His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 95 – 96

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Chapter 95

After Lisa introduced himself, before everyone recovered, he walked off the stage and disappeared in the crowd with Chris.

At this time, everyone suddenly recovered, as if shocked, they mumbled dawn.

The name.

That night, dawn became an enchanting dream in all of them.

She was noble and noble, her eyes were proud, even though the light fell, she had fallen apart, but tried to stand up again and again.

As long as she does not die, as long as the faith does not die, this life is just a comeback.

Lisa shuttles between the crowd. Jia Qi, who was in the same place, also walked off the stage holding Daniel Ye. When she saw her, her friend smiled at her.

Laugh, you are very dazzling today.

Lisa is a little bit shy now, and you are also very beautiful. Daniel Ye next to Jia Qi has always had an unpredictable accent.

His light golden pupils are like high-grade amber. When he saw Lisas, he stretched out his hand, saying goodbye with the kind of respect that men would have to men.

Hello, miss.

A talented woman is naturally admired by men.

Lisa was also grateful for Daniel Ye’s previous help, and immediately shook hands with him.

He also squeezed two glasses of wine from the tray in the hands of the waiter passing by.

The champagne liquid was shaking between the edges of the glasses.

Thank you.

The last stay.

It’s not an acceptance. Daniel Ye hugged Jia Qi’s waist.

The man was calm and generous.

Standing with Jia Qi, they looked like a pair at first glance. Jia Qi blinked and said, next time President Ye does not want me, I have nowhere to go, Jia, you have to take me in.

Lisa laughed, bah bah bah, how could you be fired.

That’s right, I love you so much, I’m not willing to fire your man’s talking face with the usual sneer, Jia Qi gritted his teeth, turned his head and smiled softly at Lisa, then let’s go and say hello to the partner over there.

If you go late at night, let’s have supper together.

It is good.

Lisa nodded slightly. Jia Qi said softly, behind you, a man has been staring at you for a long time.

After speaking, she immediately took Daniel Ye away.

Lisa was puzzled, and was about to say who it was, but when she looked back, she ran into Elbert’s eyes.

His aura is really too strong, so standing in the crowd is also conspicuous, advanced and perfect body, exquisite and handsome facial features, and a cold air, although there are many celebrities around him who greet him, he always smiles away. , An ice pool under my eyes.

Such a man is ruthless and cold. You can talk to him about anything, but you can’t talk about love. For him, loving this kind of thing is a kind of pastime. One day he doesn’t want to continue this game, so he can withdraw and leave anytime and anywhere without any memorials.

Across the crowd, Lisa and Elbert’s eyes intersect in this way, just like at other people’s birthday banquets, the young and immature she saw the same invited Elbert across the crowd.

After drifting away for most of the circle, they suddenly met.

At that moment, the heart counted down. On this occasion, people come and go, vaguely like yesterday’s old dream, but the old is not yesterday, and everything has been changed under the scouring of the years, Lisa thinks, she probably first moved her heart and used affection, so it was already at that moment.

Hand over the position of the winner to Elbert.

The man with noble clothes and indifferent eyebrows walked towards her step by step.

At that moment, Lisa suddenly felt a sense of bewilderment. Until he stood still in front of her, that enchanting face faced him directly.

He called her, using a familiar word, poetry.

Chapter 96

At that moment, a wave of memories came surging and swallowed her. Between the flashes of lightning, countless thoughts that they used to get along with each other passed through Lisa’s mind. For five years, they were married for five years.

How did he want to lose I just lost Lisa and cleared up the flustered emotions on his face. Chris next to him first opened his mouth to help her resolve the embarrassment. Xiao Shao seemed to be an old acquaintance with dawn.

In fact, Chris also called her the English name dawn in private, and that At that time, Lisa felt that he was alive, as a dawn reborn from the ashes, rather than the silly woman who loved him carefully. Chris’s question made Elbert’s eyes deepen without a trace, as if a little emotion passed through his eyes at that moment, but in an instant he was swallowed by the pupils that were as deep as a black hole.

His eyes were very dark, shining with magnificent luster, and had a beautiful to strange beauty.

Thin night, thin night, thin love like night.

Lisa smiled and said to Chris, no, we are not familiar.

At that moment, Elbert’s pupils shrank without a trace, and then he said, Lisa, do you see our relationship like this? At that moment, Lisa asked sharply, that she had imagined this scene.

After countless times, but when it comes to real encounters, it turns out that the heart will still hurt, and the blood will still surge. Facing Elbert, she would never be as calm and self-sufficient as she imagined. Chris noticed that Lisa’s fingers holding his arm tightened, as if subconsciously seeking a driftwood that could be held tightly, and grasped him firmly, but the woman’s eyes were fixed on the man in front of her.

Her eyes were like a knife, and she seemed to want to cut off Elbert’s enchanting face with a knife, cut his good-sounding, tear his well-dressed, she wanted to see if his heart was made of meat, midnight dreams.

After all the atrocities against her, will it hurt? I don’t know when we have more relationships.

The woman put up all the disguise and laughed sarcastically.

Let me tell you, what stories have we had between us.

The appearance of Lisa was unexpected by Elbert.

He never thought that she would have such a side, and he never thought that one day Lisa would stand up his whole body to face him.

He thought that even if Lisa was cruel to anyone, he would not do this to him.

The man went up to grab her hand, but she avoided it without a trace.

Lisa leaned his body slightly behind Chris, and then rushed at him, since there is nothing wrong with Elbert, we will leave first.

Her tone was so swift, she didn’t seem to want to be in contact with Elbert at all. Chris noticed the slight trembling of his female partner, and looked at Elbert again, and finally chose to cooperate with Lisa.

I am embarrassed to be Sha Shao.

It seems that my female partner is a little uncomfortable.

I will take her back to the hotel. . Elbert’s eyebrows suddenly jumped when he heard the words “return to the hotel”, and looked at Lisa in disbelief.

She actually lived with Chris, but Lisa didn’t give him much time to think about it, and followed Chris directly.

The two walked out of the crowd towards the hotel lobby. Elbert stared at Lisa’s back for a long time.

This is the man.

He suddenly retracted his eyes and took out the phone from his pocket.

Hey, it’s me. Go check Chris’ background as soon as possible.

It’s best to give me information right away.

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