His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1497 – 1498

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Chapter 1497 is a mess, the fish die and the net is broken.

In the bottom of Ameli Su’s heart, all thoughts may be completely over at the moment when he learned that Thalia Xu had died.

She personally stopped such endless reincarnation, even with blood.

The lawyer was anxious and incoherent, “Miss, you can’t give up now, everyone is waiting for you outside, not to mention your brother’s affairs are quite beneficial to you.”

Because Kendrick Su was killed by the Xu family, for To avenge her younger brother, Ameli Su will be driven mad to the point where she loses her mind. What’s more, Ameli Su has been depressed for a long time. With the certificate of long-term use of depression drugs prescribed by the orthodox hospital, all this can take her advantage.

Ameli Su shook her head, “Let’s do it like this, even if everyone speaks for me, but this crime is inevitable.”

She killed someone by herself, and in full view, even if there is hidden secret, but if it is easy. Evasion of sanctions will only look like a joke in national laws.

Instead, she sacrificed herself to fulfill Christian.

The trial lasted more than an hour.

The lawyer prepared all the materials.

It was not until they met in the court that Ameli Su suddenly discovered that it was not just her that was the defendant, but another defendant was standing on the other side.

Christian. Don’t even think of fleeing.

A pile of past truths, a pile of countless accusations, and a series of fresh and short lives-Ameli Su imagined countless endings that would hurt Christian’s life and death, but unexpectedly, God chose the cruelest one like a dice. .

So when she finally defended herself, Ameli Su stood motionless, her back stretched straight.

The lines the lawyer had told her had long been familiar to her heart.

As long as she said it, she would be slightly exempt from punishment. Everyone held their breath, waiting for Ameli Su’s self-report.

Christian stared at her, unconsciously even speeding up his breathing, but at this moment, and the moment Christian met her eyes, Ameli Su smiled.

Christian, it’s time to let you taste my hell.

She smiled and said word by word, “There is nothing to excuse.

I killed someone and I went to jail.

I hate Thalia Xu, so I have no regrets or repentance.

I didn’t kill this time.

It will make her taste other pains.

I accept all legal punishments.”

Marven Su jumped directly from the audience! No-no, he and Elbert have taken care of everything, just wait for Ameli Su to say those lines, those manuscripts are too beneficial to her, why… why not! Marven Su clenched his teeth and couldn’t sit still anymore, “Ameli Su!” The judge’s eyes kept him quiet, but Marven Su couldn’t bear it. Even Christian, who was standing in the center waiting for the next trial, stared incredulously.

Live her.

Staring at her, he saw in her eyes the decisiveness that would be better than jade.

There was a fierce pain in her heart.

Ameli Su’s decision was too ruthless, so ruthless that her six relatives did not recognize it.

She threw herself into the dungeon and did not justify a word for herself.

How could…

How could someone… be so cruel to herself? … Don’t… Don’t…

Ameli Su, don’t be like this… Please…

Something blurred his vision.

At that moment, Christian realized that maybe he really was going to lose Ameli Su, and he cared about himself most when he was a kid.

The little worm, lost everything that loves and hates entangled.

He lost, it was a mess. When the verdict came down, she was escorted by Christian who was waiting.

At that moment, Ameli Su smiled at him so that the heavens and the earth broke apart again, “Look, I like the happiness of being dead and breaking the net.”

Chapter 1498 is shaking the earth and falling into the dust.

How long does it take to rub shoulders? It may not even take a second.

How long does it take to rub shoulders? How much effort does it take to say goodbye to those in the past? That mistake made Christian feel as long as it had gone through a century, everything slowly collapsed in his eyes, only Ameli Su looked back at the decisive smile, and the back of her leaving.

The cold air was sucked into his lungs, and the chill it brought stung his internal organs.

Christian’s face turned pale, and at this moment he couldn’t say a word. Just as the lyrics sang, at this moment, when the lover turns his face, he will pierce his heart.

The judge hammered it, as if she had been sentenced to life imprisonment by Love, her grievances and sins were all spread out in front of the public. Behind the bloody truth was her heart that was almost unable to beat.

Marven Su yelled again in the audience, “Ameli Su!” Don’t be stupid, Ameli Su, don’t be stupid… But, looking at Ameli Su’s eyes, where is there a little light in those eyes? All that is left is self-destruction at the end of the road.

Marven Su shook his head.

He has arranged everything and everything, his daughter, how can he continue to be aggrieved like this… Why… why Ameli Su, you refuse to do what the lawyer said ! Alisha was crying, screaming while crying regardless of everyone present, “Christian, look! Look! See what Ameli Su is like now! Christian, you are the murderer-you bastard ! What are you paying for!” Look, God, you open your eyes and take a look…

Look at them, is it ridiculous? Christian’s eyes were scarlet, and finally he laughed, and his tears fell one by one, laughing at his own impossibility, but he ended up in a love cage.

He laughed at his exhaustive calculations, but Ameli Su’s decision to ask for death was not worth it.

He should be the damn one.

In the past, Christian’s young figure became the backer in Ameli Su’s eyes.

She has been chasing this figure all her life; later, Ameli Su’s figure became the last second stop in Christian’s eyes—— This love fell apart as soon as the wind blew. Ameli Su and Christian were both sentenced for the assassination of Thalia Xu.

Liu Suyun was also imprisoned for murdering Kendrick Su. Xu Zhen, who wanted to fly separately because of the catastrophe, caused the Xu family to go bankrupt because of Christian. Everyone broke their skin and made a living. , And there was no end to it.

Christian thought, it must be because they are not good things, cheap and vicious.

The earth-shattering news ended in people’s sighs, and I don’t know who will remember it in a few years. When Alisha walked out of the courtroom, the sky outside was clear and bright.

It was not as heavy as the atmosphere today.

She rubbed her eyes severely, “How many years will it take me to see Yan Yan again?” Someone behind followed, “You can go to see her in jail, plus Ameli Su has a probation, and if you show the reform well, you might come out a few years earlier.”

Alisha turned around and found that it was Sherry Xu.

She turned her face away again, putting on a look that she didn’t want to see Sherry Xu. Sherry Xu pointed to himself and said, “What are you doing? I’m still showing a bad face, I didn’t bully you this time?” Alisha strode forward, leaving him behind, “Since you don’t want Xu I’m home, so there’s no need to interact with me to get your father’s favor? No need to pretend to have a good relationship with me.”

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