His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 69 – 70

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Chapter 69

One person’s testimony may be wrong, and two people’s testimony may have been bought, but if there are so many people present, if they really want to buy, as long as one is not bought, the testimony will be wrong. Everyone unified the testimony, which shows that everyone was right. Otherwise, it would be impossible to imagine the end.

Someone deliberately bought all the people in the mall. But there were people coming and going in the mall at that time, but if one is missed, there will be mistakes and guilt, unless That person has the unforgettable ability to remember everyone’s faces, and then he has a super powerful background to check the details of everyone who enters and exits the mall before buying. But all of this, even if he and Elbert are now unable to do it.

It is impossible for a mall to enter and exit so many people every day and be bought at the same time, so this probability is close to zero.

Then there is only one possibility left, and that is, they really saw Lisa do it. Gillian Fu finally shook his head.

He didn’t know who he was trying to persuade.

How could this be impossible. Countless emotions flashed through Christian’s eyes, and they were all swallowed in his eyes as dark as night.

It seems that the final truth has returned to the original point.

After five years, thinking about investigating again, it is as difficult as Dengtian Gillian Fu and Elbert’s conversation ended at 12 o’clock at midnight.

They parted ways after they said goodbye at the gate of Tiger, and all this was secretly waiting for an opportunity.

The mysterious man recorded it. Missy, I saw Elbert and Peter Fu come out. Very well, in the dark night, the woman raised her lips, gently spit out the vain smoke in her mouth, and then smiled charmingly.

It seems that some people are already unstable and must cut the grass and must remove the roots.

Lisa, don’t blame me for being ruthless.

He opened the door after twelve o’clock. When he walked upstairs, he passed by Christian’s bedroom, remembering the indifferent look that this stinky boy showed to him during the day, and he pushed the door in and took a quiet look. But what he didn’t expect was that at this glance, he saw someone unexpected.

Lisa didn’t even leave, so he fell asleep on the side of Christian’s bed. Mother and son, one big and one small, sleeping quietly and beautifully.

Christian fell asleep so defenselessly that he couldn’t see the day.

The shadow that resisted him so much. Elbert stood quietly at the door and stared at them for a long time, and then walked back to his room like he suddenly recovered, holding his forehead annoyed. Elbert stood in the bathroom to take a shower, but the scene in his mind was the scene just now.

Lisa stayed at Bo’s house overnight, although it may be an accidental man who lowered his eyelids quietly, his wet eyelashes dripping with water, smoothly Sliding down to the tip of the nose. Under the shower head, the man has an exquisite enchanting face and a s*xy figure comparable to a supermodel.

He arched his back and pulled out a strong and powerful back muscle.

The water drops down the narrow waist and rolled over him straight and thin.

The long leg smashed at his feet.

In the heat, the man seemed to be thinking about something, letting hot water pouring from the top of his head instead of wiping it. When Elbert came out of the bathroom after taking a shower, he still had moisture on his body.

He opened the door of the cabinet and his eyes paused as he flicked over a corner of the blanket.

Another crack in Christian’s bedroom was opened, and then a tall black figure appeared close to them, quietly draping a blanket on Lisa beside the bed.

After finishing this action, the black shadow walked out of the room quickly, as if escaping from the scene of the crime, the door was closed, and the last ray of light was also isolated outside the door.

The night is silent and long.

Chapter 70

When Lisa woke up the next day, he saw a precious blanket on his shoulder, which was made by Elbert, with his initials embroidered on the end. b.

The word y was burned into her field of vision like a fire, and Lisa threw the blanket on the ground as if stimulated, and the whole person was breathing heavily.

Christian was shocked by her action.

He opened his eyes and raised his head to look at her, Mommy, what’s wrong with you, I’m fine.

Lisa cleaned up her panic, and Elbert would cover herself with a blanket.

How could it be possible that I was with me last night? You fell asleep.

Lisa touched Christian’s face, the fever subsided a little, no mom should leave. Don’t, Mommy Christian grabbed the corner of Lisa’s clothes and shouted in a low voice, will you stay with me one more day, OK Lisa looked at Christian’s hunger in his eyes and couldn’t bear it, so he could only sigh, Mommy I won’t stay here for the night, can I accompany you until the afternoon? Christian nodded with red eyes.

I don’t want Mommy to leave.

I don’t want to be alone in such a big house.

Alone, without affection and warmth.

Lisa comforted Christian and went downstairs to make him breakfast, acting as if these things had happened countless times. Elbert got up early and walked downstairs to see the figure in the kitchen.

He was shocked when he saw the figure in the kitchen.

The trance seemed to be back five years ago.

Lisa insisted on making breakfast for him every morning, although he never took it away once. But now when I saw this figure again, a familiar feeling swept over him, and Elbert stood at the top of the stairs, unexpectedly lost.

Lisa came out of the kitchen carrying sun eggs and bacon. When she saw Elbert, her voice was indifferent, as if she had never been just a routine.

I am sorry to use the ingredients in your refrigerator. What she said was so commonplace, but she clearly remembered everything, including every piece of furniture in the kitchen.

Lisa’s shoulders were trembling with the taste of memory. When she met Elbert in front of her, she told herself not to be afraid, she no longer What can be lost? Elbert noticed the subtle tremors of Lisa, stared at her with deep eyes for a long time, and then indifferently spit out a syllable.

Look, with his fearless look, Lisa feels that he is really passionate.

She was stabbed by the memory.

It seems that from the beginning to the end, she was the only Lisa who took the tableware and brought breakfast back to Christian’s room.

Hook up the door quickly with his feet, isolating Elbert from the door. Elbert continued to walk downstairs as if nothing had happened, but when he saw another prepared sun egg by the stove in the kitchen, the man’s always calm face seemed to have finally cracked .

Half-ripe, with yellow sun eggs.

This was the breakfast he was most familiar with five years ago. Countless pasts were dug out from the cracks deep in his mind like a glimpse of light.

At a flashing moment, he felt something trembling in the tip of his heart, and a sour pain felt so unprepared to fill his heart.

A trace of astonishment swept across Elbert’s delicate and handsome face, his pupils tightened slightly, and the fingers hanging beside him tightened inadvertently.

Those details of life that he didn’t have to look straightly at before, turned out to be the objects of memory now.

Is this Lisa specially reserved for him? She doesn’t eat half-raw omelettes, only he has the habit of eating half-raw sun eggs.

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