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Chapter 2103

“Pressure Tiance Mansion and let them hand over Levi’s child!”

“Talk to them and hand over Levi’s child, and you will immediately quit Velador!”

This is a new task under Richard.

From the beginning, Aubrey’s talents are well known all over the world.

Even the core executives of the Lab of gods are very concerned.

They also want Aubrey.

There is even a core high-level person who said such a sentence: Having such a genius is likely to affect everyone’s layout.

And if the opponent is forced to hand over the king, it is equivalent to the opponent’s submission.

That way, Velador’s international reputation would plummet, and everyone would be ridiculed.

This is what Richard wants!


In front of Tiance Mansion Horizon Pavilion.

Several people stand.

These are all the gods of Tiance Mansion.

Responsible for the main matters of Tiance Mansion.

Especially when the helm of Tiance Mansion and other high-level retreats, Tiance Mansion was taken care of by them.

Now they come to ask Horizon Pavilion Nick about the history of these people and so on.

A voice came from the attic of Horizon Pavilion: “Nick and other thirty-seven people came from the laboratories of the gods. It was Richard who restored Roderick’s experiment! These people are called pure energy bodies. To put it bluntly, they have no fixed body, so they don’t die….”

“Thank you, we know now! It’s Richard’s conspiracy! These people are exiled by the world, and no country recognizes their status! It happened that Richard used them to deal with Velador, to test our trump cards!”

Several gods have reacted one after another.

A voice came from the Horizon attic: “In the past hundreds or even hundreds of years, you only thought about the mission of guardianship! In fact, you are standing still and isolated from the world! However, secret organizations in other places have long been laying out, even laying out for a hundred years.

For example, the laboratories of the gods have been in the layout for a long time, and their appetite is the entire Velador. They’ve been thinking about how to target the Tiance Mansion and Trex clan for a long time. This is what they are testing your hole cards! This layout heuristic has been done a lot! Your reaction is too slow!”

“Really! Your Tiance Mansion is not as good as Levi!”

Hearing such accusations, the great gods will be very angry, but helpless.

Not to mention the seniority of these old guys in Horizon Pavilion, they are even better than the other.

But they are not convinced!

What kind of existence is Tiance Mansion and Trex clan?

No matter how great Levi was, in their eyes, he was only born one of a kind.

Are they not as good as Levi?

Isn’t this a bull5hit?

After the few great gods left, they immediately discussed: “So, these people are just to detect our hole cards?”

“As long as we send one, it is equivalent to exposing to the laboratory of the gods?”

“But the more so, the less we can expose our hole cards!”


Dozens of Nick’s men were rampant in Velador, and no one could stop them.

The second negotiation between Bass Guard and Tiance Mansion had begun.

This time it was Nick who asked for it on their own initiative.

Colin thought that Tiance Mansion would not agree.

Unexpectedly, Tiance Mansion agreed.

And claimed that Nick’s first and second conditions can be agreed.

The first condition doesn’t matter, it is to make Bryant and the others kneel.

The second condition claims to be proposed by Levi, and it will not affect Velador’s reputation.

And after so long, the ban is already a display.

So it can be cancelled.

Everyone understands that since defeating the top three Lords of Summer List and Tiance Mansion.

They are more confident.


The negotiating team met with Nick again.

“The first two conditions are met! Then will hand over Levi’s child, and we will quit Velador immediately! Otherwise, don’t blame us for being cruel! No one in Velador can stop us?”

Nick directly put forward the conditions.

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