His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 71 – 72

Read Chapter 71 – 72 of the novel His Vengeful Ex-Wife (Translated Version, Tang Jing Character) free.

Chapter 71

Lisa closed the door, and watched Christian gulp down the fried eggs and bacon before he breathed a sigh of relief.

He cleaned up the tableware and faced Christian. You can’t deliberately make yourself sick again next time. Know if you miss me, let Elbert Give me a call and tell me that I will come to see you. Mommy only has omelettes that are delicious.

Christian licked his lips.

Have you practiced this many times? Lisa’s body stiffened.

How would she say it? She used to practice countless times in the kitchen for the weird special request of Elbert.

Taking good care of the fire, she casually made up an excuse, which was taught to me by your uncle.

It seems that my uncle is still smart.

Christian shook his head and shook his head. Mommy, the dishes you cook only meet the requirement of being able to eat. Other things, alas, I don’t ask too much.

Lisa, the stinky boy, squeezed Christian’s face in the past, and when he was full, he began to run wild. Even though he said that, he suddenly remembered something in his head.

She seems to habitually fry an extra egg.

The big event was not good. Because she was standing in the kitchen of Elbert’s house, the familiar scene reminded her of too many details, so when she made breakfast, she also made an extra omelet along the way and it was specially adapted to Elbert’s taste.

The half-familiar Lisa suddenly buried her face in her palms. Oh my god, she was going down now and pouring the egg as she thought about it and acted on her body.

Lisa took the tableware that Christian had eaten and opened the door.

To the kitchen downstairs, but when I got downstairs, I saw Elbert standing in front of the dining table, wiping his mouth gracefully and the egg had been eaten.

Lisa’s face was pale, Elbert, you Elbert didn’t speak, his eyes fell on Lisa’s pale face, did not speak, he grabbed one side of the suit jacket and he was going to work.

Lisa just stared blankly at Elbert walking out, and didn’t even have time to explain, that I didn’t make it to you specially, it was just habit.

Seeing Elbert’s figure disappear at the end of his sight, Lisa laughed absurdly.

Then two clear tears slipped from her face, she slowly slid down against the wall next to the stairs, and buried her face in her palms again.

Habit dictates, what a terrible and ridiculous word you listen to. Five years ago, she had tried so hard to please everything she pursued, and it fell apart in an instant, a big dream, and the awakening of the dream ended. Elbert, did you know that my dream once was that you eat the sun eggs I made by myself, but this dream didn’t come true until today, five years later.

And interspersed with it, she was the only one who made indelible unilateral contributions.

Lisa had to admit that even in prison, she had the last minute hope and love, and hoped that Elbert would come to save her again.

This stupid thought left her body together with the blood when she almost died on the operating table while pregnant.

At the end of despair, she dragged her bloody and painful body over and over again without being anesthetized, and was put back in jail again. From then on, Elbert, my breath for you has long been exhausted, since I can’t ask for it to get together.

The ending, then you die and I die.

Lisa raised her head and burst into tears, Xiaoye, because of loving you, this world, I live like a purgatory

Chapter 72

Lisa left at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, and even though Christian grabbed her and wouldn’t let her go, she decided to leave.

There is a faint fear in her heart, that is, she is very likely to lose to Elbert Bo, so it is very likely to lose Christian like this.

She had to get Christian used to living alone, even if it was cruel to him, it was still teaching him to grow.

Lisa wiped her eyes and took a taxi home. Not only was there a glimmer of hope, she still wanted her son to return to her.

Bialla Anwent to Elbert’s company to find him today, and brought a loving breakfast with her in the morning. Unexpectedly, Elbert Bo said that he had eaten it and put it aside.

Bialla Anwas very wronged.

She must pester Elbert and go home with him at night. Elbert really can’t hold her back, so she can only let her be obedient and take her home. .

Christian was quite calm and numb when he saw Elbert bring the woman back again.

He was holding a glass of hot milk, and his cheeks were still a little sick after the fever subsided.

He said, welcome home, thin.

The voice was tender but calm. Elbert was irritated by this sound again.

How could this little kid make a face to him every day, and every day he confronted Elbert without saying a word, and directly gave Bialla Ana pair of slippers that Fiore Cheng wore last time.

Bialla Anlooked at Christian in surprise, but Christian looked nonchalant.

Are you Brother Ye’s child, like him. Good fake, good fake tone.

Christian frowned slightly, then said to himself that I am indeed Elbert’s son.

This child has a reason that makes adults feel terrible.

Bialla Anstared at the child in front of him, a little thought passed through his mind, and finally smiled and went up to shake hands with Christian.

Hello, I am Sarah An’s sister An Ru.

Sarah An familiar name.

Christian also learned her smile and held her hand.

Hello, sister Anru.

However, Elbert looked at Christian with a surprised look. When was this stinky boy so polite. Which time was not cold-eyed before.

Today this is a change of core only Christian knows, this Anru in front of him is definitely not simple, so There is no benefit to friction with her head on.

It will only make Elbert hate herself even more.

Anyway, adults like acting, it is better for him to play with her.

Christian said with a sweet smile, did my sister come back with Elbert for the night? Asking this question is like she is a bed tool that Elbert brought home at will.

If Ann changes her face unexpectedly, no, my relationship with your father is not like this.

Let’s talk about it, Elbert hasn’t touched her yet That is the housekeeper Christian brought back by the young boy with a smile without any thoughts, welcome you, sister Anru, don’t have inferiority complex, just treat it as your own.

Bialla Anwas actually too much to say a word by a child. Damn, what the hell is this kid speaking like he is taunting her with ulterior motives.

Also, it’s Elbert’s son, why don’t you call his daddy directly, instead, Elbertan is staring at the kid in front of him. , My mind sank suddenly.

Christian smiled and looked at the woman in front of him, then jumped off the sofa and bowed to Elbert standardly, as if Elbert was not his relative but an outsider, then I went upstairs to rest first, Elberthe Bialla Ansister good night.

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