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Chapter 751

is in! Abe Zhang drove to the place his mother said, it was really secretive Ah, no one said that there was no navigation from my mother’s company in the car, so I really couldn’t find it here. Abe Zhang found a place to park. He was sure that he had enough equipment, so he sneaked into this place quietly. In the cave, how can I say, there must be a cave inside! The guy You Tianle is luxurious, and it is decorated as a palace inside, Abe Zhang believes. Abe Zhang is extremely vigilant! He has taken out the dagger given by Alice long ago, according to what my mother said. Pay attention to everything, Abe Zhang successfully entered. Maybe this place is too secret, and there are no people at the door. Abe Zhang interfered with the monitoring in this cave with a signal, so that others could not monitor him temporarily, so that it is convenient to enter. Yes, try Beatriceng, Abe Zhang really came in so quickly! Abe Zhang came in, his heart could not be suppressed, he must find Alice quickly, Emily! Otherwise, Abe Zhang can do it! I thought of what that abnormal You Tianle could do. That would hurt Alice and Emily too much!! “Ah!


“Suddenly, Abe Zhang heard a voice, this is Alice’s scream!? Abe Zhang was nervous to the extreme, and he rushed in annoyance! Whenever he met someone, he resolved it at the fastest speed. Finally, the voice came close. It’s in a room! You Tianle’s base simply hollowed out a mountain. Inside were all high-tech rooms. When he came in, Abe Zhang also saw the swimming pool. There were even various beautiful women in the swimming pool. This is the harem of Youtianle, right? Abe Zhang secretly planted a bomb in one place and set the time to be safe. However, Abe Zhang was surprised, why? Alice’s voice was not direct Where does Abe Zhang go, and what room is he going to enter, how can Abe Zhang get in? Yes! Bomb! You can use two bombs together to blow up the door. Abe Zhang is going to do this!!! “Huh!


You actually came here, you are so bold!

“A person suddenly appeared. His eyes were cold, and he knew he was a master at a glance! The aura is particularly amazing! Abe Zhang frowned, and he understood that there are so few people in this place because there is a master here!! Guan Wanfumo opened! “You are the first person to be able to enter here!

Tell me your name, I will not kill the unknown!

“In the darkness, this is a burly man! He stared at Abe Zhang with cold eyes, like two sharp swords! Yes, he is the strongest person here, Zhenzhen

Stay here!

He just discovered that the monitoring was abnormal, and his instinct told him that someone had come in!

After searching, I found someone who came in here.

He was a little bit surprised.

Abe Zhang can actually get here?

Abe Zhang didn’t say a word, there is no time to delay, let’s make a quick decision!


“Huh, don’t you? Take you to the Patriarch, you will say!” The man sneered and approached.

What he is good at is fighting. What does Abe Zhang do first with a dagger?


Want to compare with yourself?

Looking for death!


He clenched his fist, Abe Zhang’s various types of Huaxia people, only need a punch, you can hit him hard!

Even beat him to death!

The man still needs to control his strength, because he beat Abe Zhang to death with one punch, how can he explain to You Tianle?


The body moved, and the man punched it out!

At this speed, most people have long been shocked.

Abe Zhang was unmoved, he approached!

The fist style is scary, and Abe Zhang’s dagger is not a vegetarian.

The two played against each other.

The man frowned, but he couldn’t solve Abe Zhang with a punch?


Humph, then use the second punch!

Fist hit!

Abe Zhang didn’t even retreat, just accept it?

it is good!

Destroy you!

The man sneered sneerly, but with a crash, Abe Zhang dodged the punch.


Stabbed with the dagger!

The man sneered, and he reached out and grabbed Abe Zhang’s wrist, “Just think of your strength?!” However, before he could finish his words, Abe Zhang’s grasped hand shot out a dagger, and he actually faced him. His face came.

At this moment, if you don’t stop it, you will definitely die!

The man was annoyed, let go and opened the dagger. Abe Zhang seized the opportunity and touched him with a smooth flow!

The man was stunned, “Want to run? Give it to me!” He chased him with his fist, but after Abe Zhang stepped back a long way, the expression on his face became cold, “What a pity…” “What a pity?” The man was angry, and he suddenly heard Voice, Ding, Ding, Ding… Is this the sound of the countdown?

Especially subtle, he still heard it.

“What’s the matter? What’s the matter?” The man looked down. At this moment, his soul was frightened!

There was something as big as a glass ball in the place of his belt!

After he saw it for a second, he was astonished. What is this?

In the next second, he was afraid!

What does this guy do?

I still have to catch him when he sees the Patriarch asking for credit, I can’t die!

“Ah, bomb!” The man didn’t say anything in fear, this little thing exploded!

Blew him up instantly!


The entire cave shook violently, like an earthquake.

“I don’t have time to play with you. What a pity!” Abe Zhang picked up the dagger on the ground. When he reached the door of a room, he took out two small bombs and pressed the explosion timer!

“What’s the matter? The explosion just now?!” You Tianle was annoyed, his place would explode?

“Patriarch, what might be wrong, in terms of wiring,” someone whispered.

This place is secretive. No one else will come over. Even if there is, it will be solved by the best bodyguard in this place.

So there is only the problem of wiring.

“That’s not going to be solved. Damn? Scaring to death!” You Tianle exclaimed angrily!

The explosion sound just now was amazing!

Alice, who was about to commit suicide, stopped.

Her blood-red beautiful eyes have been staring at the door, are you here?


She was nervous and worried!

“Oh, Alice, what are you looking at? Don’t you think someone will come to rescue you?” You Tianle laughed haha.

This place, but his base camp, often brings a lot of women here, others don’t know this place at all.

Who can come over?


“Don’t you think Abe Zhang is here? Haha, don’t imagine, Abe Zhang is impossible to come here, you haven’t called him yet, have you forgotten?” You Tianle laughed.

However, it was just right to come, anyway, he wanted to come over.

The security of this place will be beyond everyone’s expectations. He is absolutely safe here!

However, just after he finished speaking, suddenly, a violent explosion sounded again.

The ground shook and the mountains shook, the door was blown up, and among the dust, one walked in!

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Chapter 752

This person who came in, the standard Huaxia face, yes, Abe Zhang who opened the door with a bomb!


The blood-red Alice was stunned, and she burst into tears for an instant.

Did he come here?


Alice couldn’t believe it, but he really appeared like this!


This own second man appeared… Alice felt like a dream, but this real dream!


The violent explosion made You Tianle annoyed. In an instant, he saw the door burst and was blown open. After the dust was all over, he saw clearly that the person who came in, Abe Zhang, was actually Abe Zhang!


In an instant, You Tianle smiled grimly!

No matter how Abe Zhang came here, why did he come here!

He is not interested in these at all.

The only thing I’m interested in is, here it is!

Well done!


Abe Zhang glanced around. The room is very big, with You Tianle and many bodyguards!

And…the tortured and tied Alice, and…for a moment, Abe Zhang was surprised, Emily.


She is dead?

Abe Zhang met Alice’s gaze, her gaze was sad, Abe Zhang understood, and was angry!

What You Tianle did just now, he had already thought about it, Alice was tortured with despair just now!


“Oh, not bad, did you come here alone?” You

Tianle smiled slightly, extremely ferocious!


Snap your fingers!

You Tianle said, “You guys go and look at the door! See how many people are here”” “Yes, Patriarch!” Ten people in the room left!



What switch You Tianle pressed, people outside could see that the entrance was sealed by a heavy iron wall, and people outside could not enter!

Abe Zhang walked in step by step without being affected by You Tianle’s bodyguard’s gaze!


After a while, the person who had just gone out came back.

“Lord Homecoming, he is the only one here!” “Did your mother Tina Li abandon you, or did you feel so relieved? Actually let you come here alone?” You Tianle laughed.

Even if Tina Li came here, there was no problem!

You Tianle is already the owner of the house. How does his safety compare to him before?


“Don’t speak? I know what Tina Li means, oh, is this a separate act, right? You come here, Tina Li will go to my house? This really fits her character, she doesn’t like to engage in sneak attacks. Night attack? But what!! I knew it a long time ago, so I took a little bit of defense and designed a trap for Tina Li. Of course, Abe Zhang, you can rest assured that you will catch alive, because, I still want Torture her well!!” You Tianle laughed abnormally.

Yes, when he left, he had already designed a trap in Youjia. Even if that Tina Li is powerful, he will definitely not be able to escape the trap!


Abe Zhang was surprised, trap?

Isn’t the mother particularly dangerous?


“Are you scared? Haha! You have done nothing wrong in your life. The only thing you did wrong is to offend me. I am the one you can’t afford to offend all your life!” You Tianle walked to Alice and he smiled. “I just asked her to call you and asked her to come over. She was unwilling to force Emily, she also didn’t want to, so when I was about to torture Emily, she actually bit her tongue and committed suicide. What a pity Ah! Emily’s figure, but the type I like!!!” Abe Zhang understood. He suddenly felt sorry for Emily. She has a strong personality and will definitely not be insulted by You Tianle.

So I chose to end my life!

But she is less than twenty years old!

What a young age, because of You Tianle, she has no future!


“Let’s talk about it, are you a little bit interested in Alice, or why does she protect you like that?” You Tianle laughed.

“How do you let her go!” Abe Zhang approached without fear.

“Let her go? Of course you can!” You Tianle ferocious!

“Abe Zhang, hurry up, hurry up…” Alice is desperate. She has lost Emily, can she still lose Abe Zhang?


She knows she can’t live

I went, so I want Abe Zhang to live well!

“Sorry, I hurt you.” Abe Zhang sighed.

Yes, I really hurt her by myself.

If at that time, the two did not have a relationship, you would not let You Tianle seize the relationship to threaten it, how could you let You Tianle grab it!


Now Alice was arrested and Emily died, all because of her own fault.

“No, you didn’t harm me,” Alice shook her head in tears.

How did Abe Zhang harm it?


Even if there is no relationship with Abe Zhang, the last time You Tianle asked for a bomb, he would be insulted!


So what does this have to do with Abe Zhang?

Alice was caught in!

When she was tortured, she never thought about it that way.

She even thanked Abe Zhang. Last time You Tianle looked for her, if Abe Zhang were not there, would she still be alive?


Abe Zhang sighed, Alice was tortured, Abe Zhang distressed!

This woman is not good to herself.

without return.

Abe Zhang felt ashamed of her.

“You Tianle, how do you let her go? Let’s talk!” Abe Zhang did not wait.

In this place, Abe Zhang didn’t want Alice to stay for another second!


She left, Abe Zhang can let go of his hands and feet!

Otherwise, Abe Zhang can only be controlled!

“How do I let her go? Let me think about it first? I haven’t figured it out yet!” You Tianle smiled.

“No, you go quickly…” Alice closed her eyes.

She was so flustered that she couldn’t watch, and then she would be heartbroken.

“I will take you out, trust me!!” Abe Zhang said.

Alice could not speak, tears fell silently, she believed, but she just wanted Abe Zhang to live!

“Oh, you are really optimistic, want to take her away? Haha, oh, I think it’s OK, you let me let her go, no problem, I want to see you get beaten first, shouldn’t it be okay?” You Tianle asked with a smile.

Abe Zhang said nothing!

“Oh, would you?” “Okay!” Abe Zhang nodded and agreed, “If you are beaten, you can let her go?” “It depends on the mood. Anyway, I want to see you be beaten by my people. You should Are you okay? If you have an opinion, it’s not that I don’t listen.” “Okay,” Abe Zhang agreed.

Alice shook her head, tears more silently.

“You three, entertain him well, oh yes, don’t kill him, then I won’t have any fun, go!” You Tianle laughed.

“Yes, Patriarch!” The three came out and walked towards Abe Zhang.

You Tianle showed hideousness, and it should be very interesting next, he will not miss the next second.

Abe Zhang clenched his fists, facing the three people, he chose to let go. Alice’s life is important!

Chapter 753

You want to die?




Three shots, one punch

The punch hit Abe Zhang’s body!


These are all the fighting masters of Youjia!

Amazing moves!

Abe Zhang flew out!

Three meters away, Abe Zhang landed!

He didn’t fall down and stood firm?


Blood, flowing from the corner of the mouth, three punches!

Beat Abe Zhang bleeding.

Alice screamed hoarsely, and Abe Zhang came back step by step.

“Haha! Not bad, Abe Zhang, you are quite able to resist!” You Tianle felt very comfortable in his heart. He thought of the pain when he was beaten by Abe Zhang. Today, he will be ten times as heavy as Abe Zhang’s death. It’s back!

“Go on, hit until I’m satisfied!” You Tianle became lazy.



Three men punched and kicked Abe Zhang!

Abe Zhang was kicked and fell to the ground, embarrassed!

However, he still got up.

Re-close step by step!

The three men sneered, not bad!


All three kicked at the same time!

Abe Zhang was kicked again!

He fell to the ground and vomited blood!


Bright red blood spit on the ground.

“Haha, Abe Zhang, you are too rubbish, vomiting blood so soon? You can’t, get up!” You Tianle laughed!

Abe Zhang fell on the ground and couldn’t get up.

“Abe Zhang…” Alice was desperate, how could this be?

… “Slap!!” In a luxurious room, Nora Wan slapped her bodyguard on the face.

The man had scarlet cheeks, kneeling in horror!



“What are you talking about? What are you talking about?” Nora Wan heard this man’s cautious report just now, and he heard Abe Zhang go to see You Tianle alone!

Is this okay?


“Abe Zhang, go and see You Tianle.” The man was terrified.

This is Nora Wan’s first time beating him!

The moment this slap was slapped, he had the illusion that Nora Wan would kill him immediately.

so horrible!

This is simply the same feeling as facing the emperor!


“Do you want to die? Abe Zhang is seeing You Tianle, Abe Zhang can still live?” Nora Wan was furious!

The less she could get Abe Zhang, the more she worried about Abe Zhang.

It has been in the past few days, depressed, and she feels that she has no idea what to do.

“I, I…” The man can’t help it. This is the news she has received.

“Don’t prepare the plane for me yet? I’m going to see You Tianle right away. If he dares to kill my Abe Zhang, I want him to die! Don’t hurry!” Nora Wan was furious!

Her cold eyes, as long as she touched them, she was afraid.

The man got up and hurried out.

A minute later, he ran in!


“Miss, the plane is ready.” Nora Wan’s ideas are changeable, so the plane is always ready.

Nora Wan swayed his long legs out!

On the plane!

Men let people drive!

“Where is You Shiwen? Where has she been?” Nora Wan

Asked suddenly.

A few days ago, is You Shiwen missing?

This really surprised her.

“She, she, I’m still locked, please don’t worry, Miss, you will be able to lock her soon, I think, that shot, You Shiwen must have been severely injured, she found a place to hide and heal her injuries, not to mention, You Tianle is still chasing her Kill her, if she is seriously injured, she will even find a place to hide,” the man is cautious, Nora Wan really scared him just now.

He also knew that Abe Zhang’s position in Nora Wan’s heart.

It’s useless for him to envy. With a slap just now, he has already decided that he can’t have any thoughts about Abe Zhangzai. If he doesn’t pay attention, he will die!


Nora Wan snorted, “You Shiwen, this woman, don’t underestimate her, she is definitely not as simple as you think!!” Yes, it can make Nora Wan treat You Shiwen as an opponent, although it is Reluctant opponent, but what does that show?


It shows that You Shiwen’s ability is very good!

Has been close to Nora Wan to a large extent.

“Miss, don’t worry, I will not underestimate her, I will send more people to lock her position!” the man said hurriedly.

“Suddenly missing? You Shiwen, what are you doing? Are you really looking for a place to heal? I don’t think so, if it were me, I would have other ideas…you would think the same as me?? If you were really just looking for Hide somewhere, then I will be disappointed in you…” Nora Wan’s beautiful eyes shone with light.

Suddenly she smiled, and the man was a little baffling.

What is Nora Wan laughing at?


The man didn’t understand, he couldn’t understand Nora Wan anymore.

“…” “Tina Li would actually let Abe Zhang meet You Tianle alone? What is Tina Li planning? I know, she should be on Youjia’s side at the moment, acting separately, but this is too dangerous for Abe Zhang. Can Abe Zhang take such a big risk??” Nora Wan said coldly.

She was very angry and felt that Tina Li could not do this!

“Yes, Tina Li did something wrong this time.” The man agreed.

“Huh! Abe Zhang has something to do this time, Tina Li I won’t let her go! Ask people to drive faster!” Nora Wan urged.

“Yes, miss!” The man arranged.

“Abe Zhang, I’m so good to you, don’t you feel anything about me? You have to see how good I am to you,” Nora Wan blinked beautifully.

… Boom!

Three fists came out!

He opened his mouth and vomited blood, and he was completely up.

Alice’s tears are about to drain, Abe Zhang, Abe Zhang… She has been muttering to herself so hoarsely… “Master, he seems to be unable to hold it,” said one of the three men.

Just now, the three of them punched and kicked and never stopped. If they were replaced by others, they would have been beaten to death.

Only Abe Zhang can hold it so hard.

Tell the truth

Then, all three of them were surprised!

This guy is too good at fighting, right?


Is the body made of iron?


“I saw it!” You Tianle felt very cool!

Abe Zhang vomited blood and looked embarrassed.

He didn’t miss a second, he saw it all in a panoramic view.

“Abe Zhang, can’t get up anymore? It hasn’t really started yet. Why are you so rubbish?” You Tianle laughed grimly.

“Let her go…” Abe Zhang said with difficulty.

“Oh, I ask you, have you ever thought about such a day? Have you thought about the consequences of offending me? Do you regret it now?” Abe Zhang tried hard to get up, “Let her go!” This is a man’s Roar!

“Haha, do you know what you look like now? A dog! You, you are a dog now, you have to do what I want you to do, not to mention you only have half your life, or a dead dog…” You Tianle said, “Let me let her go, but how do I see that your hands and feet are intact, so dazzling? Can you meet one of my requirements? Can I cut off one of my own hands? Cut off, I will let her go! !” Abe Zhang was silent with one hand!


“No, no!” Alice was hoarse to the extreme.

Abe Zhang said nothing, but his fist clenched!

Chapter 754

is severed?

“How is it? You cut off one of your hands yourself, and I let Alice go, otherwise, I’ll let you see her die right away!!” You Tianle raised his hand!

Someone caught Alice’s neck immediately.

She had already been tortured to the dying breath, and she was choked. At this moment, she was already extremely uncomfortable, and she couldn’t say if Abe Zhang did this.

Abe Zhang remains silent!

“I count three times, don’t let my people do it! I only have to watch you hurt yourself, that’s interesting!” You Tianle said with a smile.

“Break one hand, would you let her go?” Abe Zhang calmly.

“Of course, I’m the most trustworthy person!” You Tianle laughed loudly, “Consider quickly, Alice can’t hold it for a few seconds.” Click!

Alice’s neck was pinched tightly, and it was difficult to breathe. Her beautiful face was pale as death… “Stop! Okay, I’ll break it!” Abe Zhang was still so calm!

Abe Zhang didn’t want to see Alice in pain again, even for a second.

“Oh, agree? Well, cut off one of your own hands! Now start! As long as your hand falls, I will release Alice! Let’s start, I can’t wait!” You Tianle urged excitedly Tao.

“No, Abe Zhang, don’t do this. It’s not worth…Get out of here!” Alice was strangled by her neck, and she still exhausted all her strength and yelled out with difficulty.

“It’s worth it!” Abe Zhang calmly took out Ai Li

With the dagger that Si gave, he rolled his head and looked at one of his arms.

“Don’t…” Alice closed her eyes, and for a moment, she was already in tears again in despair.

“Haha, hurry up,” You Tianle can’t wait, he won’t miss a point, even if it’s a second!

Because this is so cool for him!

… Youjia!


In the darkness, three people appeared silently, and the three of them were hidden.

It’s Tina Li, Maya Tang, Olena Jiang who are already close!


Tina Li was scanning. Of the three, she was the strongest. Of course Maya Tang would be obedient. Even Olena Jiang, who had blood feuds with Tina Li, would be all obedient at this moment.

“The guard is very tight and there are traps!!” The sixth sense told Tina Li that You Jia has a trap at this moment!

She was not surprised.


Olena Jiang, Maya Tang was surprised!

“What should I do then!” Olena Jiang was really anxious. At this time, Abe Zhang must have already seen You Tianle. If there is not a result here as soon as possible, Abe Zhang will definitely die!


She really couldn’t control it, Maya Tang was also anxious, and her sixth sense told her that this place was not quite right!

“Just be cautious, I’m in front, you two follow behind.” Tina Li has too much experience with this kind of trap.

“Huh…” Tina Li suddenly looked back.

Olena Jiang and Maya Tang also looked back, there was no one behind them.

“What’s wrong?” Both women asked.

“It’s nothing, maybe I thought about it too much…” Tina Li shook his head and didn’t look much.

Olena Jiang and Maya Tang looked at each other, they didn’t notice anything, it seems that Tina Li was too sensitive just now.

But be careful, of course, there is no problem.

The three are close to Youjia!

Originally, Youjia was in the mountains, and many trees were monitored by cameras. Tina Li brought high-tech with him, and he could accurately scan them out where there was monitoring, then they would avoid them.

It really can’t be avoided, so there is only interference. Interference for a few seconds is enough to get them to the next place.

Olena Jiang felt a particularly great danger, but Tina Li was expressionless and indifferent. This made Olena Jiang feel lost, and the gap was still too great.

How can you kill Tina Li afterwards?


“Don’t be distracted, there are some things, wait until this time has passed!” Tina Li reminded.

How could Tina Li not feel the murderous in a moment?

Olena Jiang bowed his head.

Tina Li actually saw it, she felt ashamed.

Obviously the gap was more than she thought.

Olena Jiang and Maya Tang followed Tina Li’s steps closer to You’s home!

Suddenly, Tina Li stopped!

Olena Jiang and Maya Tang both felt the crisis!

“You two are waiting for me here!” said


Tina Li has disappeared into the darkness.

The sixth sense told her that someone was in front of her and she must go over and solve it as quickly as possible.

Olena Jiang was stunned, Maya Tang who wanted to go with him sighed, “Olena Jiang, let’s wait here,” “Well,” Olena Jiang watched Tina Li go to solve the place.

Still nothing happened.

“Olena Jiang, do you still want to kill Auntie?” Maya Tang sighed.

“Can I not kill? She killed my dad! This hatred, I will always remember!” Olena Jiang said coldly.

Maya Tang sighed silently.

Thirty seconds later, Tina Li returned. There was no sound during this process, and no one noticed it.

Olena Jiang was surprised secretly, and felt even more disappointed.

The gap is too big.

“Go on!” Tina Li went on!

Suddenly, a knife flew over!

Tina Li took it coldly!

She wears gloves, these gloves are made of metal like hair, invulnerable!


Olena Jiang, Maya Tang was surprised!

In the darkness, come out alone!

“Last time there was no winner, don’t leave this time!” This is an old man.

The last time Abe Zhang made a big fuss on Youjia, he finally appeared, Youjia’s strongest bodyguard, but was blown away by Tina Li’s two punches!

He worked hard to improve his strength forcibly, and he wanted to fight Tina Li to the death!


This is his dying wish!

Finally, I met someone who could play, how could he let it go!


“You two go first and wait for me a minute or a kilometer away.” Tina Li said solemnly.

Olena Jiang and Maya Tang felt the momentum of this old man!

This is definitely a master among masters!


“But…” Olena Jiang wanted to stay, to see how Tina Li dealt with this person.

“Go first!” Olena Jiang and Maya Tang were silent for three seconds, and continued to deepen obediently!

“One minute, do you mean one minute can solve me?” The old man sneered excitedly, and he approached step by step.

“It doesn’t take one minute, thirty seconds!” Tina Li lost the knife in his hand.

“Haha! You are very confident, you think you beat me last time, you think you are invincible in the world?” The old man sneered.

These days, his old body is training, what he is waiting for is now!


The shame of the last time must be brought back today!

“I am not invincible in the world, but for an old man like you, thirty seconds is considered to be a face for you!” Tina Li shook his head and stepped forward!

Chapter 755

Hidden Strength!

Tina Li’s speed was a ray of light in the darkness. After the shot, he had already reached the old man!

The old man sneered, he revealed the strength of the strongest bodyguard in his home.

Against Tina Li!



The two are in a fierce battle!

If someone

Look here, you will be surprised!

Because of the speed of two people, most people can’t see it clearly!

One second!

Two seconds!

Three seconds!

This fierce battle lasted fifteen seconds!

The old man was surprised!



Tina Li punched out!

The old man couldn’t stop it at all and backed away. He was repelled by Tina Li. After he lowered his head, his chest was torn and painful, and three ribs must have been broken!

I can’t help but vomit blood in my mouth!

“You? Did you hide your strength last time?” The old man was shocked!

He is the strongest bodyguard of the You family. When he was young, he was not as fierce as Tina Li!

A master’s trick is often an instant victory!

In less than fifteen seconds, the old man retreated!

Tina Li has indeed hidden her strength. An old man who is seven-year-old and eighty-year-old can make her truly exert all her strength?


After the old man was furious, he chose to step back.

To escape, he chose to escape!

Fifteen seconds back to him, even if he is a fool, he knows how big the gap between the two is.

It’s no longer in a level now, do you keep it for death?


“Escape? Can you escape?!” An indifferent voice sounded like thunder in the ears of the frightened old man.

The old man who was still confident just now, fifteen seconds later, was already in fear. This is the conquest of Tina Li’s powerful strength!


Tina Li chased behind the old man, she punched it out!

The old man’s body shakes!


He turned his head and found that his breastbone was torn apart, “You…” Plop!

The old man lay down, the expression of fear still existed, but the expression of fear has been frozen and can no longer be changed… “When you are old, you must recognize your old. If you are still young, it is no problem to fight with me, you are almost dead. Fight with me? Then I must send you into the coffin in advance.” Tina Li took a look at him and caught up with Olena Jiang and Maya Tang.

For Tina Li, fighting made her in her prime of life, and the old man stepped into the coffin with half of his foot. After a few kilometers, he would be out of breath. Still fighting in this state?


Tina Li was pretty good if he didn’t kill him in a second.

When I saw them two, forty-five seconds passed!

The two were shocked.

Olena Jiang felt even more disappointed. This gap is already obvious!

The old man just now, let alone solve it in 15 seconds, just can’t beat it, Olena Jiang doesn’t have any confidence, and he definitely can’t beat it.

Olena Jiang bit her lip and swears in her heart that she will definitely surpass Tina Li!


“Let’s go, continue!” Tina Li said, and the three of them have already gone deeper.

In the security room of the Youjia Family Guard!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Suddenly, someone discovered the situation!

“Monitor closer!” someone solemnly ordered!

The huge monitoring screen was pulled in immediately. This is a picture of the forest. After pulling in, I saw a dead face.

Kong, with fear!

The people in the security room were shocked to see this picture!



This is your strongest bodyguard!

He died with such fear?

Everyone thought, unbelievable, “What’s going on? What’s going on?!” “Someone broke in, broke in!” “Ambush Team No. 3, report the situation, report the situation!!!” A strong man!

He is the captain of the family guard!

Traps have been designed in several places in Youjia. As long as someone shows up, they will definitely be trapped!

However, at this moment, there is no alarm sound. Is this a ghost?


How is it possible that all monitoring instruments are useless?


“Ambush Team No. 3 is normal!” Someone spoke on the intercom.

“Ambush Team Four answered!!” The strong man roared!

“Ambush Team No. 4 is normal!” “Ambush Team No. 5 reports!” The strong man continued to roar!

“Ambush Team No. 5… Click!!” Suddenly there was no sound in the intercom, this click, this is the sound of the neck being twisted!

The people in the security room are sweating behind them!

You know, there are many people in the No. 5 Ambush Squad, each of them is an absolute master of fighting!



The whole army is wiped out?


“…” Everyone was shocked beyond words!


The muscular man slapped the table angrily and vented, “Number four, the number three ambush team report!!” “Number four…ah!” “Three…” The intercom has no sound.

The security room is quiet to the extreme of horror!

Snoring, snore!

Everyone swallowed subconsciously, the three ambush teams, this is a trap arranged by You Tianle himself!

At this time, it had no effect at all, and was completely wiped out one after another?

how did you do that?


No one can imagine.


Boom, boom, boom!


After the strong man was shocked, he slapped the family alarm bell!

The whole Youjia fell into a panic like a fire!

“What’s going on? What’s going on!” Many Youjia people, still sleeping, were awakened by the bell in a daze, and they gathered in the lobby of the Youjia.

“What the hell is going on?” “I don’t know, I heard this sound when I slept just now, what happened?” Many of the travellers were sleepy-eyed.

Don’t know what happened!

Security room!

The strong man is going to tell these people that someone has broken in!

But suddenly!

A loud bang!

The door of the security room was opened by a bomb!

One person rushed in first!

The two followed!


Tina Li, who was headed, fisted a strong man who wanted to talk!

The strong man smashed on the wall, he looked down in shock, his ribs had broken, and his breathing was uncomfortable.

“Ah, ah…” after the scream

Now, the voice is weak!

Ten seconds later, he was motionless!

Everyone is horrified!

Punch someone to death?

This person is still a master of fighting!

Has it become so vulnerable?


“Don’t move!” Maya Tang had a gun in her hand!

Olena Jiang is also holding a gun!

Following Tina Li, relying on her sensitive sixth sense, it seemed as if she had entered the land of no one!

Three ambush teams, all solved!

So fast, Olena Jiang couldn’t believe that this was actually true.

Yes, Tina Li has been trying to find the design drawings of Youjia recently!

Tina Li, who is already aware of it, certainly knows the situation of Youjia!

It’s not too difficult to get in here.

This is what Tina Li is good at!

None of the people in the security room dared to move. Tina Li punched them to kill, which completely shocked them!

How could a woman be so scary?

No one imagined how this woman has grown up to the present. They only know that if they move, they will definitely die in an instant!


Because Tina Li came in, the god of death came in!

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