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Chapter 856

A burst of laughter puzzled the Porter family.

What is he laughing at?

It seems to laugh at it!

Bert asked wonderingly: “What are you laughing at, kid? Is my Porter family that funny?”

“Don’t want to enter my Porter’s house in other ways! To enter, you must meet those three conditions!”

Brandon stared at Levi sternly.

“Yes, that’s right! Satisfy the three conditions! Do you kneel first? Or should you get slapped first?”

Porter family said.

“Let me do three prayers and nine kowtows? Knocking your heads for all of you? Are you worthy?”

“Let me change my surname to Porter, called Porter Levi? Are you worthy?”

“Let me bear each of you slap in the face? Are you worthy?”

Levi asked continuously.

Porter’s family are all dumbfounded.

The words “Are you worthy” lingered in their ears.

“Dare to do this to me, Levi? You are not worthy!”

Brandon smiled: “My Porter family is not worthy?”

“My Porter family is a century-old royal family, and has stood Nelshire for hundreds of years!”

“My Porter family has hundreds of billions of fortunes, and the industries are all over Asia!”

“My Porter family is full of talents, all over the military, political and business circles!”


“My Porter family’s style and merits can’t be said for three days and three nights, you tell me that Porter family is not worthy?”

Facing Brandon, Levi sneered and said: “Worthy? Believe it or not, let the Porter family crawl under my feet and struggle?

Domineering and arrogant.

In a word, Levi almost exploded the Porter family.

“You…are you deliberately looking for faults? Don’t you want to take a step at the door of the Porter family!”

Bert shouted several people.

“Then I, Levi, want to step into the door of this week’s house today!”

“No one can stop what I say!”

With that, Levi took a step forward and walked towards the door.

“You are not allowed to enter!”

Mack stepped forward and immediately stopped.


Levi slapped and flew out.



Ian was also taken away.

The whole audience was dumbfounded.

Unexpectedly, Levi would be so overbearing.

Fan whoever blocks it!

The key point is that he has a bit of skill, which makes people helpless.

“Levi, you are presumptuous! I see you take a step forward!”


Not surprisingly, this person was also taken away.




Bert, Kelvin and others stopped, all were slapped and beaten out.

The Porter family couldn’t stop Levi at all.

Can only watch.

Seeing that Levi was about to step into the door of Porter’s house.

“Stop him for me!”

Brandon shouted.

The guard at the door rushed forward, trying to control Levi.

But soon, they were all hit by Levi, lying on the ground wailing.

The Porter family is so big, no one can stop Levi.

Levi turned his head and glanced at everyone contemptuously. He smiled and said, “The Porter family is nothing but that!”

Chapter 857


Levi stepped across the gate of Porter’s house and entered it.

He is like the gods in the sky, unstoppable!

The three conditions set by Brandon were in vain in his eyes, like paper.

He entered the Porter family’s gate, and even shredded the Porter family’s face.

Regina’s eyes flickered, looking at Levi’s back, as if there was light.

Brother Levi’s aura is too strong.

It was one person who suppressed Porter’s family from looking up.

Too overbearing!

The sentence Levi had just mocked even stabbed Porter’s heart.

One sentence completely ignited the anger of everyone in the Porter family.

Brandon shouted with anger: “Shadow, throw him out for me!!!”

The shadow appeared next to Brandon, but he had been standing without doing anything.

How dare he do it!

Not to mention his identity is the God of War!

Can he be his opponent based on his strength?

Thinking of the scene of him following Qin and being discovered by Levi that day, he was startled in a cold sweat.

He knew that if Levi wanted to kill him, it was as simple as trampling an ant to death.

He is not stupid, dare to move Levi.

“Huh? What are you doing in a daze? Throw him out for me!”

Seeing the shadow not moving, Brandon shouted anxiously.

“Lord, I…”

Shadow lowered his head to conceal his fear.

“Huh? What do you mean by shadow? Are you violating my meaning? Or are you afraid of Levi?”

Brandon asked.

One sentence attracted countless people from Porter’s family. Will the shadow be afraid of Levi?

how can that be?

At this time, Levi had already crossed the gate and entered inside.

The shadow said: “Lord, forget it, this scene is not good for other Porters to see.”


Brandon couldn’t help sighing.

“Grandpa, let him go for the time being! If you really throw him out, the Porter family in Saintberg and other places will definitely use this to humiliate us!”

“Now, let’s endure it! When the annual meeting is over, we will find a way to get rid of him!”

Ian came up with an idea.

“It can only be so!”

In the end, the Porter family chose to compromise and let Levi enter the Porter family.

As for those three conditions, no one mentions them again

Mention it again will be a joke.

For the annual meeting, the Porter family greeted Levi with delicious food.

After dinner, Brandon went to Levi and said, “Don’t think that you are in Porter’s family, you are Porter’s family! Although I admit that you are Porter’s family on the surface, I don’t agree in my heart! You are not worthy of being my grandson! You and you Like mom, they are all wild species!!!”

“In Porter’s family, no one will admit that you are related by blood!”

Levi squinted his eyes and asked, “What did you say? Say it again!”

“You are wild species like your mother!!!”

Chapter 858

When Brandon said this, it seemed as if the surrounding air had been drained.

All of them held their breath, but the atmosphere didn’t dare to take a breath!

Regina and other Porter family members looked at Brandon incredulously.

This is indeed a bit too much!

Sure enough, everyone saw Levi’s horrible beast-like eyes, as if two cold lights were carved on Brandon’s body.

At this moment, everyone felt a violent and terrifying breath.

The surrounding temperature seemed to drop several degrees out of thin air.

Everyone felt the chill and couldn’t help but fought a cold war!

This side of Levi is really terrible!

It’s not just other people who feel it.

Brandon felt the horror even more. His pupils contracted and his Adam’s apple slipped, as if a knife stuck in the eye of his throat, making him unable to breathe.

too frightening!!!

Levi in front of him is like a violent beast!

Just a look can kill people!

Being watched by Levi, Brandon was already sweating profusely, with white gas on his head.


He finally couldn’t bear it, and fell to the ground with a limp.

He was so frightened by Levi’s eyes that he almost collapsed.

This man is like a lunatic!


Levi said.

The two words blasted into everyone’s hearts like thunder.

No one thought that a wild species wandering outside would not only enter Porter’s gate in front of everyone in the Porter family.

Let Brandon apologize!

How overbearing is this?

Levi didn’t show his identity, just overwhelming Porter’s family with his aura.

The Porter family really looked like an ant in his eyes.

“Let… let me make an apology… it’s impossible to apologize…”

Brandon stared at Levi.

“No matter what, I won’t apologize to a wild species!”

Even if Brandon died, he would not apologize to Levi.

“Hahaha, Brandon, this is what you did wrong! Your daughter’s son, you even cursed the wild species? You really should apologize!”

With a voice, a group of people came to the court.

The headed old man is impressively Tim, the Patriarch of the Porter Family in Saintberg.



Brandon almost vomited blood.

The scandal happened to be seen by Tim!

The less you don’t want something to happen, the more it will happen.

I blame Levi for coming to this wild species!

“Yes, you didn’t do the thing about Brandon right! Hurry up and yeah, no, my child apologizes!”

These people are all here for jokes.

They are happy to see the dignified Nelshire Porter family Lord apologizing to a wild species.

They were not fighting the injustice for Levi, in their eyes, Levi was also a wild species.

Just happy to watch Brandon’s jokes.

Levi couldn’t see the thoughts of these people.

“He wants to apologize, and you want to apologize too!”

Levi said suddenly.

Chapter 859

The language is not surprising and endless.

When Levi said this, everyone was stunned.

Tim and other major Porter clan branches did not expect that Levi would ignite the flames of war on them.

“Don’t think I can’t see your thoughts! In your eyes, I am also a wild species? A group of robbers!”

Levi was happy.

Tim did not expect that a small junior would dare to talk to him like this.

“Yes! You only have a mother, and you don’t even know who your father is. What are you not a wild species?”

“We like to watch Brandon Porter apologize to a wild species!”

Now that he was exposed, Tim simply said what was in his heart.

Brandon was also very angry.

But helpless.

Who made him have this wild grandson!!!


Tim and the other Porter family members all laughed.

The Nelshire Porter family bowed their heads one after another.

At this moment, they are too ashamed.

It is humiliating, but there is no way.

Everything is to blame Levi!

How good would it be for Levi?

His Nelshire Porter family must be aloof and indispensable.

With the God of War backing up, can these people in front of you look at it?

Levi hated the word “wild species” extremely.

Although he doesn’t catch a cold with his biological mother and father, he is not interested in knowing it.

But after all, it was the life they gave, and it was they who brought themselves into this world.

This is sacred.

Not to be desecrated.

These blasphemy and insults are repeated in front of me.

That is death!

Levi stood up slowly, his horrible eyes split on Tim.

“You…what are you going to do?”

At this moment, Tim felt a wave of fear and majestic momentum.

murderous look!!!

They felt the incomparable killing intent on Levi’s body!

As if they will die in the next moment!

“Brother… don’t…”

Regina stepped forward and immediately stopped Levi.

She is afraid that if this goes on, something will happen.

She immediately pulled Levi away from here.


Coming outside, Levi took a deep breath.

Just almost returned to the bloodthirsty state of the battlefield.

If it hadn’t been for Regina’s stop, I would have killed everyone inside.

Forget it, just spare them once.

Wait until tomorrow’s annual meeting to deal with these people!

After Levi left, Tim smiled and said, “I understand you in the East. I don’t want to admit that this kind of wild species is my grandson! I grew up on the streets of the city, how can I follow the noble blood of the Porter family? Match?”

“Yeah, that’s right! Just now I wanted to kill my family righteously and betray my ancestors! How can your Nelshire Porter family have such a grandson!”

Facing the humiliation of other people, Brandon gritted his teeth and clenched his fists.

He had the heart to kill Levi.

Chapter 860

This person’s return to Porter’s house will only bring shame to Porter’s house!

He also has a lowly kind mother, which is the biggest shame of the Porter family!

The two humiliations were to suppress the Porter family completely unable to lift their heads.

This is just the beginning.

Tomorrow’s annual meeting, after the hundreds of Porter family blood in Velador, the grand scene is a shame!

At that time, I am afraid that I will be drowned by the spit star.

That was the moment when Nelshire Porter’s family recorded a historical shame!

Now Nelshire Porter’s family can only recover the losses as much as possible.

“By the way, all the guests we invited are sure to be there, right?”

Brandon began to inquire with Bert and others.

“Confirmed, it will be there!”

“Where is your seventh brother? When will you come back?”

“Father, Xiaolong will be back at nine o’clock in the morning, and he will be in time!”

Bert replied.

“Ian, where is the God of War?”

“I asked the God of War again, and the message from the commander-in-chief of Wenjun said that the God of War has arrived in Nelshire!”

Ian replied.

This news is a big surprise for the Porter family!

The God of War arrived a day earlier, which shows the importance attached to their annual meeting.

Only then did Porter’s family smile.

“The news from God of War must be kept secret and will be released tomorrow! I want Tim to know how good I am!”

“By the way, where is the God of War? Our Porter family must arrange it?”

“They said no, God of War will come tomorrow!”

Ian replied.

“That’s okay! Everyone is going to actively prepare! Our Nelshire Porter family’s turnaround depends on the God of War.”

Brandon had already imagined that after the God of War appeared, the shocked faces of the other Porter’s families were fascinated.

The other side.

Levi said very much to Regina: “Regina will take me out for a walk! I’m not feeling well here!”

Levi was afraid that if he stayed any longer, he would really be murderous.

It’s not good to kill individuals.

“Brother Levi, just a few of my friends have a party, let’s go there together!”

“Okay, then go together!”

Soon after, the two came to a luxurious high-end music restaurant.

There are a few foreigners playing jazz in it, but it is kind of petty bourgeoisie.

“Regina, look here!”

Someone shouted at this time.

At a table not far away, there are a few young people, three men and two women, all of whom look good in dress and temperament.

They are all children of rich families.

Regina walked over with Levi.

“Regina, why do you have time to come over? I thought you couldn’t make it during the preparations for the annual meeting?”

The girl Gail Cross asked curiously.

At the same time, the beautiful eyes looked at Levi and asked, “Who is he?”

“Introduce everyone, this is my brother-Levi!”

At this time, a boy suddenly smiled and said, “Could it be that Porter’s wild species that everyone has passed on?”

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