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Chapter 456

Did you shoot?

“What kind of special man?” Abe Zhang asked while lying on Maya Tang’s lap.

Why is Maya Tang’s smile so gentle?

What a special man is this?

Abe Zhang is a little bit…envious and disappointed.

However, Abe Zhang has dispelled this kind of thinking. He can’t think about it, he must respect Maya Tang!

Maya Tang is so good and perfect, and the person who can take her first kiss, must be a man who can match her!

Yes, Maya Tang really thought of that night, when Abe Zhang was outside his bar, when Abe Zhang pulled herself out, wearing a cat mask, and Abe Zhang kissed herself.

That feeling was very electrocuted, until now Maya Tang understood that it seemed to be a feeling of heartbeat.

“It’s very special anyway, very special.” Maya Tang looked down at Abe Zhang.

In fact, Maya Tang is very simple in terms of feelings, because she has not tried it. In Maya Tang’s eyes, other men have no feeling of heart, but why do you think about Abe Zhang more and more?

She understood now. In Maya Tang’s heart, Abe Zhang was a pure boy, and she was innocent of feelings. In this regard, they coincided with her… But if Abe Zhang knew Maya Tang’s thoughts, he would vomit blood. Because what did Abe Zhang do at that time?

I watched Maya Tang’s back secretly, and even dreamed of Maya Tang at night, more than once, even when I came here last time, I sneaked into Maya Tang’s room and saw her usual clothes… But Maya Tang didn’t know. Even if she knew it, what would she look like?

Uh, it should be shy, most embarrassing… “Then you didn’t plan to be with this special man?” Abe Zhang asked.

“This…I…” Maya Tang was silent for the first time.

How do you say this, with Abe Zhang?

Maya Tang thinks it’s impossible. Maya Tang is a person who doesn’t like to force and doesn’t ask for rewards. She thinks that she can give, so she will do so instead of pursuing giving in return.

So, she will let Abe Zhang and Olena Jiang break up?


Then be with yourself in an open and honest way?

Maya Tang didn’t even think about such a thing. All she thought was to give in silently. When Abe Zhang needed comfort, she could be by her side and meet all Abe Zhang’s requirements. The rest, let the fate.

This is Maya Tang’s idea.

“Is this man who doesn’t want to be with Aunt Tang you?” Abe Zhang was more angry. Is this because he doesn’t admit it?

Maya Tang, such a beautiful woman actually kissed Maya Tang and didn’t recognize it?

To be honest.

If this man was himself, he would definitely recognize, what a perfect woman?

How can you bear it?

“No, I, I don’t know


“Maya Tang said gently. Lost in her heart, Abe Zhang didn’t have any evil thoughts in her eyes. She didn’t think about these things, but she didn’t have any evil thoughts, so that means she didn’t have any interest in herself, how could she like herself? The reason why I lean over and like to rely on myself is because I am comfortable, because I am used to it, and even because…I am his aunt, relying on what I should… “Who is this person, I’ll go find him!”


Abe Zhang annoyed. “No, why are you looking for him?”

“Maya Tang was embarrassed to the extreme. At that time, you took the kiss. That’s right, but you treated me as Olena Jiang! “Why can’t you find it?”

Aunt Tang, I want you to be happy.

“Abe Zhang is very serious. This kind of woman should be loved and spoiled by a man. She shouldn’t be single for so long, because the person who can kiss Maya Tang must be the man who has entered Maya Tang’s heart, otherwise the average man kisses Try it?? Even if you kiss, Abe Zhang can think of Maya Tang’s reaction, he will definitely be very angry! “As long as he is happy, I… will be happy too.

“Maya Tang said. Abe Zhang sighed and couldn’t continue speaking, what else can I say? Maya Tang was too considerate of others, and Abe Zhang felt sorry for her. “It’s late, go to sleep.

“Maya Tang said. Abe Zhang closed his eyes and leaned her head on Maya Tang before falling asleep for a long time. Maya Tang kept watching, and she suddenly smiled, “Cer’s sleeping is so interesting. This little snore… has a sense of rhythm…” …… Early the next morning, Abe Zhang woke up. Maya Tang watched him get up before going to make breakfast. Abe Zhang washed out and saw Elvina. She didn’t sleep much all night, mainly because she couldn’t sleep. She felt that she was too out of place here. So she wants to go back, why not ask other brokerage companies in the capital? Elvina has made up her mind, she must be a star and make a lot of money. “Abe Zhang, I, I will go out later, this time Thank you,” Elvina was disappointed. Actually, when she slept last night, the door was not closed. She was thinking, would Abe Zhang be lonely without a woman? So she thought, if Abe Zhang was in last night At that time, she opened the door and came in. She wouldn’t mind. But when Abe Zhang didn’t come in until midnight, Elvina felt that Abe Zhang was not interested in herself? Well, just because she was not interested, she would not come in. Where to go?

Why are you going to a brokerage company?

Are you a star?

“Abe Zhang looked at her weirdly, what Elvina said, her appearance is definitely better than Olena Jiang and others, but her figure is comparable, but being a star might be positioned as the kind of female, figure female, etc. If you are filming, It’s the kind of leaky figure that attracts otaku. It should be more difficult to get out. Unless she has acting skills, she…when she is crying

But it made Abe Zhang feel a little bit that his acting skills can be honed, and he talked to director Yue Buying that he should be able to try to arrange roles for her. This is just one sentence.

“Well, I will be a star,” Elvina lowered her head.

“What kind of type?” “I want to make movies, TV shows, and sing songs,” Elvina whispered.

Abe Zhang laughed, and Elvina asked, “What are you laughing at? I want to do it.” “Let you shoot the fruit, the play, do you shoot?” Abe Zhang tested Elvina’s bottom line.

When Elvina heard this, she thought of the photos she took to Abe Zhang. She blushed and shook her head, “No, but you want to see, I can take a photo for you alone,” Abe Zhang read it anyway, then There is no need for Elvina to hesitate?

Abe Zhang coughed, “This…If you want to be a star, then I can give you a chance,” “Really!?” Elvina was pleasantly surprised.

“Yes, my Auntie Tang has a film company. I can let you go in and shoot some, but at the beginning, it must be a small role. You can work hard and let other directors see your acting skills before you can get ahead.” Abe Zhang is busy. Can help.

“En, thank you, thank you very much.” Elvina almost cried in surprise. She knew Abe Zhang had such a relative and should have looked for him a long time ago. If she had looked for him, then she would not have encountered such a thing.

“It’s okay. After breakfast, I’ll take you to see it.” “Okay,” Maya Tang’s breakfast was ready. When the three of them were eating together, Abe Zhang said. Of course, Maya Tang said that it was okay. In fact, Maya Tang also felt that, Elvina has the potential in this area. If she works hard, she should be able to get ahead. After all, she is a film company.

This kind of resource is a matter of her one sentence.

After eating, Maya Tang drove Abe Zhang and Elvina to the company to solve Elvina’s problem. Maya Tang also wanted to solve her company’s affairs.

When he arrived at the company, Maya Tang took Elvina to meet the director and asked Elvina to perform at will. It was really interesting. Elvina could play that kind of violent female and unreasonable roles.

Maya Tang made such an arrangement, and the director immediately said that Elvina could be played, and Elvina was very happy.

Abe Zhang shrugged and answered a call, Beatrice’s.

“Hey, Sister Li.” “Master, you have to be careful. Black Rose did not appear near the hotel yesterday. She should go to the capital to look for you.” Beatrice said concerned.

This black rose is really cunning.

Beatrice wanted to bring someone over to find Abe Zhang.

“En, I know.” Abe Zhang had murderous intent in his eyes, because he was about to meet this woman.

“How’s things going on with the Qian family?” “Master, I have found loopholes in several large companies of the Qian family, and I am ready to start rectification.” This kind of thing, Tina Li’s network of contacts, said soon, These few loopholes are for the entire company

Say, it’s fast!

“Then the whole money family will start, I want to see the money family become a pauper!” Abe Zhang said expectantly.

See where Qian Yueying’s superiority comes from!


Chapter 457

An angry Qian Yueying “Yes, Master!” Beatrice said here.

Abe Zhang hung up the phone. Since Beatrice called, with her work efficiency, Qian Yueying’s mentality could soon begin to change.

Here Elvina has already started contact with the director. Abe Zhang is considered a good person and has done it through. She started here, and Abe Zhang asked Maya Tang what was wrong with her company.

Maya Tang smiled and didn’t say a word, and Abe Zhang couldn’t force her to ask. He always felt that since chatting with her last night, Abe Zhang has more and more respect for her.

A woman like Maya Tang must be happy.

I hope this man who took her first kiss will be responsible for it!

Abe Zhang and Maya Tang went to her other company to solve the company’s problems.

Sitting in the car, Abe Zhang lay down behind the driver’s seat. Maya Tang’s hair was close at hand. Abe Zhang always wondered if this was Maya Tang’s body and fragrance?

When he entered her car for the first time, Abe Zhang couldn’t forget the smell.


“Aunt Tang…” “Well, what’s the matter? Bored? Then I will take you to play, OK?” Maya Tang, who was driving, said softly, she was afraid that Abe Zhang would be bored. After all, this is the capital city. Take Abe Zhang to play.

At this moment, Abe Zhang was actually touching his hair. What is this for?


Maya Tang was driving at this time, and it was not easy to look back, but she felt very gentle.

Abe Zhang couldn’t help himself, but he recovered, and hurriedly withdrew his hand, and smiled embarrassedly, “Aunt Tang, your hair is so beautiful,” he still didn’t say the second half:

After this hair, which man will touch it?

Oh, what do you want to do?

Maya Tang smiled softly, “Cer, you are so cute and happy to talk.” Yes, no one before him dared to touch Maya Tang’s hair, let alone praise.

“I’m honest, Aunt Tang, you are really perfect,” Abe Zhang exclaimed.

“You…” Maya Tang wanted to look back at Abe Zhang’s expression. What did she say to herself? Does Abe like herself?

Why didn’t I feel this?


Then why does he say that?

Maya Tang was nervous at such a moment.

Is Abe going to confess to herself?

How to do.

How should I react?

High cold?


Or, go to kiss him?

Ah, I can’t do such a thing… Maya Tang’s thoughts are all confused.

But Abe Zhang went on to say, “Aunt Tang, it’s really wonderful that you can be my aunt.” Maya Tang felt lost all at once, and she thought too much.

He doesn’t like himself.

Don’t like it at all, in his heart, he has always been an elder.

Maya Tang sighed.

“Well, being your aunt, I will protect you for the rest of your life.” Abe Zhang was moved, “Aunt Tang, can I touch your hair?” Abe Zhang was nervous, he didn’t know why he said that, maybe it was boring?

Well, Abe Zhang thinks so.

“Okay, I will agree to whatever you ask,” Maya Tang smiled softly, without thinking about other things. Although she was disappointed in her heart, it was good like this. Maybe Abe Zhang was bored and wanted to play with her hair to relieve her boredom.

What’s wrong with this?

To be honest, Maya Tang thinks that if Abe Zhang wants to touch other parts of herself, she…she actually doesn’t know how to deal with it, refuses?

She couldn’t say it.


She feels shy again, embarrassed.

But the default?

She felt bad again, she was messed up.

She has no idea about this aspect. In fact, she sometimes thinks that if two people are together, as long as they are resting in the same room, reading and hugging, the feeling is very warm. Maya Tang pursues this kind of psychological comfort and satisfaction. , Other, she doesn’t care.

Yesterday, she felt this feeling particularly good.

Watching the person in your heart sleep, is this not what you want?


She will feel at ease.

Abe Zhang closed his eyes, Maya Tang’s hair is really fragrant, “Aunt Tang, what shampoo do you use?” Maya Tang chuckled softly and couldn’t help but laugh. This question made her laugh.

… Here, Qian Yueying is resting at home. She doesn’t know when Tina Li will come over. However, she must pay attention to this matter. How can Tina Li be a potential threat to Qian’s family? Could it be a future friend?


Qian Yueying felt that she wanted to meet Tina Li

, Make friends with Tina Li, at the very least, if you are friends, then Tina Li wouldn’t think of destroying the Qian family too!

In other words, this Zhao family, who had been destroyed and similar in strength, had Tina Li’s background, and Qian Yueying had to think about it and win him over. This is what Qian Yueying thinks the Qian family has to do now.

If Tina Li has been wooed, then the other two big families shouldn’t be a cause for concern, right?

She was thinking that the other two families should also be doing this.

She must be in front of the others!

She was ready, and went to the night hotel again. However, cousin Qian Fangyun came over to find herself. Qian Yueying was also rather helpless. She didn’t sleep all night last night and was angry with that trash man. Arrived.

She was thinking that she was actually angry with that kind of man?


This was impossible before!

This rubbish man found Maya Tang’s kind of backer, luckily, he was lucky!

“Cousin, cousin. That horrible thing,” Qian Fangyun didn’t sleep last night and was slapped twice. How did he sleep?


“Don’t worry, I will find a way,” Qian Yueying was thinking. The best way now is to win over Tina Li.

The relationship is better than that between Maya Tang and Tina Li, so what is it difficult to force Maya Tang to hand over the rubbish?

Therefore, we must find a way to win over people like Tina Li and destroy the Zhao family.

Then the strength of this Tina Li is definitely not only in China, but also in the world, otherwise it is impossible to achieve this!

“Cousin, I believe you,” Qian Fangyun was relieved. He wanted to kill Abe Zhang immediately last night.

“En, you go play, I’m going out,” Qian Yueying said, Qian Fangyun chuckled, “Cousin, can I find you a boyfriend?” “No need.” Qian Yueying shook her head, she Feeling that she will be so empty and lonely in her next life to cool down, she is used to it now.

Qian Fangyun is not good to say anything.

However, Qian Yueying suddenly received a call.

In less than ten seconds, her beautiful brows wrinkled.

“What’s the matter, cousin? What happened?” Qian Fangyun walked over, a little bit curious.

“The biggest chain restaurant in our family has a problem.” Qian Yueying frowned.

“What’s the problem?” “Look at the news, you should have it,” Qian Fangyun was curious and took out his mobile phone. The headline turned out to be the Qian family’s food and beverage, and the health was worrying!

The staff used saliva to wash vegetables!


“Who released this?” Qian Fangyun frowned. This question was made by an employee in one of their largest restaurants some time ago. This video was sent out and the Qian family immediately solved it. Up.

“I don’t know, isn’t this video deleted?”

Qian Yueying also found it incomprehensible. This video was deleted a long time ago. How could it still appear?


It is conceivable that this disgusting video will have an impact on the catering industry!

“Maybe someone broke out on purpose, I called and resolved it.” Qian Yueying said.

“This person is looking for death! Is someone deliberate?” Qian Fangyun was annoyed.

“Maybe!” Qian Yueying is relatively calm. She often handles such things, but this time it is obviously a bit more serious, but it is easier to solve.

“Find this person. Kill him!!” Qian Fangyun was annoyed. He was really looking for death, how dare he treat the Qian family this way?

Could it be that the pen has arrived, don’t you know that the Qian family is one of the four big families?


Qian Yueying nodded. She took out her mobile phone and was about to make a call. The person who broke out, Qian Yueying would let this person know what regret is. After a phone call to resolve the matter, then make another call. , You can easily find you again!


However, before she called, the phone suddenly rang again. Qian Yueying frowned. Ten seconds later, her pretty face was completely ugly. Qian Fangyun was strange. What’s wrong?

Qian Yueying put down the phone, the beautiful eyes are all cold, “Someone is dealing with our Qian family!!”

Chapter 458

Who is arranging my Qian family?

“To deal with our Qian family? Cousin, are you kidding?” Qian Fangyun laughed.

I didn’t expect my cousin to be very humorous. She said such a joke early in the morning.

“No, the company called just now and said that there is a problem with our company’s building.” Qian Yueying said angrily.

She just answered the phone and said that one of their company buildings under the Qian family had a big problem, cracking, sinking, and the danger was high. She knew this problem, but it didn’t solve it. Unexpectedly, this one was also exposed!

“Cousin, you are not mistaken? Only our Qian family knows this question. How could it happen? Could it be that our Qian family exploded themselves?” Qian Fangyun couldn’t understand.

This is a secret of the Qian family. People who are not directly affiliated with the Qian family cannot know it. In other words, it is the people of the Qian family who betray the Qian family?

This is all direct, how is it possible?


“Our people in the Qian family will definitely not do this. The scary thing is, how did this person who broke out know?” Qian Yueying said coldly.

This problem was serious. Two serious problems broke out overnight. How did this person know?


“Could it be a coincidence?” Qian Fangyun still couldn’t believe that someone would dare to deal with Qian’s family!

This is mortal!

“One will be, and several will be?” Qian Yueying shook her head. In the world, where is there such a coincidence?

“So, no

Did someone from the other two families do it?

“Qian Fangyun is angry, so daring, so is this going to turn his face completely? “It shouldn’t be the two of them. We also have some of them in our hands. They should be concerned about this, it won’t be them, it should be… someone else. !

“Qian Yueying said analytically. The four big families all have control over each other, and they are all restraining each other. No one will burst out so directly, and it will not benefit anyone. “There is another person, cousin, what you said is different. Who is it?


“Qian Fangyun thinks, besides the other two families, who else has this ability? “It’s not clear for the time being, are you all right today?”

Work with me to solve these two things. “Qian Yueying must solve this problem. This kind of problem is very big. For the catering industry, this is a big problem that is disgusting and affects the word of mouth. It can’t be dealt with. This will make business. It’s a fall! “Okay, it’s okay today.

“Qian Fangyun shook his head. Although he was going to find a way to meet Maya Tang, this problem must be solved! Find out this person and make him regret it!! Two people drove to the restaurant where the accident happened, but the restaurant was already messed up. Yes, many people pull up banners, saying disgusting, losing money, never eating here again. There are reporters on the scene, and many people who have consumed here, crazy shooting videos and posting to Moments. The title is saliva. The scene is hard to control, and there are even splashing manure at the door, cursing and saying, “Shameless, you let us eat drool, I let you eat manure!


“This situation has a great impact! Because the circle of friends is posting and there are more and more people! “Dare to throw dung?

After Qian Fangyun saw it, he was very angry! This is looking for death! “Someone is leading the rhythm!”


“Qian Yueying’s eyes are cold. In this situation, there are tens of thousands of people on the scene, and there are definitely some people who are playing rhythm. In other words, there is support inside! Deliberately whole Qian’s support, with rhythm, so the scene is so difficult. Control! So many people are angry. This is someone who wants to make things big, this is to make money! “Cousin, who dares to bring the rhythm?

“Qian Fangyun is annoyed! “It seems that this person who dealt with our Qian family was very ruthless and knows the secret of our Qian family!

“Qian Yueying wanted to go, who would this person be? “Cousin, would it be Maya Tang?”


That shameless pen, begging Maya Tang to do this?

“Qian Fangyun said, in this matter, only Maya Tang, who broke up last night, can have the courage to do it! How to say, Maya Tang’s strength is still very strong, although she is not the Qian family, but she has a kind! Do! Is this going to declare war on the Qian family? The money is on fire, so Maya Tang, you are so ignorant to exaggerate! You dare to deal with my Qian family? Are you guilty of having a bear heart?

she was.

It should be impossible. What I worry about is that the person behind Maya Tang, Tina Li, has destroyed the Zhao family!

“Qian Yueying thought of the person who was least willing to think so. “Can Tina Li do it?”

Qian Fangyun frowned, feeling unbelievable. “Yes, how can someone who can destroy the Zhao family be unable to do so, but my Qian family didn’t offend her at all, she didn’t have to do this!”

“Qian Yueying felt that she couldn’t understand. She handled this aspect very well. How could this Tina Li come over to deal with Qian’s family without contact? “Could it be that Maya Tang b*tch did it?”

Let Tina Li do that.


“Qian Fangyun analyzed.” “No, I have been in contact with Maya Tang. This woman has a very straight temper. She wants to deal with us. She will use her own power and will not let others take action.” Qian Yueying shook her head. Maya Tang knew her. It’s been too long. How can you not know Maya Tang’s character? “The cousin, you mean Maya Tang did it herself?

“This possibility, that rubbish Abe Zhang, must have begged Maya Tang to do this. Maya Tang is digging her own grave!”


“Qian Yueying’s beautiful eyes shot a murderous intent! To deal with Qian’s family like this, you Maya Tang is qualified to do it? No! “Then what should we do?

“Qian Fangyun is annoyed! “Return his body by his own way!”

“Qian Yueying is about to call. There are no loopholes in Maya Tang’s many properties, she doesn’t believe it! Find out, then you will kill you! Qian Fangyun is happy in his heart, he will treat you Maya Tang’s property, then you will cry and make you Come and beg me! However, Qian Yueying’s cell phone rang again, and she answered with a frown, and soon she became annoyed again. “What’s the matter with cousin?

Did something happen again?

“Qian Fangyun thinks it’s not so good! “Well, something went wrong in the nightclub.”

It was revealed that fake wine was used.

“Qian Yueying was annoyed. She had dealt with this issue seriously, but she didn’t expect such a thing to happen! And it was exploded. Qian Fangyun coldly snorted! As soon as the car started, Qian Yueying’s phone rang again.” The company is deceiving…” “Pay arrears…” In just a few minutes, more than a dozen problems broke out at once, and they were all explosive. Some people brought the rhythm, and they went crazy in the circle of friends. This has great influence. Qian Yueying was so angry that her eyes were about to spit fire. “This Maya Tang actually has such a great strength, it seems a little underestimated her,” Qian Yueying was annoyed! At this time, her mobile phone rang again, it was the phone of the Qian family’s head. She hesitated, she must have been scolded. After answering, she was scolded, “What are you doing?


What are you doing?

Why are there so many problems?

“The Qian family is on fire, and this problem has exploded a lot. This shows that someone has to deal with the Qian family! Who is this?

So bold.

“Grandpa, I’m sorry, I’ll solve it right away!” “Solve? How to solve it? This time it’s so fierce, who did it? Is there anyone in your heart who is suspicious?” said the Qian Family Patriarch coldly.

“Maybe Maya Tang did it.” “Maya Tang? She dared?” “It should be her!” Qian Yueying said yesterday’s affairs, and the head of the Qian family was annoyed, “You mean, that Maya Tang said to protect you Rubbish, so treat our Qian family like this?!” “Well, I think it’s like this!” “Yueying, would you do this for a man?” “I, no.” “Maya Tang, that woman is smarter than you , How could she do this? Ken and others! Yueying, I asked you to investigate the destruction of the Zhao family, how did it go?” The Qian family pointed out.

In his opinion, Maya Tang doesn’t have this strength, and the problems that burst out are the secrets of the Qian family. Maya Tang does not have this strength to know!

“Grandpa, the person who killed the Zhao family was a woman named Tina Li.” “Oh. What’s the matter?!” The Patriarch of the Qian family asked immediately, why hasn’t he heard of this woman?

Qian Yueying talked about his analysis.

“So, this mysterious Tina Li is so fierce? Did you think she did it?” “It won’t be her, we didn’t offend her, why did she treat our Qian family like this?” No, didn’t you just say that Maya Tang has something to do with this Tina Li? It is still possible for Maya Tang to let this Tina Li do this.” The Qian Patriarch is indifferent.

“Yes, but it shouldn’t be very good.” Qian Yueying felt that this could wipe out Tina Li of the Zhao family overnight. This kind of strength is the best in the world. What qualifications does Maya Tang have and the relationship with this Tina Li? Okay?

“That said, it is a matter of interest. Maya Tang spent money to find Tina Li, and let Tina Li deal with our Qian family in this way! Then you go to Tina Li now, spend more money, and ask her not to do this. “Grandpa, do you want me to beg her?” Qian Yueying is a little complicated. When did she bow her head?

“You have little experience in this area. From this point of view, the control of time bursts and hot spots can all show that this Tina Li is more powerful than our Qian family. Even if I don’t want to admit it, It must be admitted that it is nothing if you are better than yourself. At this level, it is all about interest. You convince Tina Li to stop, and then let Tina Li deal with Maya Tang!” said the Patriarch Qian.

“Okay, I’ll go over now, but here’s the matter…” Qian Yueying compromised, this time it was really menacing!

If you don’t see Tina Li at this time, what if other serious things break out again?


So must see!

Must stop!


Otherwise, the impact will be great!

“I’ll take care of it myself,” said the Qian Family Patriarch, this matter is not trivial!

“Well, grandpa, you have worked hard, I will go now!” Qian Yueying hung up the phone.

“Cousin, what did Grandpa say?” Qian Fangyun asked.

Qian Yueying said, Qian Fangyun was annoyed, “Is that the author of the rubbish Abe Zhang?” “This thing is not that simple.” Qian Yueying shook her head. She thought of what Abe Zhang was saying, and she liked the Qian family. But Qian Yueying absolutely does not believe that this is what Abe Zhang can do!

“Doesn’t that shameful pen mean to ask our Qian family?” Qian Fangyun mocked.

“He doesn’t have this ability, but he has the ability to eat soft meals. Okay, you can go back to help Grandpa handle it. I will go to the night hotel and see Tina Li!” The journey is still a little far away, and I must fly there.

Qian Yueying felt that even if it wasn’t Tina Li’s doing it, she still could see it. This problem was serious.

“What can I do for you? Cousin, I’ll go with you!” Qian Fangyun said.

“Well, you call to prepare the plane, we go to our airport,” Qian Yueying drove, Qian Fangyun called, “Prepare the plane, and my cousin and I will come over in ten minutes!” But on the road, Qian Yueying saw Maya Tangdu’s car and Maya Tang driving!

She is angry!


The car drove past, just stunned!

The two luxury cars almost collided. In fact, Qian Yueying wanted to crash. What is a car?

But there is a cousin in my car.

She hesitated, there was still something else.

How is Maya Tang’s relationship with Tina Li?

Qian Yueying got out of the car, Qian Fangyun was annoyed, “Cousin, that brake pen is also in the car! Isn’t she! I killed him today!!” He saw Abe Zhang sitting in the car. In such a moment, he thought The fire was ignited. Is it your evil pen?

Begging Maya Tang to do this?

What a rubbish behavior!

Maya Tang frowned, but Abe Zhang in the car smiled, hehe, did you start?



Chapter 459

, the pretty good cousin Abe Zhang didn’t expect Beatrice to work so efficiently, and Qian Yueying and Qian Fangyun were so frustrated, then the Qian family’s industry must have been greatly affected.

But, where are these two people going?


Qian Yueying stared at Abe Zhang in the car. She was so annoyed that she opened the car window and she looked straight at her.

“Did you do our family affairs?” Qian Yueying said coldly.

Maya Tang is a smart woman. From these words, she knows what, is Abe starting to work on the Qian family?

Maya Tang didn’t say a word. She didn’t need to answer this question. The entire Huaxia can do this. Now, besides Abe Zhang, there are


Maya Tang’s reaction made Qian Yueying particularly angry, “I’m asking you something! You can not answer me, but you will regret it! Let’s leave the cloud!” “Oh, regret?” Maya Tang smiled, “You plan to let How do I regret it? I want to know.” Maya Tang hid too much strength, not to mention other things, according to the assassination ability, Maya Tang could assassinate everyone in the Qian family one by one.

Maya Tang really has the strength to dismiss this threat!

“You will know!” Qian Yueying said coldly. She stared at Abe Zhang with disgust, “And you rubbish, I will make you more regretful!!” Abe Zhang was expressionless, making me regret?

You regret it!

Maya Tang got angry and got out of the car, “What did you say?” Abe Zhang is Maya Tang’s current Ni Lin, and she absolutely does not allow others to say that about Abe Zhang!

“I said he was rubbish…” Qian Yueying was annoyed.

However, she hadn’t finished her sentence yet, and the cold light from Maya Tang’s beautiful eyes made Qian Yueying unable to speak.

“You two are waiting!!” Qian Yueying pulled Qian Fangyun away, but Qian Fangyun was attracted by Maya Tang today.

The aqua-blue skirt with knees turned Maya Tang into a stunning beauty, with big curly waves, as if exuding the smell of breeze. This temperament is really fatal.

Qian Fangyun had already watched it. If he hadn’t had his cousin, he would invite Maya Tang to dinner at this time.

“President Tang, I advise you to stop at enough! Otherwise, when the time comes, things will become a big deal, and it will be bad for you.” Qian Fangyun maintained his demeanor as much as possible.

Maya Tang frowned, Qian Fangyun’s eyes made her very uncomfortable, she wanted to talk, but Abe Zhang came out, “You stay away from my Aunt Tang, have you heard?” Abe Zhang was inexplicably upset, very upset. Simple, Qian Fangyun’s awkward gaze, after Abe Zhang watched it, he knew what he was thinking.

Maya Tang’s beautiful eyes have light, she is gentle and well-behaved and doesn’t speak, Abe is protecting herself!

Qian Fangyun stared at Abe Zhang, “Do you know who you are talking to?” “Oh, I’m talking to a man who was slapped twice, like you.” Abe Zhang shrugged.

Maya Tang smiled slightly, all over the country.

“You’re looking for death!” Qian Fangyun was annoyed. With a wicked pen, he could actually embarrass himself in front of beautiful Maya Tang?


This is absolutely intolerable!

“Cousin, don’t be impulsive, this trash man will hit you.” Qian Yueying hurriedly ran over and protected Qian Fangyun.

Really, Abe Zhang wanted to slap him. Did you see himself Aunt Tang?


“What do you want to do? Do you still want to beat my cousin?” Qian Yueying stared at Abe Zhang, she was extremely angry, if there was no Maya Tang in this place.

She will kill Abe Zhang!

“You have

A pretty good cousin!

“Abe Zhang said. “You trash!”

Stay away from my cousin, don’t you just practice for a few years?

Get away!

“Abe Zhang shrugged, “Don’t force me to beat a woman,” Abe Zhang didn’t want to beat a woman, but if a woman was too much, he would definitely beat it too! It’s impossible to be scolded while standing like this. This is not when she has no money. Qian Yue Of course Ying is not afraid. She is overwhelmed, but Qian Fangyun is worried. His cousin is so beautiful and slapped by this rubbish. What can’t you do with this rubbish? “Cousin, stop talking to him, yes. Lost his identity, let’s leave here, he will regret it!

“Qian Fangyun sneered. When I followed my cousin to find Tina Li, and wooed her, then there is no worries, and you can just clean up! Qian Yueying was angry just now, and now she doesn’t want to stay any longer, she thinks There is only one thing to do, and that is to find Tina Li! Qian Yueying and Qian Fangyun turned and left, and Abe Zhang suddenly laughed. Qian Yueying stopped angrily, turned his head, and pointed to Abe Zhang, “You can laugh more. But soon you will have no chance!

“No, it’s because you don’t have any chance. You will soon be ineligible to appear in front of me. Do you remember what I told you?”

Abe Zhang smiled slightly. “What do you want to say?”

You said you arranged all things in my Qian’s family?


“Qian Yueying laughed, why is there such a shameless person? “Haha.

“Abe Zhang’s smile is unpredictable! “Cousin, what do you say to this kind of garbage?”

He is still pretending to be forced!

“Qian Fangyun certainly didn’t believe it.” “I think he can do this by kneeling down and begging Maya Tang to do this. You are also amazing. You can eat soft food and pretend to be so powerful. You really cheat, are you still a man?”


You did it?

“Qian Fangyun laughed. He hates this kind of man the most. He doesn’t have any strength at all, but he pretends to be coerced everywhere! You have a sense of superiority even after eating soft rice. What kind of dog are you Maya Tang’s?” “You said I like my money.” Home!

“Qian Yueying stared at Abe Zhang and said word by word. The voice was so mocking. “You still remember…” “Why don’t you remember?”

Your words let me understand what shamelessness is!

I will remember it for the rest of my life, but please be more realistic in your dreams. Do you think the things you ask others to do now have much impact on the Qian family?


Praying manly arms as a car, do not have to do anything!


“Qian Yueying said in disgust. “Then wait and see!”

I have talked a lot with you, but if you don’t believe me, then I can do it.

“Abe Zhang shrugged, he doesn’t know how the situation is now, but, Qian Yueying is so anxious to go out, she must have done a good job about Beatrice! “You still said you are Tina Li’s son. I still remember.

Qian Yueying laughed. “Haha

, Cousin, you said he is Tina Li’s son?

“Qian Fangyun laughed to death, can you say such pretending words?” “He told me then, very seriously, but in the end, Maya Tang appeared and said that he was the driver,” Qian Yue Ying said tauntingly. “Haha, Tina Li’s son became a driver?

Abe Zhang, Abe Zhang, would you act like a force?

You said that, do you believe it or not?

Qian Fangyun smiled miserably. “You still don’t believe it?”

Abe Zhang shrugged. “Enough!”


Qian Yueying stared at Abe Zhang coldly, “I’m going to find Tina Li now!”

“This sentence is also to Maya Tang, tell Maya Tang, don’t be proud! “You want my mother?”


“Abe Zhang was stunned. There was a little surprise, but after thinking about it, I knew Qian Yueying’s purpose. This woman thought that her mother had destroyed the Zhao family, so she wanted to win over her mother. It’s really my mother’s power to destroy the Zhao family so easily. Actually, it’s not wrong to find my mother, but my mother is not in China… “Haha, you are really crazy, you are still acting?

My mother is called, how many mothers are you?

“Qian Fangyun laughed loudly, really laughing! Qian Yueying laughed, mocking. “You really can pretend that Tina Li is your mother, why are you like this?”

“What’s this?”

“Abe Zhang doesn’t think he has any problems!” Are you pretending now?

I ask you, why are you so rubbish?

“Hey, I’m curious, why do you hate me?”

“Abe Zhang asked, I will provoke her completely, always telling the truth. “Because you treat everyone as a fool, and the whole world is listening to you to lie. Don’t people like you deserve to understand?”


You said you bought Zhao’s hotel, did you buy it?


“Bought it.”

If you don’t believe it, you can…” “Outlined, I can’t believe it, your series of garbage behaviors, opening a room with a girl, actually let the girl give money, and in the end, beat the girl, is this what a man does?

Not as good as garbage!

Chapter 460

asked you Li Qian Yueying’s words, Abe Zhang was astonished, when did he open the house to let others pay, and beat others? Maya Tang next to him was surprised. What did Abe do? When did you open a room with others? No, Maya Tang felt that Abe Zhang wouldn’t do it. What a simple boy he was? How could he do that? Maya Tang was unmoved, gentle Looking at Abe Zhang with a bewildered look, “Cousin, what you said is true?

This rubbish.


Haha, is she still a man?

Even if you open a house, you have to pay for it, and in the end, you beat people. Haha, I’m so ridiculous. What kind of tricks are you doing?


Return her to Tina Li’s son, so shameless!

Tina Lizhi

Dao has a “good son” like you, then she might come over and make you disappear!


Qian Fangyun laughed. It really opened his eyes. What kind of rubbish man is this? It’s Tai Chi! “Well, really, I saw it with my own eyes.”

“Qian Yueying said. “Haha, it’s really the best!”

I want to ask, how did you do that shameless thing?

Are you still a man?


Qian Fangyun sneered! “He’s not anymore, the girl cried with her arms around me, sad.

“Qian Yueying said coldly, even more disgusted! How did you talk to such a trash man for so long?? “You make it clear, who is this girl you are talking about?”


“Abe Zhang can’t bear it.” “Zhang Tianxue,” “Huh?”

Zhang Tianxue?

“Abe Zhang was dumbfounded. He didn’t even know this woman. When did he open the house? “Pretend, what else are you pretending to?”


Is this interesting?

“Qian Yueying was annoyed, and when she thought of Ouyang Fei Chuchu’s pitiful appearance so young, she couldn’t get mad! She hated other people playing with women the most because of Cuff, and she couldn’t stand it! At this time, she hated Abe Zhang, and she hated it to the extreme! “Where did I pretend?

I don’t even know the person you are talking about.

I suspect you are slandering me!

“Abe Zhang is annoyed, this is clearly something out of nothing! “Slander you?”

You have lied, but what I saw with my own eyes is false?

A person like you is really rubbish to the extreme. It is a lie when you open your mouth. No wonder you can still say that you are Tina Li’s son.

……” Qian Yueying said in disgust. “Forget it, forget it, you need to find my mother, she…” Abe Zhang was too lazy to talk to her, what else to say? Qian Yueying really has nothing to say. At this time, Abe Zhang wanted to show her pictures of her, and asked her if you still have the face to say?? So slutty, the photos were taken, what qualifications do you have to call me? But, Abe Zhang doesn’t think so. It’s not that Abe Zhang is not brave, nor is it that Abe Zhang is worried that Qian Yueying will not be able to stand it when she sees it, but because Maya Tang, with her own Aunt Tang by her side, how can this kind of photo be shown in front of her It’s definitely not possible! Forget it, fortunately, there is Aunt Tang by your side, otherwise it will make you fall apart! Abe Zhang has experience in this aspect. When she showed Elvina’s photo last time, Elvina broke down and cried. Abe Zhang also wanted to see, how would such a woman with such a superior sense of superiority see her own photos, how would she react?? Elvina collapsed like Elvina? Or other reactions? Abe Zhang wanted to laugh. You still said Tina Li is mother?

Why are you so shameless?


“Qian Yueying is annoyed! Abe Zhang frowned. Qian Fangyun was too lazy to talk to such rubbish, “Oh, cousin, don’t talk to him.”

How disgusting,

It’s not a man, let’s go!

“Qian Fangyun couldn’t wait to see Tina Li, and wanted to expose the lie of Abe Zhang! “En,” Qian Yueying didn’t want to say more, what else? He’s still lying to himself, my God! Why don’t you blush when you say this? Your face is thicker than the city wall! “You go to my mother’s night hotel?

“Abe Zhang asked. Qian Yueying ignored Abe Zhang. It was too shameless. Qian Fangyun laughed. “Cousin, listen, let’s talk about this shameless pen. I really convinced him. He brags and blows himself up. I believe it.

“Well, let’s not say, let’s go,” Qian Yueying got in the car. Qian Fangyun also got in the car and left here with Qian Yueying. If he sees Tina Li, then he wants to ask, This shameless pen, Abe Zhang, is your son?? Abe Zhang touched his nose, this is going to the night hotel, but my mother hasn’t come back yet, so she ran for nothing. Is this to beg her mother not to continue? Abe Zhang It looked like, Qian Yueying, what would you look like when you knew that the person you were asking for was me? Abe Zhang looked forward to it! “Cer.

“Maya Tang smiled softly. “Aunt Tang, what she said just now, I really didn’t,” Abe Zhang explained. Otherwise, Maya Tang misunderstood and thought she was such a scumbag, then Maya Tang would let herself lean on her. Sleeping on your legs? I definitely don’t want to! “Cer, I believe you.

“Maya Tang smiled, especially gentle, Abe Zhang was so touched that he wanted to hug her. “Cer, you have always been simple in my heart,” Maya Tang comforted. Abe Zhang is guilty, not innocent, he has always been innocent, most At least at the beginning, Abe Zhang thought about Maya Tang, secretly watching her figure, and dreaming. This is not something that a simple person can do. But now, Abe Zhang can be said to be innocent to Maya Tang, not stealing Looking at her back, no more dreams about her, and no disrespectful thoughts. “Aunt Tang, me.


“Abe Zhang hesitated, not emboldened. “What are you doing?”

“Maya Tang smiled softly. “Nothing, Aunt Tang, I want to eat, I’m hungry,” Abe Zhang said. “Okay, go home and cook for you.”

“Maya Tang said gently, and Abe Zhang said, “Then Aunt Tang, are you not going to the company?”

“Don’t go, cooking and eating is the most important thing, getting in the car, I’m hungry too.”

“Maya Tang touched her stomach, and she had a better appetite for dinner with Abe Zhang! Abe Zhang was moved to get into the car, Maya Tang drove, Abe Zhang couldn’t help leaning against her seat again, “Aunt Tang, I want to touch Your hair,” “Okay.

“Maya Tang smiled slightly. Does her hair look good? Abe Zhang closed her eyes and had no other thoughts. She just felt that if she could sleep with this smell at night, she would sleep soundly, but

How is this possible?

If you tell Maya Tang, sleeping together, she will definitely be angry… “Cousin, this is the night hotel you are talking about?” Qian Fangyun muttered, this hotel is fine, but since Tina Li can destroy the Zhao family, At the very least, the hotel is very big!

“Well, this is Tina Li’s. Remember, if you see Tina Li, don’t talk nonsense, otherwise there will be problems!” Qian Yueying urged, I must urge, my cousin is not a person of good character. Too impulsive.

“I know my cousin, such a person, I don’t have to talk more!” Qian Fangyun told the truth. If he can destroy the Zhao family, then it should be no problem to destroy his Qian family. He is not a fool, how could it be possible? Offended?


Qian Yueying and Qian Fangyun walked in. At this time, Beatrice was still upstairs and continued to deal with Qian’s family!

Suddenly, she saw Qian Yueying on the surveillance screen. She frowned, stared for a few seconds, and swayed her long legs downstairs.

At the same time, Qian Yueying and his cousin Qian Fangyun arrived at the front desk. Qian Yueying was polite, “Is Mr. Li back yet?” “Sorry, no.” The beauty at the front desk remembers Qian Yueying. Didn’t she come to ask last time?

“When will you come back?” Qian Yueying was anxious, why didn’t he come back?

“This is not clear,” “Cousin, what should I do?” Qian Fangyun said, this is a big problem, did Tina Li deliberately disappear?

If you say so, then it’s a big trouble.

“Let me think about it.” Qian Yueying also felt that it was not a second, what should be done?

She wanted to go, so she could only continue to ask, “Then, here, there are people who can directly contact your President Li?” If yes, then it is okay to make a phone call!

At least tell the Qian’s attitude.

“This is there, but…” The beauty at the front desk hesitated, she should call Beatrice down?

“Tell me, trouble you,” Qian Yueying said, but at this time, the voice of high heels was clear, and Beatrice came over, “What are you going to do with us, President Li??”

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