His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2126

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Chapter 2126

Luo Youyou’s mother and daughter are safe, passed the initial stage in the hospital, and were discharged from the hospital. After returning home, Eldon Valles was busy taking care of the follow-up matters of the family and followed the babysitter. After busying to take care of Luo Youyou, he was surprised to feed her several kilograms of fat.

Holding the flesh on her body, Luo Youyou was full of sadness. It was normal to get fat when she was pregnant, but Alisha Lan lost weight after giving birth to her baby. Why couldn’t she!

Seeing her looking at her figure in front of the mirror, Sakurahara Kurosawa was reading the stew book and said in passing, “What age is still anxious? You look good in all kinds of things.”

“Qingqi is getting thinner quickly.”

“It’s different. She was a soldier before and naturally knows how to exercise.” Sakurahara Kurosawa comforted her, “If you get fatter, get fatter. I like to see you get fat. OK.”

“Really?” Luo Youyou gave up, walked away from the mirror, returned to the stroller, looked at her daughter’s small face, smiled and said, “Luo Xin, do you think your mother is fat now? “

Sakakibara Blackpool pinched voice,” not fat or fat, hemp that is not fat. “

Yes, their daughter’s name is Luo Xin, pronounced shen, Blackpool Sakakibara also represents the name of the first word, In this way, it means the combination of two people.

“I have to adjust my state quickly. After giving birth, I can’t leave work.” Luo Youyou shook the stroller and said to Sakura Kurosawa, “Her father, I have a ppt before…”

“Oh, I’ve done it for you.” I don’t know why Sakura Kurosawa felt very at ease when he heard Luo Youyou say that the child was her father.

Although she wouldn’t call his husband, wouldn’t the four words “child her father” have more weight?

Smiling, Sakura Kurosawa threw the USB drive over, “Hey, it’s in it.”

“Ah!” Luo Youyou was stunned, “You actually helped me with my homework!”

“Isn’t it because you are too tired to have a baby, so I can help you share a little, and your information is integrated, I just did a beautification work.”

Sakura Kurosawa spread his hands and went to the kitchen to see his stew. , I heard that the residents of Guangdong are good at stewing soup. He bought the cooking books over there and was planning to study hard. He would cook soup for Luo Youyou every day to help her replenish her body.

It’s good to be fat, and fatter has immunity!

What’s more, her round face, fatter and fleshy, is even cuter!

The more I thought about it, the more I liked it, Sakura Kurosawa stirred in the pot with a spoon, and an extremely wretched smile appeared on his face.

He remembered that Christian had said before, brother, although he has children, he still feels a bit regretful not to get married. You have to come on.

Sakurahara Kurosawa said he regrets a ghost, do you know that the current peace is already the most satisfying in Lao Tzu’s heart? Seeing Luo Youyou and the child are safe is his greatest happiness.

When the soup was cooked, Sakurahara Kurosawa helped Luo Youyou Sheng out, and by the way he packed a small portion for Ameli Su. After all, Christian also had a pregnant woman at home, so he could take care of it.

Sakurahara Kurosawa cursed in his heart after returning to his senses. After that, he has now become a good man.

From a big scumbag man to a warm-hearted husband?

Looking at the spoon, Sakihara Kurosawa was stunned. I don’t know when, this kind of fireworks scent of a family of three has made him quit all his hostility, from being stabbed to being a safe haven for his family, Luo Youyou He has grown too much, and he has grown too much.

If a relationship makes a person a better person, then the relationship is the best.

Even if you are not married, even if your love is fruitless.

Sakurahara Kurosawa smiled, shrugged, and then entered the room with the soup, “My child’s mother, come and taste my new learning!”

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