His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 83 – 84

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Chapter 83

Marven Su sat opposite her and dug herself a spoonful of pudding, then stared at Lisa’s still pale face and said, you look like you are sick.

Lisa paused, her lips trembled, and it took a long time to complete a sentence. My brother passed away.


Marven Su’s movements became stiff, put down the spoon, and he reached out and rubbed the top of Lisa’s wet head before he resumed his original posture.

So it’s not that you are too sad because your brother left.

Lisa’s body warmed up, but at this moment those emotions swept through again, staring at the coffee in her hand, she suddenly had the urge to cry for this strange care.

The rain outside the window kept on, like a huge wave about to break through this wall and engulf her.

Lisa felt that her whole heart was still drenched in the rain and had not taken it back.

He kept bleeding and pained.

So the next second, tears fell in the coffee.

Lisa quickly raised her head and evacuated the cup, her body trembling slightly, it didn’t matter. No, she can’t die, she still, she still has Wei Wei if she dies, it would be too cruel for Wei Wei Lisa suffocated the tears back, Marven Su stopped eating, and stared blankly.

Looking at the woman who is so strong that it can make people feel distressed. Who forced her to be so strong is the reality, is it Elbert, or is she herself Marven Su withdrawing her thoughts, pretending not to see Lisa’s gaffe, and saying indifferently, I have also lost a very important person .

How important is Lisa subconsciously asked.

Marven Su chuckled slightly, as if it didn’t matter, but the man’s eyes were clearly sad. When it was important to lose her, I regretted it for a while like you wanted to die.

In the end, I didn’t hesitate to do anything, even after five years in jail. Can’t change back to the original state.

Lisa looked at Marven Su’s face stunned, and then whispered softly, embarrassed, it also reminds you of bad things.

How can it be said that it is a bad thing.

Marven Su brought the coffee that Lisa had drunk, stirred it with a spoon, and then said, for me, even losing has become a good thing.

There is a kind of love that goes deep into the bones, even if it ends up getting nothing, but as long as it is related to her, it has become a thing of luxury.

Love was given to me by you, so I wanted it; pain was given to me by you, so I wanted it; even if you left, it was given to me by you, so I accepted them one by one.

I didn’t expect Mr.

Su to be so affectionate.

Lisa realized that the atmosphere was low and made a joke, which did not match your appearance.

After all, Marven Su had a cynical face.

Marven Su stared at Lisa with a weird look for a long time, and then quickly pushed the coffee he had drunk back in front of her.

The man put half of his face in front of her. Miss Tang, what is deep love for you is a pity, I don’t understand deep love.

Her ability to love someone had long been destroyed by Elbert, five years ago.

Lisa never touched the coffee Marven Su had drunk.

Later, she got up and asked Marven Su embarrassedly whether Mr.

Su had any extra trousers.

She wanted to go back, but the clothes and trousers were already soaked, so she just wore them when she came out.

I wear a very large shirt, enough to cover my knees, but if I want to go out, this is absolutely not acceptable.

Marven Su watched Lisa stand up and noticed what she is wearing.

Suddenly he hooked the corner of her mouth meaningfully, stepped forward and pressed her down. When she didn’t recover, she stretched out her tongue and licked her. earlobe.

Chapter 84

A strange tingling sensation ran across her body at this time.

Lisa was so humiliated and turned over to resist.

Marven Su pressed her, and her voice mixed with the sound of cold rain came into her ears, without feeling at all.

At this time, shouldn’t we make a little beautiful thing to leave memories after all, after all, we have already taken out each other’s wounds. You are just approaching me, Lisa cried out.

Marven Su smiled stubbornly, ah, I made up a story to make you very touched.

I’m sorry, maybe my acting skills are too good.

How did Lisa push him away in embarrassment under Miss Tang, and her hands shook on her side.

So, she thought she was the same as him, but in the end, it turned out to be just an act of self-deprecating smile.

It was because she relaxed her vigilance.

It really deserves to be in love with a strange man.

Lisa stepped back a few steps, but he couldn’t walk away like this now, so getting caught in the rain would be the same as not wearing it.

Anxiously red eyes, Marven Su looked at her in such a dilemma, he knew that this woman was only a superficial refusal, besides, dressing like this would definitely get wet outside.

This woman likes acting so much.

To save face, it is impossible to go for the next second.

The man’s pupils shrank into pinholes in an instant, as if seeing something terrible, the blue-green eyes exuded a beautiful and amazing luster.

Lisa Marven Su yelled and stretched out his hand to catch her, but the woman in her arms ran out long ago.

Her laughter was mixed with the sound of pattering rain and hit him, Marven Su, do you think Humiliated me, did you make up your mind and I didn’t dare to run out? Yes, he thought so, but Lisa Marven Su called out Lisa’s name again, but the woman didn’t look back, her thin voice just ran in.

In the rain, a single shirt on his body was quickly wetted by the rain, revealing a flesh-colored ambiguity.

She didn’t look back, and there was no pause in her footsteps.

Marven Su’s voice was trembling this time. Damn, how could she make such a choice.

It’s obvious that normal women should choose to go with him before they were stunned by men.

Second, he pulled up the coat and jacket that was blown dry by the air conditioner next to him, his figure like an arrow split the rain curtain and rushed into the heavy rain.

He chased after a few steps and caught up with Lisa, grabbed her hard, and his voice was so cold as the immersion People are numb, are you crazy, do you run out to do exhibitions for others to see? That night, Lisa was dragged by him in the rain and looked back.

In an instant, the world faded and everything was silent.

She was the only one who smiled.

She could not tell whether there was tears on her face or rain, but the women smiled beautifully, and the raindrops poured in.

She is almost naked, which is clearly humiliating, but Lisa stretched her back straight, as proud as Marven Su, the eldest Tang family five years ago, do you know who you just threatened me to look like, the woman’s voice is vain, It seems that the rain can be washed away even more heavily.

Marven Su’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down, seemingly unbelievable.

The next second he pulled his coat to cover her whole body, damn it, he didn’t want others to see her body Lisa took a few steps backwards, but he clapped his hands and clapped a few times , Like Elbert, your nausea that lied to me and threatened me is exactly the same as Elbert

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