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Chapter 566

is here. Of course, Beatrice knows why Tina Li did this. Tell the person who caught Abe Zhang what the end is, let this person retreat, let Abe Zhang go, or the end will be the Li family. The end!


Tina Li got in the car, Beatrice followed, “Mr. Li, want to call someone?” “Call! I want to surround the Li family!” Tina Li’s eyes were cold, this was a cold look!

Tina Li was completely angry. Abe Zhang, as her Nilin, was actually touched today. She would be upset at all costs to let those who arrested Abe Zhang know that Abe Zhang should never be caught.

This will give people a sense of deterrence. As a mother, Tina Li first wants to be deterred by others, and dare not kill Abe Zhang. She must first find a way to save Abe Zhang’s life!

This is the most direct method!

The engine was roaring, Tina Li drove, Beatrice sat on it, and headed towards Li’s house!


Beatrice called, “Start the first-level family guard!” This guard was all trained for Abe Zhang. At this time, Abe Zhang had an accident and must be dispatched.

The car was galloping on the road with no one. In less than three minutes, a consistent engine sound came from behind. Thirty armored off-road vehicles appeared and followed Tina Li’s car.

This is a spectacular scene!


Thirty huge armored off-road vehicles, like beasts, full of brutality!

Ignore all rampage!

This is Abe Zhang’s guard team!

Came out today!

It’s amazing, what kind of financial resources can this be able to gather so many people!

Galloping along the way, at an amazing speed, this goal is the Li family, one of the four big families!


… Li family!

The Li Family Patriarch, Li Overlord, and several other members of the Li Family were talking about something.

Overlord Li was very satisfied with this plan. The Oak family had already started to seize this opportunity to deal with Tina Li. When he learned that Tina Li’s several companies had been greatly affected, he couldn’t sleep happily.

“But Tina Li hasn’t resisted yet. What are you planning to do?” Overlord Li was not satisfied with this.

He wanted to directly see Tina Li and the Ouke family battling each other, so both lose, and he will come out again to clean up the mess!


What a wonderful thing this is?

“Tina Li’s character is just like that. If he doesn’t make a move, he won’t make a move. Once he makes a move, he will kill him. At most

This week, Tina Li definitely went to the Oak family personally!

At that time, Tina Li might die inside!

“This is also Tina Li’s own brother. He hates Tina Li, because Tina Li is so good that he has no sense of presence in Li’s house. He spends time and drinks every day, but he has no sense of presence. Tina Li. The Patriarch is silent. He didn’t say a word. “Dad, don’t worry, when we swallow all of Tina Li, our Li family will be the number one family in the world by then, and no one can compare to our Li family!


“Overlord Li swears. Full of excitement! As the eldest son, then the next Patriarch will let him Overlord Li. Then he is the Patriarch of the world’s first family. How prestigious?! “I think Tina is not what you said. It’s that simple,” the head of the Li family was worried. He felt that this shouldn’t be done last time. He is increasingly discovering that Tina Li is not that simple anymore. This is the feeling of being a father. Tina Li’s departure led to Tina Li. The family was hit hard, the fact that he had to think so, he had to admit that he didn’t want to admit it, it turns out that Tina Li is so important to the Li family. “Dad, you worry too much.

Overlord Li shook his head. “Yes, Dad, you don’t want to think, how capable is Tina Li?”

It was our Li family that made her fortune, and when her wings were hard, she thought about flying. In fact, she left our Li family to have a greater impact on her, but she didn’t admit it without shame,” a middle-aged man said with disdain. How many years did Tina Li develop? It was the Li family’s connections that had everything she has today. Last time, Tina Li didn’t admit it, and even said that she was relying on her own, relying on her own ass. The Li family, she Tina Li is nothing. Her wings are hard, and there will be a break. The Li family’s head is silent and sighs. Now the situation of the Li family, he regrets a little bit, regretting to drive Tina Li out. If not, then the Li family This is not the case now. In order to take into account the overall situation, he has the mind to call Tina Li personally and ask her to come back, but he can’t say that as a father. “That’s right, now the Oak family has been with Tina Li. Turning over, the strength of the Ouke family is more powerful than that of the Li family. It is not something that Tina Li can resist…” Others also expressed their own thoughts. Everyone believed that Tina Li’s personal strength was OK, but overall The strength is simply not enough to fight the Ouke family. What they want is to let Tina Li use her personal fighting strength to break into the Ouke family and severely damage the core members of the Ouke family. Then, the Ouke family will be in chaos. Seize this opportunity to annex again!! This plan is perfect! “With

Quiet and clever, she must know that we are doing things from it, she may come to our Li family first!

Patriarch Li spoke. His sons laughed and shook their heads. “Dad, what if she knows?”

The Ouke family has dealt with her. She has no time and no time to come to our Li family. After all, the Ouke family alone gives her a headache. Why does she have the energy to come here?


“I think so too. I have not resisted like the tortoise with the head shrunk these days. I must secretly prepare to give the Ouke family a big move!”

It’s totally useless.

Several brothers expressed their opinions, and the overlord Li laughed loudly, “Dad, you really think too much, Tina Li still dare to come to our Li’s house?”

“That is, dare to come!? Don’t face it? Patriarch Li sighed, “Forget it, I don’t care about this. Anyway, I can’t do this position for long. You still have to deal with everything.

“Overlord Li is excited. This means you want to be the owner of the house?! Overlord Li can’t wait. “Don’t worry, Dad, I will do it beautifully. Tina Li was kicked out by us, and she can only be one. Tools, I guess she must be burnt at this time. After all, the Ok family is not joking. She must be anxious and worried now that she can’t sleep,” Li Overlord laughed. “Haha, for sure!

The brothers laughed, full of ridicule. They are all ready to put on a celebration banquet now. Overlord Li is insidious, Tina Li, you will still be planted in my hands after all!! When you die, I will kill your son. Now, take revenge for your son!! Tina Li, Tina Li, blame you for being too bad, killing my son is the biggest mistake you have made in your life!? The room is full of laughter. But suddenly, When someone knocked on the door, Lord Li frowned, “Come in!

“A man ran in, a little panicked. “It’s not good.”

“This person is in a hurry. Overlord Li stopped smiling, and Patriarch Li opened their eyes. “What’s wrong?”

“Overlord Li asked coldly. In the middle of the night, what can be wrong? What a fuss! “There are a lot of cars coming towards us.”

“The man said anxiously. Overlord Li and the other brothers looked at each other. “What’s the matter?”

Let me see if I mobilize the monitoring!

Overlord Li became cold. “Yes!”

“The man immediately started to operate, and a screen lit up in the room. “She, who rushed to our Li’s house at night so boldly?”

court death!



“Well, will someone from the Ok family come here?”

It was found that we asked someone to kill his family?

“One person is a little worried. After all, the strength of the Li family has been reduced. People in the Ouke family know about it, so deal with it.

It’s a bit troublesome!


A lot of pictures appeared on the screen, all of them were pictures about a hundred miles around Li’s house!

A long line of convoys divided into many directions and began to encircle the Li family.

These teams are well-trained, armored off-road vehicles, but not ordinary people can get.

“Enlarge the front car!!” Overlord Li ordered.

Someone did it and zoomed in on the monitor. The car in the front could clearly see that it was a woman driving Tina Li!


Chapter 567

He is dead?

“Tina Li, how dare you come to Li’s house!!” The few people in the room immediately boiled, like gunpowder, all of a sudden, they were ignited by the people on the monitoring screen.

Patriarch Li was taken aback, Tina Li actually came over at night?


What is this for?

“She is really not afraid of death! The Oak family is not enough to deal with her, actually deal with my Li family!” Li Overlord was extremely angry.

“Big brother, let the family guard go out and stop Tina Li!” “Yes, dare to come to Li’s house? Let her come back and forth!” Someone suggested that the sentiment was agitated!

If this is spread out, where do they put the Li family’s face?


“The captain of the family guard seems to have been trained by Tina Li,” Li Overlord fell cold.

“It’s okay, he still dare to turn to Tina Li?” Li Overlord nodded, “Let all the family guards come out! I want to catch Tina Li and catch him alive!” Tina Li can’t die yet, because Tina Li is dealing with Ouke by himself A tool of the family.

As a tool, how could she die early?

Must die well!


“Yes.” The person who had just entered ran out.

On monitoring, Tina Li had already driven the Li family, but all the members of the Li family guards appeared, like the ancient guards of the city, forming a copper wall and iron wall.

See how you Tina Li attacked in!

“Is Tina Li trying to kill the net?” someone asked.

“The fish is dead and the net is broken? Huh, does she have this qualification? No!?” Li Overlord snorted coldly.

Yes, Tina Li came from the Li family, and is qualified to fight against the Li family?

What’s more, the Oak family has already dealt with Tina Li, what is her strength for internal and external troubles?

“I think Tina Li jumped over the wall in a hurry. Fortunately, she was driven out of Li’s house before. Otherwise, such a person would really shame our Li Jiazu!” “Yes, she, like trash, look at her car. It was also refitted into armor. Her technology company has been open for so long. What can she research out? It’s vulnerable to rubbish!” Some people laughed, and now the family guard of the Li family has come out, it’s like the army. People, this is nothing but a mantis arm as a car!

act recklessly.

On the surveillance screen, Tina Li’s motorcade ran rampant and directly hit

Entering the family guard, the scene is in chaos.

“Madman, she is a madman!!” In the surveillance, Tina Li was crazy, and she crashed like this while driving. Her cars were all custom-made by her own. They were all special metals researched by her own technology company and were crash resistant.

This is not available in other cars, so it is not enough for Tina Li’s car to crash.

In the room, Tina Li’s brothers were all startled by Tina Li’s car. How is this different from a truck?

“Why is her car so hard?” “Does her so-called technology company really research something?” Several people stared at each other!

“What the hell does she want to do? It’s rampant, like a mad dog.” Overlord Li stared at the monitor screen, and he sneered, “She is going to come in to our Li family!” “No, she was kicked out. The Li family does not have her. I can’t ask for the position of the company!!” Several people immediately refused.

“The family guards, try their best to stop Tina Li’s car!” Li Overlord ordered.

“Yes!” Here, there is chaos outside. The people Tina Li brought over are all specially trained, and the level of cooperation is not comparable to others.

Now shrink the encirclement, as if breaking a bamboo!

Tina Li’s strength is revealed!

“Boom!” An off-road vehicle blocked Tina Li, a man with a look of entanglement and respect!


This is the captain of the Li Family Guard, and Tina Li taught him many things, and quietly perfected the Li Family Guard!

“President Li, don’t do this!” the captain said.

“Get out of the way!!” Tina Li stepped on the accelerator and continued to rampage!

“Mr. Li,” Boom!

Tina Li’s car ran into it. It was an amazing force. The captain’s car was completely unstoppable and smashed away!

“President Li!” The captain continued to chase.

“Today, those who block me die?!” Tina Li’s voice came out.

The captain convulsed. Tina Li’s words were full of murderous intent, and he felt terrified.


The motorcade brought by Tina Li shattered the family guard of the Li family like a broken bamboo!

This is a group of invincible and invincible beasts!

Born for Abe Zhang, now fight for Abe Zhang!


No one can stop!

“She, lunatic, actually broke through, is every group of people rubbish?” Someone in the room was extremely angry!

Overlord Li’s face is ugly, are these people like Tina Li so powerful?

But it’s okay, the family guards are just the first defense!

The Li family’s methods are more than these!

Tina Li, you underestimate the Li family!

The really powerful methods have not yet come out!


The people Tina Li brought over had already surrounded Li’s house and stopped!

Only Tina Li will drive again!

Came to the gate of Li’s house!

“Let her in, I want to see how far she has jumped the wall today!” Li Overlord sneered!

Several other people laughed at them. They were kicked out at the beginning, and now they come back. What do you want to do?


The door opened, and Tina Li drove in, waiting for the others who had brought him.

“Go, let’s go out and see her!” Overlord Li joked.

Several others were excited.

Patriarch Li sighed, “What do you want to do with her?” “How, Dad, I want her to know what the consequences of what she did today!” Overlord Li went out, and the others followed!

Patriarch Li looked at Tina Li’s appearance on the surveillance screen, he sighed, regretting more in his heart.

He found that Tina Li’s eyes were blood red. What is this going to do?

Are you really dead?

“It’s wrong, you don’t have this strength yet.” Patriarch Li shook his head.

Keep watching, he doesn’t want to go out.

Li Family Hall!


Several people from Overlord Li have already arrived, and he has already given orders. Someone gave an order to act on the people outside Tina Li brought!

At that time, catch Tina Li in an urn!

“She’s so courageous!” “Hehe, the dog jumped the wall in a hurry, what can’t be done? I guess she came here, begging us,” a person smiled.

“I think so, please help her deal with the Ouke family. Tsk tsk, how did she become so stupid?” “Haha!” Several people were laughing, Tina Li came in, came in alone, Beatrice wanted to follow, she Did not let.

“Tina Li, what are you doing with such a big battle today?” Overlord Li laughed.

Come in alone?

What an act of ignorance!


No one else is needed, just a few of them can catch her.

“Are you here to beg us?” Overlord Li sneered.

Tina Li approached step by step, her eyes kept staring at Overlord Li, “I just ask you a word!” “Oh, if you ask me, I have to answer? What are you? I thought you were my Li family. People?” Overlord Li disdain.

“Last time I let you run, you can’t run today!” Several other people stared at Tina Li.

Must keep her today!


“Did you do my son’s business!” Tina Li asked!

“Oh, your son is dead, right? Haha, good thing. Good thing, you come and tell me this, do you want me to celebrate? Haha!” Overlord Li laughed viciously.

It turns out that Tina Li came here like a mad dog, just for Abe Zhang!

Is this something wrong?

Was killed?


Or was he killed by someone?

Good thing!

It’s just that Overlord Li is a bit regretful, because he was about to commit suicide by himself, but he didn’t expect to be boarded first.

But fortunately, death is enough!

My son can rest in peace


“That kid Abe Zhang is your son. He must be a short-lived ghost. There is no need for us to do anything. I ask you, is he killed or hacked to death? Talk about it, which makes me happy. “The other everyone laughed.

“I see

, You came to the wrong place. It must have been done by the Ouke family. They killed your son. Go find them. Why do you come here?

“Haha, didn’t the boss say it?”

She came over to make us happy.


In the room, there were laughter from a few people, good death!! “Tina Li, you came to the wrong place, but you can’t leave today!”

“Overlord Li said coldly!

Chapter 568

Are you still a human? Faced with the ridicule of Overlord Li and their ridicule, Tina Li’s eyes are full of coldness to the extreme. Abe Zhang is her inverse scale, and now, these People are laughing! Glorious! Anger, breeding in Tina Li’s heart, as if being ignited, is out of control! “My son will not die!

“Tina Li walked up step by step. Overlord Li frowned and surrounded them. They were ready to do it themselves! As a former member of the Li family, Tina Li was kicked out, so I don’t want to be a turtle. I actually hit Li’s house! This is absolutely intolerable!? “Won’t die?

What are you doing here?

Haha, the one who killed your son did a good job!

“That’s it, your son died when he died, and come to our Li family to run wild?”


Several people sneered. Suddenly, Tina Li appeared in front of a middle-aged man as if she were moving. She hit a punch weighing hundreds of catties!! Boom! This is an amazing speed and an amazing power. , This middle-aged man with ridicule on his face, his eyes widened, his face was shocked, painful, and fearful for an instant! In a scream, he flew out like garbage! Plop! On the tables and chairs, I was embarrassed. Silent?! There was no sound in this room. Overlord Li was astonished, but all the fighters on the field were beaten by Tina Li with a punch? There was no way to fight back. He overlord Li can’t do this! It’s amazing, what kind of strength is Tina Li anyway? “Tina Li, I’m your brother, you are so frustrated with me, you…” The middle-aged man got up He felt that he was about to faint. The power of Tina Li’s punch was amazing! “Do you still know you are my brother?

But starting today, you are not anymore!

“Tina Li’s footsteps are moving, this speed is too fast, the middle-aged man has not yet reacted, Tina Li’s fist has already hit his chest! “Ah!

“This is a heartbreaking scream! In Tina Li’s anger, trash fell to the ground like trash, vomiting blood, dying. Two punches made a master fighter like this, which Li Overlord did not expect. Matter! Last time I rushed Tina Li out

Tina Li has taken a shot, but it hasn’t reached the point where it is today. Did Tina Li still have reservations at that time?

In the room, Patriarch Li, who was watching the surveillance screen, was shocked!


He himself is also a master of fighting, but he couldn’t do this when he was young, Tina Li actually did it.

How strong is your own biological daughter?


Trembling, regret, spread in the heart of the Li family.

If you haven’t driven her out, if you haven’t been so strict with her since childhood, then… “Tina Li, you are looking for death!” Li Overlord is angry!

“No, you are the one who is looking for death!!” Tina Li was dispatched and came directly to the overlord Li!

With this punch, amazing power appeared!

“Shoot together and besie her!” Overlord Li was furious!

Everyone shot, a few master fighters shot, the formation is amazing!

But Tina Li spotted Li Overlord, and his fist passed!

“Looking for death!” Li Overlord sneered, men and women are different, and their bones are different. No matter how powerful you are, your skeleton is not as big as a man. You are destined to be less powerful than mine Overlord Li, and it’s better than my fist. hand!

Make you a waste!


Tina Li ignored everything and smashed his fists!

But to everyone’s expectations, Li Overlord’s arm trembled, and he felt that he had hit an iron fist, it was too hard!

His fist was deformed and it was bleeding.

The pain made him suddenly realize!

“Tina Li, you.?” Overlord Li backed in shock, but Tina Li smashed his seemingly petite fist!

The speed is reaching the limit of mankind!


A piece of trash flew out, vomiting blood, embarrassed!


Overlord Li got up in shock, and squatted on the ground again as if his body fell apart, and his heart was astonished as overwhelming.


Is it so weak today?

how can that be?


Overlord Li is unbelievable!

The other people were stunned, their jaws were almost astonished. They just used all their strength to besiege, but they were easily evaded by Tina Li. In a second, the strongest Li Overlord was blown away. , The same as garbage.


They can’t be described in shock.

Suddenly, the figure rushed over, and Overlord Li backed away, but there was no chance at all, grabbing his neck with one hand!

The suffocation attacked the overlord Li, and the fear of death came. Overlord Li was panicked, “You, you…” Is this a dream?

Is he so vulnerable today?


“You are the one who is dying! You did not tie my son, but I am going to kill you so that the person who ties my son will know what the end is!” Tina Li has never had a murderous intention!

Overlord Li was terrified, “No, I am your brother, I even hugged you when you were young, I still…”

“If not, I would have assassinated you!” Tina Li’s hands were tightening, and her five fingers were already amazingly powerful. It is not difficult to squeeze a person’s neck!

At this moment, Li Overlord had already regretted it, what did he do?

It turned out that I was so vulnerable in front of Tina Li.

It turns out that Tina Li could kill herself long ago!

I’ve been playing with fire, and I caught fire today!

In the room, the other people were stunned long ago, and everyone did not expect this scene.

“Tina, stop! He is your brother!!” At this moment, an old voice came out.

Patriarch Li walked out tremblingly. What he saw on the surveillance screen, his heart was trembling, Tina Li, a child who had been hiding his true strength, finally revealed it today.

Such a stormy sea!

“Dad,” Overlord Li cried out in fear and pain.

Tina Li turned his head and looked, “He is not, I have always been an outsider in Li’s house!” The few people in the room were speechless!

This gap between the sky and the earth made them sober and still awake in a dreaming state!

It turned out that Tina Li was not so good at calculating!

It turns out that Tina Li’s strength has surpassed the Li family!

It turned out that… Too much, too much, a few people’s minds popped up at this moment, and they shattered their arrogant wall!

“Oh, Tina, I’m wrong, I shouldn’t be that way to you, let your brother go, he is your brother!” Li family Patriarch sighed.

He has no confidence?

What confidence can you have?

His daughter was kicked out. He always thought that he was kicking out a dispensable person, but today Tina Li proved that this dispensable person is so powerful!

“No! His son wants to kill my son. He wants to kill my son. This is what my brother did?” Tina Li refused. Her fingers were hardened. Overlord Li suffocated, and fear came again, so clear that it made Overlord Li Drowned in fear.

“Tina, you still have the surname Li after all! I was wrong and let your brother go! Do you want my Li family to die?! I’ll kneel down for you!” Patriarch Li knelt down!

Several people in the room suddenly realized!

“Dad, what are you doing?” “How can she bear it? Kneel down, get up, get up quickly!” “Don’t kneel!” Several people gathered around, trying to help the old man up, but he refused, with regret He stared at Tina Li, “Tina, let your brother go, I already kneel for you, what else are you going to do? Would you ask me to kowtow to you?!” “Tina Li, how are you a daughter? Dad? I kneel to you, what do you want? Are you still a human? Are you still a human?” Someone was angry.

“You are not qualified to talk to me, I am not a human? Then you all will die today



“Tina Li’s cold voice echoed in the room! Several people were speechless, yes, if Tina Li is really not a human, then no one in Li’s family can survive today! Tina Li’s anger, they felt it! Nothing! People refuted, didn’t have the confidence, and didn’t know how to refute, Tina Li was so kind to the Li family, and now he was kicked out, he still wanted to shame her and annex her, as if he was not a human being and didn’t take care of family affection! Tina, let your brother go, I’ll kowtow to you!

“The Li Family Patriarch’s voice is hoarse, and he kowtows.

Chapter 569

is nothing to do. Tina Li is definitely not a hard-hearted person. In fact, the moment her father knelt down, she was already soft-hearted. Yes, My surname is Li after all! What’s more, this man who knelt down and kowtows is very old, with gray hair! “Tina Li, you are not human, you are not as good as pigs and dogs, and beasts are not as good as beasts. Dad kowtows to you. What do you want?

“A person is heartbroken. “That is, Tina Li, you are a beast, and beasts are not as good as you. Dad will kneel and kowtow to you. No matter how big things are, you should let go. How can you do this?

“This is the curse from several brothers of Tina Li. “Shut up!”


Patriarch Li scolded! “Dad!”

“We are not as good as animals!”

We are so to Tina, things are not on yourselves, you are not qualified to talk about her!

“The Li Family Patriarch said hoarsely, full of regret. Silent! Several cursing people are speechless again!! “Tina, let your brother go, our Li family will never do that again.

“The Li Family Patriarch prayed hoarsely. If Li Overlord dies, the situation of the Li Family will continue to deteriorate, because Tina Li, who was originally the pillar, has been driven out, and now the pillar is dead, then the Li family will not go downhill. , But a straight fall! Then the Li family’s end will be miserable, because the Li family is fat, many families want to seize this opportunity to annex!! Tina Li turned her head and stared at the overlord Li who had rolled her eyes, and she was silent for a second. Let go, but the fist smashed out! Boom! Overlord Li screamed, this is rubbish flying out. He lay on the ground and stayed still. Overlord Li, who was seriously injured and fainted, still had fear on his face. Up!

I have nothing to do with the Li family anymore!


“Tina Li went out! “Tina, I am your father, did you forget?”

“The Li Family Patriarch is heartbroken. Tina Li saw this old man, she shook her head, “Do you have the confidence to say this yourself?”

The head of the Li family was speechless! Yeah, he couldn’t say it himself. Regarding Tina Li’s various things, he was still a father? “I don’t have a dad!”

There is no brother, starting today!


“Tina Li went out. Here, Ann

Quiet to the extreme, only breathing!

Finally, Patriarch Li looked at the ruined house, and he sighed… “Dad, Tina Li, she…” “Go and ask someone to take them to the hospital. Starting today, don’t mess with Tina anymore.” Patriarch Li sighed.

“Dad, Tina Li knows how to hide, her fighting is so fierce, she is a scheming b*tch!” Someone was heartbroken.

Patriarch Li walked over, slapped, he slapped!


“Shut up, she is your sister!” Patriarch Li scolded!

“Dad, she doesn’t recognize me anymore.” This person felt wronged and touched his cheek. Where did he dare to show a little anger?

“It’s not that she didn’t recognize us, we didn’t let her recognize it,” the Li family owner was worried. He had a feeling that starting today, the Li family would begin to decline. Without Tina Li, his own Li family would have fallen to this point. , The Li Family Patriarch regrets… “What did you say? The Li Family was besieged? It’s possible? Who did it?” The people in the Oak family were shocked!

The news came out all of a sudden!

“It’s true, it was made by Tina Li! The family guard of the Li family was just like paper, and was easily broken by Tina Li,” “What? She actually has this strength?! Why did it? Why suddenly Turned over?” The people in the family are unimaginable!

The Li family is also the four major families, why is it so vulnerable to Tina Li?

“I heard that Tina Li’s son has disappeared. She went to the Li family with his son.” “Tina Li still has a son?” “Yes, it seems that I have come to the United States recently. Tina Li did this to kill a chicken and lash out a monkey. Tell her to tie her son. Be careful!” “Who did this?” “Who knows? It was not made by our family anyway,” several people were talking about.

“If someone brings the people from the laboratory over, Tina Li may call our house!” The Patriarch of the Oak family said coldly.

Tina Li suddenly shot, this is not a good signal!

“She dare, dare to bite our house like a mad dog, I will let her die!” “That is, those people in our laboratory don’t feel pain, ten can kill Tina Li, she dare to come over??” The family members began to disdain.

What if you Tina Li can play again?

In the high-tech era, it cannot be solved by fighting and killing.

“Let those people come over!” “Yes!!” Someone started to prepare!

“Also, stop attacking Tina Li for the time being. The Li family was attacked by Tina Li night, and a few people must have died. From now on, give me all my strength to attack the Li family. I want to eat the fat of the Li family!!” The Patriarch of the Oak family showed a little excitement!

Eat the Li family, which is also the four major families, then the Ouke family,

Enough to dominate the world!

This opportunity was given by you Tina Li. If you don’t seize it, wouldn’t you be sorry Tina Li?


“Dad, I wanted to do this a long time ago, I’ll prepare now!” The Ok family members became excited.

…… at the same time.

The Luo Fu family, one of the four major families!

After receiving this news, the Li family was attacked!

“Tina Li’s son was arrested? Who did it? Those from the Oak family did it?” A charming young woman muttered to herself.

This young woman, if Jiang Ran is here, she must know her, because isn’t this young woman who looks like a beautiful blue-eyed beauty?

That’s right, this is the mother of the blue-eyed beauty Emily!

“Maybe, or else who would do such a boring thing?” Another person also spoke. The room is full of temperament American beauties, and the Luo Fu family are mostly women.

“Yes, if you catch Tina Li’s son, don’t do this. It’s no joke that Tina Li has been in the U.S. for so many years,” the charming young woman said.

“Well, isn’t it just a woman who was driven out by the Li family? Nothing, she can only be angry with the Li family and dare to be angry with other families. Recently, the Ouke family dealt with her, she didn’t even dare to let go. She was as afraid of resisting as a tortoise with a shrunken head. I think she could hit the Li family this time. It was nothing more than she was from the Li family and was familiar with the Li family, so she was caught off guard. You think she wants to hit us. Home, can she come in??” A young woman in jeans shook her head with a look of disdain.

Yes, they knew that Tina Li was kicked out, what is the strength of a bereaved dog?

“Forget it, don’t mention her, what about your daughter Emily?” The young woman shook her head, “I don’t know, I haven’t come back today. It’s so late.” “Isn’t it going to date with someone?” “No, I know that Emily child, she doesn’t like ordinary men at all.” The charming young lady was more satisfied.

My daughter is clean and self-conscious, which is still very good.

“Yes, who is eligible to be seen by Emily?” The charming young woman smiled slightly, “Forget it, don’t say anything, we don’t have to do anything about Tina Li, it’s not our family’s…” “Even if it is. So what? Does Tina Li dare to call?” The young woman in jeans sneered.

The Ross family is an arms family, does Tina Li dare to come over?

A bomb will kill you!


“Yes, even if our family tied up his son, there is nothing to worry about.” Another blond young woman said.

The charming young woman nodded, yes, why is she worried about this?


She took out her mobile phone to call her daughter.

“Hey, Mom.” “Are you not going home so late?” Feng

Young woman Yun pretended to be angry, she must have been drinking somewhere in the bar again, and she didn’t even say anything. Women rarely go to those places. Although Emily went to the bar, she also went to her own house.

“Mom, I’m going abroad in a few days.” “What are you doing abroad?” “Play, I found a fun thing, I think I’ll be very happy!” The young lady has nothing to do with her daughter. Come back early.” “I see, I’m hanging up.” The charming young woman smiled slightly.

“What is Emily doing?” “She said, she found a funny thing, and she was playing.” The young charming lady couldn’t laugh or cry. What about this funny thing?

Compromise in

Chapter 570


headache! Abe Zhang opened his eyes from the pain. He saw that he was in a house. He got up and touched his head. It was so painful.

The tingling makes Abe Zhang’s scalp numb.

what happened?

He shook his head and walked to the door, and found that the door was actually locked. He walked to the window and found that the outside was actually deserted.

Off the beaten track, where is this?


Why would I stay here?

He was thinking hard, and finally thought of what had happened. He was fighting with the beautiful blue-eyed woman. Suddenly he felt a headache. He turned his head and saw that the blue-eyed beautiful woman had a bloody iron rod in her hand.

Then I can’t remember everything.

Come to think of it, I was tied here by her?

Abe Zhang was annoyed, and he kicked the door forcefully, “Come out, come out!!” It was like an air prison, no one paid attention to him.

Abe Zhang seemed to be talking to himself.

“Let me out, let me out!” Abe Zhang roared, his mobile phone was gone, and he couldn’t contact his mother. What happened to his mother?


Olena Jiang?

black Rose?

How are they?

Do you want to be locked here for the rest of your life?

Abe Zhang was in pain, but he quickly calmed down. He couldn’t panic. In this situation, he could escape, so he wanted to escape!

Absolutely, I can’t give up!

My mother must be looking for herself, how can she give up on herself?

Abe Zhang was observing calmly. He had a headache, but he still had strength. He didn’t get stupid by a stick, and he still had a chance while he was alive.

“Huh, why didn’t you scream? You pretended to be calm?” The blue-eyed beauty dismissed.

“How is his situation? Isn’t his head okay?” the blue-eyed beauty asked.

“Miss, his head has lost too much blood, but there is no problem, but it may be a bit hidden,” the doctor said cautiously.

When he saw Abe Zhang, he was also shocked. There was too much blood. The blue-eyed beauty was completely dead!

Abe Zhang can survive and wake up so quickly, only

Good luck.

“Hidden danger? What hidden danger?” the blue-eyed beauty asked. She looked at Abe Zhang in the house through surveillance!

Want to escape?

Where does this seem to be a hidden danger?

“He hurt his brain, it may affect his memory, maybe some of his memories were lost by the lady’s stick, maybe…” the doctor said.

“Memory? What’s the hidden danger of this? What does it matter to me that he has less memory? I want others to be okay, right?” the blue-eyed beauty said indifferently.

“It’s okay. His physical fitness is very good. It should be counted as the one with the best physical fitness I have seen for so long as a doctor.” “Best? He is a weak Chinese. You are a doctor from the United States. He is a strong and tall American! Is his physical fitness better than other Americans?” The blue-eyed beauty shook her head, very questioning.

“Yes, he is not as tall and strong as the Americans, but his physical fitness surpasses them. How else would he wake up so quickly? With this genetic problem, I think his parents may be physically better, otherwise he won’t be born.” In analysis.

“Gene? Alright, go see him!” The blue-eyed beauty is not interested in asking. The only thing she wants to do now is to teach her Abe Zhang, and then she will defeat Abe Zhang, then she will be very happy!


The blue-eyed beauty went out, and several people followed.

One wall of Abe Zhang’s room suddenly became transparent, and Abe Zhang saw her!

For an instant, his eyes were so cold!

“Sure enough, it’s you!” “Yes, it’s me, who told you to be ignorant? If I give you money, you don’t want me to use this method. Are you honest now?” The blue-eyed beauty is proud.

Abe Zhang looked angry inside, she really felt too cool.

“Let me out? Otherwise you will regret it!” Abe Zhang looked like a sharp sword!

“Regret? I don’t regret anything, I only know that no one can stop what I want to do, including you! You are my toy now, you still don’t know!?” Blue-eyed beauty She was more proud, she thought of Abe Zhang slap her so much, and now get back a little interest.

“Let me out!” “Let? I’ll let you go and give you a sum of money, but you have to be obedient, teach me, and then I beat you! Wash away the shame you gave me!” Abe Zhang stared at her!


He is not willing!

“You don’t know who I am, you will regret it!” “Hehehe, you don’t know who I am. If I say it, it will scare you to death. The regret you said is not worth mentioning in front of me!” The blue-eyed beauty sneered.

She was also angry, why is Abe Zhang so disobedient?

Abe Zhang didn’t respond, he continued to observe the house and must go out!

“Do you expect someone to come and find you? Is it possible? This place,

No one can find it unless I let you out.

Abe Zhang didn’t answer! “Huh, think about it yourself!”

Give him food.

The blue-eyed beauty was angry and left. The doctor immediately arranged. Abe Zhang sat in a closed house. He did not give up. He was still looking for flaws. He also had to see his mother, Olena Jiang, and Maya Tang, and There are Murongqing, Gina Mo… Abe Zhang has too many people to meet. He still has ambitions, and he has to build his own business empire. To be the world’s richest man, there are too many things… Can be trapped here! Opportunity, where is the opportunity to escape? There are virgin forests nearby. How can I escape by myself? This is a big question! “Still holding on?

See how long you can hold on?

“The blue-eyed beauty disdain. One day later, Abe Zhang calmly sat down. The house couldn’t escape, the only thing was to promise the blue-eyed beauty first. I saw her, and then I found a chance to catch her! Then I can go out! Men can bend and stretch! “Come and see me!

“Abe Zhang roared!! “How long I thought you could resist?”

Compromise in less than a day, it really disappoints me. Forget it, beat you quickly, I am going to play other things, you are a Chinese, but you are not qualified to let me delay too much time!

“The blue-eyed beauty passed. But what made Abe Zhang icy was that there was still a glass behind. Abe Zhang looked at this glass, and it was absolutely bulletproof! How could he break the glass and catch her?

“The blue-eyed beauty sneered,” I have said, what I want to do, I will definitely do it. If I haven’t done it yet, don’t you?

“Well, I can teach you, but so?”

Abe Zhang was expressionless. “Yes, do you think I’m stupid?”

I know what you think, but it is impossible. When I have not reached your strength, I cannot see you alone,” the blue-eyed beauty laughed. Sure, she was a fool again, of course she knew that Abe Zhang might be there. What are you thinking about. “No problem, provide me with fitness equipment, is this all right?

“In fact, the special metal rings on both hands of Abe Zhang are still there, but they are too small to be of much use. “No problem, I will not bully you, I will keep you in the best condition, I will beat you again, but fitness The equipment can’t let you out, you have to be honest…give him fitness equipment!

“The blue-eyed beauty ordered. Someone immediately prepares. “Now start teaching me,” the blue-eyed beauty is excited. She admitted that she has taken a fancy to Abe Zhang’s fighting style. If she learns it by herself, she will definitely play better than Abe Zhang. Okay, because he is better than Abe Zhang! Abe Zhang nodded and told some of the fighters. Of course, a city who is a “master”

Keeping one hand, Abe Zhang said that he was evasive. The real fighting skills were the experience of Tina Li and Maya Tang for so many years. How could Abe Zhang say it?

But even so, the blue-eyed beauty was very excited to hear it, because it was really useful, she suddenly started!


“Strength is very important, your strength is not enough.” Abe Zhangzhi said.

Last time he beat her, Abe Zhang could see that fighting and skill are important, but strength is also indispensable, and it can even be said to be particularly important.

Abe Zhang will recover quickly in these few days and build the foundation for his escape.

“Okay, I listen to you, now I will train day and night.” The blue-eyed beauty went out excitedly. Today’s class is over, Abe Zhang looks out the window, Olena Jiang, I will go out by myself!

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