and he secretly took several pictures of him driving alone, and then saved them in the phone. When he arrived at the place, Elbert reported his name.

Messy Lin had booked the largest box for him five minutes ago, and then he walked in, where there was already a waiter waiting. When passing by the window, Bialla Anwas taken aback, as if seeing a familiar face, and muttered, is it because Gillian Fu has a girlfriend? The woman sitting across from him is pretty.

Chapter 64

Hearing An Ru’s muttering, Elbert almost subconsciously turned his head to look, and saw Lisa and Gillian Fu sitting together, the two were talking and laughing, holding some documents in their hands, and they seemed to be negotiating a contract. Elbert thought of the past few times that Gillian Fu finally helped Lisa.

The man turned his face to not look at them, the light in his eyes suddenly became cold, and the words he said seemed to have a chill, let’s go, don’t worry.

Really? Bialla Anstill looked back frequently, not only intentionally or unintentionally, but also to say hello in the past.

I haven’t seen Gillian Fu end for a long time. Before Elbert came back to his senses, Bialla Andirectly took his arm and walked to the table by the window. Gillian Fu was finally discussing the original design drawings with Lisa, and someone shouted from the same place. With a sound of the third youngest brother Gillian Fu finally raised his head, he saw Bialla Anapproaching with a smile on Elbert’s arms. When they approached, Lisa noticed the incoming person and his expression froze directly on his face. Elbert was pulled over by Anru with an indifferent face. When he saw Lisa, the sarcasm on his face was so obvious.

He didn’t speak, but only looked at her with that ironic look, making Lisa like a needle.

Tie. Gillian Fu finally appeared more relaxed and unhurried.

He took a sip of the coffee in hand and pretended to ask inadvertently, Bialla Anlooked like an innocent child when you returned to China.

He glanced up and down at Lisa, yes Ah, is this your new girlfriend? As soon as I asked, Gillian Fu and Elbert changed their faces at the same time.

It was only in the next second that Gillian Fu hooked his lips deeply, An Ru, don’t talk nonsense, it will scare others.

Is it Bialla Anpouting, I haven’t seen you and the girl come out alone, so I want to call my sister-in-law in advance.

Bialla AnElbert made a cold voice to stop her, and that voice had a chill, causing Bialla Anto shudder. Brother Ye, what did Elbert squint at Bialla Anwhen you made such a big fire? Don’t say anything.

An Ru’s eyes reddened suddenly, and she looked a little pitiful.

She said, Brother Ye is blaming me for talking too much.

Lisa, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly raised his head, smiled beautifully, and looked at the girl.

She has a simple face, but the words she said are misleading Elbert.

She should say that she is really good at speaking, or should she say that she is better than her sister, Qingyulan is better than Lan Anru, you don’t know I, but your face similar to hers, my Lisa is a Lisa that I will never forget. When facing An Ru, the hatred in his eyes made Bialla Ana little frightened.

In the past, it was only Elbert who started a fire, she would feel terrible, but why is it that when she is watched by this woman, she feels as oppressive as when Elbert was angry. Naturally, she has never seen Lisa, she only knows Elbert Divorced, but even when Elbert got married, her sister still loved her the most.

She had been abroad all the time, and only started to walk into Elbert’s vision after her sister died, and naturally she didn’t know anything about Lisa. Gillian Fu finally sensed Lisa’s hostility towards An Ru, and could only smile to resolve the embarrassment.

Are you coming over for dinner? It’s better to be together. Elbert unexpectedly invited them out loudly, sitting by the window for two people to eat.

Isn’t it too lonely to come to the box with us? no need.

Lisa refused without even thinking about it.

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