His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 67 – 68

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Chapter 67

Elbert’s words directly silenced Lisa, she just fed Christian medicine on her own, and then brought the water cup back downstairs, and continued to guard Christian’s bedside as if nothing happened. . But Elbert only felt a little flustered when he saw the Lisa that was so silent.

As if Lisa was preparing to leave him anytime, anywhere, Elbert had the illusion that she was really determined to break with him.

Those who really want to leave are always silent. Giving up all struggles and resistance, and too lazy to argue and explain, just left a shadow in silence.

And Lisa seems to be in this state now. Elbert felt irritable, turned and left Christian’s room.

Lisa was by the bed.

The mother and son were flipping through the books.

She was telling him stories, and her voice was soft. Judging from the eyes of an outsider like him, it is quite a quiet picture.

Sometimes Elbert wondered why it was Lisa that gave birth to his son, and why it was this woman who had an unwarranted weird appearance on the man’s delicate face.

Then he slammed the door and left Bo’s house. When Elbert went downstairs, he called Gillian Fu, it was me. You don’t have to wait for the weekend for the clue you mentioned five years ago.

I will look for you tonight.

Lisa told Christian to tell fairy tales.

Christian didn’t want to read it anymore after she finished reading a few.

The little boy closed his eyes and turned his head to one side.

Lisa sensed his resistance and asked out loud, “Do you like it? .

Christian’s answer was so decisive and quick.

I hate these stories.

In his immature eyes, Lisa actually saw a kind of disgust.

An aversion to beautiful fairy tales. Why do adults like to write this kind of deceptive novel Mommy? The reality is not like this. Where is the meaning of this kind of story? I hate fairy tales.

I don’t like the first time that such an obvious and strong sense of rejection was posted in Christian.

Lisa panicked and quickly comforted him.

The stories are all false.

The person who wrote the story is a liar.

Christian stubbornly repeated this sentence, Mommy, our living world is not the same as their story.

Lisa’s eyes were red.

I’m sorry it was Mommy’s fault. Mommy can’t lead you to the life in the fairy tale.

I don’t want Mommy’s apology.

Christian also reddened his eyes.

His small hand was tightly grasping Lisa’s big hand.

He said that it is Daddy who should apologize, no, he is not my Daddy, he is just a boy of the Bo family.

It is too precocious.

He was only five years old, but his mind was close to a demon.

Christian is relying on Lisa, Mommy, I actually let myself catch a cold deliberately.

I miss you so much.

I want to live with you.

I don’t want to be with Elbert.

That person is obviously his father, but his eyes are always So terrible Christian was very afraid of Elbert, he was more afraid of him than hate.

How ridiculous, he was afraid of his biological father. Wei Wei Lisa trembled and touched Christian’s face. We will get better soon. Mommy will never run away anymore. Face Xiao Shao face-to-face and bring you back to her home.

Chapter 68

Christian and Lisa hugged him, and then Lisa comforted him to sleep, and the two chatted for a while, until the night darkened outside, and Lisa did not notice that he lay on Christian’s bedside and fell asleep.

At this moment, in the tiger bar, Elbert and Gillian Fu were sitting face to face.

The two men exchanged the information they had found in their hands. Gillian Fu gave a report to Elbert.

Sarah An fell down the stairs.

Although this is true, there is no video evidence to prove that Lisa pushed her down because that corner was in the blind spot of the mall camera. But Elbert wanted to say something, so Gillian Fu interrupted him. Do you want to say that you saw Elbert with your own eyes? Then I wanted to ask you how you happened to see Lisatui Sarah Anna At a glance, someone reminded me that Bo Nightclub felt like I had missed some particularly important details.

At that time, someone was talking to me and mentioned Anmi, so I turned my head to look and just saw that person. Who is it? When the name came out of Elbert’s mouth, Gillian Fu finally curled up his lips calmly.

It was impossible for An Ru.

It was just a coincidence.

There was no reason for Bialla Anto harm his sister, so the clue could only be broken again. Up. Gillian Fu finally tapped the pile of information with his finger.

I asked someone to check the list of cleaners in the shopping mall five years ago, and pulled out their scheduling and cleaning records at that time, and found that Sarah An happened at the time.

The escalator was dragged by the cleaner with detergent. What might this end up? Did you know that Elbert’s pupils suddenly shrank? So, as long as a person passes by that area, it’s possible to slip to the point. But why? Coincidentally, Gillian Fu finally pointed a row of forms with his fingers, because the escalators in the mall were under repair at the time, so their records were specially recorded. Maintenance of escalators in such large shopping malls is generally recorded specifically.

At that time, there were signs of cleaning and maintenance, but I don’t know why it was removed. When Gillian Fu finally said this paragraph, his tone was very quick and clean. For five years, there are no videos from other parts of the mall.

I can only say that this may be a tragedy caused by coincidence.

Sarah An happened to be repaired.

The cleaned escalator, and how did Lisa and Sarah An meet? Elbert quickly pointed out the loopholes in Gillian Fu’s conjecture.

If only touched off, Sarah An could only slip down alone. Why did Lisa appear in Lisa If you didn’t find Sarah An, how could she appear beside Sarah An? I saw that when I stretched out that hand, Gillian Fu finally seemed unbelievable. You, you saw Lisa, you are sure that it is not a dislocation, it can’t be a dislocation. Elbert seemed to be remembering something.

I saw Lisa stretch out his hand, but Sarah An fell.

The whole person fell from the escalator and fell to the first floor. Gillian Fu finally wrinkled his eyebrows together, how could it be possible? What’s more, it’s nothing to just produce the certificate by myself.

After the incident, the police visited, and most of the people present saw Lisa doing the certificate. Elbert said every word, so I sent her to prison

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