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Chapter 906

is a bit worse than my mother!

Watch the audience!

Everyone in the family ridiculed Abe Zhang!

What kind of storm does one want to make in Wanjia?



Today can enjoy a massacre!

This Abe Zhang didn’t know what was good or bad, and slapped Wanjia in the face severely. Today, he has to pay the price!

“Hush! You Shiwen, don’t move! My business with you hasn’t started yet, it hasn’t reached you yet!” Nora Wan was suddenly lazy.

The way You Shiwen clenched his fists, Nora Wan thought… very interesting!

Simply change the situation today!


“People from the Zhang family, don’t move!” Nora Wan was still lazy.

“Today I am going to be killed by Abe Zhang. Why did Qing Yang give birth to such a broom star!!” Zhang Xiang was extremely angry.

She was scared, Nora Wan’s eyes were terrifying!

“Abe Zhang, you chose this path yourself! Long Yi, catch him for me!” Nora Wan said coldly!


Abe Zhang let her face down today!

She… is angry!


Must catch Abe Zhang!

“Yes!” Long Yi came step by step!

“Abe Zhang, you know how long your mother has resisted in my hands! Know?” Long Yi kept smiling!

In her opinion, what is Abe Zhang?


A Dou who can’t afford it!

Can she kill Tina Li, but can’t she kill Tina Li’s son?


She came in one step!

That fighting style, the audience was amazed!

“Tsk tusk, I have always known that Long Yi is the number one master of our Wanjia, but I haven’t seen her make a move with my own eyes. I saw it today!” “Yeah, Long Yi has such a good skill, Abe Zhang, this spicy chicken, I think I was killed in seconds. It’s all possible!” “Sure! Abe Zhang’s spicy chicken is also good for fighting Long Yi? But

Ah, having said that, Long Yi’s legs are so beautiful, long and straight…” “Don’t think about it, the whole Wanjia, except for the Patriarch, would you try to touch Long Yi?

“Uh, I dare not!”

“Stop talking, let’s see Abe Zhang picking up this garbage by Long Yi!”

“Everyone in the Wan family felt that Abe Zhang would be killed by a second! However, Abe Zhang became more and more angry. He was like an angry lion. He had reached the extreme!! “I created a road collapse, her head was broken, her head was bleeding, and then I Beating her, she retreats steadily, and falls everywhere, she is not as godly as the rumors…” Long Yi smiled slightly! Yes! She wants to anger Abe Zhang! Kill Abe Zhang directly, what’s the point!? See what strength Abe Zhang can have! Anyway, he is also Tina Li’s own son! “You are looking for death!


Abe Zhang jumped out!! He used all his strength and punched it out! Long Yi kept smiling! She also hit it out with one punch! Boom! Abe Zhang stepped back, Long Yi stayed still, “Not bad, not bad It’s far from me!

She kicked her long legs! Abe Zhang was kicked and fell out! It’s unavoidable! Long Yi is very strong! “I can make your mother retreat, you?”

It will only be simpler, I will ask you again, and I will catch it with my hands?

Still resist?

“Long Yi came slowly. Abe Zhang coldly got up from the ground, and he attacked again! “I don’t know if you have any confidence to run wild in Wanjia?”

You really shame your mother, she will at least forbear it!

And what do you have?


On this occasion, have you ever had a mouth addiction?


Then be beaten by me?

You are not a man!

You are a fool, do you know?


“Long Yi came step by step! Boom! Her fighting power appeared, and she hit it with a punch! Abe Zhang’s eyes were blood red, and he resisted with his fist, Boom!! Abe Zhang stepped back again! Boom! Long Yi kicked again, Abe Zhang I couldn’t avoid it, I was kicked out for ten meters, fell heavily on the table, and was embarrassed! Red wine, food spilled all over the place!! “You are too slow, I heard that you went to your Huaxia Wumen for further study and broke your mother. Recorded?

This is what you call advanced studies?

Not so good!

Sure enough, Huaxia’s Wumen was not good either. Look at me and didn’t go to such a place for further study, and you, and your mother, still couldn’t beat me!

Long Yi smiled slightly. “It’s really spicy!”

“Just this kind of person, this kind of strength, I don’t know how to count?”


Are you still here?

“Can’t stand a blow!”

“The Wan family sneered! They were still very comfortable watching Abe Zhang being beaten! “I know your strength,” Abe Zhang got up from the ruins. “Oh, you know?”

how is it?

“Long Yi approached step by step. “It’s almost better than my mother!”

Abe Zhang shook his head, his eyes still blood red. “Poor?”


Live, she died, it’s the gap between her and me, okay, I won’t tell you more, you…Huh?

what are you doing?


“Long Yi’s smile was a bit of a stunned look. Cang Dang!! Abe Zhang took off a ring in his hand and threw it beside him. This small ring was smashed into a deep hole on the floor and it was completely cracked!!! Dang Dang!!! Abe Zhang He took off the other ring in his hand! Throw it on the ground, the same pit! Cang Dang! Cang Dang! Abe Zhang took off the ring of his feet, the same was thrown on the ground, the floor cracked! Silence!! Wan Jia was shocked! This guy There is a load of one or two hundred kilograms on his body? Has he been playing with Long Yi in this state? Abe Zhang moved his hands and feet, jumped, moved his neck, and Abe Zhang narrowed his eyes. “Now it’s much easier, then, Long. Yi, now is my real strength!

Chapter 907

surprised me! “Abe Zhang, you.


Long Yi was stunned for three seconds before smiling suddenly. “It’s not bad, these four things of you weigh two hundred kilograms?”

Long Yi was surprised. It’s no wonder that Abe Zhang’s movements were so clumsy! He has more than two hundred kilograms on his body! “Not only, as heavy as you!”

“Abe Zhang shrugged! He took off the load and walked like flying! With a load of more than 200 kilograms, how long has Abe Zhang been wearing it? It’s almost a year. Nor is it, from the first dozen kilograms, recently Added to more than two hundred kilograms!!! Abe Zhang always wear it! Let go today, because today is going to be desperate! “As heavy as me?

Long Yi smiled slightly. “Yes, two hundred and five.”

“Abe Zhang shrugged. Long Yi’s smile stopped, and Shuo Shuo beautiful eyes, “Are you scolding me?”

” “Correct!

“Then, I can’t spare you!”

“Long Yi is suddenly dispatched!! This speed caused the Wanjia family to boil again! What about Abe Zhang’s weight! In the face of absolute strength, you are useless! “It turned out to be like this,” You Shiwen suddenly. The location of the alliance, she knows why the gap between Abe Zhang and Abe Zhang has been so wide in a short time. Abe Zhang is exercising at all times! Not to mention more than 200 kilograms for ordinary people, even 30 kilograms are out of breath. However, Abe Zhang carried a weight of more than 200 kilograms. It seems to be accustomed to it. His face is not red or short of breath. This adaptation is directly added to the weight of 300 kilograms, and there is no problem! “It turns out that it is like this. It can still be the same as ordinary people, so the fire dragon will die unjustly.


“The Zhang Family Patriarch was at a loss. He suddenly knew why the fire dragon was defeated by Abe Zhang a few times! Because Abe Zhang’s strength can do it! Nora Wan Meimu Shuoshuo, “Abe Zhang, Abe Zhang, you just want to kill so much.” I?

In order to kill me, are you burdened?

are not you tired?


“She was angry,


I shouldn’t like people like Abe Zhang, it’s not worth it!


Long Yi came with a punch, unloaded Abe Zhang, as light as a swallow, dodged!

Long Yimei’s eyes shone, frightened, so fast!

What if Abe Zhang had this habit?


Did Tina Li also have this habit of bearing weight at that time?

Why didn’t Tina Li shed his load at that moment?

Don’t you deserve to let her unload?


No, she didn’t have time to unload, she was forced by herself to have no retreat, she didn’t have time to unload!

It must be like this!


“When are you going to escape?” Long Yi said coldly!

Wan Jia was shocked, how could Abe Zhang dodge so fast!

Abe Zhang’s body is as light as a swallow, like a kite without threads, flashing!


Long Yi stepped back!

Abe Zhang almost kicked her!

Long Yi was cold, “Hmph, I didn’t expect you to surprise me, but you will stop here too!!” Long Yi suddenly broke out!


Abe Zhang is already here!

Amazing speed!

Long Yi took three steps back!


Wanjia was shocked, the top master of Wanjia, absolutely.


Back off!

“Long Yi, what are you doing? Catch him for me!!” Nora Wan said coldly!

“Patriarch wait a minute! I’ll catch him right away!” Long Yi was already enraged. She didn’t expect Abe Zhang to bear the weight, and she didn’t expect that Abe Zhang would be so fast after unloading the load!


“Stop it for me!” Long Yi said coldly, punching out!

The power of this punch is too great!


Abe Zhang squinted his eyes, fist-to-fist resistance!



Neither of them moved!

Fist fit!

Abe Zhang was expressionless, but sad in his heart!

“I know now that if you didn’t sneak attack on my mother, you would definitely not kill my mother,” Abe Zhang understands, but unfortunately, it is impossible for my mother to be conspired!

Abe Zhang turns his heart acid into strength!

Long Yi’s face was cold, “Really? I didn’t expect you to have this day! But compared with me, you still have a big gap! I will show you the gap between you and me, because I am the number one in the world. !!!” Boom!

Long Yi retracted her fist and kicked her long legs!

A flying kick!

Abe Zhang used his arm to resist, but was kicked out three meters!

Abe Zhang does not hurt at all, the weight on his body has already made Abe Zhang’s body into steel!

With Long Yi’s kick, Abe Zhang’s resistance is fine!

The two were fighting, either Abe Zhang was kicked or Long Yi was beaten!

Wanjia was already stunned!

Long Yi is the number one master of the Wanjia, but five minutes later, the two people are completely indifferent!

Shouldn’t Long Yi kill Abe Zhang in seconds?


You Shiwen Meimu Shuoshuo, “So you have grown so much… However, what do you think about today?


“She didn’t understand, Abe Zhang was alone, fighting alone, what is his confidence? Boom!! Long Yi was kicked by Abe Zhang! Long Yi retreated and almost fell to the ground! “Long Yi, what are you doing?”

Catch him for me!


Catch Abe Zhang!

“Nora Wan screamed for the first time! “Patriarch, Abe Zhang and I are equal in strength!”

Even if you fight for one day, it’s impossible to tell the winner,” Long Yi lowered his head and said. Boom! Nora Wan slapped Long Yi’s face! Long Yi did not dare to say a word, “Sorry, Patriarch!

“Nora Wan is cold, her beautiful eyes are turning, “Abe Zhang, is this your confidence today?”

Surprised me!

However, you don’t know how many bodyguards I have, all of them come out!

Catch him for me!

“Nora Wan speaks out! In the crowd of the Wan family, one by one appeared! Everyone is cold! There are also two men, these two men are masters comparable to Long Yi! “Huh, look at this one.” What’s more proud of!

“He will definitely be caught by my Wanjia people!”

I am optimistic!

“The Wan family is ridiculed. You must know that the Wan family is not short of people. Long Yi can’t solve it. There are still many Wan family bodyguards! You Abe Zhang are ready to be stepped on!

Chapter 908

I can only That’s it! All the bodyguards facing Wanjia appeared! Nora Wan’s sneer, Long Yi’s revenge eyes! Abe Zhang calmly! You Shiwen clenched his fists! She wants to give Abe Zhang a hand!! “Abe Zhang, this guy! So what if you can play, so many super super bodyguards, Abe Zhang can play?

The mindless thing will be killed by her this time!

Zhang Xiang said angrily. Abe Zhang is a dumb thing. Can one person beat so many people? You think you are a god! “Alas!

Patriarch Zhang sighed. “Unexpectedly, I succeeded again.”

“Abe Zhang smiled suddenly! However, this smile is revenge!” “If you say that it makes me faceless, it is what you call success, then you are successful, but to me, it is not painful, and You will be caught by my people now!


“Nora Wan recovered to be lazy! What else could make her fluctuate? No more! “No, didn’t you go to the Youjia with me?”

You don’t know what I did at You Tianle’s wedding?


“Abe Zhang smiled slightly. However, this smile, gritted his teeth!! What came to your mind in an instant, I understand! Nora Wan’s eyebrows were upside down, “Oh, what you said was that you brought it when You Tianle married Maya Tang. An undetected bomb?



” “what?

He has a bomb?



“The Wan family is boiling! “Yes, guess how many of them I brought this time?”


I tell you, for sure

more than one!

“Abe Zhang smiled slightly! “Oh, how many are there?”

“Nora Wan also maintained a lazy smile. “Hey, let me show you.”

“Abe Zhang took out one and smashed it at Nora Wan! Wan Zi’s tattoo didn’t change his face, he didn’t retreat at all! Because one person jumped up and caught the bomb! Like a dead man who is not afraid of death!!! Boom! Hengfei!! This bomb exploded a bloody mist! Wan Jia was shocked! Abe Zhang’s eyes became cold! “How many more?

Keep chanting,” Nora Wan smiled slightly as she walked around, “Do you know why my Wanjia can be the first secret family for so long?

Because everyone in my family is not afraid of death, keep throwing it!

How much do you throw!

“Not good!”

“You Shiwen was freezing cold instantly! “This strategy, did you take the bomb?

This lunatic!

Is he going to blow us up?


“Zhang Xiang is annoyed! “I have to say, you are still a bit savvy, and you have reproduced the time when a person controlled the scene like You Jia, but I am not You Tianle, but I will not be fooled by you. Before you throw it, I want to show you something, after you see it, maybe you will be obedient!

Long Yi, don’t you bring her out?


Nora Wan smiled slightly. Long Yi went to lead people. “Could it be?”


“You Shiwen stunned! Abe Zhang’s eyes trembled, yes, who is it?? Long Yi dragged out a man, yes, the haggard Olena Jiang! “Wife, are you still alive?”


“Abe Zhang was stunned! His eyes were blood red, water drops appeared, and Abe Zhang wept! He thought that this person who grew up with him was dead, and Abe Zhang was sad to the extreme! However, she stood in front of Abe Zhang alive. It’s just…haggard and white lips… But still so beautiful. “It really is Olena Jiang.


“You Shiwen muttered to himself. “Husband.


Olena Jiang shed tears and saw Abe Zhang again. Her lifelong regrets are gone. Enough! “Nora Wan, let her go!”


“Abe Zhang furious to the extreme! “Let?

What qualifications do you have to let me release?

Put down all the bombs in your hand, I put down Olena Jiang!

Nora Wan smiled slightly. “No!”

Olena Jiang shook his head in tears. Let it go, and then die! “Abe Zhang, don’t let it go, don’t!”


“You Shiwen also said. Abe Zhang clenched his fists, he looked at the haggard Olena Jiang, he was distressed, “My wife, you are still alive, you are still alive…” “Abe Zhang, I’m impatient!”

Do you think I am You Tianle?


You are wrong, no one can play with me, you are still far away!

Put down all the bombs in your hand!



“No, no.”


“Olena Jiang wants to kill himself! “Olena Jiang, dare you!”

“Abe Zhang roared! “I dare, I dare!”

“Olena Jiang shook

Head, “I can see you again, I have enough, you have to avenge Tina Li! You have to…” “Nora Wan! These are all my bombs! This is all!” Abe Zhang grabbed it. Bombs, a lot!

Olena Jiang was desperate, “No…” Nora Wan smiled slightly, “Very well, go, take these bombs!” “Yes, Patriarch!” As a person walked over, Abe Zhang put down the bomb in his hand, “Let it go.” Kill her!!” “No! You don’t believe you, you must still have a bomb hidden in your body, search me!!” Nora Wan smiled lazily.

This person is searching for Abe Zhang’s body, but there is no more.

“It’s over.” You Shiwen sighed.

“Abe Zhang, you bastard, you stupid, why did you give it? You killed us!” Zhang Xiang was annoyed.

“Let her go!” Abe Zhang said coldly!

“Okay, I always say what I say! Long Yi, let her go!” Nora Wan shrugged!

Long Yi released Olena Jiang!

Olena Jiang approached Abe Zhang step by step. She just wanted to put her arms around Abe Zhang. Today, if she died, she would die. She wondered, can Abe Zhang go out!


Nora Wan smiled suddenly!

Raised his hand and snapped his fingers!


In one place, a hot bullet shot out!

Directly facing Olena Jiang!


“No!!” Abe Zhang was furious!

Olena Jiang stopped, she was not afraid of death, she was ashamed of Abe Zhang!


Fell to the ground alone!

Abe Zhang was shocked!

You Shiwen was shocked.

Patriarch Zhang’s beard was about to jump up, his cloudy eyes were blood red, “Qing Yang, it’s my Qing Yang!!” Olena Jiang turned around, and there was a person on the ground, and the bullet penetrated his body!

He lay on the ground!

Spit blood!

“This is? Zhang Qingyang? How did he get in?” Nora Wan’s eyebrows were erect.

“I… his strength is not bad, he came in!” Long Yi said with his head down.

Abe Zhang ran over, tears streaming down, “Zhang…Dad, Dad.” Abe Zhang was covering Zhang Qingyang’s wound, and the blood couldn’t stop appearing. Zhang Qingyang’s face was pale, he felt relieved and assured, “I can only do That’s it, I’m sorry… Tina, I’m here to look for you, and I apologize to you…” “Dad!” Abe Zhang tightly grasped Zhang Qingyang’s hand and wept for a moment!

“Nora Wan, Nora Wan!!” Abe Zhang’s eyes shot out cold, his blood-red eyes, like a wild beast roaring!


Nora Wan was content, “Abe Zhang, you can’t play with me after all!” “Really?” Abe Zhang put his fingers in his mouth and took out three bombs, which were hidden in his mouth because he was small. Can hide!

Nora Wan’s willow eyebrows are erected, “You! Only three, it’s useless! Get me two of them!!” “Yes, Patriarch!” The people of Wanjia regarded death as home!

However, Long Yi suddenly changed his face and turned around to see it. Nora Wan’s eyebrows were erected, “What’s the matter?



“Someone is breaking into our homes!”

Long Yi’s face is ugly! “Who!”


“Nora Wan beautiful eyes are cold!

Chapter 909

she! “For the time being, it’s not clear yet!”


“The sensor that Long Yi carried with him sensed that someone had broken in! But it didn’t matter. Wanjia’s security was the strictest security in the world, easy to defend and hard to attack! These people broke in, too. It’s useless! Because, I can’t break in at all! The reason is very simple, that is, this is Wanjia!!! No one has managed to break in! No one has ever entered before, nor will there be today, and there will never be in the future!!! Yi, you let me down again and again!

“Nora Wan said coldly! “Sorry, Patriarch, I will deal with this immediately!”

“Long Yi said. There was a lot of discussion in the Wan family, but they heard Long Yi say someone broke in!? Who is it? Who has the courage? Abe Zhang sees it, who intrudes in? He doesn’t know. , The only thing he wants to do now is to kill Nora Wan!! Abe Zhang pulls Hou Olena Jiang, she has been tortured and doesn’t have much energy. Abe Zhang wants to take her out, but how? Abe Zhang Entering Wanjia is a heart of death. Because, as far as Abe Zhang’s current conditions are concerned, there is no other possibility to deal with people like Nora Wan, and some have only…to die together!! So, Abe Zhangliu Three things given by Alice! Olena Jiang is still alive, Abe Zhang is very pleased and sees hope. The moment Abe Zhang saw Olena Jiang, he also wanted to take Olena Jiang away and live in seclusion together. Now! However, my father was shot on the ground! My mother was assassinated, Maya Tang, Black Rose… Abe Zhang can’t pass this hurdle! Can’t pass! In this case, how can Abe Zhang take Olena Jiang away? Can’t take it. At the moment of this door, it was fleeing, it was giving up the grace of his mother, can Abe Zhang do this? He can’t do it! “My wife, maybe I’m sorry, I want it.


“Abe Zhang said. “I know what you are going to do, I will stay with you, just like.


When we were young, we both went to school together.


Olena Jiang was tired, but she was smiling. When things have reached this point, there is no other way. Just die, at least be able to die with Abe Zhang. It’s… worth it. “En.

“Husband, you prepared the people who broke in outside?”

Olena Jiang asked. “No, I didn’t call anyone!”

Abe Zhang denied that even if it was Beatrice, Abe Zhang didn’t call out. It was Abe Zhang who forced Beatrice not to come over! “That, maybe it is Nora Wan’s enemy.

“Well, maybe!”


Abe Zhang shrugged. He looked very lightly. Suddenly, You Shiwen looked over and she wanted to get closer! Abe Zhang Yao

After shaking his head, he will die with Nora Wan!

So, what does You Shiwen do near?

Once Nora Wan died, it was not difficult to control Wanjia with the ability to travel Shiwen!

It is not difficult for Beatrice to control everything left by her mother!

Because, You Shiwen will definitely not hit Beatrice’s idea!

This may be the best result in Abe Zhang’s mind!

You Shiwen must step forward!

Abe Zhang still shook his head!

You Shiwen was silent for three seconds, and his beautiful eyes turned red.

“Abe Zhang, what do you expect?” Nora Wan smiled slightly.

Long Yi controlled the situation outside, she was relieved.

She raised her hand and snapped her fingers!

Wan’s bodyguard is approaching!

Three things, Wanjia’s bodyguards rushed forward, not enough!

Abe Zhang stared at Nora Wan, he had an idea in his heart, how to pull Nora Wan to die together!


“How could this be?” Long Yi was surprised!

“What’s the matter?” Nora Wan asked coldly.

“There are a lot of top-notch masters coming up below! This is? Let me see, who are they!” The instrument in Long Yi’s hand caught the scene of the intruder, and one of them was a woman.

Long Yi used Wanjia’s network to check, and the woman’s information came out clearly.

“This is? The autumn water of Wumen in the summer?” Long Yimei’s eyes were cold, and she found out.

“Wumen? Do they dare to come up? Catch them for me, I want to ask who instructed them!” Nora Wan said coldly.

“Yes, Patriarch, I will deal with it immediately!” Boom!


Suddenly, something blasted over!

Exploded the protection of Wanjia!

Long Yimei’s eyes Shuosuo, “I thought it would be great to have this?” Long Yi said coldly. She took a sniper rifle and pointed it at a helicopter outside!


She pulled the trigger!


Bullets are shot out crazy!

I hit the fuel tank of this plane, too accurate!

The plane exploded!

However, a man jumped from the plane and brought a parachute!


This person floated down, Long Yi smiled disdainfully, pulling the trigger!


Bullets are shot out crazy!

Did not hit!

Long Yiliu’s eyebrows are erect, his marksmanship is full of shots, can’t he hit this person?


She looked with the aiming instrument, but only a second later, she was shocked and saw the incredible thing, “Impossible, impossible!” “Long Yi, what’s wrong with you? What a fuss!” Nora Wan was always calm!

It’s okay to break in, there are many people!

“She, she, still alive!” Long Yi’s beautiful eyes were drowned in horror!

“Who is still alive?” “Tina Li!!” Long Yi took a breath!

Chapter 910

is not dead!

Abe Zhang was stunned!

What did Long Yi say?

Mom is still alive?




Wasn’t my mother assassinated by Long Yi?

The body was washed away by the river, and it has not been found yet.


Could it be?

Mother is really not dead?

So the body has not been found?



Olena Jiang looked up, her beautiful eyes were watching, and for a moment she was complicated, “It’s her, it’s really her…” To Olena Jiang herself, she hoped that Tina Li would die, but when he really died, Olena Jiang was complicated. .

Very tangled emotions!

Seeing her at this moment, Olena Jiang felt a sudden in his heart.


Let go!

“It turns out that you are not dead yet?” You Shiwen was pleased, and felt sorry for her death!

You Shiwen hasn’t had a good fight with her yet!


“Grandpa, did you see that Tina Li is not dead? Not dead at all!” Zhang Xiang was also shocked!

The owner of the Zhang family is at a loss!

In the end what happened?



The parachute fell, a man leaped out, a pistol shot out, boom!

Destroyed the sniper rifle in Long Yi’s hand!

She jumped down in the air and landed lightly!

The audience was stunned!


She didn’t even look at it, and fired a shot at a place!


It’s a scream!

A sniper of Wanjia died!

Eyebrow shot!


She shot again!

Another sniper died!

Nora Wan appeared surprised, “Are you not dead yet?” She turned her eyes, staring at Long Yi, this look is asking, you let me down again!


“You, how could you not die?” Long Yi couldn’t believe it!

She saw with her own eyes that Tina Li jumped into the turbulent river. The intensity of the river water might make Tina Li not dead?

“Don’t you know I can hold my breath underwater for more than 20 minutes?” Tina Li said lightly.

Only one person in the audience knew about this!

That is Olena Jiang!

When she assassinated Tina Li for the first time, she used capsule poison, but she was poisoned herself, but Tina Li had nothing to do.

At that time, Olena Jiang knew a terrible thing, Tina Li could hold his breath for more than 20 minutes!


“You! Did you jump off purposely?” Long Yi was annoyed!

“Yes, the situation at that time had to make me jump,” Tina Li shrugged, step by step!

“You really believe in yourself. Jumping under that situation is a life of nine deaths!” Long Yi sneered coldly.

“Yes, it’s a life of nine deaths! However, jumping down to survive is just the smallest reason!” “What other big reason do you have?” Long Yi sneered.

“That’s right, my son, Abe Zhang, I hope he can grow up quickly, inherit everything from me quickly, and force him quickly, so I thought of this method… Abe, I hope you don’t blame me!” Tina Li smiled.

Her eyes were red, and she missed her loved ones!

“Mom!” Abe Zhang really cried.

“Sigh.” Tina Li responded.

“Huh, you are escaping for you

Make excuses, the situation at the time, you can’t jump if you don’t!

Long Yi is angry! “No!

You can dance or not, because I broke my hand at the time, and there is still nothing wrong with dealing with you,” Tina Li shrugged. “Funny!

Do you think I will believe it!


You were defeated by me!


“This is what I showed you. You know, I weighed close to 300 kilograms and hit you, what do you think?”


” “what?

You really?

“Long Yi was taken aback! “Yes, why did you lie to you?”

And… I also think that what I have planned for a long time should be almost the same, so I chose to jump!

“Tina Li said with a shrug. “Oh, what else have you planned?”

“Nora Wan said with a lazy smile. “A lot, as early as 20 years ago, I went to Wumen for further study and asked them to promise me one condition, that is…everyone helped me once. It is best to use now!

“Tina Li said. “Oh, they haven’t attacked yet!”

Nora Wan smiled slightly. “No, it’s almost there!”

There are two sharpshooters to help, it’s not difficult!

Because, I came up, figured out the layout of your Wanjia, break through, can’t trouble me!

” “what?

You, Maya Tang, you saved Black Rose?

“Long Yi is angry! “Yes, it’s me!”

“Mother, Aunt Tang, and Black Rose are still alive?”


Abe Zhang cried. “Well, live!”

Now that the injury has recovered, when I was attacking with Coach Qiushui and others, I was worried about you, so…” Suddenly, Tina Li found Zhang Qingyang lying on the ground. For a moment, Tina Li was shocked! She ran over with red eyes. Listen to your heartbeat against your chest! “Mom, Dad.


“Abe Zhang couldn’t speak. “I know, I know… I didn’t know at first, and then I checked it myself and I got it,” Tina Li muttered to himself. Abe Zhang was shocked, Beatrice said, mom for a while Looking for clues to the hidden family, when I arrived at Zhang’s house, my mother suddenly stopped checking and was silent all night. Perhaps, that night, my mother knew everything from her clever associations. But she pretended I don’t know… Mom may want to keep this hard-won relationship, but… it’s backfired! Dad lay on the ground and didn’t move…

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