His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 89 – 90

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Chapter 89

Lisa saw his frivolous appearance, and thought of how he played with him that rainy night, so his face suddenly became cold, and he said to him, Mr.

Su, please give in.

Marven Su didn’t speak, and grabbed her wrist. Before Lisa could not react, the man dragged her to another private room. What are you doing? Lisa called out, but in KTV, the waiter thought it was two people.

After drinking too much and making conflicts, they hid one after another, and Marven Su looked at the honorable status, they didn’t dare to stop them.

Lisa struggled all the way but was dragged into the private room by him.

The man dragged her directly in and pushed her hard.

Lisa almost couldn’t stand firmly, holding on to the wall to keep everything flashing in the light, her face pale.

Marven Su paused the sound of music and said with a smile of laughter. Everyone stopped and looked at Lisa.

She almost saw the most conspicuous thin night in the crowd without much effort.

At that time, the private room was smoky and the lights were dim.

A bunch of sisters around him surrounded him, but he was sitting in the middle, with a dog-like appearance. , A tall suit, thought it was a big star without knowing it.

Lisa wanted to leave, but found that the exit was blocked by Marven Su.

She smiled, only to realize that today’s calamity cannot be avoided.

Marven Su dragged her and forcibly stuffed a glass of wine into her hand.

Hey, I’ll bring you over, so I want to have a drink anyway. Elbert looked at her lightly like strangers, and then they took back each other like strangers.


Lisa’s heart trembled, and when he touched Elbert’s cold eyes, he only felt that his blood was frozen.

I laughed at myself, Elbert, in the end, I am so passionate, and expect you to help me and she said, if I don’t drink it, Marven Su sneered, this is the second time you have shamelessly.

He asked her to spend the night in love at the bar last time, but she refused on the spot.

Lisa laughed colder than Marven Su. Didn’t Mr.

Su understand this already, but when she hadn’t had time to say her next sentence, there was already a woman standing by her side, and she didn’t know when she would come to her, straight A slap fell on her face and this slap made Lisa’s brain hum Stella Jiang yelled out the name of that person angrily.

It turned out to be the woman she had entangled with Lisa and Braden at the door of Elbert’s house. You dare to refute the face of Young Master Su, Lisa, do you take yourself too seriously, thinking that no one dares to touch you? Lisa just raised her head, and the second slap came right after her, she fell. On the ground, Stella Jiang grabbed the wine on the side of the table and poured her all over.

Lisa, you sold it out, pretending to be high-minded and thin-minded while Marven Su, do you think men are brainless? Haha, Young Master Su told us when he went back, what kind of rainy night is naked, really amazing, this kind of seduce means is worthy of Lisa who has been in jail without speaking, the next second he raised his head, his eyes looked like murder Dao Stella Jiang was forced to take a few steps back by the look in her eyes, gritted her teeth and said, you are not willing to be torn apart by me, you are not reconciled, not reconciled to Lisa, laughing, Stella Jiang, you are also worthy of me and who is not willing to leave A man who can’t live a dog, I think you know better than me

Chapter 90

Everyone thought it was a great humiliation, but the woman in front of her stood up, even though she was still swaying when she stood up, she was so thin that she was so thin that they felt distressed. When this mind crossed everyone’s mind, everyone was taken aback. Distressed, distressed, the woman in front of Lisa’s mouth was still smiling. When everyone hadn’t recovered, she slapped Stella Jiang’s face with a slap.

The woman’s facial features were so beautiful that Stella Jiang hadn’t been slapped in public. , She recovered her face and cried out.

If you dare to hit me, two younger brothers came up and pressed Lisa to the ground again.

Her knees softened, and she slammed straight towards the table in the box. Go, at the moment of the collision, there was a sharp pain, Lisa twitched in her lower abdomen a few times, and she let out a groan that was extremely tolerable. Stella Jiang. Elbert frowned, just enough.

Alas, Elbert, you won’t be distressed by your ex-wife, Marven Su interjected coolly, then, Stella, who will be distressed? Elbert’s vision suddenly sharpened, you know she is all the people in my ex-wife’s box.

Shocked, everyone looked at the woman who was pressed on the ground in disbelief.

Her facial features were indeed familiar.

This woman turned out to be Elbert’s ex-wife, Stella, I think, she should be punished properly, otherwise she I really thought that I was the old Miss Tang, Bialla Anfaintly uttered aloud. Every time this woman spoke seemingly unintentional, she was actually driving her to death at every step and forcing Miss Lisang Stella to laugh a few times.

There is no Tang family in Freinvilla now, Lisa, what kind of lady do you count as the young lady in the Jin Zhizun Phoenix next door? Hahaha The people around laughed and coaxed, Stella Jiang grabbed Lisa, she could not move when she was pressed, Stella Jiang Pour the wine into her mouth, drink it, didn’t you just want to catch Marven Su, don’t you drink it Stella Jiang Elbert called out her name again, don’t be lawless, be kind to you, it’s better, Lisa, you beg us to be thin Shao, Elbert speaks, I will let you go, how Stella Jiang’s words are like directing Lisa to death, the moment she raised her head, the blood on her face faded away and she came to Lisa in the night, and her tolerant body was slowly growing.

Trembling, he was a little worried that the woman in front of him would not be able to support falling down.

Looking at her, she felt as if she was suffering from some terrible pain.

Lisa didn’t raise her head.

His hand was raised by Stella Jiang’s hand to the table. People around him said that it was Miss Jiang’s mutilated right hand that was hit by this hand.

At the next moment when everyone’s eyes were exposed, there was a sound of breathing around.

Lisa wanted to laugh out loud, this bit of pain is nothing, this bit of pain is not as much as the pain in her heart. You are very painful.

I noticed that Lisa’s right hand was shaking, and she noticed that her other hand was holding her lower abdomen. , Subconsciously lowered his voice and asked.

I said the pain, would you let me go? Lisa was like a broken jar, facing Elbert’s gaze fearlessly. Man, silent.

Lisa laughed, and the laughter was full of holes, so I won’t hurt.

If it hurts, it will die, if its heart is dead, it will never hurt again.

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