His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 85 – 86

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Chapter 85

The woman’s voice was sharp, and it slammed into Marven Su’s eardrums.

The man hugged her in violent shock, and put a coat over her to cover the almost transparent wet shirt.

He picked her up.

Lisa struggled, let go of me, Marven Su didn’t speak, and was silent for a long time and took her directly to the side of the car not far from the store and got into the car. Both of them were exposed to the rain.

They looked like a pair of desperate ducks on the run. , You have a fever, don’t you know her body is astonishingly hot, Lisa’s face is sick, but her eyes are clear and clear, it’s nothing to do with you.

The car door, directly start the car and step on the accelerator, Lisa slapped the window violently, where do you want to take me to open the house Marven Su got angry, shut up and bother me to hit the bridge and die together. Forget Lisa’s nameless fire by him It made the whole body tremble, and there was fear in his eyes, and he saw Marven Su burst into flames.

See what you have never seen a handsome guy with such a bad temper.

It rained heavily and the rainstorm washed the road wet and slippery.

This weather condition added fuel to the fire.

Marven Su ignored Lisa’s screams and stepped on the accelerator, almost drifting past the road, as fast as a flash of lightning. Countless times when Lisa thought they were going to hit the car in front of him, Marven Su dodged in the next instant.

He drove, as if looking for death.

Lisa’s voice became dumb, and when she arrived at the entrance of the Su’s mansion, she was slumped.

Marven Su took her out of the back of the car, and then ignoring her resistance, took her into the villa and went to the private bathroom on the second floor. Put the hot water and throw her directly in. Can you swim? Don’t drown yourself.

Marven Su Liangliang left a word and went to the next door to clean up his clothes.

After returning with a clean dress, he went directly to the bathroom where Lisa was.

The woman was looking pale and looking at him. What do you want to do to be kind and pitiful? you.

Marven Su’s image now is much better than before, and his hair is still messy.

The man has a mixed-race European and American face, with his hands on his chest, and grinning at her. You should be thankful that I have a better temper now, otherwise you are old I got pregnant early.

Lisa didn’t want to listen to what he said, this man couldn’t vomit ivory. Brother, what are you jingling upstairs doing? Estella was shocked when she walked to the bathroom on the second floor with potato chips in her hand.

She was taken a step back, Lisa and Lisa shrank in the water. With embarrassment on his face, he didn’t even have the face to say hello.

I rely on Marven Su, what have you done? Estelle pointed at Lisa and pointed at her brother.

It’s awesome, you brought everyone home, I rely on, you two became a fart.

Marven Su went over and kicked the door up. You go find a set of clothes for her to wear, and get some cold medicine.

Estella Fei rolled her eyes. You have no hands or feet and you can’t hold it. Your room is like a doghouse.

I don’t want to go in.

Marven Su shut his sister out of the door, took it, and then came in.

Ten minutes later, Marven Su handed a new set of clothes that Estelle had brought to the Lisa inside.

Lisa glanced at the tag, the price was five to eight.

Chapter 86

It really is Estella’s taste.

After she came out, Marven Su made another cup of milk tea for her.

Estelle didn’t play games in the room anymore, she came out with potato chips and took a look at Lisa.

It’s kind of like wearing you.

Tell me what’s going on. Uncle Estella shrank on the sofa with potato chips in her hand.

She didn’t look like a big lady outside, but her eyes were still arrogant.

He looked back and forth on Lisa and Marven Su, my brother.

I said before that you were beautiful, but I wanted to make an appointment with you, but I didn’t make an appointment. Now you two have an appointment again.

These words pierced the dignity of Lisa, her face turned pale, no. Did you take the medicine? Marven Su glanced at Lisa, Lisa nodded, and then the man stared at her meaningfully. For a man who kindly picked you up on a rainy night, do you have nothing to say? Lisa spit out two words concisely and clearly: Thank you .

Estelle looked at the Lisa and praised it, it was amazing. No woman has ever done this to my brother.

Marven Su scratched his hair irritably, and then looked outside at the weather conditions that had gradually stopped raining.

He simply said impatiently, okay, and don’t expect you to thank me.

If you have nothing to do, just take a taxi and leave. You, that tone began to become disdainful and cold, as if that encounter in a coffee shop was just a dream, and Lisa also understood that it was just a play he was willing to perform with him.

She tried to straighten her back, trying to make herself look less embarrassed, but in the end, her dignity had already been trampled on that rainy night.

In an almost humiliating way, she made up a story to pretend to resonate with her, and then deliberately changed her clothes to make her dilemma, and finally forced her to run into the rain, making her heart soft and broken, broken and bleeding.

It hurts over and over again. What a cruel man, it was precisely because the cup of coffee he gave to him at the beginning was too gentle, that is why he was cruel to the extreme.

A story he easily fabricated, but she believed it true.

Lisa didn’t say anything, and just left. When she went out, her back was long and slender.

Marven Su stared at her back for a long time before she looked back, sneered, hypocritical woman. cut. Next to Estella Fei continued to eat potato chips, don’t you just want to send people home? Which one of your eyes sees that I’m thinking.

Marven Su grabbed the potato chips from Estella’s hand.

The junk food was so happy and the pig turned Of you Estella received a remittance three days later, the full amount of the new suit, and it was credited to her account without any difference.

Estelle smiled and showed Marven Su the text message sent by the bank.

Lisa called me the money. What are you doing with money? Marven Su lifted her hair back to see if she had a new way of lust and indulgence.

Look at it, people are not interested in you at all.

Estelle hooked her lips and deliberately mocked him.

There is a kind of ex-husband like Elbert. You can make a joke about how you compare with Elbert. On the other side, Lisa was lying on the bed.

The death of her relatives and a serious illness made her as if she had been exhausted.

She was leaning against the bed with a pale face, having a nightmare.

In the dream, she was running constantly, and the night behind was chasing him, but his handsome face was as cold as a devil at this moment, as if he was going to kill her, Lisa, if you want your child, come over and give me atonement

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