His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1519 – 1520

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Chapter 1519 What is the relationship between the Xu family and me?

Eldon wondered if Sherry Xu went to Baidu to find some non-mainstream love story to impress Alisha. Just about to say you should shut up, the next second Sherry Xu screamed – the whole person was soft in the blue In Qiqi’s arms, his eyes closed – then unconscious. “Ah!!” Alisha screamed in fright, “Did he—he fainted due to stimulation!” Gu Yao stretched out his finger from the side, probed under Sherry Xu’s nose, and said quietly, ” No…

It’s probably just being turned up by the stamina of the red wine and drunk to pieces.”


Alisha threw Sherry Xu in his arms to the ground on the spot, “I don’t care about him anymore!!!” — — That’s what it says. Sherry Xu opened his eyes at noon the next day, feeling a dry itching and pain in his throat.

He wanted to drink water, so he handed a glass of water over. Sherry Xu was stunned, looking up at the owner of this hand, it turned out to be…

Alisha. “Sent to the hospital for a stomach wash, how do you feel?” Alisha watched Sherry Xu drink the water, and then said, “You drank too much.

How much wine did you drink while staying in the basement of Eldon home? Not to mention it’s okay.

As soon as Sherry Xu said, he felt pain on both sides of his temples.

He said, “…forget.”

Alisha sighed, “Don’t do this in the future.”

Sherry Xu lowered his head. Er didn’t know what expression to put on. On the one hand, he felt embarrassed because he didn’t expect Alisha to chase him, and let her see all the embarrassment. On the other hand, he felt that he was dreaming now, why could he just open his eyes? Seeing Alisha, did she get on the road and let the car crash and amnesia, and she would actually stay next to his bed…

After hesitating for a long time, Sherry Xu said, “Blue Qiqi…”

Alisha was very calm and was on the side.

He said, “Yeah.”

Sherry Xu squeezed his neck, “You-don’t you want to beat me?” Alisha was irritated by Sherry Xu, “Yes, my dad has beaten you for me.

Are you ready?” Sherry Xu’s heart shook fiercely, and he couldn’t believe it and reached out to touch Alisha.

This time, Alisha did not resist. Sherry Xu’s hand began to faintly tremble, “Then you still…

Still hate me?” “Of course.”

Alisha said forcefully, “Forgive you for not being so simple.

Let me think about it.

If you can get back to the top, I will consider giving you a chance…”

Give a chance… Sherry Xu’s eyes shined,” What do you give me a chance?” Alisha snapped, “Give you a chance to fight with my dad in a fair fight.

If you win, I’ll be with you.”

Or another one at this moment. With a needle in his hand, Sherry Xu could jump up directly from the hospital bed.

He couldn’t wait to beat the gongs and drums and trumpets to be heard by the whole hospital.

He shouted, “Blue Qiqi!” Calling the soul! Blue seventy-seven surprised, “how do you it?” “You can not hide!” SSarah Ann Xu heart racing, “I will marry you in this life when my wife! I do not care who do not agree with! Is to let your dad beat Half-dead, I’ll marry you home while shaking my wheelchair!” Alisha stepped away from the bed, feeling his face burning, “Say…what nonsense! Haven’t the wine been woken up yet!” Wake up! Very sober!” “You are bankrupt, what do you take now—” “Who told you I was bankrupt!” Sherry Xu pointed to himself, “The bankruptcy is the Xu family. What does it have to do with my Sherry Xu? I broke away from the Xu family two years ago.

I have my own property. Wait for someone to come! Take out the real estate certificate of Laozi!”

Chapter 1520 I am a tool person?

At exactly this time, Yuan Heize and Gu came in with various supplements from outside. When they went in, they heard Sherry Xu put the big money away and slapped the bed sheets. “Although it can’t be compared with your Lan family, I’m really It’s not that I don’t have money, Alisha, I’m sure I won’t even blink if I contract you for a fish pond!” Sherry Xu, can you follow the girl, can you keep up with the trend a little bit! Alisha couldn’t laugh or cry, “I didn’t like you because you have money.”

Sherry Xu began to shamelessly now, “I see, you are after my talent and my interesting soul…”

Alisha interrupted his boring delusion on the spot, “No, I just think you are handsome.”

That’s it. “…”

Sherry Xu sat on the hospital bed and froze for a while, “Just…for such a vulgar reason?” Alisha nodded, “Well, it’s that vulgar.”

“Is there nothing else flashing on me? “Sherry Xu is heartbroken, “Because of my face? Then if I don’t have this face, but I still love you, will you look at me?” Alisha shook his head decisively, “No.”


She was so honest, and admitted frankly that she was a fan, and only started to like him after Sherry Xu’s face was attracted.

This is the truth. Few people in the world dare to admit that they mainly look at their faces.

There are too many people who pretend to say “I love your soul” in love.

Alisha said, “If you are ugly, don’t worry, no matter how rich I am, I won’t look at you more.”


After hearing this, Sherry Xu slowly lay back and lay back on the hospital bed. .

Then he slowly stretched out his hand to cover himself with a quilt, just like a person lying in a tomb, he also filled himself with dirt on the grave.

He said, “Good night.”

Yuan Heize and Gu made earth-shattering smiles at the door carrying things.

At the sound, two people laughed so hard, one clapped their hands and the other hugged their stomachs, laughing so that it was a gloat, Sherry Xu was just getting angry into the coffin and now he could be so angry that he jumped out of the coffin.

He couldn’t bear it and shouted, “What a laugh!” “You have today!” Yuan Heize put the thing in his hand on the head of Sherry Xu’s bed, and then said to him, “You should take care of yourself, save it.

I will be pissed off later.”

Sherry Xu groaned with anger, “I can’t see far.”

“If you blame yourself, who else can you blame?” Yuan Heize patted Alisha on the shoulder, “Wait for old Xu to get better, right? Will I be able to chase you upright?” Alisha tossed her beautiful hair, “Look at Miss Ben’s mood!” Sherry Xu said gloomily on the side, “It depends on the mood. When I leave the courtyard, the first thing Just go to your house to steal your household registration book, and then go to the Civil Affairs Bureau…”

Alisha Liu eyebrows are erected, “You dare?!” Whoops! This is flirting. Gu pointed to himself, “That feeling, I’m a tool man?” Yuan Eldon said 0e21b599 without saving face, “Yes, brother, your fiancée ran away with someone.”

“Will I be sorrowful? Gu smiled and sat down on the side, and took apart Sherry Xu’s tonic. “Otherwise, it seems that my fiance is expecting his fiance to run away with others.” Sherry Xu said quietly, “You came just right, I I still want to hit you.”

“Oh?” Gu put his hands on his chest, “I helped you a lot, and took care of Alisha for you when you were away. Why do you want to hit me now?” gas!

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