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Chapter 851

“Tim, you…”

Brandon was very angry.

“Brandon is doing outrageous things! Your daughter Ollie did make a mistake back then, but she is your grandson after all! You let him wander out and be called a wild species by everyone?”

Facing the articulate Tim, Brandon was helpless.

The Saintberg Porter family found Levi, and they had the advantage.

“I think, at the annual meeting in a few days, will you let this kid show up? Or you can kill him now, and I will pretend that I don’t know it!”

Tim deliberately agitated.

Brandon was forced to accept Levi’s identity: “This is my grandson, of course he will appear at the annual meeting. Now let him wander out, in fact, to train him!”

Brandon understood that if he didn’t admit it.

Soon Tim will let the major media expose that he has a grandson.

Nelshire Porter’s face was going to be lost.

“Very well, I want to see what this kid is like at the annual meeting.”

Tim hung up with satisfaction.



Brandon immediately smashed the phone and broke it to the ground.

“Levi, Levi, you evil spirit! You have badly harmed my Porter family!”

Brandon scolded.

When Porter’s family learned of this incident, they were also very angry.

“Levi has always been a hidden danger, and it surely endangered my Porter family today!”

“At the annual meeting, the other Porters will definitely use Levi to humiliate my Porters. Will we still be able to raise our heads?”

“Isn’t it! Just because he was alone, my Porter family was completely abolished. Even the God of War War God is useless. Maybe we will be blamed!”


The Porter family blushed one by one, wishing to take Levi alive.

They can already imagine the scene at the annual meeting.

One wild species ruins everything.

Let Nelshire Porter’s family become a laughing stock.

Brandon said angrily: “I wondered, how did the Saintberg Porter family know about Levi?”

“Grandpa, according to my people, Levi secretly met with Porter Yandong from the Porter family in Saintberg! Just today! They should be in contact!”

Ian said.

“The matter is clear and clear. Levi must have taken the initiative to find the Saintberg Porter family. With the help of the Saintberg Porter family, grandpa will recognize his grandson’s identity!”

“Levi, you are so insidious!”

Everyone grinned.

“I said earlier that this kid is not a fuel-efficient lamp! In this way, he became the young Lord of the Porter family, because the Saintberg Porter family is watching, we have to serve him deliciously, and we can’t do anything to him.”

Brandon gasped heavily.

“Then what should Grandpa do now?”

Mack’s brows were twisted into the word Sichuan.

Chapter 852

“What else can I do? Get people back!”

“Could it be possible for the media to tell Quan Velador that my grandson of Brandon is a wild species living on the streets?”

Brandon said angrily.

“Grandpa, we don’t want to invite! What qualifications does this kind of waste have for us to invite?”

Mack, Ian and others directly expressed their dissatisfaction.

“Let’s not go either!”

Everyone refused.

“Let Regina’s family pick it up!”

Everyone pointed to the most cowardly Regina family.

“Okay, you go.”

Soon after, Regina’s family came to Jinling to find Levi.

“Levi, are you satisfied this time?”

Regina’s father, Kelvin Porter, said in a strange way.

Their family was often excluded from Porter’s family because of Levi.

What’s more, Levi put the Porter family to shame.

As a member of the Porter family.

They only hate Levi!

“Huh? What are you satisfied with?”

Levi looked surprised.

“Huh! You deliberately contacted Saintberg Porter’s family to reveal your identity, just to let your father recognize your grandson’s identity?”

When Kelvin saw Levi’s puzzled appearance, he thought he was pretending, becoming more angry.

“Now your goal has been achieved! Father has admitted your grandson’s status! Send us to tell you this!”

Kelvin said angrily.

“Ha ha…”

Levi smiled.

He admits, he doesn’t admit it yet!

What the hell?

“If you want to go back to Porter’s house, go back with us now! If you don’t want to return, you must show up at the Porter’s annual meeting in five days!”

Kelvin said.

“Well, tell Brandon, I will go to the annual meeting!”

Levi smiled.

He not only went as a wild species, but also as a God of War war god.

“Ha ha…”

Kelvin smiled disdainfully.

I thought that Levi would be very backbone and would not recognize the Porter family status, let alone attend the Porter family annual meeting.

Unexpectedly, I agreed all at once.

Kelvin despised him to the extreme.

“Brother Levi, don’t care about my father’s words, he is for family honor, in fact, there is no malice!”

Regina ran over to comfort him.

“I won’t care.”

Levi still prefers this sister.

“Regina, what are you talking to him? Come here!”

“I’m telling you, stay away from him in the future! Even if he enters the Porter family, the blood of this person is not as noble as ours. Don’t associate with him! You will lose your status!”

Kelvin said angrily.

Porter’s family all adhere to this system of dividing people into different categories.

Everyone felt that Levi was actually a low class person.

They are noble blood!

“Dad, what are you doing? Brother Levi is also a member of our family!”

Regina shouted at Levi: “Brother Levi, I am waiting for you at the annual meeting.”

“Okay, I will definitely go!”

Chapter 853

Porter’s annual meeting was widely promoted.

Even Sarah knew about it.

“are you going?”

Sarah came to ask.

She mainly wanted to see Levi’s attitude.

According to the previous Levi, the Levi she wanted.

He would definitely disdain to attend the Porter family’s annual meeting, let alone recognize the Porter family’s identity.

Sarah looked expectantly, hoping to get the answer she wanted.

“I’m going, they have come to notify me.”

Levi said lightly.


At this moment, Sarah’s eyes were full of disappointment.

That arrogant Levi was gone.

It was replaced by Levi who had compromised with life!

The side she most wanted to see is gone…

Levi smiled and said, “Would you like to go with me?”

Levi wanted to take Sarah to Porter’s house to show off and shock the audience.

But Sarah refused directly: “I won’t go, you should go by yourself!”

In Sarah’s view, it is a shame for Levi to admit Porter’s identity.

And Levi said so well before that he would never look at Porter’s family again.

I didn’t know it changed so quickly.

It happened that Natalie was here. Seeing Sarah’s angry look, she asked curiously: “What’s wrong with Sarah?”

“Levi is going to attend the Porter Family Annual Meeting!”

Sarah said displeased.

“Ah? To participate in the annual meeting is to participate in the annual meeting, what’s wrong?”

“Natalie, he attended the Porter family’s annual meeting, which proved that he bowed his head to the Porter family. He admitted that he and the Porter family’s identity, Levi was gone all arrogance, didn’t you hate him bowing his head to the Porter family before?”

Sarah asked in surprise.


Natalie hesitated, not knowing what to say.

I used to despise and hate Levi using the Porter family’s identity to do things, so I didn’t know Levi’s identity.

Now she knew that Levi was the head of Erick Group.

Where does he need help from the Porter family?

“Natalie, it’s not that way at all. Maybe Levi went to Porter Family Yaowu to show off his power?”

Natalie smiled.

Sarah gave her a glance and said: “Yaowu and majestic? What is his identity? Can he give Porter family Yaowu and majesty? Porter family is Nelshire royal family!”


“Okay, Natalie, don’t talk about it. Levi is just stubborn. He bowed his head to the Porter family! He was so beggar to attend the annual meeting!”

Sarah sighed: “It may be that he sees my career getting bigger and bigger and wants to match me in all aspects!”

“Yes! That’s right, once you become Porter’s grandson, you are completely worthy of me, even if I climb you up! But you are so spineless, I look down on you at all!”

“I prefer that Levi can use his hands to fight a little bit, even if his career is small, but he did it by himself!”

Chapter 854

Natalie looked anxious at Sarah.

She wanted to tell Sarah Levi was the boss of Erick Group.

He even gave you everything!

He is not without arrogance!

He is stronger and more powerful than he was six years ago!

But thinking of Levi’s advice, Natalie still held back.

As Sarah said, tears came out.

“Does he think I, Sarah, is a person who admires vanity? Is he the grandson of the Porter family? It is the same to me!”

Natalie comforted: “Sarah, I think you should believe in Levi’s. He was so good six years ago, but now he is not bad! After six years of training, I feel he is stronger!”

Sarah shook his head: “I can’t see it! I don’t see a glimmer of hope in him now! Especially after the Porter family appeared, he frequently used the Porter family to deal with things! This way he will gradually get used to it, and less and less. Go to fight!”

“Sarah, give him some time! I believe he will prove himself soon! For example, at the wedding of the two of you! He is estimated to prove everything to you and tell the world that you are the most noble woman in the world! “

Natalie can only dye Sarah for a time, let her look forward to it.

“Ha ha.”

Sarah smiled lightly.

It is estimated that this matter is just a joke.

Immediately, Sarah changed the subject and said: “By the way, you haven’t told me who the boss of Erick is? I have asked you many times, and you have been vague.”

Natalie was even more embarrassed.

It’s all caused by Levi!

If you want to show your identity to Sarah, do you need to be like this?

“Well, don’t mention it! It’s someone you don’t know!”

Natalie can only answer like this.

“It doesn’t look handsome, you didn’t like it!”

Sarah smiled, but fortunately he didn’t continue to ask.

Natalie also breathed a sigh of relief.

The ten-year annual meeting of the Porter family of Velador came in an instant.

The ancestral home of Nelshire Porter’s family as the venue for the annual meeting was decorated with joy and liveliness.

Even the ten-mile long street in front is full of red lanterns, and the Porter family flag flutters in the wind.

It is said that the Nelshire Porter family spent a huge sum of 2 billion for this annual meeting!

It can be seen that the battle is huge.

On the day before the start of the annual meeting, Regina drove to pick up Levi to Nelshire.

Soon, Regina brought Levi to the Edburg Manor.

Above the grand and magnificent gate, the words Porter’s family hung high, with extraordinary aura, overwhelming the world.

This is the royal residence!!!

There were dozens of guards standing at the door.

“Brother Levi, please!”

Regina led the way.

But just as Levi was about to step into the Porter family’s gate with one foot, a voice sounded: “It’s not that simple to step into the Porter’s gate!!!”

Chapter 855

Accompanied by sound.

Bert, Kelvin, Ian, Mack and a large number of people from the Porter family appeared.

Surrounded by the crowd, Brandon, leaning on a cane with a dragon’s head, also appeared.

Almost all Porter’s direct descendants are there!

They came to Levi aggressively!

Levi smiled and looked at them.

“Wait, Levi, don’t you want to step into the door of Porter’s family a day or two? Are you so eager?”

Mack sneered.

“You have been thinking about it for so long, and finally realized your wish. Congratulations, you have officially become the youngest of the Porter family!”

Ian also mocked.

Everyone in the Porter family believed that Levi had planned and made Brandon have no choice but to recognize his identity.

“But my Porter family’s gate is not so easy to enter!”

Suddenly Brandon roared.

“Yes! If you want to enter the gate of my Porter family, everything must follow the rules!”

Bert shouted from the side.

“Oh? Rules? What rules?”

Levi was happy.

“In order to enter the Porter family’s gate and be recognized by the Porter family, three conditions must be met.”

Brandon raised three fingers.


Levi was very curious.

“First, give three bows and nine knocks! Kneel to the ancestors of the Porter family! Kneel to the ancestors of the Porter family! Kneel to the ancestors of the Porter family!”

“Second, if you want to enter the gate of Porter’s house, you must change your surname! From now on, you will not be called Levi, but Porter Levi!”

“Third, to become a member of the Porter family, you must learn to endure everything! Can withstand all suffering! You must bear a slap in the face from everyone in the family!”

Brandon looked coldly: “Complete the above three conditions! Only the Porter family will allow you to step into the door! Only Brandon will admit that you are my grandson! Only you can become the Porter family!”


As soon as this condition came out, Regina panicked.

She never expected that Porter’s family would make such a rude request.

Isn’t this deliberately embarrassing Levi?

There are two to three hundred people in the Porter family, and one person can’t slap Levi to death!

There are so many people who bow down, which is too shameful.

The most humiliating thing is to change the surname!

The Porter family looked at Levi together: “How is it? Afraid? Or can’t you accept it?”

“Tell you, big families have the rules of big families! Not all wild species can come in!”

“If you want to become Porter’s family, you have to follow the rules step by step!”

Bert is a few humane.

Seeing Levi’s delay in answering, Brandon became angry: “Quickly give an answer! Either meet these three conditions, or just leave!”

The Porter family had discussed it a long time ago, and Levi could come.

But it must suffer.

Wouldn’t let him enter so easily!

Ian sneered and said, “Levi has no free lunch in the world! To become the Garrison family, you must meet these three conditions!!!”


Suddenly Levi smiled.

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