His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1529 – 1530

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Chapter 1529 Revenge Christian, Come to Me.

Alisha did not go home that night.

The anxious old father Rocky waited at Lan’s house all night.

He didn’t wait for his daughter to return or make a phone call.

Looking at the unrecorded mobile phone screen, Rocky fell into trouble.


After a long time, Rocky decided to call Elbert.

The man opposite did not sleep because he was busy with various things, so Rocky said, “I’m asking you something.”

Elbert was stunned.

Rocky said, “My daughter doesn’t come home at night, what should I do.”

Elbert was frightened in a cold sweat, “It’s not my son who did it, absolutely not!” “…”

Rocky was stunned, and then shouted. “I didn’t mean that! I mean, the daughter has grown up with hard work, and now…”

Now I am looking for a boyfriend, and I have to leave my wings.

This, the old father will not accept this gap for a while. .

It was as if the cabbage he had cultivated for so long had been picked by someone else’s family.

Rocky felt very uncomfortable.

Although he knew that he supported Alisha’s freedom of love, as a parent, he would eventually worry in his heart. Elbert took the phone and followed it for a while, saying, “Oh…Alisha, isn’t it? I’m in love with Sherry Xu again.”

Just say this! Rocky’s eyebrows were almost knotted, “What should I do, the female college is not going to stay…”

“Sherry Xu’s kid is not bad.”

Elbert looked at the computer while adjusting some information, looking at the information on it.

He said, “A man who has done a lot of business in the past few years is a courageous person, but his temper is not very good.”

“That must not be your son’s bad temper.”

When Rocky heard Elbert say, he felt uncomfortable. “Compared with your son, I think Sherry Xu is more pleasing to the eye.”


Elbert’s fingers tapping the keyboard paused, after a while, the man covered his face and laughed, “Yes, I was born, just like me.”

Everything is done in the same style. “You, don’t worry, Sherry Xu is a promising young man, and Alisha will be able to follow him in the future.”

Through the computer screen, Elbert thought of another face, “I just don’t know… my son can Give Yan Yan happiness.”

In the dark prison, someone put their hands on his thin knees, with a pair of godless eyes on his pale and beautiful face, as if there was no hope for this world.

Across the iron fence, someone slowly approached her.

The gap in the railing was too thin for him to reach out his finger to touch her.

He could only stand and say in a low voice, “Do you want to come back?” The woman inside was silent. “Do you still want to live?” There was still a long silence in reply to the man. “Then, I’ll ask you one last time.”

——”Want to retaliate against Christian?” At that moment, the curled up woman suddenly raised her head. From her pupils of precious gold and emeralds, there seemed to be a light from the depths.

Refracted by.

Revenge on Christian? Those bloody storms hit her mind again, and she painfully covered her ears in the flood of memories, trying to avoid the erosion of memories.

She stood up slowly, and across the fence, slowly stretched out her hand at the man. “Come here.”

The voice outside was bewitching like a devil.

Although she couldn’t touch it, she pressed her palm trembling to the iron railing.

The cold temperature can’t bring her any sense of security, but this small, indifferent cage is her final destination. “Ameli Su.”

The man smiled, “Come to me.”

Don’t be grateful for a few good words from Chapter 1530.

The world will never stop running because of the absence of any one person. No matter how heartbreaking things happen, the sun will rise the next day. Whether it’s in the cold prison or the bustling reality under the sun, Luo Youyou thinks the same way.

She slept until the morning.

She checked the time and knew that as usual, Eldon hadn’t gotten up.

So she got up early and bought vegetables and made breakfast.

She put it right on the dining table for him, when she was going to go out. , Eldon’s mother called.

Luo Youyou connected, and the other side said, “Yoyou, Eldon is in the last few days…”

Eldon’s family is very satisfied with Luo Youyou.

His appearance and family background and Eldon are very compatible, so Luo Youyou is in the two houses.

In the eyes of the elders, she is a reliable and proud girl.

Eldon’s mother has an excellent attitude towards her, “I heard that you have returned to China, did Eldon pick you up?” Luo Youyou was stunned, her heart gushing.

Sorrow, but smiled and replied, “Well, I picked it up, I’m so surprised.”

When Eldon’s mother Kyoko Sakurahara heard this, her expression improved slightly, and she grabbed her mobile phone and said to Luo Youyou, “Come to pick you up.

It’s fine, this stinky boy, at first I thought he would not pick you up for fear that you would be wronged, so I called you.

It would be fine if he came to pick you up.” It seems that his mother also knows Luo Youyou. Everyone likes it, but Eldon does not like it.

In that case, why bother…

Let the two of them be forcibly together? Luo Youyou lowered his head and said in a low voice, “Mom is okay, don’t worry, everything is fine for Eldon.”

She is caring and sensible. Everyone thinks that Luo Youyou is with Eldon, and the two have complementary personalities.

The days will surely be reassuring. But who wants to know Luo Youyou? The opposite Sakahara Kyoko asked them to pay attention to their bodies, and then hung up.

After hanging up, Luo Youyou put away the phone, just sighed, a voice of disdain came from behind.

Turning around, it was Eldon’s familiar face, with his usual sneer at the corner of his mouth, and he walked up, looked up and down Luo Youyou’s expression like an emperor, squinted his eyes and said, “Why? Give a short report to my mother?” Luo Youyou was still angry and didn’t want to talk.

Seeing that she was not moving, Eldon coldly snorted, “Speak, dumb?” “Think what you like.”

Luo Youyou brushed past him directly, went straight to the living room and picked up the sofa. Bao, “I’m going to see Yan Yan today.”


Seeing Ameli Su is more important than staying with him? What can I do in a place like a prison? Eldon was upset, “What did my mom just say to you?” Luo Youyou paused.

Then she turned her head and said word by word, “Ask me if I got off the plane, did you come to pick me up.”

This time it was Eldon’s turn to froze.

After a while, the man gritted his teeth, “What did you say?” Luo Yoyo showed a distressing smile, “What can I say, of course I said that you came to pick me up, great kindness, no retribution.”

This made Eldon extremely uncomfortable, and he smashed hard.

The next sentence, “This is the right thing to do. What do you do with an aggrieved expression? Don’t think you say a few good things to my mother and I will thank you.”

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