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Chapter 779

In the early morning, the golden morning light reflected through the thin glass window into the cozy room, and the person on the bed began to wake up.

Sara had already dispelled the unhappiness of last night.

As long as there are little guys around, unhappy things are always so easy to be ignored.

“Lil, here, there is no fragrance on this side…” The little guy picked up the little pajamas on his body, revealing the shy pink belly, and the grandmother’s voice screamed for Sara to help him with the fragrance.

Sara couldn’t laugh or cry, and she took off his pajamas again, “Don’t apply it there, boys are so fragrant, be careful that girls want to make fun of you, painting a small face is enough!”

“Not enough, hurry up, here, and here! William wants fragrance, Old William said that William stinks!” William said, not forgetting to wrinkle his little brow and shrug his little nose.

“Smelly?” Sara said and sniffed the little guy.

No! he smells very good, it’s still the kind of baby-like milky fragrance, the kind that smells nice.

“Hurry up…” William began to urge her again.

“Alright, alright! Just apply a little bit…” There is no way to take this guy.

Sara had to obediently help him apply another layer of fragrant powder on his belly. As a result, the little guy still felt that it was not enough. It was not until Sara applied the fragrant powder all over his body that the little ghost was finally satisfied. Quieted down.

“Haha…” William sniffed on himself, and then, smirked with satisfaction, and very proud, “Old William must praise William for the fragrance!”

As he said, the little head swayed, like that rattle, extremely cute, and Sara couldn’t help but follow him with a silly smile.

“William, today Mommy is going out to accompany an uncle for dinner, do you want to go with Mommy?” Sara helped him change his clothes and asked him.

“Don’t go!!” Shaking his head, he refused without hesitation.

“Why?” Sara looked at him curiously. Didn’t this kid do what he did before, did he follow? What’s wrong now? When did he stop being her little tail!

“Then Lil doesn’t want little William to stay at home alone!” Seeing the little guy’s resolute appearance, Sara had no choice but to act like a baby and pretend to be pitiful.

“Lil, don’t worry, William won’t stay at home alone! Come on, don’t be unhappy, smile…” the little guy said, even holding up Sara’s face with his little hand in a serious manner. Lowering his head, he printed a tender kiss on her lips.

Seeing him look like an adult, Sara suddenly laughed.

She always feels that her son will be a wicked evildoer in the future. Looking at his affectionate appearance, she doesn’t know how many girls he will deceive in the future!

Smelly boy, if he is older, maybe even his mother will be tricked away by him!!!

She doesn’t know whose factor he inherited!!!

Sara grabbed his two warm little hands, frowned, and looked at him, “Where are you going if William is not at home?”

“William is going to find Old William!” William said solemnly.

“Go to Old William?” Sara was stunned, and asked him uneasily, “How would you know to go!”

“Wait…” the little guy said, slid down to the bed, grabbed the landline on the side, and dialed out.

“Hey!” Grandma’s voice rang from this end.

“Old William, it’s me, I’m your little William!” The little guy hurriedly started to discover the treasure.

“When did you become our little William?” Brook John was still asleep, his eyes frowning, and asked him.

The little guy rolled his eyes and curled his lips, “Stingy…”

“Hey! Call me early in the morning, why?” Brook John rolled over lazily and asked him.

Was awakened, he should have been angry, but as a result, he heard the milky voice of his milk, but he couldn’t get angry.

“I’m fine!” The little guy said, turning over and sitting cross-legged on the ground, “Then last time you said that someone would send you food over the weekend…”

Last weekend, he suffered for both of them, and it was a problem to have a meal. As a result, William kept saying that he was so pitiful and so proud. Seeing the smug look of the kid, he couldn’t help teasing him and said that he would let him next weekend bringing food to himself, he didn’t expect this guy to take it seriously.

“Hey, are you planning to send it over?” The sorrowful meaning was instantly lost.

Brook John got up from the bed, held his mobile phone, and started to change clothes.

“En! I’ll wait for Lil to do it for you, I’ll go over…” The little guy nodded affirmatively.

“You want me to pick you up?”

“Haha, that’s the best!!” William smiled triumphantly.

“Well then, I’ll be over later!”


The two talked for a while, and the topic was naive to explosive, and even Sara on the side could not help but feel ashamed.

For example, the disputes about their names, and the disputes about their family, ended up falling on her.

“Old William, we are going out on a date today…”

“En! It doesn’t matter, I will remind her that she forgot to have a daddy!”

“En, yes! I’ll tell you when I go! My daddy is so handsome!”


Seeing the kid talking on the phone, Sara felt that she was out.

It’s incredible. Two people, one big and one small are so far apart that they can talk on the phone for an hour.

Sara left the room silently, called Ball James for a random appointment, and began to help William cooking.

The little guy said that he wanted to bring food to others without her consent.

Humph! In the end, he was busy with himself, but she was dedicated to the brat!

So scheming!!!

Although Sara said so, her heart was still very happy.

As long as the little ghost likes, she is willing to do it, not to mention, it’s just a meal for his big friend.

“William, shall I be yours?”

While preparing ingredients, Sara probed to ask William in the room.

“Old William, Lil is starting to prepare food, I won’t talk to you anymore, let me see!” The little guy said, he hung up the phone.

Only after hanging up the phone, the little guy ran into the kitchen.

“Lil, don’t make things that William doesn’t like to eat. Old William doesn’t like it either…”

There is no logic.

“Okay, I get it!” Sara probed her hand, squeezing his little face, “William, hurry out! There is so much oil in the kitchen…”

“No, William will accompany you!” The little guy said, he went to take the little apron on the shelf and put it on. He lifted his belly and patted proudly, “William is not afraid of it!”

Sara smiled and stopped blasting him, letting him go.

Soon, after a meal is ready, Sara neatly packs it in a thermos bottle. However, she packs it in a small book, “William, Mommy will help you pack it in a small book!”

“Okay, thank you Lil…” William responded in the bedroom while tidying up his things.

He said last time that he should bring his transformers to Old William.

After Sara helped William organize his things, she checked the time and it was ten o’clock in the morning.

She made an appointment for Ball James to meet in the square at 10:30, and she would be late anyway.

“William, Mommy is about to go out!”

“Okay…you go! William won’t delay Lil’s date!” The little guy waved his hand obediently as he packed his things.

“How many times have I said, I’m not going on a date, I’m just going to have dinner with an uncle!!” Sara akimbo, training him.

“Alright, okay, William knows, wordy old woman…”


Bad guy, dare to call her old woman, hum!!!

“I’ll pack you when I come back!! Remember, wait for Uncle William to come and pick you up, you are not allowed to go out alone!!!”

“I see, William will wait for him obediently…”

What! What a long-winded cotton!!!

After a while, Sara finally went out.

William sat cross-legged on the sofa holding a small schoolbag, quietly waiting for a man to pick him up to play.

Brook John arranged everything about him, and was about to go out, but was stopped by Carter Sophia who was still at his house.

When he got up and saw Carter Sophia walked out of the woman’s room, his heartfelt a little dazed.

For a second, he seemed to see the figure of that woman.

But soon, he came back to his senses and looked at her with a consistent indifferent attitude, “I am going out now, and later I will call Uncle Jack to come and take you home!”

“Where are you going?” Carter Sophia hurriedly came down from the stairs and caught up with him.

The pajamas on her body are still that of the woman named Evan Sara!

Inexplicably, there was a little disgust in his eyes, frowning, “Go up and change your clothes!”

To his heart, he seemed to dislike this woman wearing her clothes.

Carter Sophia glanced down at the pajamas on her body, then raised her eyes, and looked deeply at the indifferent Brook John on the opposite side, “Why?”

She just wore it on purpose!

In the past, she would never look at such conservative pajamas, but because they belonged to the so-called ‘woman’, she deliberately put it on!

“I don’t like it!” Brook John is still a simple and domineering way of answering.

He glanced at her opposite, then turned and left.

Brook John sometimes asks himself if he can walk with this woman for a lifetime.

Feelings, no!

The only support point is probably money! This woman is worth tens of billions!

Carter Sophia did not go home, went upstairs to change clothes, but her eyes fell on the woman’s closet.

Inside there was a row of pink lace bras, and the cups made her dismissive.

With her D, it was enough to crush her B alive!

She took her cheap pajamas off her body and went into the bathroom to take a clean shower. To be honest, she was really afraid that the woman’s clothes would dirty her noble body, and the quality was extremely poor. After wearing it for a while, it made her feel uncomfortable.

Chapter 780

Carter Sophia called and asked her life assistant to bring a set of clean clothes over. When she changed her clothes, she looked at the sexy black bra in her hand, and her eyes flashed with calculation.

Before long, someone rang the doorbell. It was the driver sent by Brook John, but Carter Sophia was persuaded to leave.

She did not leave and decided to make a meal and wait for him at home.

She is curious, who owns the room she slept in last night, is it the same as she guessed, the woman they talked about last night? That is the so-called “woman” who sent the text message last time?

Are they living together??

If so, is she waiting for the shameless woman to appear?

When he went to pick up the kid, he was already waiting at the door.

He saw him not far away, holding a small schoolbag nestled in his warm arms, sitting on a lounge chair in the community, waiting for him, looking forward to him from time to time, and biting his fingers from time to time head.

Why hasn’t he come yet? Old William looks like a turtle crawling!


An ear-piercing whistle sounded, wrinkled his little face, raised his eyes, and looked over, the little face that had just been wrinkled instantly smiled, “Old William…”

The small body slid down from the seat, and then dashed toward the body.

“Get in the car!” Brook John slid down the car window, lowered his head, looked at the little bit in front of the car, and ordered.

Then, he went sideways to help the little guy open the door on the front passenger seat.

The little guy stooped and climbed into his tall car with difficulty, making himself panting.

“Huh -” finally climbed up.

“Old William, you drive like a tortoise crawling, people have been waiting for you for an hour…”

Lie, obviously waited for half an hour!!!

“You are the tortoise!!” Brook John spat at him irritably.

The little guy squeezed his mouth innocently, and looked at him aggrievedly, “People say that your car is like a tortoise, but they don’t say you are like a tortoise!”

Looking at the honest appearance of the little guy being bullied, Brook John felt that he was a little too much, “Okay, okay, you’re not a tortoise!”


Brook John drove directly to his home.

He always wanted to ask this kid why he didn’t let himself just play with him in his house, and then suddenly it occurred to him that he seemed to have promised him to give him a limited edition toy of Transformers next time.

He does have it, but he has collected it.

That would be just to coax the little devil and want him to come and play with him next time. He didn’t expect this little fish to get the bait.

As soon as he entered the door, Brook John pulled the schoolbag from the little ghost and threw it on the sofa.

“It’s so heavy, what do you always do with it!”

“Ah…” The little devil who was still changing his shoes at the entrance door whispered in fright, “I’m going to die! Old William!!”

Brook John looked at his fussy appearance, somewhat dumbfounded.

The little devil dragged his very large “boat” and ran to the sofa with a pattern, regardless of how dangerous the shoes under his feet were.

“Hey, kid, you be careful!!” Brook John looked at him stumblingly, and his heart couldn’t help but follow him for a few minutes. He rushed forward and grabbed his back. Don’t let him fall.

Where did the little guy take care of so much? A Guru rolled onto the sofa and hurriedly got the little schoolbag that he had just abandoned and started checking.

Phew, fortunately, the thermos did not break and the food did not overflow.

“Old William, if you don’t be gentle enough, be careful and you won’t have enough food to eat!!” The little guy raised his head, shrugged his nose at him, threatening him.

Brook John was a little guilty, “How can a thermos be so fragile…”

However, even if he was threatened by the little guy, there was still a warm feeling in his heart…

It’s terrible!!!

“John, are you back?”

Carter Sophia, who was still sorting things upstairs, was just about to go downstairs to go to the kitchen to sort the ingredients, when she heard the voice of someone talking downstairs, she rushed downstairs.

Unexpectedly, she did not expect Brook John to come back so early.

“You haven’t left yet?”

This was Brook John’s first reaction.

Frowning, he seems a little impatient.

William was also somewhat startled by the sudden beauty aunt for a second. Seeing Old William’s attitude again, he became more curious.

William glanced at Old William with big eyes, and then at the beautiful aunt who was looking at him with a staring stare, and bowed politely, “Hello Auntie!”

Carter Sophia’s face was a little ugly, fingers pointed at the little man under his feet, and her fingers trembled a little, “He…who is he? Yes…is you and that wicked woman bastard?”

Bastard?? Is she talking about him? Also, who is that wicked woman? Could it be his baby Lil?

For a moment, William felt a cloud of doubt in his mind.

However, his little face was wrinkled and he began to dislike this beautiful aunt in his heart.

What she said is not good, her appearance is beautiful, but her heart is not beautiful at all!

“Auntie! William is not a bastard, and Lil is not a wicked woman. I forbid you to insult her!!” The little guy retorted to her.

“Carter Sophia, pay attention to your words! Also, this kid is not my seed! Since I am engaged to you, I will not let other women become pregnant with my seed! But you have to remember our agreement, before getting married, no one has the right to take care of anyone’s private affairs!!” Brook John’s face was as cold as ice.

He could feel his love for this kid.

But, with such a fact in front of her, how could Carter Sophia be convinced.

“You are quibbling, if he is not your kind, how can you be so alike?”

“Do you believe it or not!” Brook John was too lazy to explain, and took the little ghost to sit down on the sofa.

“You…” Carter Sophia’s face turned pale and red with anger.

“Old William, what do you mean by your seed?” The little guy blinked at him with big innocent eyes.

“It means that your father is me!”

“Daddy?” The little guy pondered for a long time and finally understood. He turned over and lay his body on the back of the sofa looking at Carter Sophia, who was so angry behind him, “Auntie, you misunderstood me. Daddy is not Old William, my daddy is much more handsome and gentler than him! People’s eyes are green, very beautiful, and they are not like Old William in the dark!!”

What’s wrong with the black autumn? Isn’t he a smelly kid?!!!

Brook John glanced at him harshly.

“Really?” Carter Sophia’s arrogance suddenly dropped a bit when the little devil said so.

However, suddenly she felt something was wrong, “Your daddy’s eyes are green, why are your eyes black?”

“Fucking Chinese!!!”

Brook John had asked this kid long ago!

Unexpectedly, he found his daddy, but in fact, he was still happy for him.

Carter Sophia was still dubious, but couldn’t find the evidence, so she had to believe it.

“But, you guys look alike… I’m sorry, I just…”

Seeing that Brook John’s face is not good-looking, Carter Sophia adopts a coquettish style.

“Forget it!” She wasn’t the first person to think so.

With that in mind, Brook John couldn’t help but glance at the little ghost next to him.

To be honest, the resemblance between them is outrageous. Sometimes, he wonders if this kid is his kind!

Of course, he is not!

“John, I will cook for you at noon today!”

Carter Sophia was busy and attentive, and as she said, she walked into the kitchen.

“No need!” Brook John pulled her aside, “Little ghost has brought me food!”

“Yes, yes! Auntie, just make your own. My family has prepared meals for us!” The little guy said, not forgetting to raise the thermos in his hand, with a happy face.

Carter Sophia’s face changed slightly, however, she quickly recovered.

Nodded with a smile, “Then…well…”

For a moment, she felt that Lil, Old William, and the little devil in this little devil’s mouth were really like a family.

Even the food is prepared…

Until the three of them came to the table for dinner, Carter Sophia felt more and more like an outsider.

Two people, one large and one smallholding a thermos and gnawing the food inside.

She was alive and well like two children, such a Brook John surprised her.

It seems that he deliberately played this kind of mentally retarded game with this kid.

“Boy, who is your mommy?”

Brook John poked his head out of the thermos and gritted his teeth and asked him. He couldn’t believe it. Why does the kid’s mother’s food taste exactly like that woman?

The kid almost buried a small head in the entire thermos, and answered him casually, “Lil!”

“Lil’s name…”

Brook John asked him patiently.

Lil’s name? Evan Sara?

“Baby, why do you eat so much that your mouth is full of oil…” As if seeing some clues, Carter Sophia hurriedly interrupted the conversation between them.

Pulling out the paper, she stood up and gently helped the little devil wipe his mouth.

Carter Sophia’s arm followed the table with a “bang…”

“Ah -” William whispered, and then, the oily water in the thermos seeped down the table, making his whole body oily.

However, this is not the point. The point is that all the food that Lil made for them was poured out!!!

“Ah, sorry, sorry, I…I didn’t mean it!”

Carter Sophia apologized and hurriedly apologized. Her eyes looked at Brook John aggrievedly, almost crying.

Brook John frowned, and quickly pulled the paper on the table and rubbed William on his body, “Little devil, have you ever been scalded? Get up, hurry up…”

Worry and anxiety are written on his always indifferent handsome face.

For the first time, Carter Sophia looked at Brook John’s expression, stuck in place, unexpectedly startled.

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