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Chapter 511

I am hungry “I am shameless?”

Gina Mo, what are you talking about?

“Murongqing glared at Gina Mo. She hates being scolded at her the most. “I’m not clear enough?”


“Gina Mo was angry. This Murong Qing actually said that he still wants to go to his own home? How shameless is this? “Gina Mo, I think you don’t want to open some stores, right?”

“Murong Qing said coldly. At that time, she bought a street. In this street, Gina Mo had a shop on it. If it hadn’t been for Abe Zhang to say, she would have asked Gina Mo to take the shop. Moved away. “What do you mean?

Gina Mo frowned slightly. “I don’t understand yet.”


You have a shop house, no, that street is mine. If it wasn’t for Abe Zhang to help you, I would have let you move away,” Murongqing said. Gina Mo understood her words, Abe Zhang actually helped Own? How did he convince Murong Qing?? “I will move out myself.

“Gina Mo made up her mind. She knew which store Murongqing was talking about. That store had the best business, but the enemy is the landlord, so she should continue to open it? Gina Mo didn’t lower her voice so low. “You can’t move.”

Murong Qing said. “Why not?”

I need to notify you if I move?


I’ll move away now when I go back,” Gina Mo snorted. How can Gina Mo let such an overbearing enemy be the landlord? Knowing this, Gina Mo doesn’t want to stay for a moment. If you move away, you will lose a lot. The money for the decoration, but she doesn’t care. “I said I couldn’t move if I couldn’t move. I promised Abe Zhang,” Murongqing said. She had to do what she promised and let Abe Zhang know that she forced Gina Mo away. Certainly not. “I just want to move,” Gina Mo swayed her long legs and walked outside. Murongqing chased after angrily, and the two arrived at the parking lot. Murongqing was annoyed, “Hey, you move, I will let you move, you Believe it or not, I bought all your restaurant houses?


How much can you move?

” “you!

Murong Qing!

“Gina Mo was angry. This Murong Qing might really do what he said. This is a female lunatic. If you don’t buy all of them, even if you only buy half, how much money will you lose for renovation if you move out by yourself? In addition, it takes time to find a place and redecorate. This is too much a loss. “Huh, let you fight with me and keep doing it obediently, or I will keep staring at you.”

“Murongqing got into his car. Gina Mo was angry, “I will move away, definitely!”

“Don’t make me angry, I promised Abe Zhang.”

“Murongqing was annoyed and started the car,” I don’t bother to tell you more, if you continue to do it, I will give you free rent.

“I want you to spare?”

Want your rent?

“If there is no shortage, continue to do it. I will charge you twice. Do you dare to continue doing it?”

“Do you think I dare not?”

“Don’t dare, you are so timid, still dare to continue?”

“Murongqing disdain. “You, I will show it to you!”

Gina Mo said angrily. “You said it yourself, I didn’t force you,” Murong Qing shrugged. “You!

“Gina Mo was stunned, she was actually violent? Murongqing saw Gina Mo who was anxious, she suddenly smiled. “What are you laughing at?”

what’s so funny?

“Gina Mo is very angry. No, this way of being used is definitely not good, I still have to move away, or I will collapse. “I’m hungry, go to dinner, it’s been a long time to eat together, do you think?

“Murongqing said suddenly. Mo Zi

Yi Cuo was stunned, yes, after the two broke up, let alone eating, they didn’t bother to meet each other.

It’s really been a long time since we had dinner together. We must know that when two people were in college, but good friends who talked everything, they broke off because of their different development concepts.

“It’s been a long time since I had dinner together,” Gina Mo suddenly stopped angry.

“Where to eat? I invite.” “No, why do you invite? Go to my restaurant for dinner.” Gina Mo refused.

“Also.” Murong Qing did not refuse, nodded in agreement.

The two looked at each other for a while. Suddenly, both of them laughed. Both of them were originally superb beauties. They smiled slightly, and the whole country was overwhelmed.

Both Gina Mo and Murongqing felt at the same time, how naive it is to quarrel at the same time after being such an adult!

Stop making noise.

“Gina Mo, go to your restaurant, you have done it, and it has been a long time since you have eaten what you made,” Murongqing recalled. When he was in college, Gina Mo liked to cook.

“En, no problem,” Gina Mo smiled.

The two are reconciled. If Abe Zhang were here, he would definitely be surprised. What happened?


However, after the two people smiled, they were a bit embarrassed. After all, both of them liked Abe Zhang, and they were not jealous and made up.

“Are we two…” Murong Qing said embarrassedly.

Gina Mo was also embarrassed and silent.

“Stop talking, let’s make up, it has nothing to do with Abe Zhang,” Gina Mo said.

“Well, you said that we both like him. Isn’t that? How to divide?…” “This…” Gina Mo has a headache, knowing that he and Abe Zhang don’t have the last step.

Abe Zhang hasn’t done anything guilty, and she didn’t particularly think about it. She just felt that if she could not marry Abe Zhang, then she would give birth to a child of Abe Zhang, and take care of the child by herself, so she would have a companion in the future.

How about being so lonely?

Gina Mo felt that she would not like others anymore, only Abe Zhang… “Don’t talk about it, go to dinner.” Gina Mo didn’t want this anymore, but she said solemnly, “Murongqing, don’t be here in the future. My office and Abe Zhang…” Murongqing blushed and didn’t want to think about it, Abe Zhang forced it.

“Why don’t I lend you the office too? So the two clears?” Murong Qing said thoughtfully.

This time it was Gina Mo’s turn to blush, which was a bit irritating and exciting.

However, Abe Zhang’s consent is required, and it is best to agree, and then with Abe Zhang’s permission, then oneself will be pregnant and give birth to a baby.

I won’t be so lonely afterwards.

“Don’t tell me, go to dinner.” “Well, the two of us said this is inappropriate,”… Elvina returned by plane and went to the square, but she didn’t find Abe Zhang. When asked Lu Youwen, Abe Zhang went to the United States. She was stunned, holding it lost

Mobile phone, I came back this time to meet Abe Zhang. I didn’t expect to go to the United States. When will I come back?


Elvina lost her way to her milk tea shop, alas, how could this be?

She didn’t think about it anymore. She sent Abe Zhang to WeChat and didn’t reply. What should she do?

Does Abe Zhang not like himself at all?

He should like it if he knows his body is so good, but when he was at Maya Tang’s house in the capital, his door was not locked, and Abe Zhang did not come over at night.

Elvina sighed sadly.

… … “Master, I’m in the United States,” Beatrice woke up Abe Zhang.

Yes, after flying for so long, I finally arrived in the United States.

Abe Zhang woke up and found that Olena Jiang had already been sitting next to him, watching him sleep just now.

Abe Zhang breathed a sigh of relief, Olena Jiang’s complexion improved a lot, Abe Zhang pulled Olena Jiang’s hand.

“Husband,” Olena Jiang said.

“Don’t worry, my mother will solve the murder order, and don’t worry if you see my mother.” Abe Zhang comforted.

He knew that Olena Jiang would not do it in front of him, if he did it, Olena Jiang would also tell himself.

“En.” Olena Jiang sighed. He wanted to kill Tina Li again and asked her to help. This… tangled.

Olena Jiang was particularly at a loss.

After the plane stopped, Beatrice took Abe Zhang and Olena Jiang down. Tina Li was still dealing with some things in other parts of the United States. Let Beatrice take Abe Zhang to settle down first, and Tina Li would be here in a few days.

Beatrice knew about the headquarters of the killer organization, but Tina Li didn’t come, and she couldn’t bring Abe Zhang like this. Olena Jiang went over, what if something went wrong?

After leaving the airport, Abe Zhang couldn’t say with emotion. This is the first time he has gone abroad. It feels so different. There are all kinds of American beauties on the street. The body is different from that of Chinese women. The special unevenness is They have big eyes and high noses.

Abe Zhang was thinking in his heart, Ouyang Fei and Black Rose had already come to the United States, and he had a photo of Black Rose in his hand, so wouldn’t it be easy to find her?

As long as the photos are sent out, Black Rose will definitely come over to find herself, and set up a net to see how she runs!


Chapter 512

is all yours!

It must be that Hei Meigu couldn’t run away.

However, Abe Zhang still had to solve Olena Jiang’s killing order first. After all, this country of America was originally the base camp of the killer organization, and it was easier to find a killer to kill Olena Jiang.

Then he settled Black Rose and Ouyang Fei.

Score the importance of things.

“Master, let’s go to eat first, the car is ready,” Beatrice had been staying in the US with Tina Li before.

She knows the United States very well. The United States is the base camp of the killer organization, but it is also the base camp of Tina Li.

“En.” Abe Zhang was also hungry, he pulled Olena

Nan’s hand followed Beatrice into a car.

When I arrived at a western restaurant, it was very luxurious. Abe Zhang didn’t know English. I asked Olena Jiang. Olena Jiang knew. She was a master when she was studying, and her English was as good as Chinese.

“This restaurant consumes a lot of money,” Olena Jiang saw it, surprised, her eyes looked at Beatrice.

“Master, this is yours,” Beatrice said.

Tina Li has been developing in the United States, and Tina Li has countless industries. This kind of restaurant is just a drop in the bucket. In the United States, there are at least more than 300 such restaurants in all major states.

Abe Zhang thought about it and smiled, and the three of them went in.

After eating, Beatrice received a call from Tina Li. After talking to Tina Li, Beatrice gave her mobile phone to Abe Zhang.

“Mom,” Abe Zhang was excited. He hadn’t seen his mother for a while, and didn’t know what his mother was up to.

“En, Abe, I have something to deal with. I will stay for a few days first, and I will come and find you.” Tina Li was indeed dragged down by the incident.

Fortunately, the United States is its own place, Abe Zhang will not be in any danger!

“Well, mom, Olena Jiang’s pursuit of the killing order…” Abe Zhang is most concerned about this.

If Olena Jiang has been chased by the killer, there will always be times when he misses.

“Well… how can I tell you that I can save Olena Jiang. In the United States, the boss behind the killer organization can’t do anything to Olena Jiang, but Olena Jiang will stay in the United States forever?” “No, Olena is from Huaxia, so why would she want to stay in the U.S. forever?” Abe Zhang was unwilling. No matter how good the U.S. is, he belongs to China. If he is rooted in China, she must return to China.

“Well, I see, the boss behind the killer organization is a bit contradictory with me. She is… I don’t want you to see someone who has no moral integrity.” Tina Li has a headache.

She, Tina Li have headaches, mainly because the two people met before, but there are also contradictions, and they have no ethics. Tina Li usually doesn’t want to contact.

Externally, this boss is a cold-blooded animal, but Tina Li knows what character this woman is.

“No morals? Mom, what are you trying to say?” Abe Zhang was surprised.

“It’s nothing, that’s okay, you can let Beatrice take you and Olena Jiang to a casino. You go in and play in the name of the boss, and I will be there later.” After Tina Li thought about it, he thought it was OK. Row.

Abe Zhang hadn’t gambled before, so losing some money to the boss is a sign of favor, so let’s talk a little bit later.

“I don’t know how to gamble, mom, I’m afraid of losing money.” Abe Zhang doesn’t want to get into this habit. Gambling is not enough to lose.

What’s more, I have never played this. When I was young, I played dice and played with Olena Jiang. However, Abe Zhang has good hearing and often wins against Olena Jiang and Dou Jiang.

Olena is happy.

When they were ten years old, Abe Zhang and Olena Jiang secretly shook dice in the quilt, which was very interesting.

Now that I think about it, there should be other tricks at that time, but Abe Zhang was still young and not precocious.

“Stupid boy, just play, how much can you lose?” Tina Li chuckled lightly.

“Mom, I will lose a lot.” “It’s okay, just play, my money, even if you lose for a lifetime, you won’t lose, don’t you know?” Tina Li said.

Yes, Tina Li’s real industry has already controlled one-third of the U.S. industry, and this is only the U.S.

In other countries, half of the hotels, restaurants, and all consumer industries belong to Tina Li. Even in a few small countries, all industries belong to Tina Li. Tina Li bought everything. She went to that country. , Is the female emperor, she has the final say.

This daily amount of money is uncountable. How much can Abe Zhang lose?


The speed of losing, not earning, what’s more, Tina Li is still expanding himself. This is a terrifying thing, and Tina Li has a big heart.

“I see, mother, you are really rich,” Abe Zhang will have a degree even if he plays.

“Haha,” Tina Li felt happy, being praised by her own son, which is happier than being praised by anyone.

This eased Tina Li’s emotions when he was kicked out of the Li family.

“Stupid boy, no matter how much money I have, it will be yours. All are, you know?” Tina Li said with a light smile.

“En,” Abe Zhang was moved.

He was always poor when he was a child, but he didn’t expect his mother to be so rich and all of them belonged to him.

“Mom, you didn’t consider having one more?” Abe Zhang asked, so that mom’s money can be balanced.

“Me? How old am I? I am forty years old and still alive? Just have you. Don’t think about it, go to the casino and play whatever you want. Don’t worry about the money…” Tina Li couldn’t laugh or cry. It sounds funny, like chatting with a few years old son.

However, Tina Li’s physical fitness is so good, even if he is old, she is an advanced parturient, but she can give birth, and the body is here.

But Tina Li didn’t have this idea, it was enough to have a son.

“En,” “Hang up, I will go to you, even if I just play.” “Okay.” “Give the phone to Beatrice, I will tell her a few words,” “En,” Abe Zhang gave the phone to Bai Korea.

“Wife, we will go to the casino later,” Abe Zhang said happily.

“Casino? Husband, will you?” Olena Jiang was astonished.

“Remember when we were young, we two were hiding under the covers and playing dice? Whoever loses will have one hair pulled out,” Abe Zhang felt himself hanging, even though he was young.

“Remember,” Olena Jiang smiled, of course I remember, she doesn’t know now

Bai, why does Abe Zhang always win?

Even five dice can be shaken into a pile, optimizing the sky.

It’s very powerful, but it’s been a long time since Olena Jiang felt boring at that time. With the pressure of studying, she didn’t want to play.

“Let’s play again, whoever loses…” Abe Zhang said in Olena Jiang’s ear, Olena Jiang blushed, “What a little villain…” “Play?” Abe Zhang smiled slightly.

“Play, husband, just play if you want to play.” Olena Jiang said, also nostalgic for the two little guesses when he was a child, but playing now, it’s definitely not losing her hair.

“Master, shall we pass now?” Beatrice hung up, and Tina Li had already explained to her.

“En,” Abe Zhang was looking forward to it, and wanted to play with this.

After all, I still have a little bit of rolling the dice. Although I haven’t played for a long time, my hearing is still there. What’s more, after learning to fight, after training, I am more sensitive and alert.

With alertness, it will increase your concentration, listen wholeheartedly, and listen to the dice better.

“The young master, Olena Jiang, get in the car, it’s still a little far away,” Beatrice said.

Abe Zhang doesn’t care, three people got in the car.

Three hours later, Abe Zhang saw a particularly luxurious casino that resembled a palace. The parking lot was full of luxury cars and all kinds of beauties. The casino was a place where there was a mixed bag, and money could do everything.

There are still many Chinese people coming in and out of the casino, so there are a lot of beautiful translators at the door, providing English translation, because some Chinese people do not speak English.

“Hey, there is a Mercedes-Benz coming over there. Seeing that the three inside are all Chinese, there must be a lack of translation.” A beautiful beauty walked over with a smile, and other translators also ran over.

“Hello, do you need an interpreter? One hundred dollars an hour, which is very cheap.” These interpreters surrounded Abe Zhang’s car. Those who can drive this kind of car must be rich!

Abe Zhang, Olena Jiang, and Beatrice are out. Most of Beatrice is in the U.S., and she is as fluent in English as the U.S., so she definitely doesn’t need it.

“Husband, need an interpreter?” Olena Jiang asked.

“Wife, how much do you cost an hour?” Abe Zhang smiled. Olena Jiang can speak English, so what do you want to translate for?

“Me? Cheap, as long as.” Olena Jiang hadn’t finished speaking, Abe Zhang gave her a kiss, “Is that enough?”

Chapter 513


“Enough,” Olena Jiang was a little bit shy.

Olena Jiang felt shy when Abe Zhang kissed herself in front of so many people.

If it is not enough, then Abe Zhang will continue to kiss.

With a translation, what is Abe Zhang waiting for?

Go in and play, this kind of casino, Abe Zhang has never been here, it should be very fun.

“Boss, your wife’s English is not as good as ours, but we have always been in the United States

Well, I’m very cheap, only one hundred dollars an hour.

“A beautiful woman said unwillingly. “Yes, I’m cheap too, only three hundred dollars. The boss can do other things.”

“The other beautiful woman smiled slightly, her face was charming. “My husband doesn’t need it, you go find someone else.”

“Olena Jiang spoke in standard English. The grammatical standards, as if they were Americans, were shocked by several translators, and they actually spoke better than themselves? You know, they have come to the United States for many years, but none That’s the standard! A few beautiful translators dispersed with disappointment. They speak so well in English, they are ashamed of themselves! “My wife, you are really good,” Abe Zhang gave a thumbs up. “You can too, I teach. You,” Olena Jiang taught Abe Zhang to study when he was studying, but Abe Zhang was unwilling, what did she say to do with this? She couldn’t help but she couldn’t force Abe Zhang? If Abe Zhang knew at the time, his mother did that. If you have money, you will definitely study hard, because if you have money, you will definitely go abroad. Then it will be useful to learn English. But it is not too late. Abe Zhang now feels that having more than one language is definitely beneficial, at least Yes, if you don’t have Olena Jiang and Beatrice by your side? “En,” Abe Zhang agreed, “Teach me tonight.

“Little villain, all right, I will teach you tonight.”

“Olena Jiang knows what Abe Zhang is thinking. Of course she won’t be angry. She is Abe Zhang’s wife. She should feel sweet. Abe Zhang laughed. “Master, wait a minute, I will exchange the chips first.” .

Beatrice said. “En.

“Abe Zhang looks at the inside, it’s really the same as the movie. It has everything in there. There are many people and many beauties. They are many models from the United States. They are good in shape and beautiful, and they wear good clothes. Just looking at it is pleasing to the eye. What are you going to play in the casino? Abe Zhang is thinking about it. Anyway, my mother has spoken, just play it casually, but it must be fun. What if you can win a little money? “Wife, what to play?

“Abe Zhang asked. Olena Jiang doesn’t understand this. Of course, it’s the husband who sings and the wife.” Husband, you have decided, I will translate with you.

“Well, all the winnings will be given to you,” Abe Zhang smiled. “No, husband, keep it for yourself. You have already given me a lot of money. Don’t give me any more money.”

“Olena Jiang was moved. Although she is now asking her mother to take over the Zhao family, she knows that if she takes over, all future money will be Abe Zhang’s. “Can you?”


“Olena Jiang begged like a little woman, Abe Zhang helpless, Olena Jiang is his wife, so he should give the money. “Will teach her husband English at night?”

Whatever you love to learn, I will teach you whatever you want.

“Olena Jiang is soft, she knows

Dao Abe Zhang will not force himself.

Abe Zhang smiled and understood.

Olena Jiang blushed, “You’re such a badass…husband, look, what are you playing?” Abe Zhang thought about it, and thought it must be related to playing dice. After all, he has a good hearing. No matter how much money his mother has, he keeps losing. Surely not, come to the casino definitely want to win!

At this moment, Beatrice brought the chips and came over.

“Master.” “How much is this?” Abe Zhang didn’t quite understand.

“Fifty million dollars, Master, please play, but I will continue to change if it is not enough,” Beatrice said.

“Well, go over there,” Abe Zhang saw. Beatrice and Olena Jiang must have no objection and followed.

This kind of pressure is a point, Abe Zhang will take a look first, after all, he doesn’t quite understand this rule.

Beatrice understands, introduced by Abe Zhang, this kind of rules can be understood as soon as I say it, Abe Zhangyue is eager to try it, and feels a bit interesting.

So let’s try my luck with 10,000 chips first. Abe Zhang took 10,000 dollars in chips and placed it in the double area.

The other guests at the gambling table also pressed down one after another. The croupier opened, but Abe Zhang shrugged.

“Husband, don’t mind, it’s just the beginning,” Olena Jiang comforted, and the feeling of losing is still not good, although 10,000 US dollars is nothing to Abe Zhang.

“No,” Abe Zhang smiled, this is really just the beginning.

Some people laughed at the gambling table. With so many chips, they only bet only 10,000?


Reluctant to be?

“It’s great, play slowly, I’ll always be with you,” Olena Jiang smiled, she didn’t want to see Abe Zhang anxious.

Abe Zhang shrugged his shoulders and continued to look. After he took a fancy, he pressed a million dollars in chips this time.

Abe Zhang felt very cool to hold it down.

But it was missed, and several people at the table laughed again!

Will it play?

What a fool, how can there be such a play?

Beatrice has no expression. This little money is nothing. She came to spend money with Abe Zhang.

Abe Zhang feels helpless, why can’t it?

His hearing is still there, he must not be used to it yet, so he continues to listen carefully.

Olena Jiang was afraid that Abe Zhang was upset, so he secretly kissed Abe Zhang and comforted him, “Husband, don’t be angry, take your time.” Abe Zhang smiled, “No, let’s play together.” “Okay.” Olena Jiang With a bargaining chip of ten thousand dollars, her eyes began to stare at the croupier. As a killer, she would watch closely.

The sixth sense is also good.

She ran a place, and Abe Zhang also ran it, but when she opened, neither of them hit.

Olena Jiang came to fight, “Husband, can I still play?” “Haha, of course,” Abe Zhang smiled.

Olena Jiang still took ten thousand chips. Abe Zhang asked her to take more. Olena Jiang was unwilling. Ten thousand is enough. What if he loses again?

Olena Jiang is reluctant, this is Abe Zhang’s money, and it should not be spent randomly.

Abe Zhang is not easy to force, and

Olena Jiang will play this together.

At the same time, in the casino’s monitoring room.

The supervisor was an American woman. She was holding a red wine glass and occasionally looked at the surveillance screen lazily. Her eyes suddenly saw a Chinese woman in the surveillance. She was beautiful and perfect in body, and she did not lose to the American woman.

Even more, the figure is more concave and convex than that of American women.

The supervisor stared at it for a few seconds. It was so familiar. She thought of someone, isn’t it the woman who recently issued a kill order from her boss, the killer organization?

Blood leopard?


The supervisor frowned and said, “Enlarge that woman.” “Yes.” Soon, the picture was enlarged, and the supervisor was a little surprised. “I really didn’t read it wrong. It’s her. I didn’t expect this blood leopard to be so beautiful. , Tsk tsk, it’s a pity, as soon as the boss’s killing order comes out, everyone you are must die!!” “The director, do we need to notify the organization?” someone asked.

“No, this is just a good opportunity for me to do meritorious service. The reward for the killing order is 10 million U.S. dollars! Why should I make it for other people? Call someone, listen to my orders!” The supervisor ordered.

Anyone from the killer organization can kill the blood leopard. After all, a reward of 10 million US dollars is just the beginning. The most important thing is to have access to the high-level of the killer organization.

This is more important than ten million dollars.

“Yes.” Someone prepares.

“Hehe, it’s interesting, I know I’ve been chased, but I actually come here to gamble. Do you believe in your own strength? You know, the people I called are all assassins! You are a fledgling female assassin who can handle it. How many people?” The supervisor laughed, and she ordered to go down. The blood leopard would definitely not be able to run away.

“Look up, who is the man and woman next to him,” the supervisor ordered.

“Yes.” She walked to the screen and saw Abe Zhang Olena Jiang betting inside. She thought it was funny. If you play like this, you have to lose as much money as you have.

It’s okay. It’s not bad to add a little income to the casino before death.

“Has it been found out?” the supervisor asked.

“That man, who has never appeared in the United States, should be a rich second generation who came to play,” “What about that woman?” The supervisor is disdainful, so it’s not worth mentioning, just a small rich second generation in the United States. Nothing counts.

“That woman, I haven’t found it yet, the news is blocked,” “Blocked? That’s a little bit capable, continue to check.” The supervisor stared at Beatrice and said coldly.

Chapter 514

See how rich you are!

“Husband, isn’t our luck too bad?” Olena Jiang is speechless. He has lost his 50 million dollar bargaining chip. How long will it take?


Or are they not suitable for gambling at all?

“Or, let’s bet a little bit smaller?” Olena Jiang felt sorry for the money

, After all, fifty million dollars.

If Olena Jiang doesn’t accept Zhao’s family, she has never seen so much. Olena Jiang does not pursue any luxury goods, so she is frugal in life. She loses so much in less than an hour. I can’t stand it again.

Seeing that she loses every time, no matter how good her mentality is, she feels distressed and nervous.

Abe Zhang smiled slightly, “It’s okay, my mother said to play casually.” It’s only 50 million. For Tina Li’s earning speed, it’s really casual play. After all, his mother is a big elite.

“Well, husband, go ahead,” Olena Jiang didn’t say much.

Tina Li is very rich, the fifty million dollars is nothing.

“Hey, get out of the way after you lose, and you’re here for the silly face. If you feel distressed about the money, find a place to hide and cry, don’t delay others, others still want to play,” several guests evaded Abe Zhang impatiently.

“That’s it, I lost all, and plan to win back? Do you have this ability??” “Quickly go away! Delay people, old man, I have to play!” Several people continued to evade Abe Zhang, you know, They are big bosses!

Came here today to spend money to have fun. I didn’t expect these three people to have a bargaining chip. They are still standing here in the way.


Olena Jiang’s eyes were cold, Abe Zhang didn’t care, “Sister Li, let’s change some chips!” “Yes, Master,” Beatrice left.

Abe Zhang has lost so much, and it is not that he has no experience. He has always been very calm, because his mother is rich, and he is testing his hearing and it doesn’t work.

Looking at it now, it still works, 50 million temptations, and then it’s time to make money.

The croupier has received the news, she has a sneer on her face, this man really doesn’t know how to play this.

How much money will lose!


Fifty million was lost in less than an hour. It is also a talent.

“Don’t you go away?” a fat man scolded.

He had five million dollars in chips in his hand. He was planning to have a good time, and if he won some money, he would go cool, but he didn’t expect to be blocked.

He was so upset.

This person has lost all and he is not willing to leave. Is this to cry and hang himself to beg the casino to pay back?


What a shameful act!

Olena Jiang wanted to make a move. She hated what others said about Abe Zhang.

“It’s only five million, why are you in a hurry?” Abe Zhang said.

“Haha, it’s only five million? What are you pretending to be? You, did she take out five million dollars in bargaining chips?” The fat man laughed angrily.

Five million dollars, the old man is the uncle. Wherever he walks, he is the uncle, so he is looked down upon by such a kid?


He is so hot he wants to hit people!

“You can get it.” Abe Zhang said lightly.

Five million is really a number for Abe Zhang.

For Tina Li, it was just a number.

“You can take it out, then take it out!” The fat man laughed.

It can be a ghost!

The plate for the chips is empty, and it’s almost the same to beg.

Abe Zhang looked at him.

“Boss, don’t be angry, you are fellow!” There is a beautiful translator beside the fat man, this figure is fascinating.

“My fellow? Old, I don’t have such a shameless way!” The fat man laughed.

Are you a fellow when you meet in a foreign country?

He doesn’t want to lower his identity and recognize Abe Zhang as a so-called fellow. He still feels ashamed. If you lose, you will lose. You still have to rely on it. If you want to hide your face, cry your father and your mother to let the family pay the money you lost. Give you?

What kind of person, lose the face of Huaxia people!


“Boss, he doesn’t look poor.” The beauty translator said charmingly.

Especially Olena Jiang next to him. Can such a beautiful woman be a poor person?


If she had Olena Jiang’s figure and appearance, she would have been a star a long time ago, how could she stay beside ordinary people?

“Hillboy! Isn’t it poor? Look at his virtue, it’s the first time to go abroad! If you go abroad for frugality, do you have money to play such high-end games?” The fat man laughed.

However, he looked at the beautiful Olena Jiang beside Abe Zhang, he envied him, is this a translation?

There is such an excellent translation!

Why didn’t I meet it when I came in just now?

Alas, it seems that dogs have better luck. They eat often, sht, and they can go with sht luck.

The beauty translator smiled, hillbilly?

It looks a bit like now!

“We have money to play, and more than you,” Abe Zhang said.

“Haha, pretend! More than me? Do you know what I do? I have been in the U.S. for five years, and know how much money I have made in five years? Say it to scare you to death, you are dead!” The fat man sneered.

“You tell me my husband to try!!” Olena Jiang’s eyes were cold. If Abe Zhang had told Olena Jiang that this casino was the property of the killer organization boss, she would have done it.

“Beauty, he is your husband? How come you look so poor? Just forget it, and keep you hot and spicy.” The fat man smiled slightly, his eyes full of longing for Olena Jiang.

“My husband is not poor, he is richer than you!” Olena Jiang said coldly.

“Hey, isn’t it? If you have money, take it out!” The fat man said with his arms around the waist of the beautiful translator.

In his opinion, Abe Zhang has a dime.

Even if there is a little bit, I lost all of it just now, that is, I became a pauper, and still have money?


Olena Jiang had a murderous look in her eyes, and she whispered to Abe Zhang, “Husband, do I want to hit him?” This time I came here, not just for fun.

Olena Jiang didn’t want to disrupt Tina Li’s plan. After all, the killer organization was not so easy to deal with!


A little mistake will be resolved

No, Olena Jiang didn’t want to impulsively break things.

“Haha,” Abe Zhang smiled slightly, and Olena Jiang was so cute when he whispered aggrieved.

Olena Jiang could only do this in front of Abe Zhang.

“Then husband, I won’t fight anymore, but I’m very angry. He said that about you.” Olena Jiang said.

“Then I will kiss you,” Abe Zhang smiled.

“Don’t do it now, I’ll talk about it tonight,” Olena Jiang blushed, embarrassed.

In the public, Olena Jiang will blush.

Abe Zhang smiled slightly and said to the fat man, “You are so rich, then Bibi chant.” “Huh, what qualifications do you have to compare with me? Do you think I will surrender to compare with you? That’s ridiculous!” Fat The man laughed.

The beauty interpreter also thinks that if the big boss wins money today, then he will earn tens of thousands tonight.

It’s right to follow such a boss.

Fortunately, I was talking to you just now, so I really didn’t expect anything!

“It’s not that I am not qualified, but you are not qualified to compare with me, okay?” Abe Zhang said lightly.

“What are you acting like? I didn’t…” The fat man said with a sneer, and suddenly choked and couldn’t speak.

“Master, a bargaining chip of fifty million dollars!” Beatrice came over with a bargaining chip.

Just now, other guests were surprised to see that Abe Zhang had so many chips again!

I lost tens of millions just now, and now I have exchanged another 50 million, which is 100 million US dollars!

What kind of super rich second generation is this ugly Chinese man?


The fat man was shocked. He only exchanged five million dollars, but he didn’t expect Abe Zhang to exchange fifty million dollars in chips!

This is ten times more than myself!

Who is rich and who is not qualified, it is clear at a glance!

Fat man’s heart is going to jump out, is this fake?

The beautiful translator was stunned, he is so rich?

She immediately envied Olena Jiang and found such a rich man.

Why don’t you have such good luck?

“You are so rich, so go and exchange 50 million US dollars, and compare with me!” Abe Zhang said.

“You…I,” the fat man was speechless, he could spend fifty million dollars, but it doesn’t mean he was willing to spend fifty million out to play!

This is what the super elites do, right?

“No money? So what did you just pretend to be?” Abe Zhang returned the fat man’s words to him.

The fat man blushed like pig liver. He was angry and looked down upon Abe Zhang. He couldn’t stand it anymore, “Okay, I will see today, how rich is your kid!!”

Chapter 515

is richer than rich ?

“Okay.” Abe Zhang said lightly.

Richer than?

With my own mother, I am really not afraid of anyone now.

The fat man was angry, staring at Abe Zhang bitterly, and took out a card, “Give me another four thousand

Five million chips!

“He’s proud, fifty million dollars is amazing? I have it too, but I just don’t want to take it out! I really thought that fifty million would be enough to pretend to be? Hey! The fat man slapped the beautiful face of the beautiful translator, “I Talking to you, didn’t you hear?


“Ah! There are palm prints on the beauty translator’s face. She woke up in shock, her hand covering her cheeks, tears of grievance swirling in her eyes, “Please wait,” she looked at Abe Zhang and felt even more aggrieved. She should follow Zhang. The interpreter next to Ce was right. At least he looked gentle and wouldn’t beat people around. The beautiful translator took the card to exchange for the chips. The fat man stared at Abe Zhang proudly, and I will see how rich you are!! Abe Zhang shrugged. Very Soon, the beauty translator brought the chips and came over, “Boss, your chips,” “Reward you,” the fat man smirked and stuffed 10,000 chips into the beauty translator’s clothes. The beauty translator said in surprise, “Thank you boss, “Looking at it this way, I was slapped just now, and it’s worth it! “Now I have 50 million dollars in bargaining chips, what else are you dragging?

“The fat man is ironic. He is proud of his own gambling luck. He may win several million, to ten million dollars later, and you!! Wait for it to lose all! Abe Zhang shrugged, “There are more than 50 million. ?

“Haha, pretend,” the fat man laughed. Such words, in places like casinos, are you afraid of being laughed at? This kind of high-end casinos, most of them are the owners, but they can say There are a handful of 50 million people, but he can’t be him! “This Huaxia person really knows how to pretend, 50 million is not too much?

“That’s right, this kind of Chinese people are too pretending, I blush for him.”

“Onlookers talked a lot, they were all laughing at Abe Zhang. Such big talk can be said, how rich is this?? “Don’t pretend to be alright?”

I blushed for you.

“The fat man laughed.” Abe Zhang glanced at him and shrugged, “Sister Li, I have a snack, please give me another 500 million dollars in bargaining chips!”

“Olena Jiang’s beautiful eyes are all stunned, 500 million US dollars in bargaining chips? Isn’t that six hundred million? The fat man laughed, “Still pretending?

You can redeem it if you have it!

“The beauty translator also laughed. My own boss is rich too! “It’s the young master,” Beatrice went to exchange it. Many people were watching, 500 million US dollars, this is a big gamble!! Everyone is talking about it! I’m looking at who Abe Zhang is, he is so rich. The fat man disagrees, 500 million? So many people at the scene can say that if they get 500 million, don’t they have 500 million, right? You can? In the monitoring room, holding it The director of the wine was a little bit surprised. How about a one-time exchange of 500 million US dollars for a bargaining chip?

Then, only three people did it. The one with the most exchanged two billion U.S. dollars one day after another, all of which were lost.

500 million?

Barely make it into the top ten!

However, this is also the biggest one in the past year, and the supervisor has become interested.

“Have you not found it yet?” the supervisor coldly ordered.

There are quite a few people who can take out 500 million at a time, but those who can take 500 million out to gamble are very few!

Such a person should not be a nameless person!

“No,” someone responded.

The supervisor narrowed his eyes and stared at the screen. Beatrice, who was redeeming chips at the front desk, looked at it, as if she was a little familiar. Where did she see it?

But all of a sudden, the supervisor couldn’t think of it again, “Then let me continue to check!” the supervisor ordered.

“Yes!” The supervisor walked to the screen, looking at Beatrice with a pair of eyes, his mind was turning, where did he see it?


… Hiss!

The fat man was stunned, his chin was about to fall, because Beatrice pushed a car over and put a lot of chips on it!


Really exchanged 500 million US dollars?



Not only the fat man was stunned, but all the onlookers were shocked. They really could exchange so much money!

Who is this guy?


“God, this Chinese man is too rich, incredible!” “Too shocked, so rich, so envious!” “I want to be his wife, don’t know if he wants to? I fall in love with him.” “Me too , I really like him, my God, my God…” The men and women are in shock. Many people have never seen so much money in their lives!

It was so horrified now that it was placed in front of myself!

The beautiful translator stared out her eyes, regretting it, she regretted it, this person is really too rich, and her own boss is so poor!

Don’t know if he is willing to let himself be a translator?

“You are so rich, chant.” Abe Zhang said.

The fat man blushed like pig liver, especially ugly. He was annoyed, “You are awesome with so much money, but do you dare to play? If it costs 10,000 to 20,000, then don’t be ashamed.” He has I’m proud, but I’m a big player when I play by myself. “How big are you playing?” Abe Zhang said lightly.

“I play count, you can’t afford it!” The fat man laughed as he looked at the gaming table!

With a count in his mind, he pressed the three million dollars of chips to the triple area!

“Do you dare to play like this with me…” The fat man sneered before he finished.

Abe Zhang shrugged and grabbed stacks of chips, taking a full $50 million and betting on twice the area.

The fat man was shocked!

Mom, a handful of fifty million dollars?

Not money!


The onlookers were dumbfounded!

The jaw was almost taken down.

The beautiful translator was dumbfounded.

Olena Jiang is nervous

, Only Beatrice and Abe Zhang had a calm expression.

Sometimes Beatrice would go out to play with Tina Li. It was a private party, and the gambling started with a billion dollars. That was shocking!

Tina Li would play this way when he was bored and win a lot of money every time!

If you say it, Abe Zhang will be shocked!

The croupier was stunned, and he actually played so much, so sure?

“IC! Lose you!” The fat man laughed.

How can you win so much?

Sure enough, it started, and it was actually triple the area.

The fat man laughed loudly, “Hahaha! I was hit, boy, you are really my lucky star!!!” Three million dollars, but six million earned, this money is comfortable!

Olena Jiang was lost and missed. She bit her lip and looked at Abe Zhang eagerly. Husband, don’t worry, take your time.

Abe Zhang’s face remained the same, and the dealer sneered in his heart. Sure enough, this Chinese person didn’t understand the game. Just now she witnessed Abe Zhang slowly losing $50 million in chips!

You will lose all the five hundred million dollars.

“Boy, are you still playing? Distressed, not distressed, haha!” The fat man sneered. He glanced at the gambling table and bet again, this time he pressed five million!

“Go on, you are my lucky star!” The fat man laughed.

Abe Zhang shrugged, “Sister Li, it’s okay to bet three million dollars, in the 56 times the area,” “Yes, young master.” Beatrice immediately did what Abe Zhang said and bet three million dollars.

“Haha, don’t you dare to lose? Three million dollars? You are really willing!” The fat man laughed. He just bet 50 million, and he didn’t dare to bet if he lost his tail. What’s wrong with dogs Respectively?


“How can this Huaxia guy become less courageous?” “Don’t you know? I have been looking at him just now. He lost 100 million US dollars with the one just now. He must not dare to lose again, 500 million. There is not enough money in the US dollars!” “Really? It’s no wonder that when gambling, he is the most timid. I see him, this one is definitely not a match. He has no confidence in himself, so how can he win?” “I think so, he is sure to lose.” The onlookers were all expressing their opinions, and Abe Zhang’s actions were basically considered unsuccessful.

Lost confidence, then the goddess of victory will look at him?

That is impossible!

The fat man sneered and sneered, so he didn’t dare to start, he must bet at most a few more, pretending that the remaining hundreds of millions of dollars must be exchanged for money, so what if he exchanges it, he dare not spend it.

The croupier began to throw the dice, and the dice entered the turntable. It was rolling ticking, and everyone watching was watching. Suddenly, the dice fell on a number, and the onlookers were shocked!

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