His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 87 – 88

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Chapter 87

I don’t want me to struggle on the edge of the cliff without Lisa, and I stubbornly resist, Elbert, you devil, you made me like this, you have a little regret in your heart, but Elbert’s face soon turned into Marven Su’s face, man Laughing and pushing her directly into the abyss, Lisa screamed and heard his cold voice. You are an artificial woman who died when she died.

It is not a pity that Lisa woke up from a nightmare, and went to see the weather outside the window. , It was night.

She took cold medicine and fell asleep until now.

The plot in the dream seemed to make her feel scared.

The heart was beating in her thin chest.

Lisa felt that she had returned to the days when she was entangled in nightmares.

She couldn’t get rid of the shadow and could not save herself. No more behaved figure helping her warm milk when she woke up from her dream, Lisa’s eyes were red, but she resisted not letting her tears fall, she got up and went to the hot water for herself, and then flipped through the drawer.

Take out the medicine.

Her silent figure cast only a lonely shadow on the wall, lonely to make people crazy.

Christian is not around, Braden is not in the world, people around her hurt her over and over again, she knows how to prevent her, she knows it, but she really has nowhere to go. Goodness, please forgive me as much as you can.

Lisa held the cup in her hand, only to feel the tears falling again.

She held back her cold body and opened the notebook, and saw Mr. Xu sending it when she was not online.

An email came, and it said that her design was favored by the manufacturer. Now an assembly line has been set up to produce the bags she designed.

I hope she can provide them with detailed information on styles and materials as soon as possible.

It was like a faint light in a dark day.

Lisa felt that she could not live anymore, but this weak but firm belief dragged her fragmented life forward.

She clenched her hands and broke.

The little finger that fell off faintly trembled.

In the middle of the night, all the lights in this building were extinguished. Only the room of Lisa was lit with a faint light.

The woman’s pale face was covered with unconcealable sickness, but her eyes were amazingly bright.

Staring at the screen, there are countless scraps on hand, full of various shapes, models, and settings. From the darkening of the night to the dawn of the sky, the woman finally raised her head from the table, scanned her drawing into the computer, and then sent this reply to Mr. Xu in the form of an email.

She looked at the light in the sky, whispered softly, and it was dawn, illuminating her world together. Brother, this bag is the painstaking effort I designed together with you.

I will not let it go halfway.

I will let the whole world witness our efforts.

Lisa stood up and poured himself a cup of hot water, then sat down and started to continue.

In the further design, she is very careful and conscientious, scattered scattered on the front of her forehead, it looks a little soft.

The woman seemed to have made up her mind, and the look in her eyes was extremely determined, even if the Tang family was no longer the same, even if she was no longer the old lady of the Tang family, but her pride and talent were as always, her hand holding the pen was trembling.

Lisa’s eyes reddened while painting, but she held it back fiercely. Be strong, she forced herself to live, to live, there will be daybreak

Chapter 88

Lisa’s design is very successful.

In conjunction with the commercials’ advertisements, countless celebrities have come forward to customize its private styles before her physical listing.

This time, Mr. Xu put the divided money into her account.

Then I called Miss Tang directly.

Thank you for the joint design with our company this time.

I don’t know if you are free tonight.

Take the time to have dinner. Mr. Xu was very polite and reported the address.

Lisa did not refuse, even if the man’s son had been unruly to her, but when he saw him constantly paying for his son’s stupid behavior, Lisa thought of Xu Song. With a few strands of white hair on his head, his heart felt unbearable.

So she agreed to go to the appointment tonight, hung up the phone, Lisa began to choose clothes.

She has always been expensive, and wearing clothes is also her own taste. Just when the weather was cold, Lisa chose a beige coat. Because the coat was generous, she only wore a close-fitting base T-shirt. Go out with a pair of stilettos.

The night wind was still cold as expected. When it hit Lisa, she wrapped her clothes tightly, came to the agreed place at the agreed time, and opened the door to enter. Mr. Xu and a circle of partners were all there.

Seeing her toasting, Tang The young lady is so talented and beautiful, thank you everyone.

Lisa was not good at resigning, poured a small glass of red wine and respected everyone. Mr. Xu again mentioned the works of Lisa, and while recommending her to his partners, he was full of praise. Oh, it really created our brand’s record. Miss Tang, this is my business card.

I also hope to cooperate with you next time. Mr. Xu’s friends handed over business cards one after another.

Lisa’s life seemed to have opened a new door.

She carefully designed the works, and Mr. Xu helped her pave the way, sincerely, this time I did not believe the wrong person.

Lisa said several times of thanks, and everyone laughed and toasted and drank again. When they were full of food and drink, several bosses proposed to talk and sing, and everyone looked at Lisa.

Seeing everyone put their gazes on themselves, Lisa couldn’t refute their wish, so he agreed. Xu quickly took the phone to book a KTV box, and a group of people went out talking and laughing, watching Lisa Someone joked that we had a bunch of middle-aged uncles to accompany Miss Tang, Lao Su, call your son over to play together, or Miss Tang would be boring alone.

That brat seems to be going out to play tonight, alas. Miss Tang, don’t think we are too old. No no.

Lisa said politely.

In fact, I used to sing with my dad. When he arrived in the ktv private room, Mr. Xu sat down and called a few little girls to play together for Lisa, so that she would not be so embarrassed.

Lisa smiled quickly, picked up the shout cup filled with pure wine, and respected them again.

Twenty minutes later, Lisa got bored and stood up and wanted to breathe, and said, I’ll go to the toilet first.

After going to the toilet and coming out, Lisa stood by the sink outside and noticed the upsurge of alcohol.

As soon as she took a breath, a shadow fell behind her. When she raised her head, she happened to see Marven Su standing behind her without a smile.

The exquisite mixed-race face was projected into her eyes through the mirror, which made Lisa’s body become colder by bit, and the man blew it carelessly.

I whistle, come to the toilet idle and bored, but there are new discoveries.

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