His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 65 – 66

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Chapter 65

After saying that, she even stood up and left, with the word indifference written almost on her face.

She resisted everything about Elbert. But as soon as she took a step, she heard Elbert asking her with a laughing voice behind her, Lisa, are you afraid of me, the shoulder shivered, Lisa clenched her fingers hard and looked back. When facing Elbert’s sharp gaze, she trembled in her heart, and almost subconsciously shot back, using these aggressive methods sparingly, Elbert.

I don’t want to be in the same room with you, not because I am afraid of you.

The woman still chose to leave. Every step of the way was stepped on the wind.

She didn’t even turn her head to give.

I was because the moment when the last two words of nausea came to the ground, they brought countless hatred to the sky. When she was forced by her words, the whole person’s mind was shaken.

She disgusted Lisa. Where did her capital think he was disgusting Lisa went away, Gillian Fu finally blew a whistle in the seat and said coolly.

Alright, forced her away.

Is this what you would like to see? Elbert turned his head and stared at Gillian Fu coldly.

I warned you countless times, yes, you warned me countless times. Gillian Fu finally smiled, but, what stand are you standing on? Elbert was forced to speak by Gillian Fu.

I have a good impression of Lisa.

Although it is only out of the stage of good affection, Elbert Gillian Fu finally wiped his mouth gracefully, raised his head to look at Elbert’s face, and the man’s eyes showed a beast-like predation. Desire, Gillian Fu finally looked at the crisis in his eyes and smiled slowly.

Are you still thinking about her as soon as the words of the old love are still there, Bialla Animmediately changed his face next to her. Who was that woman just now? No wonder that Brother Ye’s attitude was so strange as soon as he approached.

It turned out that the existence of that woman just now clenched his fingers tightly. Watching Gillian Fu stand up, the expression on her face changed.

Shouted, Third Younger Brother Anru. Gillian Fu finally turned around and smiled at her.

I know what you are thinking, but there are some people you can’t afford.

The meaning of this sentence is not that Gillian Fu is always protecting Lisa so Bialla Ancan’t move, but that Lisa himself cannot shake Bialla Anat all.

That woman had eyes that were as clear as a stream, which was completely different from the woman in front of her who would only rely on men.

That kind of Lisa doesn’t bother to compare with Anru, so Anru is not as good as Lisa in any respect.

After Gillian Fu finally finished speaking, he called the waiter to pay the bill. When he passed by Elbert, he clasped Elbert’s wrist.

He said that some people need to feel attentively, Elbert, everything you once saw in your eyes may be fake. When Elbert’s pupils suddenly tightened, Gillian Fu finally said softly, I found some clues from five years ago.

If you are interested, go to Tiger to wait for me this weekend.

The two men exchanged glances silently, and then passed by.

The eyes of Elbert sank straightly at the moment Gillian Fu finally left, a pair of dark eyes like a microscopic shrinking universe, and all the light was swallowed in that black hole.

He calmed down his emotions calmly, the man was as handsome as ever, but his delicate face was quietly covered with ice. Clues five years ago

Chapter 66

Lisa hurriedly left the restaurant, stopped a taxi on the side of the road and took a taxi home.

However, she didn’t expect to sit at home and calm down to design the draft. Elbert found the door. When she opened the door, she never thought that Elbert would come to see her again.

The unpleasant memory of the last time was still in her mind.

Lisa almost wanted to close the door without thinking about it.

This time, Elbert did not do anything else. Just stand at the door and sneer at her, even if the door is closed, you can do nothing if your son has a high fever.

Lisa’s closed hand stiffened. When he reacted, he ignored Elbert, went up and grabbed his clothes and shouted, but something happened.

Lisa saw Christian 20 minutes later, and Christian flushed. Panting and lying on the bed, with hot forehead, the whole person looks extremely weak.

Lisa went up to the bed and probed Christian’s forehead with his hands.

Then he quickly turned out all the medicines that were available at home, lifted Christian from the bed, and skillfully went downstairs to pour him warm water.

All Lisas are so familiar, all the details still remain in the memory. When she went upstairs with the cup, Christian woke up and stayed at the bedside and yelled softly.

As soon as Mommy heard Christian calling her, Lisa’s heart softened and went up to feed him with medicine, and then said, Why do you have a fever? Mommy will take you to the hospital. Elbert stood at the door and said coldly. When Christian’s eyes touched Elbert at the door, he suddenly dodged.

The little boy shrank under the quilt and gently grasped Lisa’s hand.

This is how he wanted Lisa to soothe him.

Lisa touched his face, turned to Elbert, and kept that face straight to the child.

Since you are his father, don’t you know if this will scare him? He narrowed his eyes and sneered Elbert, did he recognize me as my father? Ask him why he doesn’t recognize you, why don’t you think about your own problems.

Lisa finally couldn’t hold back, growled, Elbert, don’t want anything Everything is based on other people’s reasons, why, do you think you’re right? Elbert smiled beautifully and compellingly, but it’s a pity that he has a pair of nice eyes, and the inside is cold.

I took him to Bo’s family and served it with delicious and delicious food. , He gave me a strange expression of Yin and Yang, if it weren’t for blood relationship, I wouldn’t want to recognize his son Although the words are a bit more serious, this Christian is really violating the sun’s yin. Elbert will be angry when he sees his face.

He doesn’t understand what the anger is, probably because he is the father of this child, but When he saw him, there was always only fear and alienation. Yes, it’s all our fault.

I shouldn’t have been born.

Lisa yelled with tears in my eyes. You’re right.

Since you hate him so high, why don’t you let me take him away from your Bo family’s property? It’s not rare.

I took him away. Even if he died, he would not die in front of you.

Lisa Elbert raised his voice and shouted, you should not use such words to irritate me. You like to die so much. Why don’t you let me see Seeing that Lisa was forced by the words of Elbert to make the heart tremble fiercely, and the pain is so severe that it spreads from the depths of the body. Good night, one day you don’t regret it.

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