His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1379 – 1380

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Chapter 1379 You are easy to use, I’m just getting close.

Unexpectedly, Sherry Xu just sneered. When facing Alisha’s astonishment, the man stretched out his hand in a good mood and patted Alisha’s head like a dog, “Stop making trouble, I’m leaving, wait.

It’s too boring here.”

After a pause, Sherry Xu added, “Especially with you.”

Alisha’s expression changed from the joy of the first to a face of dead gray.

She followed Sherry Xu to the door, where Eldon was already at the door. Waiting, seeing him beckoned, “Finally came out? How can you bear it? I walked out at twelve o’clock and didn’t want to wait for a second.”

It turned out that they had planned for twelve.

The point was about to leave, and Sherry Xu stayed ten more minutes.

Alisha felt a little erratic in walking, “Sherry Xu, you just left, Luo Youyou…”

“I told you about Luo Youyou.”

Eldon opened the door, “You don’t have to worry about this. .

She won’t blame the two of us.”

Since the host doesn’t blame it, then she is a guest, and there is nothing to blame.

It’s just…

Alisha felt her heart trembling, “You just pulled me out from Hu Yun just now…yes…because…”

“Because you want you to come to me.”

Sherry Xu smiled, “Yes. Do you want to hear such a reason?” No…no…

Alisha took a small step back unconsciously. Sherry Xu sensed her resistance, but continued to say, “But you think too much, Alisha, think about why I want to come to you when Thalia Xu appears.”

Don’t…don’t be like this…

Alisha feels like she can’t hold her fingers tight, why is this happening? “Little fool, because you are easy to use.”

The heart seemed to stop suddenly at that moment.

All the sounds next to her ears seemed to be cut off in an instant and paused.

Alisha slowly raised her head silently, shocked and painful eyes reflected Sherry Xu’s face that was smiling indifferently.

In the next second, all kinds of noisy sounds slammed into her head again, accompanied by the laughter and curse of the guests inside, and quickly passed through her ears.

Alisha felt dizzy and she was about to lose her feet. “what do you mean……” “Meaning, in order to make Thalia Xu feel that I have a good relationship with the Lan family, I told her not to act rashly and use you to suppress her, so I pulled you away from Hu Yun.”

Sherry Xu stood there, staring at Lan Qi. Qi’s bloodless little face, I don’t know why, but at the same time he opened his mouth, the heart suddenly throbbed.

How come.

He seemed to be struggling with himself, and said in a ruthless voice, “So, Alisha, I approached you from the very beginning, but because of the Lan family behind you.

I have known you for too long, too long. , So I know exactly how to control you.”

“If you know all of this, then just keep away from it.

I have no interest in the woman who brought me to the door.”

Sherry Xu was leaving when he finished speaking, but I heard the opposite blue Qiqi cried out crying, “Sherry Xu, what kind of man are you!” He had a meal, as if he had been severely beaten by someone. “Is it possible to use others to speak so calmly!” Alisha cried, her hair messy, her expression hurriedly at a loss, “You bastard! How can this be done…how can you do this to me, Sherry Xu Doesn’t the conscience hurt at all!”

Chapter 1380 is just using, what’s the crime?

The questioning from her mouth was powerful and loud. Sherry Xu thought, his conscience should also hurt. “Speak!” Without any answer, Alisha could only rush forward, grabbed Sherry Xu’s chest by the collar, and wrinkled his precious shirt.

At this moment, she could only use her voice to cover herself.

He was nervous and scared, “Sherry Xu, you talk, you at least give an explanation, tell me why—” She knows she likes him so much, but she still wants to tell the truth about the hurt, why? Does he want to see her in pain? Or is it enough for her? Why give her a good face and then give her a fatal blow? But no matter how tight Alisha held him, the answer was always silence. Being silent, I can no longer get any sense of security from Sherry Xu.

Alisha loosened her finger bit by bit, and she shook her head with red eyes, “Impossible, Sherry Xu, take what you just said…”

Take it back, and she can treat it as if she has never heard of it, and continue to like it.

He, continue to please him.

Take it back…

Is it possible for her heart to return to its original state? Alisha cried and yelled at Sherry Xu, “How can you do this!” “Why?” Sherry Xu’s eyebrows were exquisite, but he said, “Can’t use you?” It is never illegal to use feelings, unless it is used. Feelings illegally obtained other physical benefits. But Sherry Xu didn’t.

He can escape all crimes, laws, and even public opinion. Because he is not guilty.

Alisha turned pale when he said this, as if he was drained of all blood in an instant.

If you really bother her, then just tell her straightforwardly.

She Alisha is not the kind of person who likes to be entangled, and she can absolutely not cause him any trouble! “I can go far away, I can stop disturbing you, why…”

She can afford to let it go, and the big deal is to lose to him, but why, she obviously hates her, and uses her in the other way? In a world where Alisha was going straight back and forth without any deception, Sherry Xu was like a thunder, tearing open the three views she had always constructed, and blasting her entire world into a roar.

Alisha stood there, and Luo Youyou sensed that something was wrong behind him and chased it out, but saw Alisha turn around, and his beautiful white face was full of despair. But she was gritting her teeth, no matter where she got, she said, “I am willing to lose the gambling.”

She was the one who loved Sherry Xu first, which was like sending it to him personally.

She blames herself if she wants to.

Alisha wiped away the tears that fell, and kept those bright red eyes open, as if trying to break free from the loss of control just now, “I will lose to you!” In other words, the moment he said it, he was already crying.

Luo Youyou just watched Alisha rush to the side of the road in a hurry, covered her face and drove a car away quickly.

The movement was so swift that they hadn’t recovered.

Alisha and the taxi had already Disappeared. Sherry Xu stood there, the midnight wind blew his cheeks, but for some reason he blew the general tingling sensation with the blade. “Running.”

Eldon stood there, his entire face was filled with confusion, “Sherry Xu, Alisha ran away.”

“I know.”

Eldon lowered his head, “…I feel like you are Did something wrong.”

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  1. What’s we with these boy kids , why do they like hurting girl kids so much. Is it because they have never been played by women. Maybe it’s time they get played so that they can feel how ut to get hurt. It was Christian to Marriah Yan, now Sherry Xu to Alisha Ye


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