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Chapter 501.

“I don’t think it is. There is no conflict. How could that person do this?”

What’s more, didn’t we analyze it last time?

This person who destroyed the Zhao family actually didn’t have much ability, because he dealt with the Zhao family, dealt with the Qian family, and also gave up halfway, indicating that this person has no strength, how could it be him?

I think it’s someone else!

“Some people analyze it like this, but it’s actually simple, because this person wanted to eat the four big families, but when he was halfway through, he knew and knew he didn’t have this strength. So when dealing with the Qian family, he gave up halfway. People must be badly injured, dare to provoke their own Zeng family? This is a fool, and would not do it. The Zeng family’s head is cold, and he is extremely angry about this. “No matter who it is, even if it is that person, how is it?

To kill my grandson, I must let him bury my grandson!


A few of the Zeng family’s direct descendants also agreed, it must be! At this time, someone came in. “Master, I found a little bit.”

“This person came in with a computer. This was discovered on the surveillance on Zeng Shaoye’s car. The owner of the Zeng family and others came over. This person put it. Everyone saw the video. This is the death of Zeng Shaoye. At the scene, a woman appeared, but there was no murder scene, just a blind spot. The picture freezes! This is a beautiful indifferent woman!!! A woman with a peaked cap and a perfect figure, Olena Jiang! “This person who is it?

Did she kill Li’er?

“Someone questioned. After all, Master Zeng is also a master of fighting, and there are several bodyguards, how could he be killed by a woman? This is a little weird! “It should be, grandpa, the look in her eyes is very Indifference should be a killer!

The owner of the Zeng family stared at Olena Jiang for a while

The expression on her face was already hideous, “Find her! Catch her alive, I have to see, who on earth would dare to kill my grandson!!” Not difficult!

The strength of the Zeng family is very strong!

“Grandpa, don’t be angry, take care of your body, they will go out on their own, this woman can’t run!” Someone comforted.

The head of the Zeng family is heartbroken, his favorite grandson!

He decided to catch this woman and let her experience all kinds of pain!


This is your price for not having eyes!

And this woman’s family, all family members are going to die!

… “What?” Maya Tang received a call in the ward. In the capital, she wanted to know what was not difficult.

My own people called and said that the young master of Zeng’s family was dead, and a hidden camera captured one point, a car belonging to Olena Jiang.

Maya Tang suddenly thought that this Master Zeng should have been killed by Olena Jiang.

But why did Olena Jiang do this?

Did you get a killer order?

It should not be, then.


Maya Tang thought about it.

Of course, Master Zeng knew that she was lustful, toying, and a woman. She must have fallen in love with Olena Jiang, but Olena Jiang didn’t agree. Then she came to Qiang, but she didn’t expect to be killed by Olena Jiang.

“Back to Mr. Tang, I also found a person dead,” “Who died?” “I don’t know, but looking at the traces on the scene, he should be a killer, and this killer was chasing your friend.” This person Said.

Master Zeng let the killer chop off the killer and feed the dog, but there are still some clues that have not had time to deal with it. After all, those bodyguards are dead.

In addition, Olena Jiang’s car can be seen on the video with bullet marks, so he thought so.

Maya Tang frowned and understood.

Olena Jiang himself said that someone wants to kill Abe Zhang, so the killer is Olena Jiang, but Olena Jiang did not do anything, then the killer organization started to hunt down Olena Jiang in order to maintain its reputation!


“Okay, I see,” Maya Tang said, “Let me continue to check who is killing Abe!” “Yes!” The phone hung up, Maya Tang endured the pain, she wanted to get out of bed, and Abe Zhang went out to herself Although he has everything to eat in his hospital, Abe Zhang formulated a nutrition package for Maya Tang.

Abe Zhang did it himself, and he wanted Maya Tang to get better.

The door opened and Abe Zhang came in with a fragrant meal.

He saw Maya Tang who was about to get out of bed. He ran over and arrogantly carried Maya Tang onto the bed. Maya Tang was surprised.

“Auntie Tang, how can you get out of bed?” Abe Zhang said solemnly.

“Cer, I…” Maya Tang’s beautiful eyes were bright, and she smiled softly. These days, Abe Zhang was right.

I am so meticulous.

Maya Tang felt for the first time how gentle a man took care of others.

Abe Zhang covered Maya Tang with a quilt. Fortunately, Maya Tang’s complexion improved a lot, and her eyes became brighter. Last night Abe Zhang took Maya Tang’s hand and fell asleep too comfortably.

“Aunt Tang, you have to lie down, what’s the uncomfortable place, tell me, I’ll press it with you.” “No, you know where Olena Jiang went?” Maya Tang shook her head seriously.

The kill order of the killer organization is not a joke!

Olena Jiang’s current strength is not enough to cope with these.

“She said she was going out, but she didn’t say where to go.” Abe Zhang felt that Olena Jiang might have gone out to do something, and most of it was to take over the Zhao family.

Abe Zhang didn’t think much.

“Cer, do you know what Olena Jiang is doing? What did you come here for this time?” Abe Zhang shook his head, “She said miss me.” “No, Olena Jiang told me that someone is going to kill you,” “Kill me “Abe Zhang was astonished, besides Black Rose and Overlord Li, who else wanted to kill himself?


“Yes, someone is looking for a killer in the killer organization to kill you.” “The killer organization? How did Olena Jiang know about it?” Abe Zhang was surprised. What happened?

“Because Olena Jiang is a killer.” Maya Tang said, Olena Jiang is too dangerous now, she sighed, Olena Jiang didn’t plan to tell Abe Zhang until now?

“Aunt Tang, what are you talking about?” Abe Zhang was stunned. When did his wife become a killer?

Abe Zhang didn’t expect it at all, but for all Olena Jiang’s recent behaviors, she really is that her fighting strength has improved so quickly, and she has super high alertness. This seems to be a necessary quality for a killer!

But why is Olena Jiang a killer?


“Olena Jiang is a killer,” Maya Tang felt sorry for Abe Zhang.

Abe Zhang took a breath, why?

“Because Olena Jiang wants to improve himself, being a killer is the most direct way.” Maya Tang said, yes, a killer has to face too many dangers, so in this process, people will get a great promotion.

This time and last time, Maya Tang saw Olena Jiang’s improvement.

Abe Zhang sighed, Maya Tang said so, Abe Zhang understood, why did Olena Jiang want to improve himself?

To have the strength to kill his own mother!


“Olena Jiang took the task of killing you. This is the biggest reason she came to the capital.” Abe Zhang was astonished. “But Olena Jiang didn’t treat me…” “Of course she wouldn’t do anything right. Taking this task is to protect you,” “Protect me?” “Well, Olena Jiang likes you very much. When a person likes a person, he will do something. She thinks it can protect you. “Abe Zhang was stunned. Yes, Olena Jiang is sometimes very stupid. He was dominated by Li

When her son threatened her, she set the square on fire, and now she took the order for herself.

“But…” “Olena Jiang took the order, but didn’t do so, then the killer organization would defend her reputation and hunt her down. The reason she left was because she had been hunted down by the killer organization,” Maya Tang said. .

Abe Zhang was so touched that Olena Jiang did so much for himself?

But I didn’t know until now that Abe Zhang anxiously took out his mobile phone to make a call, and the call was only connected after a long time.

“Husband, I have something to do now, I will return it to you later,” Yes, Olena Jiang was chased by the killer again.

Olena Jiang was forced to a place that she didn’t want to pick up, but she couldn’t bear to see Abe Zhang.

“Wife, you are a killer, you are very dangerous now, tell me where are you!! And I love you!” Abe Zhang said anxiously.

Here Olena Jiang was panicked, Abe Zhang actually knew, but the last three words, Olena Jiang had tears in his eyes…

Chapter 502

is about to go to the United States, Abe Zhang knows he is a killer, but He didn’t blame himself, was not disappointed, and treated himself well as always, Olena Jiang was particularly moved.

But at this time, she was surrounded by some assassins and couldn’t get out for the time being.

Her plan obviously failed. The killer organization had absolutely no room for negotiation. She would be chased to death by them.

But Olena Jiang did not regret it.

“Wife, where are you?” Abe Zhang was anxious, he had already heard some gunshots.

Then it means that Olena Jiang has been chased by the killer, which is especially dangerous!

“I…” Olena Jiang didn’t want to say. If Abe Zhang came over, then it would definitely be just as dangerous. I was besieged this time, so I should find a way to break through.

“Say, I’ll come to find you, I will find a way.” “I…” “Where is the headquarters of this killer organization? I’m going to find it!” Abe Zhang said, and you must tie the bell to untie the bell. Abe Zhang will talk to this killer organization!

Abe Zhang will agree how much it costs.

The killer organization must stop the killing order!


“Husband, the killer organization is headquartered in the United States,” Olena Jiang was moved.

“Okay, I’ll come to find you now. Let’s go to the United States together. Let my mother take the two of us to the killer organization headquarters and talk to the boss. Where are you?” This must be accompanied by my mother. I haven’t been there before, and I’m not familiar with it. No matter how powerful this killer organization is, it should give my mother a bit of face!

“Me, husband, don’t come here, I can solve it by myself,” Olena Jiang struggled to let Tina Li help him?

Olena Jiang was unwilling, even if he knew that Tina Li would help, but Tina Li was the enemy who killed his father!

Olena Jiang can never pass this hurdle


“This is too dangerous. You have to go to the killer organization headquarters. Tell me where you are, or I will keep looking for you.” Abe Zhang said solemnly.

“I,” “My mother will help, because you were hunted down for me.” Abe Zhang was anxious, he knew what Olena Jiang was thinking and what he was struggling with.

“En, but husband, don’t find me, tell me when you are going to the United States, and I will find you… Don’t talk about finding me, if I get you tired, I will be sad.” This is Olena Jiang’s biggest Regressed.

Looking at it now, it seems that it really only has to go to the United States and let Tina Li help solve it.

However, the background of the killer organization is too strong, and the rules are dead. No one has a precedent. No matter how powerful Tina Li is, can the powerful killer organization withdraw the killing order?


Olena Jiang feels that this probability is basically zero!

But… there is no other way.

Abe Zhang sighed, Olena Jiang’s personality was still too stubborn, but Abe Zhang had already prepared Beatrice to go to the United States, so he did it as quickly as possible.

Otherwise Olena Jiang doesn’t know how long it can last.

“Husband, I’m guilty, I have to break out, and then find a place to hide, waiting for your husband to call,” “Okay,” “Well, I…love you too,” Olena Jiang hung up , Kissed the phone before putting it away, her eyes chilled and she was about to break through. The life and death during this period of time has improved Olena Jiang’s ability to adapt too much.

Three people besieged the scene, so you have to break them one by one at the fastest speed.

She began to do this.

Here Abe Zhang is anxious, but there is nothing he can do. Now only believe that Olena Jiang can resist the past, he immediately called Beatrice.

“Sister Li, how are you preparing for going to the U.S.?” “It’s almost time to return to the young master. I have already contacted Mr. Li, and she asked me to take you back to U.S. in three days.” “Can you hurry up?” Three In a few days, Olena Jiang didn’t know how many killers would be chased by him. How long could Olena Jiang resist?


“This, young master, what’s the matter?” Beatrice asked.

Abe Zhang told Olena Jiang’s matter, but Beatrice didn’t speak for a long time, especially surprised.

“What’s the matter with Sister Li? My mother can’t solve this kill order?” Abe Zhang was anxious, and Beatrice was in a state to tell Abe Zhang this information.

But the mother is so rich, there is still something she can’t do?

“How can I tell the young master? I don’t know much about it. After the young master arrives in the United States, President Li can tell you clearly.” Beatrice seems to remember that Tina Li and the boss behind this killer organization are a bit contradictory… Then things are not so easy to solve.

“Okay,” “The young master went back to the sea market these two days, and after the third day, we went to Mi

China,” Beatrice said here. Abe Zhang could only agree. The phone hung up. “Cer, what do you say?

“Maya Tang is concerned. Abe Zhang said everything. Three days later, when he went to the U.S., Maya Tang was a little worried. What the boss of the killer organization said, it seemed that there was a conflict with Tina Li. Tina Li never mentioned it, and Maya Tang didn’t ask. , Tina Li was once the number one killer of the killer organization! Suddenly withdrawing, there may be contradictions, then this matter is complicated, and after the boss rules of the killer organization are set, no one has ever broken… You must die! This is the rule of death, and no one can break it. No matter how powerful the killer is, the killer is ordered by the killer organization, and the result is all dead. “Aunt Tang, I will go back the day after tomorrow, and you will recover in the capital.

“Abe Zhang actually wants to take Maya Tang to the U.S., but how did Maya Tang go to this state recently? The injury is too serious, and he must be quietly recuperated. Abe Zhang also doesn’t want to leave, but there is no way. Olena Jiang will kill Black Rose and Ouyang Fei even more about the killing order!! “En.

“Maya Tang was reluctant. She would not take the initiative to ask Abe Zhang to do anything. As long as Abe Zhang is good.” “Be careful, America is different from China.”

“Maya Tang said softly. Of course Abe Zhang understands that there is also the overlord Li, who also wants to kill himself. Seeing the United States, can this matter be solved, and Abe Zhang also wants to see his father.” Aunt Tang, rest assured.

“Abe Zhang went back the day after tomorrow, settled the matter over the sea market, and explained to Lu Youwen, Du Peixin and the others, and they should be able to go to the United States with peace of mind. “En,” Maya Tang reluctantly closed her beautiful eyes and looked at Abe Zhang. Abe Zhang was anxious Walking around, especially worried about Olena Jiang, Maya Tang stayed up, closed his eyes and waited for Abe Zhang to take his hand to rest. Only in the middle of the night did Maya Tang feel that Abe Zhang was holding his hand. After a while, Maya Tang opened her beautiful eyes and looked at Abe Zhang who was asleep. She felt distressed… She sighed, she couldn’t sleep anymore and kept watching. By daybreak, when Abe Zhang was about to wake up, Maya Tang closed her beautiful eyes. Abe Zhang woke up and saw Maya Tang sleeping soundly, Abe Zhang felt relieved. “Aunt Tang, your hands are so beautiful,” Abe Zhang couldn’t help but said. He has been holding Maya Tang’s hand to sleep these days, feeling Maya Tang’s body temperature. To take care of her for fear that something might happen to her, Abe Zhang has always wanted to say this. Now Maya Tang is asleep, just to say it, otherwise this kind of thing is heard by Maya Tang, how embarrassing? Maya Tang is a little bit wrong with her beautiful eyes closed , Her hands are beautiful? Maya Tang is a little happy, but she has to continue to pretend to sleep. Abe Zhang opened the door and went out, and Maya Tang opened her beautiful eyes. She looked at her hands.

She smiled softly, “Cer, it’s so special to praise people,” Of course, Abe Zhang looked at Maya Tang’s hand differently from Olena Jiang’s hand… In the next two days, Abe Zhang contacted Olena Jiang and confirmed Olena Jiang escaped the siege several times before he felt relieved. When there was one day left before you, Abe Zhang contacted Olena Jiang and asked her to go to the sea market tomorrow, and then go to the United States together.

Olena Jiang agreed.

Abe Zhang was relieved. At the very least, Olena Jiang’s strength is now very good. After several days of chasing and killing, Olena Jiang was resolved.

When Abe Zhang heard this, he felt frightened.

My wife is so amazing. Abe Zhang is going to return to the sea. Maya Tang has already called and arranged the plane. Abe Zhang can leave, but Abe Zhang doesn’t want to give up Maya Tang, and doesn’t know what to say with Maya Tang.

I can only go over and hug Maya Tang lying on the hospital bed, “Aunt Tang, I will miss you…” This is true, Abe Zhang will really think, because Maya Tang has a place in Abe Zhang’s heart.

Maya Tang smiled softly and said in her heart, I will miss you too… What do you see in

Chapter 503

Abe Zhang went to fly.

Maya Tang was alone in the ward. She sighed with loss after she stared downstairs and couldn’t see Abe Zhang’s car.

When Abe Zhang walked out just now, she was so reluctant that her eyes were almost red. She hadn’t been like this before leaving Abe Zhang. This time, Maya Tang was particularly disappointed.

She actually wanted to say something to Abe Zhang when Abe Zhang left, but she couldn’t say it.

Maya Tang’s character is too considerate of others, she bury everything in her heart.

She was lost in the ward alone, and she couldn’t feel at ease. At this time, a call came and Maya Tang answered, “Qian Yueying is downstairs? Want to see Abe? Let her come up.” After a while, Qian Yueying knocked. The door came in cautiously. She came over to find Abe Zhang to have something to do. She wanted to go, so she decided to make it clear to Abe Zhang that she wanted to do something for Abe Zhang.

Otherwise, Qian Yueying couldn’t feel relieved in her heart.

“Hello, Mr. Tang, may I ask Mr. Zhang…are you there?” Qian Yueying asked quietly.

For Maya Tang, she has no confidence.

Because she knew that Abe Zhang, who almost turned her money family into a pauper, respected Maya Tang especially.

“Cer went back,” Maya Tang felt a sense of loss in her heart, and she really wanted to go to the United States with Abe Zhang.

“What? Going back?” Qian Yueying was surprised, why did Abe Zhang go back so quickly?

“Well, I just left.” “Thank you, then I’ll go back first.” Qian Yueying turned around and quit, Abe Zhang returned to the sea market, why is it so sudden?

“Wait,” “May I have something to do with Mr. Tang?” Maya Tang walked over and said directly, “I didn’t despise you, but you know what you are doing. I don’t want you to be with you.

My family has more contact with Abe, so don’t go to him. If you have any problems, you can solve it yourself, or you can come over and ask me to help.

Qian Yueying was sad. Maya Tang put it straightforwardly. She was worried that she would affect Abe Zhang, but if she didn’t sleep with Abe Zhang, how could it affect him? “Sorry, I spoke a little more directly. But no way.

“Maya Tang is sorry. As a woman, she also sympathizes with Qian Yueying, but sympathizes with sympathy, she will be very cautious when it comes to Abe Zhang. “It’s okay,” Qian Yueying walked out sadly. Maya Tang didn’t hold her back. Lost, Meimu looked outside the window, already stunned… Qian Yueying came out of the hospital and she drove sadly. She was surprised by herself and came to find Abe Zhang. At this time, the phone rang, she took it out and looked. It belongs to his own daughter. “Hey,” “Mom, did you go to find your uncle?

Right to go on a date with uncle?

“The daughter asked innocently. She saw her mother Qian Yueying rarely, she really did dress up, put on makeup, and put on beautiful clothes. This must be a date. “No, he went back. “When Qian Yueying came just now, she really wanted to invite Abe Zhang to dinner. But Abe Zhang has gone back. Didn’t he go to the Ye Se Hotel to find him?? “Go back?”

Then mother goes to his uncle’s house to find him,” “Mom won’t go, don’t go, some people say mother, say mother…” Qian Yueying was very sad. When chatting with her daughter, she shed tears. The most recent self, really I like crying too much. I didn’t do this before. Is it really because of Abe Zhang? Or do I really feel about Abe Zhang? Qian Yueying is stunned, is that right? …… Elvina sat sad On the chair, it has been so long since Abe Zhang has been in the capital. Abe Zhang didn’t take the initiative to contact her. She couldn’t help calling Abe Zhang just now and asked where Abe Zhang was. But Abe Zhang answered the phone and said that she was at the airport. She was going to go back. But why don’t you call yourself and ask yourself whether you’re going back or not. Elvina’s sad thing is that she has no place in Abe Zhang’s mind. Otherwise, she’ll definitely say hello to herself if she goes back! Elvina decides to go back. I’ll go back. Anyway, my work is basically finished here, so I can go back to school to see it. Elvina can’t wait to go to the place where he lives to clean up, and go back to the sea market to find Abe Zhang. He should be in the square. Let’s go over there! Elvina packed up, booked the plane, and took the car to the airport! … Here Abe Zhang has just arrived at the airport, Maya Tang has arranged a private jet, Abe Zhang can go directly into the private passage, but Abe Zhang found out One thing. There are some men in black suits looking for someone at this airport. Yes, these are from the Zeng family. They can

I received the order to guard some places in the capital where I went out, and I must find Olena Jiang who killed the young master!


But after a few days of guarding, there is no clue!

But there is no way, you must keep it!

They hide in the crowd, watching all the suspicious personnel closely, huh, killed the young master of the Zeng family, still want to run?


Of course Abe Zhang didn’t know this anymore. He was taken in directly, but Abe Zhang saw a beautiful woman on the way to the VIP.

Several people followed.

This beautiful woman has jeans, long legs, and a pretty face, especially her temperament, she is too arrogant.

This is Duan Wenwen of the Duan family. She went to see Qian Yueying, but Qian Yueying did not reveal any news. She had to find a way to blindly find that person by herself.

But after a few days, Duan Wenwen is already a little annoyed.

This person has destroyed the Zhao family, so he is still so low-key?


Or was it true that some of the elders in the family were right, because this person had destroyed the Zhao family and also rectified the Qian family, so his vitality was greatly injured and he hid?

The more she thought about it, Duan Wenwen became annoyed.

Because of the appearance of this person, I haven’t had a good night’s sleep for so long!

Find you out. If your vitality is severely injured, then you will die. My Duan family will not let the threatened person live.

She was originally annoyed, she found that Abe Zhang who came over was actually looking at herself. She frowned and said coldly, “What are you looking at?” Abe Zhang shrugged and passed Duan Wenwen without saying a word.

Duan Wenwen stared at Abe Zhang with a cold snort, then yelled angrily, “Stop, I ask what do you look at?” Abe Zhang looked back helplessly, and didn’t want to bother. It was really wrong. Duan Wenwen was wearing jeans. Abe Zhang thought about it. Olena Jiang, who often wears jeans, took a few more glances.

But in Abe Zhang’s mind, Duan Wenwen’s legs are still not as beautiful as her own wife.

Abe Zhang also had reservations. He occasionally thought about it. I don’t know what Maya Tang looks like, so I shouldn’t have a chance to see it.

This is a pity.

“I’m sorry,” Abe Zhang said.

“Hmph, count you acquaintance!” Duan Wenwen said coldly, if Abe Zhang didn’t know acquaintance, she would teach him a lesson.

Abe Zhang turned and walked away.

“Miss, what shall we do now?” Duan Wenwen’s assistant said.

“Keep looking.” Duan Wenwen shook her long legs and walked outside.

“Yes, but this person is hiding in hiding. It is very difficult to find. I think that person must be as wretched as the man who just peeked. That’s why the person hiding in hiding is low-key, rather than pretending to be. “The assistant said.

“No, why isn’t that person comparable to the shameless man just now.” Duan Wenwen shook her head. She didn’t think that Abe Zhang’s wretched look just now could be compared with the man who destroyed the Zhao family.

Abe Zhang kind of wretched

Looks like the people who destroyed the Zhao family are basically two types of people, okay?

“Yes, miss.” The assistant agreed, and he and Duan Wenwen were looking for that person together. How could it be possible that that person was like Abe Zhang just now?

That would be a surprise!


Duan Wenwen wants to go home and ask, what on earth should I find?

But she also has something to do with her. It seems that there is something wrong with her family’s industry in the United States. Do you want to go to the United States?


Forget it, go back and listen to Grandpa’s opinion.

Abe Zhang got on Maya Tang’s private jet, and it was all Maya Tang’s taste. Abe Zhang couldn’t help but fell asleep, and he slept very soundly. When he arrived at the sea market, Abe Zhang came out of the airport. Beatrice was already waiting outside the airport. Tomorrow I went to the United States, so I came to pick Abe Zhang back to the hotel today and protect Abe Zhang by the way.

However, before Abe Zhang came out, he saw a beauty, Murong Qing, who he hadn’t seen for a long time. She just came back from the field. Abe Zhang saw her from a distance. After feeling guilty in his heart, he remembered that he was in the car with her. Time… It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him. Let’s say hello in the past. Abe Zhang walked to Murongqing. Today Murongqing is very beautiful. Abe Zhang is thinking, does Murongqing hate herself now?


Chapter 504

Are you here to laugh at me?

Abe Zhang felt that Murong Qing must hate it because he was with him in the car that time with Murong Qingma, but afterwards, he had been shirking his responsibilities and asked Murong Qing to take medicine to solve it.

Now Abe Zhang remembered it himself, and felt that he was too guilty.

Must apologize to Murong Qing well.

However, Abe Zhang approached Murong Qing and found that Murong Qing’s figure was as beautiful as before, but his face was particularly haggard, and his beautiful eyes were full of bloodshot eyes.

What’s wrong?


What Abe Zhang didn’t know was that Murong Qing had been investing, but a big problem recently broke her fund chain. She has been flying around these days, and she hasn’t slept for several days. .

If the problem cannot be solved this time, she may be impoverished. She has thought of many ways, but it is useless.

Murongqing went to the parking lot to drive. She thought of other ways to solve the matter, but she heard a voice, someone was walking behind her, she looked back and found that it was Abe Zhang!

“President Murong,” Abe Zhang didn’t know what to call her, just guilty.

There was cold in Murong Qing’s beautiful eyes, “What are you doing here?” “I saw you, so come,” Abe Zhang said.

Abe Zhang really didn’t know how to describe and Murongqing, just like Abe Zhang asked Chen Qingqing at that time, guilt is the biggest mood in Abe Zhang’s heart.

Abe Zhang felt sorry for Olena Jiang and also felt sorry for Murong Qing.

“What are you doing here? Is it right to be a joke?” Murong Qing was cold.

During this period of time, she was so busy with her business that she had forgotten this man, forgot the man in the car who said that afterwards.

He didn’t hold him responsible, but he hurt himself by saying that.

But this man actually appeared again today, what is this for?

Joke you are going bankrupt?


“President Murong, Sister Murong, what am I laughing at you for?” Abe Zhang sighed, Murong Qing still hates himself so much!

“Isn’t it? Put away your fake kindness! I don’t need you to be responsible.” Murong Qing got into his car.

Abe Zhang sighed and walked over, “Sister Murong, what happened to you?” “It’s none of your business, leave my sight!” Murong Qing started the car.

Abe Zhang reached in and grabbed the steering wheel, “Sister Murong, am I right about the last time…” “Don’t talk about the last time, I forgot, it was a nightmare!!” Murong Qing said coldly.

It was a nightmare in the car that time. She never wanted to have that nightmare again.

“I’m sorry.” Abe Zhang held back for a long time, and said with a sigh. These three words can express Abe Zhang’s guilt.

To Murong Qing.

“I accept your sorry, let go, and never show up in front of me. For your cooperation with me, I will pay you monthly.” Murong Qing said coldly.

Abe Zhang was silent and let go.

Murongqing drove away, and Abe Zhang stood here for a long time, until he received a worried call from Beatrice. It stands to reason that Abe Zhang should have come out long ago, but he never came out. Beatrice was worried and had to call and ask.

Abe Zhang came out and got into Beatrice’s car.

“Master,” Beatrice breathed a sigh of relief. She had asked the hotel to prepare the dishes that Abe Zhang liked to eat, and set off for America tomorrow night.

“Sister Li, help me check now, has Murong Qing encountered any problems recently,” Abe Zhang said.

It must be a problem, otherwise, Murong Qing would not be so haggard.

“Yes, I will call and check right now,” Beatrice took out her cell phone to make a call.

One minute later, Beatrice had the result, “Master, Murongqing’s capital chain suddenly broke, causing problems in several of her projects.” “So?” Abe Zhang understood that Murongqing was short of money now. .

“En,” “About how much is this gap missing?” Abe Zhang asked, he must do this for his own guilt for Murongqing.

“At least five billion, or even more.” “Help her make up this hole.” Beatrice was surprised, “make up?” “Well, make up, or you don’t have that much money?” “No master, Last time President Li said on the phone, as much money as you want, money is not a problem, the key is how do you plan to make up, Master?” Beatrice smiled.

Tina Li is worried about Abe Zhang, so the previous rules

The plan can only be invalidated. Abe Zhang will use as much money as he wants. As long as Abe Zhang is happy, money is not a problem.

“Don’t let Murongqing know about it,” Abe Zhang said, definitely not. According to Murongqing’s personality, knowing that it was made up by herself, then why would she want it?


“Well, I have to think about it, Master, are you at odds with Murong Qing?” Beatrice was a little weird.

“Well, there is a contradiction,” Abe Zhang sighed.

“Okay, think about it then,” Beatrice drove.

“Master, how about going back to the hotel?” “Let’s go to the square first. I haven’t gone for a long time.” Abe Zhang originally came back a day earlier to see what happened here, because Abe Zhang didn’t know that he was going to America this time. How long will it take.

There is something to explain to Lu Youwen, otherwise Abe Zhang can’t worry about it.

“Yes,” Beatrice drove Abe Zhang to the square.

Seeing Abe Zhang depressed and unhappy, Beatrice wanted to ask, but felt that it was hard to ask.

“Sister Li, am I very bad?” Abe Zhang muttered to himself.

At least Abe Zhang was too guilty of Murongqing.

Beatrice was stunned, shook her head and said, “Of course not, Master, your heart is very kind,” Beatrice said sincerely.

Abe Zhang really doesn’t have any arrogance at all. It is possible that Abe Zhang doesn’t know how much money Tina Li has, but he knows that, due to his nature, Abe Zhang will be like this.

“Thank you Sister Li for comforting me,” Abe Zhang sighed.

“There is no comfort, it is true,” Beatrice smiled.

Although, Abe Zhang accidentally bumped into himself twice, but he was really careless, and he didn’t do anything unruly towards him, which was great.

You know, Tina Li’s Three Views are super upright. If you let her know that Abe Zhang accidentally touched her, she would be angry.

Therefore, Beatrice did not dare to tell Abe Zhang about such things.

Worried that Tina Li will punish Abe Zhang.

“En.” Abe Zhang was absent-minded, looking out the car window.

Beatrice was thinking, what happened to Abe Zhang?

Beatrice didn’t think much about it.

When she arrived at the square, Beatrice accompanied Abe Zhang up, and at the same time arranged how to solve Murongqing’s mouth. Suddenly, she thought of a way to let the bank lend money to Murongqing.

She started calling.

Murong Qing dragged his exhausted body back home. Her mobile phone hadn’t stopped on the way, and it kept ringing. There were too many calls coming in, all because of the broken chain of her own funds.

Murong Qing lay on the bed and closed her tired eyes. She was about to rest and hadn’t slept for a long time.

After a while, the mobile phone rang again, Murong woke up, sighed and answered, there was a man’s voice inside, Murong Qing remembered, this was a bank phone.

She wanted to take a loan to make up this hole, but she was unwilling after the evaluation, so what is she calling now?


Murong Qing was a little nervous.

Hey, it’s President Murong, right?

“Yes, I am,” “Is it convenient to come to the bank?”

After careful consideration, your application has been approved. You can come over.” “Thank you, thank you.

“Murongqing breathed a sigh of relief. She hurriedly cleaned up and went downstairs to drive. She was able to get through this difficult situation. This bank actually lent money to herself. Well, it must be the reason for the cooperation before, which made them change their minds again. I can go through it by myself. Murong Qing drove to the bank with peace of mind and met the president. “President Murong, the money you want is ready on our side. You can sign it.” The president brought the documents. This one The procedure is also a cut-off procedure. After all, Beatrice has already explained that he only needs to do what Beatrice ordered. “Okay,” Murong Qing signed with a heart, and saw the number on it. She breathed a sigh of relief, the bank actually did this time. Lend yourself six billion! This is a big number, at least you can barely fill this hole, and let the capital chain reluctantly run. After signing the sign, Murong Qing is waiting, the president smiled and said, wait, and then go out This process was suffering. After half an hour, the president came in and said, “President Murong, it’s okay.

Chapter 505

I can definitely feel that Murong Qing feels like a dream. Just yesterday, the bank had a tough attitude, but today it actually borrowed so much money. This is really a big ups and downs in life. Murong Qing can’t wait. She is prepared to resolve the rupture of her capital chain so that her crisis can be resolved. “Thank you.

“Murongqing shook hands with the president. The president smiled slightly, “No, I have worked with President Murong so many times, so yes,” “Then I will go back first,” Murong Qing said. “Go slow.

When Murong Qing walked out of the bank, she felt at ease. As expected, she has been cooperating with a bank, or there are many benefits. “President Murong?

It’s really you, long time no see.

“Suddenly, a woman’s voice came. Murong Qing was stunned, and looked up, she was a beautiful woman. This is her classmate, who is also in an investment business. “Long time no see,” Murong Qing said with a rare smile. This beauty, When I was in college, the relationship was misread. It’s just that after graduating from college, there was no contact. “Yes, it’s been a long time.”

“There is haggard in the beauty’s smile. Murong Qing noticed it, “Fangfang, what’s wrong with you?”

“Women are all sensitive, and she feels that this classmate has encountered something. “I…oh, it’s hard to say, my company has a problem. It’s not that I bring all the company’s materials and other real estate, so I want to come to the bank for loans ,” Beauty sighed. Yes, her company had a serious question

Question, in order to be able to turn the funds, she has traveled back and forth in the bank many times, but there is not much result.

“Fangfang, don’t worry, your company is about the same size as mine. I have borrowed billions of dollars just now,” Murongqing said comfortingly.

Although the two are not in touch, she also knows the strength of her classmate. It can be said that in terms of investment, her classmate is more insightful than herself, so her overall assets surpass her.

I can borrow so much, let alone her company’s smaller problems?

“What? Billions?” The beauty was surprised. Can she borrow several billions in one go?


So if you can do it yourself, can’t you solve your own capital turnover problem?

“Well,” “But I’ve ran many times, and it’s not working,” the beauty sighed.

“Yes, the president told me just now that the loan has been relaxed a lot, and you have been cooperating with this bank for a long time, and they will agree,” Murongqing’s words were not comforting.

It was originally. My classmate is stronger than me, and I can get loans. Why can’t she?


“Really? Thank you, I’ll go in now, don’t leave, where did your car park?” The beauty is pleasantly surprised, yes, she knows that Murongqing’s strength is not as good as her own, and her mouth is bigger than her own, the bank assesses In terms of risk, Murong Qing must be higher than herself. She can borrow so much, and she must be able to do so this time.

“Over there.” Murongqing pointed at a car.

“Wait for me, it’s been a long time since we saw each other, we will go to dinner together later.” Beautiful lady invited.

“Okay, I’ll wait for you.” Murong Qing is also hungry, just this opportunity to eat.

Murongqing went to the car and waited, and began to call the company to tell the company that everything must be working properly.

The beauty walked in expectantly, hehe, she must be able to borrow so much money.

Speaking directly to the president, she walked into the VIP room.

The president walked in helplessly, “Hello, Mr. Xiao,” “Here are all my files, look at it.” The beauty expected to give the president the long-awaited documents, her eyes revealed her expectations.

Next, the president glanced at random, “Well, I will conduct a risk assessment, Xiao can always go back and wait.” “Will you go back and wait? How many times have I been here?” The beauty frowned.

This answer, she has been annoyed by her all this time, every time she finally prepares the information, it is this sentence that is passed.

“Can you give me a loan? Can’t you tell me the truth? I’ve been perfunctory?” The beauty said angrily.

The governor was silent for a few seconds, “You can borrow, but Mr. Xiao, you have to borrow too much, 5 billion. This is impossible. Five or six billion is not a big problem,” “It’s only five or six billion? Isn’t it a big problem? That is to say, I loan

Can’t borrow five or six billion?


“The beauty widened her eyes, she couldn’t believe it, she had heard it wrong? “400 million, right? This is the number that we can borrow after evaluation.

“The president said. “What?”

Are you wrong?

Are you wrong?

I have been cooperating with your bank, but you only loaned me such a small amount of money?

“The beauty is annoyed! “Sorry, this is the number after the evaluation, and it has been unanimous by many evaluators…” the president said helplessly. “Don’t tell me these things!”


I will ask you if I can borrow 5 billion!

“The beauty was angry. “Sorry, you can’t get the loan, your assessment is only…” “Shut up, I am angry now, especially angry, I want to call your headquarters to complain about you!”

“The beauty said angrily. “Um,” the president is speechless, this number is the number evaluated by the headquarters! Complaints are useless, maybe, if you complain like this, you don’t even have a 400 million loan. “I also belong to your bank. Old customers, our company is not small, why do I have only 400 million in loans to others?

The scale of other people’s companies is not as big as mine, the real estate is not as big as mine, and her risk assessment is so much larger than mine. Why can she lend billions of dollars, but I can’t?


Give me an explanation, or I will complain to you today!


“Beauty scolded! It’s too plausible! This is simply a different treatment. Is it the reason why you are more ugly than Murong? “Who do you say, President Xiao?

“The president was shocked. “Murongqing!”

“The beauty said coldly. The president was even more stunned. “Hmph, I just saw her. She said that she had borrowed several billions. Do you admit it?”

“The beauty asked. The governor looked at her weirdly, “Yes,” “Huh, what do you mean?”


My company is smaller than me. Why does she borrow so much more than me?

You said!

This is your risk assessment?


“The beauty asked word by word. “This.


“The president doesn’t know what to say. Could you tell her that this is because there is a customer who has directly deposited 13 billion in the bank, or the death period of more than five years, the only requirement is to pass Murongqing’s loan request? As the president of the bank, after evaluation, I felt that I could borrow, so I agreed. “Say, you can’t tell, right?

I will complain to you now!

Complaint you are treated differently!


Regardless of risk!

“The beauty took out her mobile phone to complain, it must be! Why can a person so much weaker than her own loan so much, but her own is only 400 million? How much is the difference? “Mr. Xiao, don’t worry. !

“The president held her helplessly. “Huh, don’t worry?”

You angered me, now I complain to you, are you scared?

Hmph, let me not complain to you, you immediately applied for the loan I wanted!

“The beauty sneered. A phone call scared you. Could it be that Murong Qing also

Is this done?


“Mr. Xiao, I think you have misunderstood. The reason why Murong Qing was able to borrow so much money is because of other reasons.” The president can only explain this.

“Other reasons? What reason? Do you and Murong Qing have a leg?” The beauty sneered.

“Mr. Xiao, don’t talk nonsense, I just got married, how could I do that?” The president smiled bitterly.

The beauty frowned, and that was true. After working together for so long, the president is still good.

“Then what’s the reason?” The beauty asked clearly, otherwise she would not accept it!

“Let me tell you this, Murongqing’s assessment of the loan amount yesterday was only 200 million. If you don’t believe me, I will show you the documents,” the president took out the documents to the beauty.

The beauty frowned even more after reading it. Yes, this document clearly stated Murong Qing’s risk assessment, and she could only lend 200 million, which was half less than her own 400 million.

But why are there 200 million yesterday, but billions today?


What happened in the middle?

“What’s going on?” The beauty wanted to find out!

“President Xiao still don’t tell Murongqing any more. The reason is simple. Murongqing met a noble person.” “Noble person? Do you know your bank headquarters…” “No, someone saved a lot of money during his death. The request is through Murongqing’s loan request. The amount is large, and it is still dead. Why do you say I disagree?” said the president.

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