His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1527 – 1528

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Chapter 1527 There is no feeling between us.

Biting her teeth to stop herself from making any noises, but when she thought of the look in Eldon’s eyes just now, Luo Youyou felt as if she had been pricked by a needle, and she felt a tingling sensation again and again.


This cold reality kept crushing her.

Luo Youyou went back to the guest bedroom, and got into the quilt alone.

Although she and Eldon Valles bought this home together, the names of the two people are written, but she is always the one where the guest sleeps. .

Luo Youyou stuffed her head into the quilt and heard the sound of footsteps outside after a while, thinking that Eldon rushed out and came out. When she returned to the master bedroom, she would definitely pass by her guest bedroom. But the footsteps stopped at the door of her room.

Eldon didn’t know what was wrong with him. When he passed by this guest bedroom when he went back, he wouldn’t even look at it, but now he stopped like that.

He always felt that Gu Yao’s previous love view had caused a certain impact on him, which caused him to see Luo Youyou still a little clear. Damn it.

The movement was stiff for a few seconds, awkwardly, Eldon slowly put his hand up, and pushed open the door that he had never opened before – and saw Luo Youyou wrapped in a pure white like a silkworm.

Inside the quilt, it was arched and arched.

I don’t know who I’m fighting with.

I suffocated my head in it.

I was amused by seeing Eldon. “What are you doing?” Luo Youyou shuddered in fright, not dare.

He poked his head out of the quilt as if he believed it, showing a pair of round eyes and looking at Eldon, “Why are you here?” “Where are you?” Eldon walked in, “I Can’t get in?!” Luo Youyou was frightened and flicked on the bed, “What are you going to do!” “Cry your nose?” Eldon sneered his usual sneer while pulling his mouth.

Luo Youyou red eyes, “You want to control?” Whoops.

This also talked back.

Eldon said, “You said, if you are not happy, why do you have to tie me together? I know you are unhappy with me because of your winning streak. By coincidence, I also see you unhappy.”

In front of Eldon, Luo Youyou never expressed her true feelings, pretending that she was in the same state as Eldon, so she clenched her fingers subconsciously when she heard these words.

After a long time, she said, “Then you go to your parents and say, don’t find me.”

The little one has a good temper.

How did he think she was so bullied? “It’s not guilty to be a kid in my place.”

Eldon Sakura spread his hands together, “I don’t like you either. You pretend to be like a good wife and mother.

How tired, I look tired.”

Luo Youyou Her heart shrank, but she could only smile with a smile, “That seems to be my own passion.”

All the efforts were pretentious in his eyes. “It’s good to have this self-knowledge.”

Eldon didn’t know why, he had other emotions in his heart, but he gritted his teeth and said, “Don’t think of disturbing my private life, like today, follow me into the bathroom with purpose. Don’t do things like that, you know?” Luo Youyou’s heart was chilled by these words, and she said, “Is it in your eyes, I did it on purpose?” “Can there be other reasons? Eldon subconsciously talked back to her, “Don’t pretend, there is no feeling between us.”

Chapter 1528 is evenly matched, not a winner.


All the people in the world thought that Luo Youyou had no feelings for Eldon, and they all thought she wanted to pursue freedom, and they all thought that she, like Eldon, was a poor ghost sacrificed by family marriage. But in the middle of the night, Luo Youyou had red eyes and tortured himself whether he should give up Eldon.

If he gave up, he would marry another woman.

So, why don’t she bear it? Whether she said that she posted it upside down, or made it cheap, at least for this period of time, she wanted to…be with Eldon.

So Luo Youyou turned over and didn’t look at his face anymore, as if he was on the bar with him. Facing the indifference of Eldon, Luo Youyou didn’t hear everything.

So Eldon sensed her resistance, and rubbed Luo Youyou’s hair vigorously, “Ignore me?” Luo Youyou didn’t say a word.

Eldon was excited, “I’m talking to you, hello—” Luo Youyou shrank there motionless. Gee.

Eldon stood up and said, “Toast, not eat or drink fine wine.

Anyhow, today I will be pleasing to your eyes, and I will give you some advice.

Since you like to die so much, then I will not stop, but I can warn you in advance. What do you want from me in your marriage, understand?” Luo Youyou clung to the quilt tightly, as if she could find a sense of security for herself.

After saying this, Eldon went out and slammed the door when she left.

The sky sounds like venting. Don’t ask him anything in marriage? Luo Youyou smiled with red eyes, Eldon, what can you give me? Only in this way, with an appearance that she doesn’t care, can seem to be evenly matched with Eldon.

In fact, from the very beginning, the tempted one cannot be the winner. It was late at night when Alisha and Sherry Xu returned home.

Alisha was shocked when they faced a villa that he had never entered. “This is you…”

The house I bought before.”

Sherry Xu entered the door and hugged Alisha from behind, before even turning on the light, he pressed her on the sofa.

Alisha was so scared that his face flushed, “What are you doing!” Sherry Xu said, “Just give it a K!$$, a bite…”

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